MT Chapter 234


Chapter 234: Still in chaos

The chaos on the Central State arena had not calmed down that long.

“Chairman!  Chairman!  This is bad!”  Lin Mu ran over with a face covered in blood, clearly having risked his life to break through the blockade, “The headquarters has already been cracked open by the Luo Family.  The Luo Family’s great remote elder Luo Wanxiang is with their troops, creating heavy casualties.  We can’t hold on much longer.”

Everyone’s heart sank.

Central State had already fallen into chaos.


Slaughters were occurring everywhere.

Miracle Commerce didn’t have enough combat strength, so not to mention calming the chaos, it was hard for them to protect themselves.  Meng Qingwu had arranged Chen Bingyu to personally command Miracle Commerce’s headquarters, but now that the Luo Family’s great remote elder Luo Wanxiang had appeared, the situation was clearly very dangerous.

The three great families took this opportunity to wipe them out.

Although the main targets were Miracle Commerce and the Yun Family, the families and powers that cooperated with Miracle Commerce would not be able to escape this chaos.  The longer this continued, the more serious the situation became.

So what if Chu Tian eliminated the Chu Family?

If this situation continued, their partners’ families would be destroyed and Miracle Commerce would lose their factories.  What would they gain from that?  The final situation would be being mutually hurt and Miracle Commerce would lose everything they worked hard to gain in the past few months!

This time the situation in Central State was big.  If Miracle Commerce could not find a firm footing after this chaos, they would be eliminated by foreign influences.

“Yingying and the others should be facing a dangerous situation.  We must end the fight as quickly as possible, otherwise the consequences would be unimaginable.”  Meng Qingwu guessed that there would be chaos in Central State, but she had never expected it to be this much.  She had underestimated the three great families, “We don’t have a lot of fighting strength, so what should we do?”

We don’t have a lot of fighting strength?  No!

There were the three thousand elites of the Giant Shark Gang on the Central State dock!

Chu Tian said to Boss Yu, “I need the Giant Shark Gang’s power to calm this chaos!  This is a good chance for the Giant Shark Gang to clear their name.  If you calm the chaos in Central State, it would be considered a great merit!”

The five Yu Brothers nodded at each other.

The Giant Shark Gang decided to follow Miracle Commerce, so they should make a contribution to show their sincerity.  Since Miracle Commerce had met trouble, this was the time the Giant Shark Gang should help them.

Once this war was over!

Miracle Commerce would not have a match in Central State!

The entire Central State would belong to Miracle Commerce!

Moreover, the Giant Shark Gang were considered pirates.  If they helped Central State calm this chaos, it would be a good chance to wipe themselves clean of this image!


“Head to the docks!”

As they began to leave the arena.

The sounds of horse hooves could be heard.

Elite cavalry soldiers completely covered in equipment was like a blue wave passing through the streets, heading towards the arena with cold glowing spears.  The leader was no one else but mayor Feng Yunlong!

Chu Tian did not die?

What about Chu Shi?  Chu Xinghe?  The eight hundred Chu Family elites?

This was clearly a perfect plan, so why did this outcome occur?

“Rebel Chu Tian, where are you going!”  Mayor Feng Yunlong was covered in armour, looking at Chu Tian with torch like eyes, “You have instigated this chaos in Central State and affected over a million citizens, a crime worth ten thousand deaths!  This is an order for the Storm Cavalry, kill Chu Tian!”

It was the Storm Cavalry!

The strongest cavalry unit of Central State!

The Storm Cavalry was the strongest cavalry unit in the Southern Summer Country and every county had a unit which would give the mayor enough strength to deal with any situation.

This unit was coming forward.

The only person that could command them were the Eight Marquises or the mayor, even Xiong Wuji did not have the qualification to command them.  The Storm Cavalry were very strong with members generally being in the peak Body Refinement Realm and Awakened Soul Realm experts making up the majority of the unit.  So, they did not even lose to the elite troops of the Four Great Families.

This was terrible!

Meng Qingwu’s heart sank.  With these elite troops appearing, even if they could break through, it would waste a lot of time.  How long could the Miracle Commerce Headquarters hold on?

Once their headquarters fell to the enemy, they would lose their foundations!

Even if they did win in the end, it wouldn’t mean anything!

Feng Yunlong raised his sword, “Seize the rebel Chu Tian, go!”

The hundred Storm Cavalry looked at each other in blank dismay, with not a single person going forward to follow this order.

Feng Yunlong flew into a rage, “What are you doing?  Did you not hear the mayor’s order?”

“Here is the Divine Wind Marquis’ token!”  Chu Tian took out a blue token from his chest, “The Divine Wind Marquis left the Storm Cavalry to me.  Many thanks to the mayor for sending Chu Tian a fighting force at this critical moment!”

Feng Yunlong was enraged, “The Storm Cavalry are imperial guards, how can they take orders from a bystander!  Kill!  Kill him for me!  Whoever dares disobey will be executed!”

The Storm Cavalry did not make a move.

Chu Tian was considered their benefactor and many of them admired Chu Tian’s skills.  The most important thing was that when the Divine Wind Marquis had gone to the Imperial City to report in, he had given them to Chu Tian to manage.

Perhaps the Divine Wind Marquis had already predicted that Central State would fall into chaos, so he gave the Storm Cavalry to Chu Tian as a precaution!

