MT Chapter 152


Chapter 152: The first fight

At the Central State Tournament location, there were vast crowds of people surrounding the arena.  They were all excited, perfectly showing off the prosperity of Central State City.

Six large stages were built from strong hardwood, each one being separated by several feet.  It seemed to be arranged in a hexagram pattern.  There were six different stages at each of the six points as well as a giant central stage that was clearly going to be used for the final fight.

The stages were completely surrounded by people, with several distinguished guest areas set aside for the large families.  Currently, those areas were still empty with no large families showing themselves yet.

There was a giant wooden board near the area with large fist sized golden words inscribed stating the rules and which stage each competitor was fighting on.


Chu Tian’s group was split up between the six stages, so unless it was the final battle, they would not meet each other.

Feng Qingyun looked at the rules on the wooden board and gave a laughing snort as he said, “I hope your luck is good, or else you won’t make the final fight.”

Chu Tian thought otherwise, “My luck is always good.”

The surrounding crowd became excited.

“The Chu Family is here!”

“It’s the Chu Family’s head Chu Shanhe and the Heavenly Sword Young Master Chu Xinghe!”

The Chu Family’s lineup was not big, but it was very magnificent.  The Chu Family swordsmen were all dressed in uniform and they seemed to all be elder level characters.  Any one of these people could be considered an important person in Central State City.

There were around fifty Chu Family elders and Chu Family attendants following a hundred meter behind surrounding two beautiful sedans as they walked towards the distinguished guest viewing area.

“The Luo, Ye, and Yun Families.”

“The other three great families are here!”

“Luo Family’s Luo Liancheng and Dragon Tiger Young Master Luo Xianglong.  The Ye Family’s Ye Wudao and the Heavenly Wolf Young Master Ye Tianlang.  The Yun Family’s patriarch Yun Tianhe and the Purple Lightning Young Master Yun Yao.”

“This truly is the grant summit held once every several years in Central State City.  All the legendary characters of Central State City are gathering together like this.”

The heads of the Four Great Families and their successors were all attending this grand summit!

“Central State’s Grand General Xiong Wuji!”

A dark and strong general led several hundred elite guards in as everyone looked on with awe.  The Xiong Family were a leading family in Central State, only being inferior to the Feng Family and the Four Great Families.

Chu Tian’s eyes slightly lit up.

It’s actually him?

It was the general Chu Tian had met back in the Black Wind Stronghold that had left a good impression on him.  Although he knew that this person didn’t have a low status, Chu Tian never would have thought that this person would be in charge of the Central State military.

Although his family’s influence was weaker than that of the Four Great Families, in terms of his personal strength, this Grand General named Xiong Wuji was not weaker than the other family heads.

“The mayor is here!”

“The principal is here!

At this moment, drums began to beat as magnificent guards appeared.

A man wearing the blue mayor’s robe floated through the sky and landed in the judge’s seat.  There was a scholarly middle aged man following behind the mayor.  Their faces were very similar, making it clear they were blood brothers.

Central State City’s Mayor Feng Yunlong!

Central State Academy’s Principal Feng Yunhu!

These two were the backbone of the Central State City Feng Family!

One governed the Main City and the other governed Central State Academy!

With this, the large military and political families as well as the Four Great Families had all arrived!

The people standing on top of the Central State pyramid were here.  Central State City attached a great importance to this meeting which could be clearly seen from this display.

This competition was related to the Central State Trial’s quota!

The Central State Trial was something all the Central State youths all dreamed about participating in!

The Central State Trial meant great treasures, even including inheritances from ancient cultivators.  Every time the Central State Trial opened, only ten people were allowed to enter!

The Four Great Families were seniors of Central State City, so each family already had a place.

The remaining six places were determined by the Central State Tournament.  Even the Feng Family did not have a place, after all, even though the Feng Family had a high position, they did not have that many people.  They had only been in Central State City for tens of years.

Dong, dong, dong!

The golden bells rang out!

The audience immediately turned silent.

Everyone understood that this grand summit was about to begin.

At this moment, strong winds filled the sky and an overwhelming aura suddenly appeared.  A long laugh sounded from the sky and resounded throughout the Central State Tournament arena.

“This year’s tournament is quite lively, so this marquis is here to join in!”

