MT Chapter 150


Chapter 150: Selection round

Feng Qingyun was hiding the aura of his cultivation technique.

Without opening the Mind’s Eye, Chu Tian could not determine how strong the opposing side was.

But acting so arrogantly to the point where he didn’t even give face to Feng Caidie meant that he should have a bit of skill.

Feng Qingyun and Feng Caidie were members of the Feng Family and not members of Central State Academy.  They were participating in this competition to benefit from the forced rule changes.  From this matter, it was unknown whether the principal changed the rules for the benefit of his family, but the Feng Family should be placing their hopes on their shoulders.


Feng Caidie said with a helpless expression, “Qingyun is my second uncle’s son and has been out training these past few years.  He had returned specially for the competition.  He never had any good feelings towards me since he was young and misunderstands a lot about me……So when he saw that you had good relations with me, he couldn’t help saying what he said.”

He was just a boy that was still wet behind his ears.

Although he had a harsh tone, but as long he did not become excessive, Chu Tian was not willing to argue with a little kid on account of Feng Caidie’s face.

The six of them became a team.

Feng Caidie was registered as the team leader.

In the selection round, the teams would face off against each other and the remaining team would be the winner.  Only two teams could pass the selection round.

There were tens of teams currently present and they were made up of famous Central State rogue cultivators and mercenaries.  The Central State Academy’s rule change came too quickly and the news did not have time to spread to the other cities, so most people did not have the time to rush over.

Everyone began to draw their opponents with ballots.

“Feng Caidie’s team versus Jin Niu’s team!”

Their first opponent was a team of mercenaries and rogue cultivators.  Several of them were leaders of small mercenary groups, so they should have a decent amount of strength.

Feng Caidie was filled with confidence, “Let me do it!”

Chu Tian could feel that Feng Caidie’s cultivation was already in the 2nd Awakened Soul Realm and she was much stronger than Chu Tian in terms of cultivation base.  Feng Caidie was also the Divine Wind Marquis Feng Yuntian’s daughter, so the resources she received were things mercenaries and rogue cultivators could not dream of getting.


The sound of the copper plate being hit!

The competition had formally started.


The six people of the Jin Niu team released the power of their source spirits at the same time and they rushed out in different directions.  They used all kinds of attacks, rushing forward like wild raindrops.

Feng Caidie was not anxious and like an illusory butterfly, her soft body turned into a blur and flashed forward.  The speed was not something the naked eye could keep up with and the Jin Niu mercenaries couldn’t even touch the hem of her clothes.

“Such a strong movement technique!”

The Jin Niu team was filled with shock and at the same time, they had a terrible feeling in their hearts.

Feng Caidie gently leaped forward with both legs and soared through the sky like a beautiful bird.  Blue coloured spirit energy was released, lingering around her body.



A clear cry rang out!

A giant blue bird came out of Feng Caidie’s body.  This blue bird was extremely powerful and its body was covered in mysterious runes.  An extraordinary noble aura covered the area and the strong oppressive force made the Jin Niu team step backwards.

Chu Tian slightly narrows his eyes, “Wind attribute Blue Luan?  This is a pretty good source spirit!”

“Blue Luan!”

“The legendary being!”

“She has a source spirit close to the god level!”

The members of the Jin Niu team never thought that they would run into such a terrifying opponent in the first round!

The six of them were all in the 1st Awakened Soul Layer and they had average source spirits.  Not to mention the fact that Feng Cai Die was already at the peak 2nd Awakened Soul Layer, even if she was in the 1st Awakened Soul Layer like them, just the power of the Blue Luan alone would be enough for her to fight all six of them by herself.

The Jin Niu team was not willing to lose like this, “Let’s go all out!”

Feng Caidie’s palms came together, “Whirlwind sweeping away the clouds!”

The Blue Luan suddenly broke down into countless streaks of blue spirit energy.  Under the control of Feng Caidie, the spirit energy began to revolve and form a terrifying spirit energy storm.

Finally it turned into a giant blue tornado and moved towards the six people.

“This is bad!”


How could these people outrun the wind?

The tornado rushed forward with overwhelming speed and strength.  Before the six of them could react, the tornado swallowed them up, sending them high up into the sky.  Losing the ability to resist, they were finally sent off into the distance.

Feng Caidie had her discretion.

Although the six of them had been cleanly defeated, she did not cause them any injuries at all.

“We have lost!”

“Young miss Feng is truly strong!”

The six people were convinced of their loss.  Feng Caidie was already at the peak 2nd Awakened Soul Layer and with the power of her Blue Luan Source Spirit, she could even fight 3rd Awakened Soul Layer cultivators!

When did this wasted Central State City young miss become so strong?

