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Chapter 126: Thinking of someone while passing through wind and snow

On the sixth day of entering the Dragon Seeking Forest, they finally met their second 4000 year old or older fire attributed spirit beast near a fire red cliff.  It was a 4200 year old Iron Back Flame Bear.

“Ao, ao……”

The Iron Back Flame Bear faced against the wall roared out, but it didn’t take the initiative to attack because it was very intelligent.  It could tell that there was a very strong person in this group – Lin Mu Yu, and this person had a strength that he could not see through.



Wei Chou was eager to fight so he said, “Let us take care of this spirit beast.  We can’t keep making Sir continue to personally fight, otherwise we won’t be of any use here, isn’t that right?”

Lin Mu Yu couldn’t help revealing a smile, “Alright, you guys can take this one and I’ll support you, but you have to be careful.  You can be injured, but you can’t be killed because you’ll have nothing once you die.”

“Yes, please relax Sir!”


Wei Chou called for three other Imperial Guards to go with him, out of the four, Wei Chou was the strongest being a level 57 Battle Saint.  The other three were respectively a level 48 Battle Venerate, a level 49 Battle Venerate, and a level 51 Battle Saint.  They could fight against a 4200 year old Spirit Beast, although it was a little dangerous.

So the two people at the Battle Venerate level raised their shields and cautiously moved forward.  Wei Chou and the other Battle Saint drew their swords and summoned their martial spirits, preparing to go all out at any moment.

“Go, form the attack formation!”

With Wei Chou’s low roar, the two Imperial Guards raised their shields as they moved in front of him.

The Iron Back Flame Bear suddenly realized it was in danger and swatted out with its paw as it gave an angry roar.  With a “peng” sound, an Imperial Guard was pushed back and there were traces left by the bear’s claws on the heavy shield, as well as some flames burning.  But the bear also had to pay a price for this attack as Wei Chou slashed open its shoulder and its blood splattered in all directions.


The Iron Back Bear charged forward and the other shield wielding Imperial Guard was sent to the ground.  It brandished its claws as it slashed across the shield 3-4 times.  The Imperial Guard gave pitiful “wu, wu” sounds as he was injured by the flaming attack.

Lin Mu Yu’s quickly moved his hand onto his sword as he prepared to brandish the prairie sword.


Wei Chou heavily slammed his sword into the bear’s hard stone like skin on its back as he pierced through its heart.  The other Imperial Guard’s sword was stabbed into the Iron Back Bear’s mouth and blood began to pour out.  Good fellows, they definitely were not weak since they could enter the Imperial Guards and they were quite fierce with how they attacked.

But they had underestimated the vitality of the Iron Back Bear too much.  It gave an angry roar and the Iron Back Bear attacked with a wave of flames, pushing the three Imperial Guards back, probably injuring all of them.  Wei Chou was the only person standing with his sword stabbed into the ground and his Fire Ape martial spirit protecting his body, with the fire qi directly dispersing the Iron Back Bear’s flame attack.  That skill seemed quite easy to use.

The Iron Back Bear’s attack was completely burning its own life force.  The flames surged out all around it, using its power to completely incinerate everything.

Wei Chou suddenly disappeared and reappeared in front of the Iron Back Bear, jumping up, his long sword swept across horizontally!


The giant bear’s head slowly fell to the ground and Lin Mu Yu couldn’t help secretly praising, “Beautiful!”


After a few minutes, Wei Chou dug out a fresh fire attributed spirit stone and he smiled as he said, “Sir, our fire attributed spirit stone duty is finished.  Was our performance good?”

Lin Mu Yu looked over with a gaze filled with praise, “The Imperial Guards are truly dragons in human skin, hei…..”

“Hei, hei, Sir is too kind!”

Wei Chou was pleased as he used his water bag to wash off the Iron Back Bear’s spirit stone.  He was not very old and perhaps he was even younger than Lin Mu Yu, actually he had a very childish disposition.  Being in the Imperial Guards despite his common birth, he suffered a lot of pressure.  The Imperial Guards did not contain slackers, so he had to work hard to increase his strength every day, otherwise he would have been substituted with someone else.

A group of Imperial Guards happily skinned the Iron Back Bear’s fur and chopped up its meat. They had been eating the Bloodthirsty Tiger’s meat for several days now and they all began drooling.  The Bloodthirsty Tiger’s meat was too bitter and not tasty at all, but it was very filling.  The soldiers of the army liked filling their stomachs with bear meat, but Iron Back Bears were rarely seen.

The Spirit Fire Department people all carried two bags of bear meat on their horses.

Lin Mu Yu mounted his horse and looked around himself, noticing that all the living beings around him were all gone.  There were no plants left on the mountain and in just a few short days, it had already changed from autumn into winter.  Like Wei Chou had said, this year’s winter was coming early.

The air around him turned cold and Lin Mu Yu rubbed his hands together as he said, “Let’s leave quickly.  Where’s the next location?”

Wei Chou looked at the map and said, “The Random Stone Valley located in the northwest corner of the Dragon Seeking Forest.  There are stones scattered all around the valley and spirit beasts absorbing spiritual energy from these stones, so we can probably find a suitable rock attributed spirit beast.  Moreover to the north of the Random Stone Valley is the north side of the Dragon Seeking Forest, so perhaps we can find a gold attributed beast.”

“Un, I understand.  Let’s go!”


Lin Mu Yu slowly directed his horse forward, but at this moment snowflakes suddenly fell down.  He was a little surprised as he raised his head and said, “It’s snowing so quickly…..”

Wei Chou smiled and said, “There will be a cold winter this year!”

