Dragon-Marked War God Chapter 47 Release!

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Second of four sponsored chapters of this day! I also forgot to mention in previous announcement post, I’ve upped the donation bar back to 60$ per chapter. The reason I did this is because I initially lowered it once I started doing 2 chapters per week, but now that I’m doing 5 chapters, I’ve decided to up it back to 60$.

Translator: Ares

Editor: Kiseki

Enjoy the chapter! Sponsored by Nader. A! 🙂

Please don’t comment with spoilers

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Please don’t comment with spoilers guys, even if you spoiler tag it. All comments with spoilers will be deleted.

Anyways, back to my hiatus. See you all in 13 days.

I’m taking a 2 week hiatus

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School’s stressing me out. Too little time to manage Radiant, so I’m taking a 2 week hiatus to get my shit together. I’m only gonna be posting CoL chapters on WW. So no chapters from HC, LXY, LDK or MCIF unless someone else from Radiant approves and publishes them. DMWG will continue as usual as Ares is doing his own thing.

Beseech the Devil is dropped

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So a few weeks back Ares decided to drop Beseech the Devil in favor of picking up Er Gen’s new upcoming novel. We had some internal interest in translating it, however, that didn’t work out. Thus, we are now officially dropping Beseech the Devil.

Fortunately, I have been contacted by a new group that wished to pick up Beseech the Devil. So once they’ve started up, I’ll link to their site.

Dragon-Marked War God synopsis competition!

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Hey there, I’ve decided that I want a new synopsis for Dragon-Marked War God. So, I’ve decided to host a small competition!

I am currently broke, so I am unable to throw out fancy cash prizes, but the winner’s name will forever be together with the synopsis! You will also get a special shout out!

If you’re interested in competing, then you can write a synopsis and send it to me on [email protected] !

Make sure to include whatever nickname/name you want to be called in case you win at the end!

Grammatical errors and such will be handled by me and editor, so you don’t have to worry about that. Creativity is key here!