The surrounding audience watched on with wide eyes.  Her cultivation base, cultivation technique, and source spirit were all top class!

Was this still Feng Caidie?

It took the audience a while before they could recover, but they immediately broke out in applause and cheers.


“Good fight!”

Feng Caidie stood on the stage while looking at the people cheering for her all around her.  The excitement and feeling in her heart was hard to describe.

No one could understand the pressure Feng Caidie felt.

She was the Divine Wind Marquis Feng Yun Tian’s only daughter, and to train her, the Feng Family had used all their resources.  However, because Feng Caidie had an innate blocked meridian and had no way of cultivating, everything the Feng Family did had no use and it had become the big joke in Central State City.

Feng Caidie had grown up with this kind of ridicule!

Today she could stand here proudly all because of the obscure youth behind her.  It could be called the grace that Chu Tian had shown her!

Feng Qingyun’s eyes hazed over, “I never thought that this vase would have a day where she would be reborn!”

The second competition soon began.

This time it was also Feng Caidie that went out to fight and once again, she easily defeated her enemies without any suspense.

Feng Caidie had cultivated all kinds of unique cultivation techniques from the Divine Wind Marquis.  From defense to attack, from movement to strange techniques, she had practiced them all.  Before when she was still in the Body Refinement Realm, these cultivation techniques did not have much use, but after she advanced into the Awakened Soul Realm, the cultivation techniques she had practiced over the years had advanced with her and naturally everything she learned combined to propel her into the realm of masters.

Because of this, Feng Caidie was strong in terms of everything!

Now that she had awakened the powerful Blue Luan Source Spirit with a strong amplification effect, even if she fought a 3rd Awakened Soul Layer Cultivator, she still had the strength to fight evenly with them!

Even Chu Tian did not have 100% confidence in fighting a 3rd Awakened Soul Layer Cultivator with his current strength.  So Feng Caidie’s current strength made her more than qualified to participate in the Great Games’ final round!

This was a seed with great potential!

One after another!

Feng Caidie released all kinds of cultivation techniques, continuing to shock everyone.  As for the members of Feng Caidie’s team, they did not have the chance to make a move at all!

Finally they had reached the final fight of the selection round.

Now there were only four teams left.  They would be split once more and those that won would pass the selection round.  The final two groups that won would be considered a part of the official competition.

“Feng Caidie’s team versus Qi Ba’s team!”

The crowd erupted with cheers!

Feng Caidie’s strength had already been established without any doubt.

But Qi Ba’s team was not a very common team.  Not only were they all at the 2nd Awakened Soul Layer, they all had profound cultivation techniques and extreme fighting experience!

This was a showdown people could anticipate!

However, Qi Ba’s team all had ugly expressions on their faces.

This was because even if they worked together, they did not have the confidence to fight against Feng Caidie by herself.  Moreover, there was still Lin Mu and Fang Han on Feng Caidie’s team.  They were both promising young mercenaries so they had little confidence in being able to win this fight.

Qi Ba spoke with a solemn expression, “We only have one way of winning and that is hoping they send a person out alone again.  If the six of us can defeat Feng Caidie, we won’t need to worry about the others!”

“That’s right!”

“That’s the method!”

With the momentum Feng Caidie had built, it was very likely she would be fighting the final match alone as well.  If the six of them worked together against her, they might stand a chance.

While the six of them were thinking of a good countermeasure.

“It’s been tough on you.”  Chu Tian took out the Netherworld Sword and walked past Feng Caidie, going towards the stage, “Let me do some work this time instead!”

Feng Qingyun gave a cold snort and spoke with a taunting expression on his face, “Aren’t you trash at the 1st Awakened Soul Layer?  Wanting to fight six people at the 2nd Awakened Soul Layer, are you prepared to disgrace yourself?”

A trace of worry flashed in Feng Caidie’s eyes, “Lu Run, I know you’re not weak.  But they’re all at the 2nd Awakened Soul Layer, even I don’t have the assurance to win against them, you……”

Feng Caidie knew that this Lu Ren was incredibly strong.

When they were in the ten thousand corpse ancient tomb, how many ruthless characters had fallen at his hands?  But when they were still in the ancient tomb, they had all been affected by the sealing array.

Chu Tian was only a 9th Body Refinement Cultivator at the time!

How long had passed since then?

Chu Tian had broken through to the Awakened Soul Realm and should have only just broken through.  Without any kind of sealing array, could he even fight against six people all at the 2nd Awakened Soul Layer?

It wasn’t that Feng Caidie did not believe in his abilities, it was because this was too impossible to imagine!

Feng Qingyun coldly said, “It doesn’t seem like you can do it, let me go instead!”

Chu Tian completely ignored Feng Qingyun and said to Feng Caidie, “Relax!  It’s fine!”