Chu Tian shouted, “Feng Yunlong has instigated the riot of the three great families, seize him for me!”


Dozens of spears surrounded Feng Yunlong, almost making him vomit out blood!

“Send Feng Yunlong back to the mayor’s palace and keep him there!”  Feng Yunlong was the Divine Wind Marquis’ younger cousin, so Chu Tian did not kill him and just sent a hundred troops to detain him in the mayor’s palace, “Everyone else, come with me!”


Chu Tian led several hundred cavalry as they charged out the city gates.  The outside had already fallen into chaos with the Ye Family wolf cavalry fighting the Central State soldiers, creating a tragic battlefield.

It was a good thing that Meng Qingwu reminded Xiong Wuji to make his preparations.

Otherwise, if the wolf cavalry entered the city, the consequences would have been unimaginable as a sea of blood would have been made in Central State City.


The Ye Family wolf cavalry were currently fighting against the Central State Army, but no one expected to have a free cavalry and a Hell Fire Demon puppet come out of the city and open a large hole in the wolf cavalry unit.

Xiong Wuji was wielding a spear while being covered in blood, fighting against Ye Wudao.  When he saw this scene, he broke out in laughter, “Reinforcements are here!”

“Chu Tian!”  Ye Wudao’s eyes went wide in shock, “You actually haven’t….”

He did not have the opportunity to say die.

The five Yu Brothers released a single giant silver shark, charging through the soldiers, creating a blood mist wherever it went.  It finally slammed right into Ye Wudao.


The sound of flesh being torn could be heard.

Ye Wudao had been arrogant, but he died in the end without a complete corpse!

After the five brothers killed the enemy’s leader, a horn sounded out.

The Giant Shark Gang elites already saw Central State fall into chaos, but didn’t dare make a move without orders.  Now that they had the five leaders’ summon, the three thousand elites charged into Central State.

The Giant Shark Gang had only been established for twenty years, but relying on the treasure at the bottom of the lake, they had quickly increased their strength.  For the three thousand elites of the Giant Shark Gang, if they fought on water, they were comparable to the elites of the Four Great Family.  They were a little weaker on land, but they were still a strong fighting force!

“The Family Head is dead!”

“The Family Head is dead!”

The Ye Family’s wolf cavalry had already fallen into chaos.

When the Giant Shark Gang gathered with Chu Tian’s group, grouping up with Xiong Wuji’s army and the Storm Cavalry, they already could not be stopped.

So what if the Ye Family had the largest private army in Central State City?

Chu Tian had charged in and completely turned the situation around!

The strongest army in Central State had been sent scattering.

Wolf corpses laid all around and there were countless human corpses, creating a river of blood!

“The Chu, Luo, and Ye Families are rioting!”  Xiong Wuji raised his long spear and angrily roared, “The Chu, Luo, and Ye Families are creating a riot!  Follow me to stop them!”

“Kill the rebels!”

“Kill the rebels!”

The two thousand Central State Army soldiers charged into Central State City.

The Luo and Ye Families did not know that they had already lost on these two sides, continuing to launch their attacks.  The Yun Family and Miracle Commerce almost couldn’t hold on any longer.

At that time, Chu Tian brought troops to save them!

This was an overwhelming strength and the elites of the two families were quickly surrounded.  Ye Yi and Luo Wanxiang never thought that this kind of ending would happen!


Chu Tian gave a cold order.

With the five Yu Brothers, Yun Tianhe, and Chen Bingyu, the difference in True Soul Realm experts was clear.  The two families could not resist at all and in the end, Ye Yi and Luo Wanxiang were both killed on the spot!

Through this fight.

The three great families, including the Yun Family, these families that had lasted over a hundred years, had already lost half their strength.

The chaos in Central State still continued.  Chu Tian had Xiong Wuji surround the mayor’s mansion, trapping Feng Yunlong inside.  Then he led his troops to eliminate the three great families.

They would not kill those that surrender!

Otherwise they would all die!

This giant riot continued on for an entire day and night.  The first day was for killing and the second day was covered in blood.  This was a soul shocking day!


On the dawn of the next day.

The sunlight sparkled on Central State City.

There were countless vultures attracted by the smell of death, circling the city.

Although the killing had finally stopped, Central State City had been baptized by the war, with the entirety of Central State City being covered in a thick scent of blood.

There was a small river of blood outside the city.  The so called strongest private army known as the Ye Family’s wolf cavalry had been completely wiped out here.  Most of the troops of Central State City had been heavily injured, with wolf, horse, and human corpses numbering in the tens of thousands, creating a tragic battlefield.

Smoke filled the inside of the city with traces of battles being seen everywhere.  They were many houses that were burnt with guards grabbing buckets of water, trying to wash away the blood stains in the city.

Too tragic!

The lively Central State City had turned into a battlefield because the three great families launched an attack, killing at least thirty-forty thousand people in the riot.  Since Central State City had been built, this was the most bloody incident that had ever occurred.

The three great families had been all defeated.

All their great remote elders and family heads had been killed.

The elites of the families had basically been crippled.

From this moment forth, the Central State City’s Chu, Luo, and Ye Families had been finished, ending the reign of the Four Great Families.  From the ruins, there would be a new ruler who was – Miracle Commerce!

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