MT Chapter 153


Chapter 153: Luo Jinshi and Ye Hen

Chu Tian left the stage.

Xiang Hu was filled with frustration as he walked over with a depressed expression on his face.

He had been eliminated in the first round!

He had been a rogue cultivator the whole time and with some crazy luck, he had been accepted by Feng Yuntian as an honorary disciple, but he was still only an honorary disciple in name.  With the Divine Wind Marquis’ disposition, would he personally teach him?  He just gave him a bunch of Elixirs and cultivation techniques and he allowed him to practice it alone.  Normally he just did manual labour usually around the valley and was no different from a servant.


Now that there were participants at the 2nd Awakened Soul Layer and some even at the 3rd Awakened Soul Layer, it was not strange for someone like Xiang Hu who had been carried along by Feng Caidie to be eliminated in the first round.

Chu Tian wanted to comfort Xiang Hu with a few words, but before he could say anything, he suddenly heard some news.

“That mercenary named Lin Mu seemed to have run into some trouble.”

“He’s fighting Luo Jinshi in the first round!”

Chu Tian knit his brows.

Is that fellow’s luck really that bad?

At this moment Lin Mu was standing on the second stage and his opponent was a very bulky man.  Although he was only twenty years old, that wild beard on his face made him look like he was thirty.

The large man did not bring any weapons and was dressed simply.  His two thick arms were exposed and there were red tattoos on them that made him look like a wild tribal warrior.

The Black Tortoise Ranking’s first place, Luo Jinshi!

Other than the Luo Family’s Dragon Tiger Young Master Luo Xianglong, this was the person with the greatest talent in the Luo Family!

Luo Jinshi’s lion like majestic eyes stared at Lin Mu and his eyes filled with deep disdain, “Just a dirty mercenary, you’re not worthy of fighting me!  I urge you to focus on your job!  Is the Central State Trial something trash like you can touch?  Scram!  Otherwise don’t blame me for being impolite!”

Lin Mu was at the 2nd Awakened Soul Layer.

Luo Jinshi was already at the 3rd Awakened Soul Layer.

Luo Jinshi was one of the key successors worth training, so the amount of family distributed resources he received was quite great.  It was impossible for this person to be a normal person, even cultivators at the same level would not necessarily be his opponent!

Lin Mu Yu calmly said, “The Ye Family are also mercenaries, so would this be an indirect insult talking about mercenaries like this?

With this one remark.

The Ye Family members’ faces turned ugly.

“You……”  Luo Jinshi’s expression changed, “Your mouth is quite quick, but I hate people like you the most.  Today I’ll destroy your mouth, making it impossible for you to speak anymore!”

Lin Mu revealed a dignified expression, “I wish to ask the Luo Family to compare notes!

“Seeking death!  Then I’ll help you!”

Luo Jinshi’s eyes burst open as his spirit energy quickly formed a giant golden lion.  This giant lion had a large build and it was as if its body was crafted from gold.  It released a powerful aura that shocked everyone.

Luo Jinshi!

He was just like his name!

His source spirit was a Golden Lion!

This was a very high level demon beast that could prey on mammoths and rip dragons apart.  With a boundless might, it was incredibly strong.  When the Golden Lion Source Spirit appeared, Luo Jinshi’s strength and speed were increased by several times.  With the Luo Family’s close combat cultivation technique, he could be called a human crusher!

So strong!

He really deserves the being the first ranker for the Black Tortoise Courtyard!

Comparing this person’s prestige with the Dragon Tiger Young Master, it was only a little bit less than his!

Lin Mu knew just how strong his opponent was, but this young mercenary still couldn’t stop his blood from boiling.  Luo Jinshi was strong, but he was not an unbeatable character like the Four Young Masters.  Since he could stand on this stage, how could he not fight back?


Lin Mu raised his hands up and a willow tree began to grow, instantly reaching over ten meters tall.  The emerald light covered the area and the thousands of long willow leaves danced in the wind, just like a demon god’s wild hair.

“Yi?  A plant type source spirit!”

The four heads were all surprised.

This source spirit could be strong or weak, but they didn’t know what this mercenary was like.


Luo Jinshi was like an out of control rhino as he charged forward.

“Wooden Thorn!”

Lin Mu slapped the ground.