After he finished speaking, he ignored Feng Qingyun’s gloomy face and walked up with large steps.

Qi Ba revealed a stunned expression, “Why is it waste like you?!”

Another person smiled and said, “This brat was rejected by our team and somehow had the luck to grab onto young miss Feng Caidie’s leg.  It’s actually him coming to play in the final round!”

“I’ll urge you to stop asking for trouble!  Scram!  Let young miss Feng come up!”

Another member of the team probingly said, “Is it because young miss Feng is too scared and now is sending out waste like you to probe us?”

Chu Tian shook his head and said, “One slash per person!”

Qi Ba was stunned, “What did you say?”

Chu Tian did not bother explaining.  He slowly raised his sword and all that was seen was blue and white flames appearing on the sword edge.

“This brat actually has some skills!”

“Go!  Take care of him!”

As the six of them were prepared to make a move.


The Netherworld Sword released a giant flame and that suddenly enveloped Chu Tian’s body.  When the flames had dispersed, Chu Tian had also disappeared.

“Where is he?”

“Why is he gone!”

The six of them did not even have time to be shocked!


A flaming sword glow slashed out at them!


The most forward person had their weapons and armour melted and the spirit energy protecting their body was ripped apart like paper.  The Netherworld Ghost Flame stuck to his body and he screamed out in fear as he rolled on the ground to extinguish the flame.

The Netherworld Flame was not a normal flame, how could it be extinguished by rolling on the ground?  The more he struggled, the brighter the flame burned.

They only saw the sword glow.

They did not see him!

This was an assassination class cultivation technique!

Qi Ba never would have imagined that this normal looking youth would actually be able to grasp this kind of cultivation technique.

Assassination cultivation technique were strange and unpredictable, they were much harder to cultivate than one could imagine.

Properly speaking.

Assassination cultivation techniques did not last long and what was shocking was that after that youth had released a slash, he still had not showed himself yet.


In less than a second!

A burning sword glow appeared from behind the team and another member was hit.  His armour and weapons melted and the Netherworld Flame ignited his body protecting spirit energy, turning him into half man half fire.

Too fast!

They didn’t even have time to think.

Shua, shua, shua, shua!

They just heard the sound appearing from nowhere!

Qi Ba did not even see the young man’s shadow before a streak of strong sword glow shattered the weapon in his hand and his armour was sliced apart.


The young man had shown mercy.

If he wanted to kill them, they would have died ten times already!

When he had easily crushed the six people’s ability to resist, Chu Tian calmly walked out holding the long sword, “Do you still want to fight?”

“We……We admit defeat!”

They never would have imagined this even in their dreams!

This young man had this kind of strength!

They were truly blind back then.  If they had recruited this person into their team, even if they met Feng Caidie’s team, they would have had a large chance of winning!

Regret!  Helplessness!  Shame!

Qi Ba and the others truly wished they could crawl into a hole.  They looked at the normal looking young man with a whole new respect.

The six of them had insulted him and the young man did not kill them, this was not the mindset a normal person would have!

“Many thanks for showing mercy!  We wholeheartedly submit!”

“We apologize for our foolish behaviour towards you!”

Qi Ba’s group let out a sigh and left the stage.

How could they have known that it was because Chu Tian disdained arguing with them, that was too priceless.

The battle had only lasted ten seconds and the crowd could not understand what had just happened.

Feng Caidie’s heart filled with shock!

When Chu Tian was still in the 9th Body Refinement Layer, he could already fight a 1st Awakened Soul Layer Cultivator with tyrannical defense technique and source spirit.  Now it seemed like he was even stronger than before!

He had not used his full power in this fight.

Chu Tian did not use his sword spirit that was not weaker than god level source spirits and he did not even display his incredibly strong defensive technique.  It could be said that he didn’t even display 50% of his strength in this fight.

With this kind of strange and unpredictable sword technique, the strong defensive technique, and the amplification from his source spirit, even a 3rd Layer Awakened Soul Cultivator would not be his match!

He really did not let them down!

When Feng Qingyun saw Chu Tian reveal his strange techniques, his eyebrows raised a little,  but he quickly returned to normal, “What’s the use of having a little skill?  You won’t be able to enter the finals with just this bit of strength.  Do you think that random pieces of trash will be able to qualify for the Central State Trial?”

He intentionally said it in a loud voice so Chu Tian could hear him.

Chu Tian’s brows knit together.

Chu Tian did not care what kind of grudge this fellow had with Feng Caidie, it didn’t involve him.  If he had a grudge, every grudge had its cause, so what skill did he have to take his anger out on outsiders?  Chu Tian had been ignoring him on account of Feng Caidie, but if he keeps provoking him like this, he was not putting father in his eyes at all!

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