MT Chapter 587


Chapter 587: Peace talks

The Subterranean World had Lancelot and Nidhogg.

The Purgatory World had the Titan Thunder’s Fury and the Behemoth Burst Claw.

Chu Tian didn’t seem to have anything to worry about, so he directly returned to Miracle City.  The first thing he did was look for the young miss and the highest level researchers of the Yun Sect, “Not only did we obtain a large victory in the battle against the Subterranean World, we unexpectedly found a large harvest during the trip.”

Miracle City still couldn’t communicate with the underground world.


But Chu Tian used the Space Warehouse to send letters, so Meng Qingwu already knew the situation in the Subterranean World.

This good news had already spread over the entire Forest Alliance, filling the Forest Alliance with cheers.  This victory not only eliminated the strongest enemy for the Forest Alliance, the Forest Alliance also seized this chance to enter the underground world.  This was definitely a good chance that came once in a thousand years.

What would be the unexpected harvest?

It definitely was not a small matter to make Chu Tian come back to the city!

“Elder Clark, old Yun, and old Gu, the material problem you’ve been having headaches over has now been solved.”  Chu Tian placed a Spider Crystal on the conference table, “From this day forth, all of Miracle Commerce’s important or complicated products will all have this Spider Crystal replacing the matrix medium!”

After everyone understood the uses of the Spider Crystal, they were filled with excitement.

For tens of thousands of years, the main source energy array mediums people used were beast pelts, stone plates, or crystal plates.  These materials were easy to obtain, but there were parts about them that weren’t convenient, it could only be used to make normal medium sized or small arrays.  Large scale arrays were made of countless smaller source energy arrays placed together!

Whether it was Miracle Commerce’s supercomputer or the Black Thunder fighters, these complicated products required a set of Source Energy Matrices working together.  Large amounts of source energy arrays were carved into the medium and set inside a special box.

Not mentioning the large space required for the Source Energy Matrices, with complicated things like this, the easier it was to damage.  If it wasn’t properly protected, any heavy hit on it would be able to cause damage to it. If even any random array was damage, the entire matrix system could become useless.

Without a doubt, this was very inconvenient.

There were more and more Miracle Commerce technology being developed!

It was very important to choose a more stable and more convenient array medium in the future.  The discovery of an important material like the Spider Crystal was just too timely for Miracle Commerce!

The old fellows in the Yun Sect had been researching and searching for a new material for half a year, but now that they learned the use of the Spider Crystals, they were all filled with excitement.

Chu Tian announced their plans, “I hope that Miracle City’s managing Smart Brains can be greatly increased, especially the core manager Zero.  There must be at least a hundred high grade Spider Crystals mounted which will increase its processing speed by hundreds of million times per second!”

Everyone was stunned.

Hundreds of millions of processes per second?

They couldn’t reach that speed even if they added all the Smart Brains in Miracle City together!

Meng Qingwu was filled with joy and excitement.  Currently Miracle City was getting larger and larger and was required to process more and more data each day.  Zero’s abilities were becoming more and more lacking, so after this sudden increase was completed, Miracle City would become even more orderly!

Although it sounded very shocking, with a good thing like the Spider Crystal and the thousands of talents in the Yun Sect responsible for the Source Energy Matrices, building the new generation of Smart Brains was only a problem of time!

Chu Tian announced another series of plans.

In short because of the appearance and uses of the Spider Crystals, one could anticipate Miracle City’s future development.

The Yun Sect’s people all left and there was only the young miss left in the conference room.  Meng Qingwu said to Chu Tian, “I didn’t think that there would be such an important harvest from the Subterranean world.  The value of this Spider Crystal is even greater than the entire underground world.”

“Of course.  Miracle Commerce is reaching a bottleneck in terms of development, on that isn’t a bottleneck of innovation, but rather in terms of materials.  With the appearance of this Spider Crystal, the situation is different.” Chu Tian suddenly thought of something, “Speaking of this, we only have one problem left right now, the Eagle Burial Kingdom.  How is it going with the Eagle Burial Kingdom now? How is the Great Zhou Country, is big sister Bing in danger!”

“Relax, the Eagle Burial Kingdom don’t pose any threat at all now.”

“Oh?  Why?”

This matter began with Meng Qingwu’s plan from before.  Back then Meng Qingwu sent Nangong Yun on the ambush and destroyed several major granaries of the Eagle Burial Kingdom, while also winning over the countries destroyed by the Eagle Burial Kingdom.  When the ambush on the Eagle Burial Kingdom succeeded, Meng Qingwu spread the news in the surrounding areas.

Under Miracle Commerce’s instigation, rebellions rose all over and the country was filled with chaos.

The three Eagle Kings had taken a third of the Great Zhou Country’s cities, but they received the order to retreat before they could even get anything done.  They were immediately called back by the Eagle Ruler, suppressing the rebels in each region.

The Eagle Burial Kingdom couldn’t even govern themselves.

How could they have the mind to deal with the three kingdoms?

Once the news of the Spider Queen being killed was sent to the Eagle Burial Kingdom, they didn’t even have thoughts of fighting the three kingdoms.  Finally they burned under the pressure and were forced to seek peace.

Chu Tian broke out in laughter, “Good, good move young miss.  The Eagle Burial Kingdom is already this miserable even without a direct confrontation.”