Luo Jinshi could feel the spirit energy fluctuations coming from the ground and soon wooden logs shot up.  He quickly dodged out of the way and with his extreme speed and detection abilities, Luo Jinshi easily dodged this attack.

At this moment.


Lin Mu’s hands came together and the countless demonic leaves shot out as quick as lightning as they surrounded Luo Jinshi’s neck, arms, waist, and other parts of his body, suspending him in midair.

Everyone was shocked by this.

Lin Mu had used his source spirit to attack?

Void Soul Realm source spirits were still weak and could only provide support effects.  Yet Lin Mu’s source spirit was clearly not ordinary since it could attack directly!

The Luo Family’s cultivation skills were close combat based, so if they were suspended in midair like this with no way of using force, they would lose their ability to fight.

Lin Mu gave a loud roar.

A black aura was released and his skin turned black.  Everyone could see that this was a very powerful demonic art.

Lin Mu suddenly shot out.

Several willow leaves followed closely around him and simultaneously attacked Luo Jinshi suspended in the air.

Peng, peng, peng!

Those sharp spear like willow leaves continuous fell onto Luo Jinshi like raindrops.  While Luo Jinshi was suffering this storm of attacks, Lin Mu concentrated his strength to the max and his right fist turned as black as ink as it punched at Luo Jinshi.

Luo Jinshi’s protective spirit energy was already weakened.

If this fist could hit Luo Jinshi, it would be enough to cause heavy injuries to him!

“You only have this little bit of skill?”

Luo Jinshi’s Golden Lion Source Spirit let out a roar and waves of spirit energy was sent forth, completely destroying all the willow leaves around him.

“You want to witness the Luo Family’s cultivation technique?  Then I’ll let you see the strength of my Luo Family’s «Lion Tiger Double Phase»!”

The claw in his left hand released a wind strike that turned into the figure of a lion’s head.  It ripped apart the willow leaves and Lin Mu’s demonic art, leaving a giant injury on Lin Mu’s body like he had been bitten by a giant lion.


Luo Jinshi released another fist out and spirit energy turned into a giant tiger jumping forward, falling down on Lin Mu in mid air and knocking him down to the ground.  He heavily fell down into the center of the stage, creating a large hole in the ground.

Lin Mu’s bones all went kacha during this process, breaking at least ten bones.

The spirit energy turned into a giant tiger roar.

Lin Mu suffered another heavy injury and the armour he wore was shattered to pieces as he was sent flying from the stage like a kite with its string cut.

Luo Jinshi did not show mercy at all, completely going all out!

A young mercenary with no background or strength, so it did not matter if he died.  What was so great about him!

Who would have thought that before Lin Mu hit the ground, he would actually stand up and release his willow tree source spirit once again.  Moreover, during this process, the shape of his legs suddenly began to change.  Just like root piercing into the ground, digging deep into the soil, a green energy began to surround his body.

Ka, ka, ka, ka, ka!

Some of his broken bones began to heal!

His heavy injuries had been instantly half healed!

Then the Willow Tree Source Spirit slowly disappeared.  Although he had suffered heavy injuries, they were still slowly being healed.

Feng Yun Tian was a little surprised seeing this, “This young man’s source spirit’s greatest use is its recovery ability.”

The Willow Tree Source Spirit could absorb the injuries on Lin Mu’s body.

This was truly rarely seen!

Yun Tianhe pondered for a few seconds before saying, “I’m afraid it’s more than that.  His body should have a special essence and he should have a special bloodline which should have come from the elves.  This young man has quite the potential!”  

Chu Tian could also see it.

Lin Mu’s bloodline was a little special and he could temporarily change the essence of his body, which should be a power possessed by an ancient clan.  He should be the descendant of an ancient clan and although his blood was diluted, becoming very thin, he still had a good potential.

Lin Mu did not have these kind of skills back at the Blackwind Stronghold.

This must have slowly awakened after the battle.  This brat really had quite a bit of potential, it was no wonder he was able to have this kind of cultivation at his age even with no backers.  He was someone worth winning over and cultivating.

Although Lin Mu still had the strength to fight, he had been knocked out of the stage and according to the rules, he had been eliminated.

Lin Mu was also very clear on how big of a gap there was between his current strength and Luo Jinshi’s.

The first round ended this quickly.

Out of Chu Tian’s group, Xiang Hu and Lin Mu had been eliminated.  The others had all passed the first round.

