Radiant Era Chapters 32 & 33

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Hi, guys! So the announcement is: my new semester is starting on Monday so I’m going back to China on Saturday. Due to the limited internet connection there, I’m going to release the two weekly chapters together starting this week.

Enjoy the weekly double release!

Chapter 32. Translator: Light. Editor: Spud. Translation Checker: Warlock.

Chapter 33. Translator: Light. Editor: Spud. Translation Checker: Moonclipse.

welp, holiday is over for me 🙁


Radiant Era Chapter 31

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Hi, guys, sorry for the late post. I was waiting for someone to check my translation in this chapter. After she finished and before I could post, WIFI at home was down for two whole days T.T

But it’s back on now so enjoy your chapter!

Chapter 31. Translator: Light. Editor: Spud. Translator Checker: Moonclipse.

P.S. stay tuned for an announcement in less than 24 hours.

My World Falls into the River of Love — Chapter 13

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Weekly release~

The rest of the sponsored chapters will come out later this week for MWFRL (unless someone donates again). Bonus chapters will come out after, and those releases will be random-ish.

Also, VOICE may be changed to VOICE. Not sure yet, as I haven’t read ahead. Chestnut, however, has changed the spelling in the raws (and this part is in English too) so there may be a change if she continues to spell it as VOICE.

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