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Chapter 128: Male and female beasts

The snow floating in the air was like wild wind blades slashing against their skins.  The temperature in the northern Dragon Seeking Forest was completely different to the south.  After four days passed, Lin Mu Yu and the others had been in the Dragon Seeking Forest for half a month now, but they still did not see a single trace of the Golden Scaled Beasts.


Wei Chou warmed his hands with his breath and raised his head to look at all the snow on the ground.  Then he said, “Judging by the snow, the mountain will be sealed off in just one week.  If we can’t find a Golden Scaled Beast soon, we will have to spend the winter in the Dragon Seeking Forest.”



Lin Mu Yu continued directing his horse forward, not fully paying attention as he replied to Wei Chou.  He turned around and asked, “Is there still enough food for the horses?”

An Imperial Guard respectfully said, “There’s still enough to last three days.”

Lin Mu Yu frowned and said, “Continue marching.”


When dusk fell, the heavy snow did not stop.  The team slowly entered into a gourd  shaped mountain valley and Wei Chou could not help smiling, “Sir, your martial spirit is a gourd, so perhaps this gourd shaped valley will be a lucky place for us!”

Lin Mu Yu nodded with a smile on his face.  The Spiritual Pulse Technique was released to its max distance and an energy pulse appeared as soon as they entered the valley.  Moreover, the energy fluctuations became stronger which made Lin Mu Yu immediately raised his hand and said, “Be careful, there is a spirit beast quickly approaching.  It is very strong, so start your preparations!”

Everyone dismounted their horses and pulled out their swords.  Several people shivered as they pulled out their bows.  Perhaps it was because the weather was too cold, but the bows let out a creaking sound as if they were about to snap at any moment.

“It’s coming!”  Wei Chou’s expression turned cold.

When night fell, a wild beast’s roar came from the valley.  A golden light shined into the sky and Wei Chou could not help revealing a look of happiness as he said, “Sir, it’s a Golden Scaled Beast!”

The Golden Scaled Beast was a strange animal that could swallow and release light, making it a rare light attributed beast.

Lin Mu Yu drew his sword while sitting on his horse.  Not hearing anything, a golden scaled wild beast walked out over the snow in front of him.  It had a tiger’s head and a cheetah’s body.  Letting out a low roar, a pair of blood red dead eyes stared at Lin Mu Yu and the others, while four gold and eight silver lines glowed on its head.


Wei Chou couldn’t help cursing.  Then he said, “It’s actually a 4800 year old Golden Scaled Beast.  Sir, do we kill it?”

“I’m afraid we won’t have a choice.”

Lin Mu Yu dismounted from his horse and said, “This Golden Scaled Beast is out to hunt, so even if we do not attack it, it will still attack us.  There is no need to be polite, shoot your arrows!”


A group of imperial guards fired waves of arrows and sou, sou sounds continued ringing out.  The arrow technique of the imperial guards could be considered a quick volley although half of them missed the target.  The arrows fell down with a “pa, pa, pa” sound on the Golden Scaled Beast’s body, however the golden light did not stop shining.  It was as if there was a kind of armour underneath its skin that completely deflected all the arrows.

“The arrows aren’t working, what do we do?”  Wei Chou was surprised.

“Keep shooting arrows.”  Lin Mu Yu gently said, “Its light energy armour requires it to expend energy, so continue shooting arrows to drain its strength.  Don’t stop until it takes the initiative to charge over.”


The arrow rain did not stop and Lin Mu Yu moved his hand to his waist, drawing out the Demon Sound Blade.  It quickly flew out and a whistling Demon Sound Blade shot out at the Golden Scaled Beast.  It was not limited to this, Lin Mu Yu also opened the palm of his hand and lightning began to shine from it.  The lightning sparkled as the prairie sword flew out.


While the Demon Sound Blade was flying out, the Golden Scaled Beast finally let out an angry roar and wildly charged forward.  It raised its claws and condensed a golden glow.  The light attributed spirit power was very strong and with a “sou” sound, the claw made out of light shot out!

Lin Mu Yu quickly moved several steps to dash out in front of Wei Chou and the others.  Raising his hand, the Black Turtle Shell and the Dragon Scale Wall formed and the gourd wall was released with its maximum strength.  Pushing the snow on the ground back, a large sound rang out as he blocked the Golden Scaled Beast’s attack.  From the strength behind the attack, he could tell that most of this Golden Scaled Beast’s strength was consumed by its defenses.


The Golden Scaled Beast opened its mouth wide open as it charged at its main target.  A scalding hot and disgusting breath came from its mouth and its throat began to swell up.   The golden glow coming from its fur began to condense in its mouth as if it was about to spit out light attributed energy.  Lin Mu Yu would not let it do so and used his Stellar Steps to arrive in front of it.  His right hand shot out while covered in a blood coloured energy.

First Luminary, Mortal Coil!


His fist slammed into the Golden Scaled Beast’s lower jaw and made its light attributed energy attack get stuck in its stomach.  At the same time, he gripped the prairie sword with true dragon flames enveloping it and quickly stabbed out with the sword.  With a “pu” sound, the sword pierced through the Golden Scaled Beast’s throat and it gave a pitiful cry as it fell down.