“The Eagle Burial Kingdom’s losses were set by themselves.”  Meng Qingwu revealed an appropriate faint smile, “If they didn’t engage in wanton fighting and waste their domestic resources, while also wildly invade other countries, they wouldn’t have reached their current situation.”

Chu Tian nodded, “We’ll go all in, strengthening the seal and also increasing the military support to the other countries.  We can’t give the Eagle Burial Kingdom any chances.”

Meng Qingwu said, “Relax, this plan is just beginning.  I have already prepared the next steps, the Eagle Burial Kingdom won’t have a chance to turn this around.”

With the young miss saying this.

Chu Tian was assured.

From the northern Eagle Burial Kingdom, to the western Sea Race, to even the underground world, they were all taken care of by Miracle City.  This plan against the Forest Alliance had completely failed and after experiencing the ups and downs, the Forest Alliance welcomed a chance to explode.

After the Eagle Burial Kingdom was overthrown, the small and medium kingdom could be linked together, becoming a large influence in the future.  This will become an important garden and market for Miracle City in the future.

After the underground world was subdued, the Forest Alliance could directly control the Purgatory and Subterranean powers.  They could gain precious resources they couldn’t find on the surface from these two places, especially treasures with great significance like the Spider Crystal.

The western Sea Race was still refusing to cooperate, but with the Deep Blue Princess Jin Luo in Miracle City, Chu Tian believed it was just a matter of time before West Sea City became a part of the Forest Alliance.

Miracle City’s influence stretched across many areas.

Speaking of population and influence, they already surpassed a warring kingdom and now they could gradually even stand on the same level as an empire.  Although Miracle Commerce was developing quickly each day, Chu Tian’s didn’t have enough personal strength, therefore Chu Tian felt it was a good time for some closed door cultivation.

He found quite a few level three Immortal Herbs in the Spider Queen’s treasure room.

Chu Tian had placed them in his Space Warehouse in the Subterranean World and now that he was in Miracle City’s research lab, Chu Tian began to refine a pill with an Immortal Herb and several Demon Ant eggs.

The Demon Ant eggs’ greatest effect was increasing spiritual energy.

Chu Tian used an Immortal Herb that also had an effect in increasing spiritual energy.

After taking the refined level three Immortal Herb, Chu Tian felt a clear increase in his spiritual energy.  Although raising spiritual energy helped increase his Divine Sense, Chu Tian’s Divine Sense had already reached the “Vision Domain” realm.  To raise it again, it was a very difficult matter.

At least an Immortal Herb and several Demon Ant eggs were far from enough.

The main use of this pill was to increase his spirit energy.

Not long ago, when Chu Tian transformed his body, the powerful energy that entered his body hadn’t been completely refined.  Using an Immortal Pill to help increase his cultivation now, naturally he broke through to the 9th True Spirit Layer, only being a bit from the peak 9th True Spirit Layer.

When Chu Tian was prepared to charge into the peak 9th True Spirit Layer.

Meng Qingwu suddenly sent some news, “The Eagle Burial Kingdom’s Eagle Ruler has sent a letter asking for peace.  He invites the Forest Alliance City Lord to come to the Eagle Burial Kingdom’s Imperial City for peace talks.”

This old fellow finally couldn’t sit still?

Meng Qingwu said to Chu Tian, “There’s no need to go to the Eagle Burial Kingdom’s territory for peace talks.  The Eagle Ruler is lacking in sincerity, perhaps he has some other plans.”

Other plans?

Chu Tian hoped that he had other plans!

The Eagle Burial Kingdom was notorious for expanding for many years and the Eagle Ruler was very ambitious.  With the existence of this power, it was not favourable to the development of the region.

“The Elven King and the Dragon Lord were responsible for the aftermath of the Subterranean World, I think they should be pretty much done.”  Chu Tian came up with some plans while saying, “Have the two of them come with me on a trip. No matter what tricks the Eagle Burial Kingdom has, they can’t do anything to me.”

With the protection of the Elven King and the Dragon Lord, naturally Meng Qingwu would be assured.

The Elven King and the Dragon Lord came back from the Subterranean World that day and the two of them followed Chu Tian to the War Hound Plains, which was the most northern Transport Tower.  They then headed north to the Eagle Burial Kingdom from the Transport Tower.

The Eagle Burial Kingdom had been shaken during this time, they already lost control of the country inside and out.

The several countries the Eagle Burial Kingdom subdued after many years with great difficulty were now beginning to rebel with support from Miracle City.  Even if they were a motley crew, with Miracle Commerce’s advanced equipment, they could turn into an army that could create headaches.

Losing control of the dependent countries and the home country suffering heavy losses, as well as being constantly attack, many families within the Eagle Burial Kingdom began to form opinions on the Eagle Ruler.  They began to doubt if the things the Eagle Burial Kingdom did over the years were correct.

With the Eagle Ruler being questioned, naturally he had to take action.

This time he invited Miracle City’s City Lord and the Forest Alliance’s supreme commander Chu Tian to the Eagle Burial Kingdom’s Imperial City for peace talks because he was forced into action by the pressure.

Chu Tian wasn’t dumb enough to think the other side would admit defeat because of this.

This fellow had a stubborn disposition, how could he submit to a human?  That was definitely impossible. Chu Tian wanted to take a look and see just what he could do!

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