When they heard this voice, everyone was filled with shock!

The common folk all knelt down.  The normal generals, officials, and small to middle sized family heads all half knelt down.  The Four Great Families’ heads and Four Young Masters all had to stand up to pay their respects.

“We greet the Divine Wind Marquis!”

“We greet the Divine Wind Marquis!”

The Divine Wind Marquis Feng Yuntian was wearing a simple blue robe and walking through the sky.  Moving a hundred meters, he fell down in front of his two younger cousins sitting in the judges’ seat.

“No need for formalities!”

“This marquis is only here to watch.  However this tournament proceeds, it will still be the same!  There’s no need to change anything for me!”

Still the aristocrats all revealed an excited look.  The Divine Wind Marquis did not have a position, but was the protector of the Central State County as well as one of the Southern Summer Eight Marquis!

With just the name Divine Wind Marquis.

It would represent a position higher than the mayor!

The Feng Family was a respected family in the Imperial City and had made many contributions in the Spirit Beast war.  In the past, Feng Yuntian’s entire branch had thrown themselves into the war and only a few people had returned.  Feng Yuntian’s military merits had earned him the title of Divine Wind Marquis and he had brought his family to Central State twelve years ago.

In that tragic war, most of the Feng Family’s direct descendants had died.

Feng Yunhu and Feng Yunlong were younger cousins of Feng Yuntian, but strictly speaking, they were both from a branch family.  However, Feng Yuntian did not care about power and not only did he raise their positions, he had even resigned as the head and made their branch the main branch.

When it was found that Feng Yuntian’s daughter had an innate blocked meridian, the Feng Family knew that it would be a waste, but they did not hesitate to pour all kinds of precious resources into her.

The reason here was.

Feng Yuntian was originally the family’s head.

He had contributed this much to the family and had given up his position, so how could the Feng Family mistreat his descendants?  This was the least the Feng Family could do!

The Feng Family controlled the Central State area, but there weren’t many people in their clan.

However, the Divine Wind Marquis’ strength surpassed the Central State area and no one could go up against him, he could even moved unstopped across the Southern Summer Country.  Only those old monsters in the Three Great Families could force back the Divine Wind Marquis.

So it didn’t matter they only had a few members!

The Divine Wind Marquis’ reputation was enough to protect them!

“Greetings elder cousin!”

“Please have a seat!”

The Central State City Mayor did not dare to act arrogantly in front of the Divine Wind Marquis.  Feng Yuntian acted impolitely and sat down in the highest position, “Has it begun?”

“It’ll begin now!”  Feng Yunhu was the Central State Academy Principal, so he was the main judge today, “The Great Games will now begin!”

The golden bell rang out once again.

Over a hundred participants arrived at the arena.

“Arena number three, first round!”

“Lu Ren versus Chu Ming!”

Chu Tian was stunned for a few seconds.  This can’t be right?  What a coincidence!  He was fighting the first match.

His opponent was even surnamed Chu!

Chu Tian walked out.

Several large characters looked over at him.

Yun Tianhe stood up, “It’s the little brat!”

Chu Xinghe also opened his eyes and his eyes that were as sharp as swords looked over, “It’s him?”

Feng Yuntian of course was also paying attention to Chu Tian, looking over him a few times, “This camouflage technique is quite good, it’s even hard for me to see through it.  No wonder it could fool so many people.”

Chu Ming was a retainer of the Chu Family.

The Chu Family was a little similar to the Yun Family.  If the Yun Family was a scholarly family, then the Chu Family was a militaristic family.  The Yun Family recruited all Central State scholars, whereas the Chu Family recruited warriors with talent across the Central State.

The Chu Family was much stronger than the Yun Family and could provide greater benefits.

Naturally there wouldn’t be a free meal in this world.  The Chu Family gave better benefits, but they had much stricter conditions.  From the consecrates to the retainers, they all had to change their surname to Chu once they entered the Chu Family.

It was like this with Chu Tongwen and Chu Batian.

It was the same with the young Chu Ming.

Chu Ming was originally a very famous young talent and because the Chu Family liked him, they had spent a large amount to buy him over.  He had practiced for ten years in the Chu Family and had been taught the top cultivation techniques the Chu Family owned, now he was a member of the Chu Family.

