MT Chapter 564


Chapter 564: Progressing suddenly!

Chu Tian did something innovative once again!

Couldn’t congeal the pill?  No problem!

He used the Netherworld Ghost Flame to seal the medicinal power and then used the flame cauldron to keep refining the material.  At the same time, he used his innate swallowing energy to skip over the pill congealing step. Or it could be said that he used his body as a vessel to congeal the pill!

Large amounts of energy filled his body!


Chu Tian directly used it to refine his body!

This was without a doubt very dangerous matter.  The human body was very weak and even if it was a powerful body like the Behemoth’s, it would be very hard to withstand this kind of destruction!

The Perfection Realm of the Starlight Immortal Body made Chu Tian’s physique and restorative power surpass normal people’s, but that did not mean that his physique could match the super powerful beast Behemoth!  The moment the endless energy entered his body, Chu Tian’s skin and muscles were torn apart while also suffering heavy wounds to his meridians. Not being ripped apart on the scene was already a great miracle!

The energy began to move even faster inside Chu Tian and in just a few breaths, Chu Tian was covered in countless cuts from head to toe.  This damage was enough to take down several Behemoths, with his body collapsing in almost in instant.

At this extremely critical moment, Chu Tian’s body was covered in a rainbow light.  His flesh that had been injured was quickly restored by some kind of energy.

Chu Tian’s ideas were very correct!

He had already guessed that he couldn’t take the baptism of the divine and demonic energy, therefore he chose to refine an Immortal Pill with a powerful self regeneration effect.  He used the power of the Immortal Pill to heal the backlash to his body. Chu Tian current condition was an unending cycle of destruction and restoration.

This process was undoubtedly painful, but it allowed his body to completely change.  Each drop of blood, each piece of flesh, and each bone was filled with the demonic and divine power.  Chu Tian’s cultivation leaped up during this process.

6th True Spirit Layer, peak 6th True Spirit Layer, 7th True Spirit Layer, peak 7th True Spirit Layer, 8th True Spirit Layer!

This kind of increase had never happened to Chu Tian before.  He skipped over several cultivation levels and finally reached the 8th True Spirit Layer!  If most of the energy wasn’t being used to change his body, Chu Tian’s cultivation could have even reached the peak of the True Spirit Layer!

Chu Tian didn’t care about increasing a level or two because a level or two of cultivation was not worth that much to Chu Tian.  His cultivation could be slowly increased, but the chance to transform was hard to obtain!

The entire process was intense and short!

In just around an hour, all of the energy was used up.  Chu Tian’s clothes had been ripped apart, but his body seemed much stronger than before.  Each inch of flesh seemed condensed and each piece of his muscle were filled with power, releasing a faint, but bright glow.



Chu Tian could clearly feel that he had been reborn as the divine and demonic energy flowed through his body.  From his bones to his blood to his muscles, all of them had undergone a large qualitative change.

There was too much noise coming from the underground laboratory.

Meng Qingwu was paying attention to this place because she was very worried about Chu Tian’s condition, so she called Delores and Death Wing who had business in Miracle City over.  They came to the underground laboratory to see Chu Tian’s condition with several other high level Miracle Commerce members.

Who would have thought that when they arrived, Chu Tian had already finished everything.

He had already changed into a new robe as he appeared in front of everyone.

Nangong Yun called out in surprise, “Boss, what happened here?  Why did you suddenly change!”

Everyone found that Chu Tian’s figure was better than before.  His muscles were sleek and not exaggerated, being streamline in appearance, having the explosive force of a wild leopard.  His skin was even more smoother than that of the elves. His height even increased by five-eight centimeters.

Chu Tian already looked good and now after this large change, it highlighted his masculinity, increasing his charm by several times.

Many female elven researchers looking at Chu Tian couldn’t stop their cheeks from turning red, their hearts from beating fast, and began to whisper to each other.

Chu Tian didn’t care about the change in his appearance because he already felt he was handsome, even a bit of charm was just adding to perfection.  What he really wanted to know now was that after the demonic and divine essence transformation, how much his various aspects had increased.

“Come, we’re going to the experiment field!”

The experiment field was mainly used for testing the might of weapons or talismans, therefore there were large amount of testing fields.  Chu Tian moved to a metal doll that was around three meters tall. Each one of these metal dolls were made of level three metals, so destructive might could be measured with how much damage was dealt to it.

