MT Chapter 151


Chapter 151: Breakthrough

Chu Tian displayed a calm expression on his face, but a cold glow shined in the depths of his pupils, “You seem very confident in your own strength.”

“I don’t dare to say that, but it’s more than enough to take care of you.”  Feng Qingyun gave him no face and continued to provoke him, “Are you not convinced?  I’ll give you a chance to challenge me and I’ll give you ten free moves, how about that?!”

With this kind of provocation?

Would Chu Tian still keep ignoring him?


Feng Caidie could see that the situation was bad and quickly walked in between the two of them, “Qingyun!  That’s enough!  If you’re not satisfied, then come find me.  There is no need for you to be rude to my friends!”

“How could I dare!  You have your father, the Divine Wind Marquis!”  Feng Qingyun spoke in a strange sinister voice and then he looked at Chu Tian again, “A piece of waste that needs to be protected by women, it’s fine if you don’t make a move!”

After speaking in this high and mighty manner, he walked past Chu Tian.

Feng Caidie looked at Chu Tian with an apologetic face and said, “Brother Lu, don’t mind him.  Qingyun has been practicing outside of the family for many years and has only recently returned to Central State City.  It’s said that he had quite a big harvest, so it would be best not to fight with him.”

Chu Tian did not give face to even Chu Xinghe.

What did this little brat count for?

However, Chu Tian said in a curious voice, “The relationship between you cousins is not good.”

Feng Caidie revealed a helpless expression, “I have indeed wronged him.”

“Oh?”  Chu Tian was a little interested, “What happened?”

“You know that I have an inborn blocked meridian and therefore have no training value.  Because of my father, the family still put the best resources into my body, wasting all those precious treasures with no effects at all.  If it weren’t for me, those resources would have gone to Qingyun and with his talent, he would not be inferior to the Four Young Masters!”

“Only because of this, he’s this upset with you?  I think there’s more to it!”

Chu Tian laughed.

“You no longer have an inborn blocked meridian and your talent will not lose to his, with all that spiritual energy being stored in your body over the years, your growth has speed up by leaps and bounds!  He has a bad look right now and that is jealousy and fear!  This person is too narrow minded, he will not be able to accomplish great things.  You do not have to feel guilty, it is not your fault.”

Feng Caidie’s elegant face turned a little red, “It is all thanks you to.  My father wishes to meet you in secret.”

“Since Marquis Feng has invited me, I will go when I have the opportunity!”

Who was Feng Caidie’s father?

This answer was pretty clear already.

Feng Caidie was the Divine Wind Marquis Feng Yuntian’s daughter.

Chu Tian had wondered before why the Divine Wind Marquis helped him.  Even if he had driven off Ye Wudao with Ye Tianlang, South Sky City would not have had peace afterwards.

Feng Yuntian had suddenly appeared to settle the matter and had forbidden the Chu, Luo, and Ye Families from entering South Sky City, giving Chu Tian a period of peace.

This fellow was quite a character, he had to see him if he had the chance!

If that fellow Feng Qingyun knew that it was Chu Tian that had cured Feng Caidie, he would have hated him to his bones and would want to skin Chu Tian alive!

But then again.

Feng Qingyun really was not weak!

He would not be weaker than Feng Caidie!

Even after seeing the Netherworld Flickering Flames strange speed and power, Feng Qingyun was still arrogant enough to allow Chu Tian ten moves, which meant that he truly was not simple.

Even if Chu Tian hid himself, it was not certain he would win.

But he was still in the Void Soul Realm, so how strong could he be?

After the selection round ended, only two teams remained.

One group was naturally Chu Tian’s team.

The other team’s strength was not bad.  In name they were rogue cultivators, but they were actually retainers for large families.  Or they were simply young talents from large families.  Because they had great talent since they were young or because their families considered them important, they weren’t studying at the Central State Academy.

Didn’t they say they were picking people not from Central State Academy?