Chu Ming had not entered Central State Academy and out of the two teams of outsiders, Chu Ming had come from the other team.

The Chu Family members revealed a satisfied look.

An elder said, “Chu Ming’s talent is rarely seen even in the Chu Family.”

“That’s right!”  Another elder nodded, “He’s only twenty years old and is already in the 2nd Awakened Soul Layer.  He has already surpassed normal Chu Family elders and high level managers.”

“What is most terrifying is that he has a superb sword art.  There aren’t many experts at the same level that can block Chu Ming’s sword, even you and I might find it difficult.”

“What nonsense.  Our Chu Family’s sword techniques are famous throughout the Southern Summer Country, how many people can block them?”

“This nameless rogue cultivator has lost for sure!”

The Chu Family members were filled with confidence.

Only Chu Xinghe slightly knit his brows together.

At this moment, Chu Ming pulled out a curved sword and coldly looked at Chu Tian, “Just give up now!  I am a member of the Chu Family and a trivial rogue cultivator fighting the Chu Family is just seeking death!”

Chu Tian did not even draw his sword and crossed his arms in front of him, “You can even say these kinds of naive words?  Not to mention a Chu Family slave like you, would I care if it was even a true member of the Chu Family?  Stop wasting time and just make a move!”

Chu Family slave?

These words really hurt Chu Ming!

“You’re seeking death!  Then I will help you!”

Chu Ming gripped his curved sword and like stepping on a skateboard, his body did not move as he appeared in front of Chu Tian.  The curved sword sent a cold glow right at his chest.

Too fast!

Chu Ming’s body did not seem like it had moved, rather it seemed like it had teleported as a cold glow split through the air with intense momentum.

Chu Tian did not even blink as he watched the sword pierce forward.

Everyone shouted out in shock, “Why is he not dodging?”

When the sword glow was about to pierce him, Chu Ming suddenly disappeared!

The crowd suddenly realized!

Chu Ming practiced an assassination cultivation technique.  On the surface it seemed like he was attacking, but it was only an illusion meant to confuse his opponents, making it hard for them to differentiate between what was real and what was fake.

If Chu Tian had made any attempts to dodge or resist, he would have revealed an opening which Chu Ming could take advantage of.

The instant the illusion disappeared.

Chu Tian felt a chill striking out at his throat.


Chu Tian slightly moved his body and the cold sword passed by his neck, missing by the smallest amount.

Chu Ming’s expression changed.

He quickly charged forward.

Once again disappearing with a blur.

Chu Tian revealed a cold taunting smile and spirit energy condensed in his left hand, gradually turning his two fingers a golden colour.

Diamond Cutting Pulse Finger!

He poked out in front of him.


The two golden fingers caught the sword stabbing forward.


Chu Tian used a little strength.

The blade broke immediately and the wild energy went out of control, forming an intense explosion.  A transparent figure fell from the air and was forced back several steps.

It had been broken through!

This was the Chu Family’s «Illusory Body Sword Art», how could it be broken!

Chu Ming stared at the broken sword in his hand and his face turned sinister with anger.

How could this be possible?

I am a talent taught by the Chu Family!  I’m actually losing to a rogue cultivator!

“I don’t believe I can’t kill you!”

Chu Ming stimulated his spirit energy to release another attack, but he suddenly felt intense pain coming from his chest.  He looked down to see a snow white broken sword blade inserted into his chest.  Blood continued to spew out.

“No, no!”

Chu Ming panicked as he grabbed his chest.  He walked forward a few steps and then fell to the ground.

“This is the Chu Family’s sword technique?”  Chu Tian walked up to Chu Ming’s limp body and like playing with a ball, he kicked him out of the ring, “What a mess!”

Such an astonishing move!

There was no doubt this would cause a great stir!

The Chu Family’s sword techniques were a mess?!

This was like a slap on those that were filled with pride with themselves, resounding out very clearly!

They were Central State strongest sword cultivating family, coming close to the strongest sword cultivating family in the Southern Summer Country, yet he called the Chu Family’s sword technique a mess?  He was clearly trying to ruin the Chu Family’s reputation!

Chu Shanhe’s eyes turned ice cold, “This child must die!”

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