“Sir City Lord, are you certain you want to use these dolls?”  Clark hesitantly reminded Chu Tian, “These dolls are used to test heavy Source Energy Weapons, we’ve never used it to test personal strength.  Only barbarians with physical strength that is several times greater than normal people…..”

“Stop wasting words, let them all out!”

Several metal dolls came out.

Chu Tian’s eyes fell onto the first doll and his fist tightened, causing his bones to let out several cracks.  Without using any cultivation technique or spirit energy, Chu Tian released his physical strength. Just like a cannonball flying out, it slammed into the metal doll.

With a hong sound!

The several ton body of the doll collapsed and it flew several dozen meters away before rolling several dozen meters.  The metal surface created sparks and ear grating sounds as it scraped against the ground.

“32% destruction!”  A researcher wiped his sweat away, “Sir City Lord’s fist might is already close to that of a Source Energy Cannon!”

Everyone revealed looks of shock.

A fist was on par with a Source Energy Cannon?  Wasn’t this too exaggerated!

If Chu Tian used his spirit energy with his cultivation, his destructive might couldn’t be as strong as a Source Energy Cannon.  What everyone noticed now was that when Chu Tian sent his punch out, he only used his physical strength, so this destructive might was pure destructive might!

If just a physical body could be this strong, Chu Tian’s body wasn’t that different from that of great ancient era beasts!

Chu Tian shook his head like he wasn’t satisfied.

He stepped off with both feet.

With a harsh grating sound, Chu Tian’s fist slammed into a metal doll like a mountain.  The doll caved in and was sent flying by that terrifying might.

“38% destruction!”

Chu Tian flew out in front of another doll like an arrow.  His right leg flew out like an axe and the doll’s head was forced into its chest, as its knees collapsed into the ground.

“40% destruction!”

“43% destruction!”

“47% destruction!”

Chu Tian’s strength grew with each attack, with each attack having a clear increase in power!

After Chu Tian destroyed five dolls, he suddenly stopped moving.  There was a golden light that appeared in his eyes as he released a powerful Divine Sense, moving the five dolls and gathering them in a row.

What did he want to do?

Everyone revealed confused looks.

Chu Tian’s fists tightened and he looked different from before.  There was a faint red light that appeared in the depths of his eyes, red that didn’t represent fire, but rather a wild power that looked down on everything!


This was one of the nine powers of Chu Tian’s source spirit.  Pure physical strength, pure power, pure destructive might! Although Chu Tian could always use this power, because his body wasn’t strong enough, he couldn’t bear to use this immense power.  He had never met the conditions for releasing this power!

There were cracks several meters wide that formed with Chu Tian at the center, just like a giant dragon stepping onto the ground from above.  Actually when Chu Tian jumped off, he was like a pack of Behemoths, carrying destructive might that could destroy everything in his path!


Chu Tian let out a low roar.  Although he didn’t use any spiritual or spirit energy, it was like roaring thunder in the ears of everyone who heard it.  It made people feel like they weren’t facing a human, but rather a giant dragon or a Behemoth!

Chu Tian’s fist created dazzling flames in the air as it slammed into the first metal doll.  The metal doll was smashed like dough as it twisted under the power that it couldn’t resist. Finally with an explosive sound, it shattered apart on the spot.

This terrifying might passed through the first doll as it landed onto the second one, which also shattered like the first.  When it hit the third doll, this terrifying might had weakened slightly, as only half of the doll collapsed. It left a deep hole in the chest of the fourth doll before finally hitting the fifth doll.

The fifth doll flew high up from this wild strength and it was no longer in human form when it fell down.

The first three had a 100% destruction degree!

The fourth had a 90% destruction degree!

The fifth had a 70% destruction degree!

This terrifying power that came from a single punch from Chu Tian could compare to a Behemoth of the same cultivation level.  Even Miracle Commerce’s strongest Source Energy Cannon couldn’t reach this level of power.

What was even more terrifying was something else.

Chu Tian didn’t use an cultivation techniques, he just used the pure might of his body!

In other words, Chu Tian’s body alone had already exceeded the limits of a mortal.  From this day forth, even if he ran out of spirit energy, he could use this wild might to resist any cultivator of the same level!

The power of this fist was too strong.

Chu Tian’s fist was bloody, but not a single drop of blood came out.  Chu Tian didn’t heal it, but his wounds healed themselves in a short period of time.  It had returned to normal in just a little while!

This kind of terrifying restorative power was not something humans should have!

Chu Tian had already surpassed the body of a mortal and he could charge into the Heaven Domain Realm.  He even had the capital and potential to charge into a higher realm!

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