Regardless of their age or status, they met all the requirements!

Tomorrow would be the real competition.

Chu Tian needed to make some preparations.

When Chu Tian came back, he immediately closed his doors.

In the center of the closed room was a giant boulder.  It was as black as ink and it seemed like it was made of volcanic glass with a beating green flame sealed within.

Elemental Source Stone!

Yun Yao had followed Chu Tian’s instructions and secretly placed it here after she bought it.

When arriving in front of the Elemental Source Stone, the Netherworld Sword couldn’t help trembling.  The sword spirit could feel the energy contained within and longed to obtain it!

“Don’t be anxious!  This is for you!”

The ice cold dark blue sword blade was stabbed into the Elemental Source Stone and the tip touched the dark flame in the center.  The giant boulder immediately began to fiercely tremble.

On ice crystal blade’s edge, a massive web of runes suddenly appeared.  The Netherworld Flame was controlled by Chu Tian and began to spew out, completely enveloping the blade in flames.



The energy spilled out of the Netherworld Sword like a river, continuously nourishing the sword blade, making the Netherworld Flame grow stronger.  With this trend, the Netherworld Flame was going to be at least several times stronger.

What Chu Tian didn’t expect was.

There was a pure spiritual energy flowing into his body from the sword hilt, spreading out through his meridians!

Perhaps this Elemental Source Stone came from a high level elemental spirit and that was why the energy was so strong.  Once the dark and flame essence had been absorbed by the Netherworld Sword, the remaining spiritual energy was useless to the sword and so it was sent into Chu Tian’s body.

The man raised the sword and the sword raised the man to raise the sword again.

Chu Tian practiced his sword art to increase the might of the Netherworld Sword.  As the Netherworld Sword became stronger, it would also feed Chu Tian and raise his strength.

This was something even Chu Tian did not think of.

Because the Elemental Source Stone contained life spiritual energy, its body combined this spiritual energy with its source, making it impossible to extract.  However, the Netherworld Sword could take it out.

This is great!

Chu Tian definitely would not let this good opportunity go.  He immediately sat down cross legged and both his hands grabbed the sword.  He opened all the meridians in his body and began to allow the spiritual energy to pour into his body as he refined it.

This was a large amount of life spiritual energy.

It completely exceeded Chu Tian’s imagination!

Chu Tian felt the spirit energy inside his body increasing, finally reaching a critical point where he was just a step away.  How could Chu Tian let go of this rare opportunity?

In a single push!

He would force open his veins!

Endless spirit energy began to condense in his dantian!

Chu Tian released an intense glow from his body and invisible waves of spirit energy were released.  The entire room began to tremble as cracks began to appear on the wall.

“What is happening?”

“Such a strong aura!”

Yun Yao had been standing guard outside the whole time.  When she felt the aura coming from inside the room, she immediately knew that Chu Tian was having a breakthrough.

When Yun Yao and Chu Tian met for the first time, he was still a normal 9th Body Refinement Layer Cultivator.

How could he reach the 2nd Awakened Soul Layer in this short period of time?

This speed was truly too fast!

What made Yun Yao terrified was that while Chu Tian was breaking through to the 2nd Awakened Soul Layer, the aura and pressure she felt was not something that a Void Soul Cultivator should have had.  His battle strength would increase accordingly to his cultivation base!

In the Void Soul Realm, it would hard for him to find an opponent right now!

After around half an hour, the room finally calmed down!

Chu Tian let out a long sigh and pulled out his sword from the Elemental Stone.  The stone that looked like jade had now turned into a normal stone and the fire in the center had been extinguished.

The Netherworld Sword released an even colder aura.

This sword had been stuck in the ancient tomb for countless years and the sword spirit had mostly dried up.  Chu Tian had used the new Netherworld Flame to create a new sword spirit, but it was still weak and had no way to display the might of a true Soul Contracting Spirit Weapon.

