TSW Volume 5: Chapter 2


Volume 5: Chapter 2 – Bonehead, It Hasn’t Even Been Two Years!

At that moment, Wang Zheng felt a sudden urge to test out his new revelations. Opening a training room for himself, he began to operate his Wargod No.1 Mech and enthusiastically train.

Losing oneself in training was a great way to forget one’s problems

Upon seeing Skeleton enter the training room, everyone who was waiting in anticipation could only continue to wait. The training area was unique to the novice tier, and experts rarely practiced there. After all, it wasn’t like training in virtual reality would manifest tangible results.

“It can’t be. How could someone of Skeleton’s level need to train anything?”


“Yeah, all of it is just for better comprehending how to operate mecha and their equipment — nothing that difficult to grasp.”

“I don’t know, but it’s a pity that he set the room to private mode. I really want to watch his progress.”

As the conversation heated up, Yan Xiaosu had already grown impatient and after opening the VR pod, what he saw caused his brain to ache.

Wang Zheng was undergoing shooting practice… only his gun technique was rather peculiar, bordering on comedic even.

His mech’s movements were strange and mysterious, he was constantly moving his laser gun as if solely attempting to improve the gun’s rate of fire. However, the movement was too wide, impacting accuracy so greatly that Yan Xiaosu could only shake his head in discontent. He didn’t know what exactly Wang Zheng was trying to accomplish.

It seemed he would have to devise a more suitable plan in order to claim them their first pot of gold.

The initially brazen words uttered by the lakeside had now become even more of a monumental task

The more Wang Zheng practiced, the more he lost himself in the training. Since he had chosen a trainer mech with a force field generation device, and since Wang Zheng’s shots were extraordinarily imprecise, Wang Zheng’s mech was continuously blown up by the trainer, time and time again.

Even Tyrant Su, who had been spectating at the side the entire time, found it hard to watch. If it weren’t for the visible ID, student Yan would have thought it was just a dream. At such a level, just one hand was all he needed to accurately hit a target.

In contrast, Wang Zheng’s mech had been demolished by the Trainer who knew how many times, and all the while Wang Zheng’s mood was jovial as he continued to execute his obscure and eccentric shooting technique.

Unnoticed by Wang Zheng, the Rubik’s Cube mark on his chest began to glow faintly.

“Recording information…1%… 10%… analyzing data… analyzing data… continuing to record information.”

It wasn’t clear how long it took, and even Wang Zheng himself wasn’t sure of how many times he had been crushed. Yan Xiaosu had already fought in quite a few matches. After Wang Zheng had revealed himself to Yan Xiaosu as Skeleton, Yan Xiaosu had chosen to pilot the Wargod No.1 as well, taking the chance to improve his piloting skills in the short while, and unexpectedly achieving a three win streak to the high praises of his teammates.

Yet looking at Wang Zheng over there, still fighting against the same trainer mech, and the training statistics at the side… it was cringeworthy, ah.

Not even sure of what Wang Zheng was practicing, Yan Xiaosu was uninclined to guess. He had accompanied Wang Zheng mainly to relax, but this was a matter that required thought. Anyways, the best treatment after ending a relationship was to start a new one. That was something he’d personally experienced with An Mei. After making progress with An Mei, his crush on Yue Jing had already passed from his heart; he now treated it as ignorant first love.

Both Ye Zisu and Meng Tian were pretty good, and absolutely top quality beauties. However, their backgrounds were a bit problematic.

It seemed that he would have to rack his brains even more to save enough money to help pay off the bride price for both of them.

Only after training late into the night did the two of them finally leave the CT gaming shop, and the rarely online Skeleton didn’t even end up fighting a single match. However, the Skeleton Corps were still extremely lively, trying to guess what Skeleton was training for this long. The fact that CT could not be considered real training since it did not require blood, toil, tears, and sweat did nothing to stop the zeal of the players. The inner circle of the Skeleton Corps grew larger and larger. They all shared the same hobby of CT; if they lost they lost together, if they won they won together. Cai Hong and Johnson even got drawn into the practice spars people, and to the approval of many within the corps, even began to hold instructional matches. In terms of experience those two were, without a doubt, pros especially in comparison to the rest of the corps.

