MT Chapter 641


Chapter 641: City Lord’s wife

Chu Tian went a stroll around Miracle Sacred City with Yingying, continually experiencing the charm and style of the Sacred City.  It was like there were several large business streets in each city area and there was an even larger business city in the center of the main city, with an area that was equal to a normal city in the real world.

What kind of concept was this?

This market the size of a city was filled with stores.  There was no housing, no other facilities at all, there was just tens of thousands of stores!

If people went to each store, spending an hour in each and going around without stop for twenty hours, they would need several years before they finished going around once.  But in the large market of the Sacred City, there were all kinds of Transport Points all over the area, making it very convenient. As long as one had a map of the business area, they could wander around an area or directly go to a shop.


The Sacred City’s business streets had gathered all kinds of real world resources.

It was enough to satisfy anyone’s shopping craving!

Miracle Commerce already had a large platform like the Miracle Shopping Center, so why did they create this kind of giant virtual shopping area?  Actually the two wouldn’t clash with each other, after all, the Miracle Shopping Center was only a virtual platform. In the future, with millions of products, it would be hard for people to find products in this sea of information and most of them would be searching for certain items.

The value of the Miracle Sacred City market became even bigger!

Right now, the Miracle Sacred City was the center of the Miracle Continent and as more and more people use the Miracle Helmet, the Miracle Sacred City will be the only official city, never being attacked or robbed.  It will always be the birthplace of everyone on the Miracle Continent and it was very convenient to teleport here, so it wouldn’t be strange for billions of people to come here each day in the future.

This kind of large flow would be enough for the business district and the business streets to become a heaven trade.  The Miracle Sacred City was divided into elven area, giant area, dwarven area, undead area, and all kinds of other areas, with each of the business streets in these areas having special products of the corresponding races.  The business district at the center of the Sacred City would become the virtual world’s largest gathered market.

This would be a place for everyone to go wild.

The Miracle Sacred City would have large amounts of restaurants, entertainment areas, and adventure areas.  These different forms of services naturally would have a source stone charge to them.

Other than that, the Miracle Sacred City was filled with virtual real estate.  There were magnificent royal palaces that could hold tens of thousands of people and there were also magnificent tree houses and underground crypts.  It was enough to satisfy the needs of the emperors and kings, while also giving those medium and low level people a decent virtual life.

There would be more and more people on the Miracle Continent in the future.

Would they be afraid that they couldn’t earn source stones?

The Miracle Continent’s goal was not just creating an interesting spiritual world with a high degree of freedom and fairness, they also wanted to subvert all the real world’s current industries.  From now on, whether it is business, life, research, or even politics, it would all be shifted into this spiritual world.

Because the relative time flow on the Miracle Continent was four-five times slower than the real world, with some special trial towers and regions even reaching ten times slower or even higher than that, this meant that people could use this just to increase their lifespan.  You also couldn’t die, age, or get sick here, so there was a giant superiority in this place that the real world could never have!

The Miracle Continent had enough space, cities, and land.

As long as it was popular, there were benefits and as long as there were benefits, people would chase them.  The world’s surplus contradictions, energy, and wealth could all be digested by the Miracle Continent!

Laboratories could also be established in the Sacred City that was very similar to the real world, so scholars could do all kinds of research in the spiritual.  This not only decreased their spending, it also increased their safety and efficiency. One could directly connect to the Spiritual Library and the Miracle Academy in the Sacred City, allowing people to gather rare and ancient books from all over the world, while also being taught by outstanding scholars.  Even in the most backward corner of the continent, one could have the best learning materials.

There were just too many things like this, it couldn’t be described one by one.

This was the charm of the Miracle Continent!

Therefore, the Miracle Continent had infinite possibilities and influence that couldn’t be completely estimated right now.  The Miracle Continent would also change. Miracle Commerce was bringing in all kinds of talents and many of them were Sages across the continent.  With a team that worked without stop researching it, the Miracle Continent would become more and more perfect.

In the eyes of a human like Yingying, the Miracle Sacred City was like a super large amusement park.

There was food, drinks, toys, shopping, martial art contests, trials, and all kinds of new and strange things that made her feel very satisfied.

The two of them played for a while in the Sacred City.

They had already spent most of the day here.

There were more and more people in the main city area and they had already strolled enough, so they took off their helmets and returned to the real world.  When the two took off their helmets, the others around them still had their helmets on. They were probably challenging the trial tower right now.

Chu Tian brought Yingying back to Miracle City.

Miracle City was not as lively as West Sea City or the Miracle Royal Palace, but the entire city was still filled with joy.  The elves presented their artwork in celebration of the City Lord’s wedding, the dwarves carved statues of the City Lord’s wife, and even the ogres had decided that today would be an ogre holiday.

Miracle City had already become the pearl of the Forest of Chaos.

It had already become an existence that could freely move across the continent.

The Miracle City’s people had a powerful sense of pride and confidence.  This time the Miracle City held an awe-inspiring wedding in West Sea City, which became the most important day in Miracle City.