The snow fell heavier and soon the entire jungle floor was covered in a layer of frost, but Lin Mu Yu still rode his horse across the mountain.  The snowflakes fell onto his pure white temple battle dress, not melting at all.  The weather was getting colder and he couldn’t help shivering.  Looking back in the direction of Orchid Goose City, his heart skipped a beat and he couldn’t help saying, “I wonder if snow has fallen over Orchid Goose City yet…..”

Thinking of someone, as if his thoughts could be transmitted to beloved person through the snow.

Wei Chou let out a breath of air and laughed while saying something that spoiled the mood, “Hei, I don’t know if Orchid Goose City is snowing or not, but I do know that it is snowing here.  It’s the season where feces mixes with snow and the season of cooking pits……”

Lin Mu Yu: “……:

If it wasn’t for the good atmosphere, he really would have ordered for him to be cut apart.


Thousands of miles away, clad in silvery white.

The snow falling in Orchid Goose City was truly big as snowflakes the size of goose feathers fell onto the courtyards and water pavilions, with the lakes being completely frozen.  The outside of the Phoenix Roost Pavilion was already a stretch of white and the maidservants were carrying stoves back and forth.  There were white clothed Imperial Guards patrolling with hands on their swords.  There were a total of seventy Dragon Guards in the Ze Tian Palace and twenty of them were assigned to the Phoenix Roost Pavilion, so it was clear just how important the little princess was to Qin Jin.

The Phoenix Roost Pavilion’s main doors were open and the cold wind continued blowing in, making the flames in the stove dance.

There was a tender and fragrant deer leg roasting above the stove and a servant was at the side carefully shaking the deer meat as he sprinkled spices onto it.  Qin Yin and Tang Xiao Xi were sitting on opposite sides of the stove and the two of them were looking at the snow falling down, not paying attention to the food in front of them.

“I wonder if it is snowing in the Dragon Seeking Forest yet……”  Qin Yin suddenly said.

Tang Xiao Xi was also thinking the same thing, but felt awkward saying it out loud.  Seeing Qin Yin say this, she pursed her lips and said, “I wonder if Mu Mu brought a cotton jacket along……”

Qin Yin laughed, “I wonder if Ah Yu knows that we’re thinking of him now.”

Tang Xiao Xi also laughed, “Xiao Yin, you also like Mu Mu, right?”


Qin Yin’s beautiful face turned red as she said, “But it isn’t the kind of like you’re thinking about.  What about you Xiao Xi?”

Tang Xiao Xi blinked and then she looked at the snow outside as she said, “I……I don’t know what like or love is, but I feel that as long as Mu Mu is by my side, I am happy.  I smile whenever he talks and no matter what he does I feel like he is……He seems to be covered in light……Xiao Yin, does this count as liking someone?”

Xiao Yin gently moved her lips and said, “It counts?”

“Then what about you?”

Tang Xiao Xi sat closer and placed her hand on Qin Yin’s leg for warmth.  She giggled and said, “Does Xiao Yin also like Mu Mu like this?”

Qin Yin was stunned and then sadness flashed in her eyes as she lowered  her head and said, “It doesn’t matter if I like him, I am the family successor.  Who I marry is decided by the heavens and I have no rights to talk about it……”

Tang Xiao Xi was a little sad as she looked at her.  Suddenly she smiled and said, “Ai little pitiful……”


Qin Yin suddenly smiled from her teasing and she said, “Xiao Xi, you really are too mischievous……”

“How am I!”

The nearby servant watched these two peerless beauties happily chatting away, but he maintained his calm the entire time and felt no impulse at all.  He was calm because he knew the status of these two beauties and did not dare to overstep his bounds.  He was not impulsive because the glory on his bottom part had been cut off, so he felt no impulse at all anymore.

But the servant still said, “Your highness, princess, this deer leg is already cooked…..The Lin Mu Yu you were talking about is already a hundred man commander for the Falcon Guards and I’ve heard that he has led fifty men into the Dragon Seeking Forest to kill spirit beasts as well as preparing the winter provisions for the Ze Tian Palace.  Perhaps the deer leg you are eating now was prepared by him?  So let’s not waste this good time and eat!”

Qin Ying looked over at the servant and thought that this eunuch did know how to speak.  Moreover, she felt as if the deer leg began to glow and instantly her beautiful face turned red.  Was this what Tang Xiao Xi was talking about?  How liking someone will make you feel as if they are glowing?


While they were eating the tasty roasted venison and drinking a good warm wine, Tang Xiao Xi raised her head and said, “That’s right, Xiao Yin, how long has it been since you’ve gone to study the zither with elder sister Zeng Xiang?”

“It’s been a while……”  Qin Yin said, “Since the relation between the temple and the God Marquis Palace turned bad, elder sister Zeng Xiang hasn’t been in the palace for a while now, so I haven’t had the chance to talk to her about the zither yet.”

“Even if you could meet, I don’t think she’ll have time to compare notes about the zither with you anymore.”

“Why?”  Qin Yin’s beautiful eyes suddenly opened wide.

Tang Xiao Xi giggled, “Because……Elder sister Zeng Xiang is currently being intimate with Sir Chu Huai Sheng……”


Qin Yin’s little mouth opened wide.  She smiled and said, “Sir Chu Huai Sheng……Isn’t he Ah Yu’s brother?”

“That’s right.”  Tang Xiao Xi pouted and said, “So I haven’t gone to see her yet either.  How could I disturb her happiness, right?”

Qin Yin gave a laugh, “That’s right.  I wonder when Ah Yu will be back…..”



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