Due to his health condition, Johnson could only take part in individual matches. Although it didn’t detract from his potency: he was matchless and indomitable when it came to dark stages. In dark environments the disparity in experience was only accentuated; in Johnson’s case the mechanics and mech operation knowledge seemed to be ingrained into his very bones whereas others couldn’t even tell north from south. While Johnson to darkness was like a fish to water, the other players were light years behind in terms of reflex and that’s not even taking into account their disadvantage from having to heavily rely on their equipment.  Even their movements lagged behind, which only served to widen the chasm that was their difference in ability.

Aside from Cai Hong’s exquisite mech piloting, his distinguished leadership, sagacious and big-picture decision making, and battle direction earned him praise and admiration from the other Skeleton Corps members.

As for Yao Ailun and Chen Xiu, they took up the role of match commentators within the corps. Their chemistry could even be compared to the standard of Fawn and Little Suds. Most importantly everyone was contented and joyful

Meanwhile, Wang Zheng hadn’t returned to campus, opting instead to visit his home. Aina’s departure had allowed him to collect his thoughts. Questions about the elusive identity of the old merchant simmered inside of him. Why would someone with such prolific knowledge of science where even a few words of his could cause an uproar in the scientific community — choose to stay in such a low-key town? What exactly is the Rubik’s Cube? And why was it given to him?

He wanted answers. What was his destiny? His purpose?

When Wang Zheng finally arrived, the bookshop’s door was, to his surprise, locked up, and a “Sold” sticker was plastered onto it. When people leave, the house is empty; it seemed the Old Merchant would never come back.

Gazing into the sky, Wang Zheng felt the stars were breathtaking.  However, when he thought that Aina was probably below those very same stars, far away, his mood took a dark turn.

After making his way to his little nest, Wang Zheng’s eyes gleamed. On the dusty floor… there was a footprint…

An average person wouldn’t have noticed it, but it didn’t escape Wang Zheng’s eyes. Considering that his room emanated poverty with barely anything other than the floor and walls, a thief wouldn’t agree to rob it even if you paid them! Unless…

Taking a sweep of the room, he discovered a note on top of the table. Wang Zheng was excitement incarnate, he rushed over to take a look. After all was said and done, Wang Zheng was still a sixteen-year-old teen: he still cared about his family even if it were only a scrap of information about them.

Opening the note, Wang Zheng discovered the Old Merchant’s crooked and disorderly handwriting running across it like chicken scratch

“Knowledge is wealth. Stay true to yourself, and good friendships can be found anywhere.  This house has already been sold and even I never thought it would sell for such a favorable price Don’t miss this old merchant too much.”

Wang Zheng blinked his eyes in confusion.

“That damn old geezer, he probably only came back to take the real estate documents,” Wang Zheng opened the cabinet to check. “They really aren’t there anymore. His grandma’s leg, how poor was that old man, ah!”

If the notice pasted on the door was correct, he was only left with a few more days. Wang Zeng felt like fainting.

After spending quite a while ranting, Wang Zheng collapsed onto bed. The bookstore was closed, and the house was sold; his last link to the Old Merchant had vanished.

How could this even be happening?

At that moment, the Rubik’s Cube hidden in Wang Zheng’s chest began to glow faintly, covering Wang Zheng.

Suddenly, he was overcome with what felt like electric shocks. Wang Zheng stared blankly at the ceiling. It couldn’t be, could it? Was it really true that on the night of a heavy downpour, cracks on your roof will always appear?

Bonehead, two years haven’t passed yet, do you know how to count?!!!

When Wang Zheng opened his eyes, he once again was greeted by the familiar visage of Bonehead, though this time his expression was a little more grave.

“Ha ha, my beloved Instructor Bonehead, long time no see. I’ve really missed you!”

