Child Of Light Chapter Release – Volume 3: Chapter 15

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Child of Light Volume 3: Chapter 15

Hey readers chapter 15 is released! This a sponsored chapter courtesy of Adi H, anonymous, Nur A and Palin T. The chapter was translated by DD, edited by Ruze and proofread by Sockie.

What’s this? Could it be…. his first companion?

Enjoy the chapter!



Chapter 11 is delayed

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Sorry guys, I’ve been a bit busy today so I’ve only got about half of chapter 11 translated. It’s unlikely for me to finish anytime soon so I’ll be posting it tomorrow.

Guang Zhi Zi Chapter Release – Volume 3: Chapter 10

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Guang Zhi Zi Volume 3: Chapter 10

Chapter translated by Ruze. Proofread by SushArtemis. Sponsored by Harry B. and Jessie B.

Guys, Xiao Jin is too OP, pls nerf. Also, thanks to all the readers who turn off their ad block.

Enjoy the chapter!



Guang Zhi Zi Chapter Release – Volume 3: Chapter 9

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Guang Zhi Zi Volume 3: Chapter 9

Chapter translated by Ruze, DD and YunZhi. Edited by Ruze and DD. Proofread by SushArtemis. This is the final dedicated chapter of the week.

Hey guys, sorry about the delayed chapter. I’ll be releasing the two sponsored chapters in queue later today. I have also set up ads on the site so please consider turning off your ad block. As for next week, we’ll be translating a lot more chapters so you readers can all look forward to that.

Enjoy the chapter!

Bing Huo Mo Chu Chapter Release – Chapter 1.3

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Chapter 1.3

Chapter translated by DD and Ruze. Edited by Ruze.

Hey readers, this concludes the first chapter of Bing Huo Mo Chu. This is also the dedicated chapter for the week.

Enjoy the chapter! 🙂

On other news, you might’ve seen us around on the new forum at WuxiaWorld. We’ll be posting stuff there but our newest chapters of Guang Zhi Zi will still be here to the time being.


Starting in about two week we should be able to translate this series more so look forward to that. We also have a new synopsis by DD:

His mother kidnapped by the Ice and Snow God’s Pagoda at a young age, Nian Bing grew up travelling with his father, avoiding pursuit. One fateful day, he was forever separated from both his parents and inherited two immortal treasures from them, the Ice and Snow Goddess’s Stone and the Heavenly Flame God’s stone, allowing him to use ice and fire magic in harmony, a feat unheard of. Taken in by a former chef of legends, once known as the demon chef, he creates legendary cuisine while walking the path of vengence!

Guang Zhi Zi Chapter Release – Volume 3: Chapter 7 & 8

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Volume 3: Chapter 7
Volume 3: Chapter 8

Chapter 7 is translated by Ruze, edited by DD and proofread by Kerlark. Chapter 8 is translated by DD. Edited by Ruze. These two are the first two dedicated chapters of the week.

Guys, it’s been a while, but we’re finally having a reunion. Yes! That’s right! A reunion with our best friend, Cliff Hanger!

The site may be slow or inaccessible tomorrow and the day after due to me tinkering around with some server and site stuff.

So the adventuring arc begins. I can’t wait for MC to start making face… There are no faces being spit on… oh wait, wrong novel.


Enjoy the chapter. 😀

First Artwork submission

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Hey readers! We’ve gotten our first artwork submission by Fiona D. I’ve gotta say, it looks really good. 😀
If we get enough art submissions, we may create some sort of gallery to display it.

Zhang Gong and Xiao Jin by Fiona D.

Zhang Gong and Xiao Jin by Fiona D.

Guang Zhi Zi Chapter Release – Volume 3: Chapter 5 & 6

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Volume 3: Chapter 5
Volume 3: Chapter 6

Chapter 5 translated and edited by both Ruze & DD. Chapter 6 translated by DD. Edited by Ruze.
Chapter 5 is a bonus chapter to celebrate hitting 1 million views! (combined with old site) Wooooo! Chapter 6 is sponsored by Jessie B and Harry B.

Sorry about the OG chapter guys. Hopefully you had fun reading it. We won’t be releasing joke chapters anymore so no worries about that. On the bright side, looks like we’re beginning the adventuring arc for real now! It’s already so exciting. 😀

Enjoy the chapter!

Guang Zhi Zi Chapter Release – Volume 3: Chapter 3 & 4

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Volume 3: Chapter 3
Volume 3: Chapter 4

Chapter 3 translated by Ruze. Edited by DD. Chapter 4 translated by DD. Edited by Ruze.

Chapters sponsored by Ricardo V and Jan-Henrick D.

What’s this? Could it be…? The first love interest! But wait, who’s that over there? Oh no! It’s Cliffhanger-kun.

Enjoy the chapter!


Guang Zhi Zi Chapter Release – Volume 3: Chapter 1 & 2

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Volume 3: Chapter 1

Volume 3: Chapter 2

Chapter 1 translated by Ruze. Edited by DD. Proofread by Kerlark. Chapter 2 translated by DD. Edited by Ruze.

These are the last two dedicated chapters of the week, but fear not, we have sponsored chapters leftover from last week! 😀

I’ve gotta  say, someone was chopping a lot of onions while I was translating chapter 1… Is it just me or are there onions here? After all that onion chopping, Zhang Gong is finally going to go on his adventure! Time for the story to really get exciting. 🙂


We’ve also started taking sponsored chapters for Bing Huo Mo Chu. The chapters for Bing Huo Mo Chu are split into upper, middle and lower parts just like Douluo Dalu. Each part is around 3000 Chinese characters while Guang Zhi Zi chapters are 2000 characters. Thus to fill up the bar and have a bonus chapter, it will be $65. Just like with Guang Zhi Zi, there will be a weekly dedicated chapters. However, right now it’s only 1 dedicated chapter a week. So if you would like to see more chapters a week and are able to read Chinese, help out the team by becoming a translator! (Or just drug your Mandarin speaking friends and ship them to us.) 😉

Enjoy the chapter!

Guang Zhi Zi Chapter Release – Volume 2: Chapter 33

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You can see it here. 

Translated by DD. Edited by Ruze.

I present to you our first dedicated chapter of the week.

Hoorah! We’ve finally finished the last chapter of the volume!

Now we move on the adventuring arc. The grand adventures of Lazy OP Light Mage with his dragon (and maybe sidekick Ma Ke).


Oh boy, look at that queue! I’d better get to translating.

And so now we start Volume 3~

If you like this story, be sure to tell people about it 😀 I feel happy inside when the view counter goes up.

New Novel: Bing Huo Mo Chu

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Chapter 1

Hey guys, we’ve got a new novel! Woooo. 😀

This is another novel written by Tang Jia San Shao. We’re not sure of the release schedule for this yet, but it will probably be less often than Guang Zhi Zi unless we shift our focus. If anyone wants to help out so we can release more often, email me at [email protected].

Hope you guys enjoy it. 😀

Guang Zhi Zi Chapter Release – Volume 2: Chapter 31

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Chapter 31 here.

Translated by DD. Edited by Ruze. Proofread by Sushartemis.

Only two more chapters until we finish Volume 2! Woot!

Chapter release courtesy of Jessie B. Thanks Jessie!

We may or may not release a side project in the near future. Look forward to it. 🙂


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