In the second round, Chu Tian had met one of the top five rankers of the White Tiger Courtyard, but he was also in the 2nd Awakened Soul Layer.  He did not need to pay any attention to this kind of person.  Without even taking out his sword, he easily won the match.

“Fifth stage!  Fang Han versus Ye Hen!”

When Chu Tian heard this news, he couldn’t help worrying for these two mercenary brothers.

It was fine that Lin Mu had met the head of the Black Tortoise Courtyard Luo Jinshi.

But it seemed like Fang Han did not have any luck either, running into the head of the White Tiger Courtyard, Ye Hen this early on.

Ye Hen and Luo Jinshi shared the same title.  In terms of strength, he should not be weaker than him at all.

Fang Han and Lin Mu were very similar.  He had a rare ice attributed source spirit and practiced a very strong demonic art.  He could even change his body into ice essence energy which was also an ancient bloodline.

Ye Hen’s source spirit was also very strange.

From the beginning of the fight, he summoned an almost transparent demon wolf source spirit, only revealing a pair of eyes.  Those eyes released grey ripples and anyone who stared at the demon wolf source spirit would feel their minds going blank like they had just been hypnotized.

“Illusory Pupil Demon Wolf!”

This was a very dangerous demon beast.

Although this demon beast’s battle strength was not great, it could directly attack one’s soul.  It was unpredictable and virtually impossible to guard against.  Ye Hen was a very talented individual with a rare spiritual attributed source spirit that could launch soul attacks.

Without a single shadow, killing without a trace!

One could not look directly into his eyes!

Fang Han knew how terrifying Ye Hen was and compared to him, he would rather fight Luo Jinshi.  At least with Luo Jinshi, he could happily fight without care, but with Ye Hen, life and death could be decided in a single instant.

He released the Ice Giant Source Spirit!

A blurred ice mirror appeared and Fang Han used this mirror to track Ye Hen’s figure.  Since he couldn’t look Ye Hen directly in the eyes, why not use a mirror to follow his movements?

Ye Hen did not have high battle strength.  As long as he could not use his soul illusion technique, he had no way to fight.

It had to be said.

Lin Mu and Fang Han were both good.  They were both clear headed and had a talent for fighting.

But they made the same mistake.

They underestimated their opponents.

“Monster Wolf Transformation!  Enter my body!”

Ye Hen’s demon wolf spirit dissipated into a shadow and fused with Ye Hen’s body.  Man and wolf as one, flesh and spirit combining together, this was the Ye Family’s inherited cultivation technique, «Monster Wolf Transformation»!

This cultivation technique required one to have a wolf source spirit.

Back in South Sky City, Ye Tianlang had also used this technique to fuse with his wolf spirit.

After Ye Hen displayed his «Monster Wolf Transformation», his body began to turn transparent.  Fang Han’s ice mirror could no longer see his figure and Fang Han’s face fell.

Several streaks of black claw lights shout out.

The ice mirror was shattered.

Ye Hen passed through the ice mirror and a pair of glowing eyes stared at Fang Han!

“This is bad!”

The instant Fang Han locked gazes with his enemy, he suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood.

Ye Hen took the chance to punch Fang Han, shattering his ice armour.  Fang Han had been seriously injured and fainted as he landed out of the stage.

“Fang Han!”

Lin Mu quickly went over to help him up.

Chu Tian also came over and helped him take his pulse.  His brows knit together as he said, “There’s no need to worry about the damage done to his body, but his soul has been quite heavily damaged.”

“What is happening?”

“In the instant he locked gazes with Ye Hen, he had already fallen prey to his illusion technique.  It seemed like a short period of time to us, but in the illusory world, an entire hour passed.  That also means that Fang Han suffered at Ye Hen’s hand for over an hour in his illusory world!  If it weren’t for his strong will, even if he did not die, he would have gone crazy.”

“How ruthless!”

Ye Hen looked down at them from above.  His lips curled into a ridiculing cold smile and then he turned to leave.

Ye Hen and Luo Jinshi!

One is a spiritual attack genius.

The other is a close combat genius!

Now only were they both in the 3rd Awakened Soul Layer, they had top level talents and cultivation techniques.  They were both very powerful, not something a normal person could fight against.

Central State Academy also had a Chu Wuming.  Although he had not shown his powers yet, it was said that he was a half step stronger than these two.

This competition was truly full of experts.  It was hard to tell what the final outcome would be.

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