Wei Chou was stunned because he never would have thought that Lin Mu Yu would take care of a 4800 year old Golden Scaled Beast this easily.  The other Imperial Guards also stared at this new hundred man commander in a daze as their eyes filled with awe and joy.

“Alright, take out its spirit stone.”  Lin Mu Yu gently said.


Wei Chou took out a dagger and walked up to the Golden Scaled Beast’s head.  He was digging out the spirit stone as he smiled and said, “Sir, this Golden Scaled Beast’s fur is quite a good item.  How about…..we spend a little time here and skin this Golden Scaled Beast?”


Lin Mu Yu nodded and said, “Move faster, the second Golden Scaled Beast will be here soon.”

“Ah?  Why……”  Wei Chou revealed a shocked expression.

Lin Mu Yu gave a faint smile and said, “Because the Golden Scaled Beasts live in pairs of one male and one female.  The one in front of us is a female and if it stays out too long looking for food, the male beast will come and try to find it.  Moreover, the male beast will be much stronger so you’ll want to move faster.  We do not want to let the male beast see the female beast’s pelt, that would just be too cruel.”

Wei Chou couldn’t help laughing, “Yes, sir……This servant will move faster.”

So, Wei Chou skinned the beast while another Imperial Guard stood at the side and began to refine the 4800 year old Golden Scaled Beast’s spirit.  Although he cultivated a fire attributed technique and the Golden Scaled Beast was light attributed, he was not picky.  High level beast spirits were already rare enough, not to mention one that had an attribute, so he was already filled with joy at being able to receive this kind of beast spirit.

Lin Mu Yu gave the order to set up camp.  The gourd shaped valley was covered in snow, so they could only sweep away the snow and pitch their tents.  The Spirit Fire Department found some dried wood and set up seven-eight campfires.  Then they took out the bear meat from the back of the horses and began to boil a soup.

Before long, the scent of the meat began to fill the area.

“Gu, gu……”

Lin Mu Yu’s stomach growled and his stomach began to rebel, but he knew that he did not have time to eat anything.  In fact, not long passed before the Spiritual Pulse Technique noticed a strong energy fluctuation that could almost crush him quickly rushing over.  He quickly pulled out his sword and roared in a low voice, “It’s come, rush out with me!”

Everyone was stunned and they dropped their soups, cotton blankets, and etc. and took out their long spears and swords as they followed Lin Mu Yu out to the hillside.

“Sha, sha……”

Stepping over the snow as they climbed the hill, Lin Mu Yu lead the others up the hill to scoop of the situation in the distance.

Only a few minutes passed before a low roar sounded out in the cold wind.  A golden light shined through the snow curtain and a giant Golden Scaled Beast appeared in the snow.  There were six gold and two silver lines on its head symbolizing that it was a 6200 year old spirit beast!  Perhaps it was because of its large size, but its meaty palms sunk down in the snow.  Its eyes were misted over as it looked at the female beast’s corpse in the body before giving out a sad wail.

Lin Mu Yu knit his brows and did not say anything, he was feeling a little dishonourable at this moment.  This beast was clearly intelligent and he had killed its mate, so wasn’t he a little cruel?

Wei Chou was not this kind hearted.  He narrowed his eyes and said, “Sir, should we wait until the beast is in the middle of its mourning ceremony before we go and kill it?”


Lin Mu Yu lifted his hand to stop them and said, “Let me go first.  You guys should not be reckless, this is a 6200 year old Golden Scaled Beast.  Its power surpasses anything we have met so far, so you guys should not be careless.  This Golden Scaled Beast’s light energy can kill you with a single hit.  I don’t want people dying on my first mission as a Falcon Guard.”

Wei Chou nodded, “Then please be careful Sir!”

“Un, you can relax!”


At this moment, the male beast let out another mournful wail.  After sniffing the female beast’s corpse, it let out a low angry roar and the beard around its mouth began to tremble.  Its eyes looked over at the battle horses in the camp not far away and it charged over with a low angry roar.  It was clear that it wanted to kill the battle horses it hated.


The prairie sword soared out in the snow covered in lightning, aimed right at the Golden Scaled Beast’s neck.

With a “peng” sound, the golden light scattered but only the light energy barrier was damaged.  Lin Mu Yu jumped out, falling from the top of the hill.  He grabbed the reflected prairie sword from midair and a demonic strength began to fill the sword.  This one attack falling from the sky mixed both his sword art and the Seven Luminary Mystic Arts together!

Second Luminary, Demonic Dance!

The sword’s blade fell down on the Golden Scaled Beast’s forehead, but a strong power surged forth, knocking him back with his sword.

“It has already condensed its battle armour!  Sir, be careful……”  Wei Chou anxiously called out from the top of the hill.

Lin Mu Yu slid into the distance across the snow.  Looking back at it, as expected, there was a layer of white light around the Golden Scaled Beast that looked like armour protecting it.  What was this the battle armour Wei Chou was talking about?  A battle qi armour was an ability that the Heaven Realm Second Tier possessed.  This Golden Scaled Beast could actually condense a battle armour?

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