This time, the sword spirit had been completely nourished.  Although it still couldn’t compare to the power it had at its peak, compared to before, the sword’s power had been increased by quite a bit.

The most important thing was.

Chu Tian’s Netherworld Flame Sword had been increased by quite a bit, going from the Small Success Realm to the Obscure Realm.  As for its might, it could not even compare.

Yun Yao watched him walk out, “There won’t be many people that will be your opponent in the Great Games.  You definitely have a chance of winning the championship.”

“Being the champion is not enough!”

Chu Tian gave a mysterious smile and swaggered off.

Isn’t he being too arrogant?  He was basically saying that the championship would be easy to obtain.  Although he was already in the 2nd Awakened Soul Layer, it was not certain that he would become the champion.  There were quite a few strong enemies in the Great Games!


The next morning.

The Central State Tourney had officially begun!

The Great Games had attracted the attention of many Central State large families and the common folk regarded it as a fun event.  The Great Games had not started yet, but various gambling dens had opened up and the entire city began to bet on the tournament’s champion.

Chu Wufeng!

Judging by the data of the major gambling halls, he was the person with the highest chance of winning!

Chu Wufeng was Chu Xinghe’s little brother and was only five years younger.  Other than the famous Chu Xinghe, he had the greatest talent in the Chu Family’s third generation.

Chu Wufeng had just turned twenty one and had held first place on the Azure Dragon Courtyard’s Rankings for two years now.

Out of the Central State Academy Four Courtyards, the Azure Dragon Courtyard was the strongest, so Chu Wufeng could be considered number one in Central State Academy.

There were people that said that Chu Wufeng’s greatest regret was being in the same generation at Chu Xinghe.

This view was quite reasonable.

If the Chu Family did not have someone like Chu Xinghe, then they would have invested all of their resources on Chu Wufeng.  He would have been the head of the Chu Family’s third generation and would have been a part of the Four Young Masters!

The heavens have truly blessed the Chu Family!

It would have been fine if they just had a shocking talent like Chu Xinghe!

Now there was also a high level talent like Chu Wufeng!  It really made the other three great families envious!

Of course.

Everyone chose to ignore a certain person.

That was the strange young man of South Sky City who was also surnamed Chu.

Perhaps it was because the Chu Family had too many talents in one generation, so it did not matter if there was one more or one less.

Up to this point, the Chu Family had always regarded him as waste and never thought of bringing him back into the family.  Instead they wanted to kill him as fast as possible.  This caused a quarrel between Chu Tian and the Chu Family which had now reached the point of fire and water not mixing together.

Other than Chu Wufeng.

Ye Hen and Luo Jinshi were also top contenders for the championship.

Ye Hen and Luo Jinshi were not any worse than Chu Wufeng.  One was the head of the White Tiger Courtyard and the other was the head of the Black Tortoise Courtyard.  They were the greatest rivals for Chu Wufeng in the Central State Academy, constantly fighting one another with wins and losses.  Although Chu Wufeng was slightly stronger, it was not a guarantee that he would win.

If everything went as expected, the champion would be amongst the three of them.


This year’s competition was very abnormal.

Because there were too many extra factors added in.

It’s said that the low key Vermillion Bird Courtyard’s first place was a super talent that had just entered the academy a month ago and this person had a source spirit that could be considered rare in Central State City.  In terms of source spirit strength, it was even stronger than the Four Young Masters and could be considered God Level.

There was also the Yun Family’s young master that everyone had underestimated.  He had suddenly erupted forth right before the competition and now it was hard to predict just how strong he was.

Outside of the Central State Academy, there were also two groups of outsiders in the competition this time.

One of the teams had the splendor of the Divine Wing Marquis’ only daughter Feng Caidie.  This was a  dark horse character that filled many people with anticipation.

There were many experts in the Great Games this time.

To earn the precious chance to enter the trials, everyone would fight with all their effort.  It would be hard to predict the final result.

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