An outstretched hand would never slap a smiling face. With regard to Bonehead who never operated on common sense, Wang Zheng decided it was better to remain subdued.



Wang Zheng felt a little bead of sweat drip down his neck. Every time Bonehead thought in silence, bad things would happen to him. Moreover, he felt a chill as both of Bonehead’s eyes, which were emitting a red light, raked over his body inch by inch. Even though ‘dauntless’ and ‘resolute’ could have been used to describe his previous actions, Wang Zheng didn’t want to leave this world like this after experiencing so little.

“An anomaly has presented itself. Scans up till now have failed to detect the presence of the Randt Empire. After analysis, it appears an unknown 13th dimensional space has invaded. Implementing the Randt Empire’s first protocol!”

Bonehead meticulously articulated.

Wang Zheng helplessly shrugged his shoulders, “In any case, whether you say north or west, you’re the one calling the shots anyways. What’s this first protocol? You couldn’t possibly be thinking of destroying me again right?

“After reconstructing the Randt Empire, you will be crowned as the 521st King of the Randt Empire. I will be responsible for finding subjects in your world to migrate to the new empire.”

Looking at the serious expression of Bonehead, Student Wang’s mouth grew slack. It must be one of those situations described in stories where those who were originally doomed to die, didn’t, but are forced to become King, and to emigrate from their dimension. Could it be that reality’s system had started  to glitch again?

“Cough, cough, Bonehead, ah, come, sit down, no need to be so serious. That matter can be discussed later. Look, two years haven’t even passed, and you’re already treating me like this. I have other things to do now, let’s just me out, and I promise I’ll collect enough Battle Energy after two years.”

Wang Zheng began to bring out his unscrupulous and underhanded methods.

“Your Majesty, reviving the Empire is my first priority, and so I will have to carry out the supervisory plan anyway. Please cooperate willingly, or I may have to resort to stronger methods of persuasion.”

Bonehead remained stubborn and immovable, yet Wang Zheng couldn’t afford to lose out in a deal. Fuck, regardless of whether inside or out, that Bonehead refuses to adhere to proper principles. This king can only yield to injustice.

“Say it then, what do I have to do?” Wang Zheng asked.

“Your Majesty, currently there are insufficient resources. I need more information on this dimensional space. You also need to begin the second stage of training immediately, with a few adjustments made in accordance to this dimension’s characteristics.”

Bonehead earnestly spoke.

“Bonehead, relax a little. There’s no need to be so harsh about it, isn’t it just reviving a nation? Relax, let’s first talk about the achievable goals in the near future. Last time when I collapsed during the special training, the Battle Energy I’d accumulated disappeared. What was what all about?”

“Your Majesty, Your Battle Energy is also the Rubik’s cube’s primary source of energy. To carry out the Empire Revival plan, Your Majesty’s genetic material and energy was needed, which resulted in a period of temporary weakness, mainly because you were still too weak.”

Student Wang opened and closed his mouth… he kind of understood now, that Randt Empire definitely was an abnormal military empire filled from top to bottom with experts. He really couldn’t guess how they functioned on a day to day basis.

However, one thing was confirmed, and that was that the shackles of the two-year deadline had been lifted. The Rubik’s Cube only needed more battle energy to complete the plan.

Originally, Wang Zheng was hesitant. With his freedom restored, he had countless methods of delaying the plan, but then he thought of Aina.

Perhaps this was his opportunity!!!

The Rubik’s Cube was his best trump card for competing in this world.

It was only that the second stage of training made Student Wang feel a bit flustered.

The first level of his Return To One exercise trained the body, or in Bonehead’s words, was the initial stage of stepping into the Wargod level, and only scratched the surface of true strength. Humanity’s most formidable strength came from the spirit and simply explained, referred to the development of the mental domain. Only after opening it, properly controlling it and refining it, would one step into the Wargod level. With the Rubik’s Cube, one would be able to raise his strength to the limits of heaven, and become the Wargod.

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