“Greetings to the City Lord!”

“Greetings to the City Lord’s wife!”

When Chu Tian brought Yingying back, the guards and citizens who saw the two all greeted them.

Meng Yingying was a bit embarrassed being called the City Lord’s wife, after all, she wasn’t used to it, but she was very satisfied from hearing it.

When she returned to her room, she slowly took off the priceless and luxurious robe she was wearing and her cheeks slightly turned red.  Those long and straight legs were perfect, her body was like it was carved from jade, not having a single imperfection.

Chu Tian looked at Meng Yingying’s charming appearance and said, “You’re very beautiful today.”

“You really don’t know how to talk!”  Meng Yingying snorted and pretended to be angry to hide her nervousness, “Could it be that I wasn’t pretty yesterday and I won’t be pretty tomorrow!  Could it be I’m only pretty today!”

Chu Tian said while laughing, “You’re always pretty, you’re always pretty!”

He didn’t expect Yingying to throw him a curveball, “Then why did you wait until now to marry me!”

How could Chu Tian not know what Yingying was thinking?  He walked over and took her into his embrace as he gently said, “That is because we can live for a very long time, there is a very long time for us to be together in the future and we will never separate from now on.  From this day forth, from this night forward, can you be satisfied with this? My City Lord’s wife!”

Meng Yingying nodded with difficulty, “I’ll believe you once!”

After she said this, she stood on her tiptoes and kissed Chu Tian’s cheek.

Chu Tian took advantage of this to hug Meng Yingying and they shared a kiss.  Finally the two of them landed on the bed under the candlelight and the two young forms came together.

From this moment forth.

Whether it was their body or soul.

The two of them had created an inseparable relationship.

From this moment forth, Meng Yingying officially became Chu Tian’s woman and she became the true City Lord’s wife.  All of this had happened naturally, it was not abrupt for either Chu Tian or Yingying.


The next day.

Meng Yingying slowly woke up.

Meng Yingying’s beautiful cheeks had a blush to it, with a charming feel to this shy appearance.  She had gone from being a girl to a woman last night. Her body was currently being covered by a blanket, with her long and slender legs sticking out and her full chest looming under the blanket.

Meng Yingying felt herself in a warm embrace and when she turned around, she saw Chu Tian’s handsome face enlarged in her eyes.  His eyes were currently closed, it was unknown if he was really asleep or pretending to be asleep.

Yingying looked at his face and her heart filled with sweetness and joy.  She couldn’t help landing a peck on his face like a chicken pecking rice.

She felt some movement from beside her at this time.

When she looked over, her face instantly filled with embarrassment.

This was because there was a snow white fox at the head of the bed, curiously looking over this woman lying in its master’s arms with its slit eyes.

“Ah!  When did your fox get in!”

Meng Yingying suddenly sat up and felt the blanket fall off her body.  Instantly, that beautiful spring scenery appeared, it was as beautiful as a painting.

Meng Yingying quickly grabbed the blanket to cover herself as her other hand swung at Chu Tian, “Hey, quickly wake up!”

Chu Tian opened his eyes to look at her before closing them again, “What are you afraid of?  It’s a female fox.”

Meng Yingying said in an embarrassed voice, “It’s not that, it’s not early anymore.”

“So what?  No one will care even if we sleep until tomorrow morning, who let me be the boss.”

Meng Yingying anxiously pulled him up, “Elder sister, Nangong, and Vivian will laugh at me, it is too embarrassing!  Get up, quickly get up!”

This girl’s skin was too thin, they were already a married couple, would they be afraid of other people’s gossip?  But Chu Tian did have a large pile of things to take care of, he could only put on his clothes with Yingying and head to the City Lord’s Fort.

Chu Tian was stunned to see the empty conference hall.  There was only a mature beauty wearing white robes sitting in the empty hall, the other places were all empty.  He asked in a confused voice, “Young miss, where are the others?”

Meng Qingwu didn’t look that different compared to normal.  She was organizing the data sent by the Smart Brain while saying with a yawn, “They are all playing on the Miracle Continent, that includes the emperors.  Even the dragon great elder and the Nether King like the Miracle Continent very much, they are wallowing themselves in without coming out. Their group is currently challenging the trial towers, I think they won’t have the mind to come back to work for the next few days.”

“Is that so?”  Meng Yingying heart itched hearing this, “How could they miss work without a reason?  I’m going to find them and properly teach them a lesson.”

“Aiya, Yingying, after a single night, you really seem more like a City Lord’s wife.”  Meng Qingwu winked with a smile, “How was last night for you guys?”

“Elder sister, you’re also teasing me!”  Meng Yingying’s face instantly turned red and she desperately escaped, “I’m going to find Nangong and the others.”

Meng Qingwu could only say, “Don’t play too long.”

A single day in the real world was four-five days on the Miracle Continent.  These fellows didn’t even come out after all this time, it seemed like they really liked the Miracle Continent.  Just based on this, this product from Miracle Commerce had achieved an unprecedented level of success!

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