MT Chapter 149


Chapter 149: Participation

The Central State Four Courtyard tournament was about to begin!

This was an era lacking in ways of entertainment.  This kind of exciting sports event with strong clashes, wonderful shocks, and frequent dark horses appearing was enough to fill the common folk with excitement, turning it into a festival and grand feast!

The contestants were usually all picked from the Central State Academy.  Five groups of elites would be picked from the four courtyards, making for twenty groups of around one hundred people participating.  They would participate in a tournament and the tournament would eventually pick out the top six contestants to participate in the trial.

This year the principal came up with a new idea and allowed for two groups of youths outside the Central State Academy to participate and fight against the talents of Central State Academy.


This caused a great stir in Central State City.

There were several hundred people that came to register.

With the nature of the competition, it was normal to be crippled or killed, but it would let the youths showcase themselves and establish a better reputation for their families.  It would also give them a chance to be hired by the large families.  This made all the rogue cultivators go crazy.

It was just like the South Sky City summit.  On the surface it was a normal competition, but there were benefits to be gained from entering.  The Central State City’s competition was also like this and had been like this for a long time.

Three hundred and fifty years ago.

This area had been a deserted piece of land for several thousand years.

After it was discovered by the Southern Summer Country, it had quickly risen to become the Central State’s Main City!

Other than the excellent geographical environment, the main reason was that there was a very prosperous ancient city here.  Although the ruins of the city had disappeared, it still left behind many secrets.  The most famous one was the ancient trial tower which had been renamed the Central State Tower.

They had no way of learning when Central State Tower had been built.

Because the researchers had found that Central State Tower was even older than the ancient city.  That meant that thousands of years before the ancient city had been built, the trial tower had already existed.

This trial tower should be the reason why the ancient city was even built.

Central State Tower was opened once every five years.  Those entering the tower could not be older than thirty years old and there could never be more than ten people that entered.

The Four Great Families all had a spot and the others were determined by Central State Academy.

The Central State Great Games was just to test for qualifications to enter the trial!

Principal Feng Yunhu had changed the rules, which went against the regulations, but it was only two extra groups, so they shouldn’t have that much of an effect.  The large families found it acceptable and the common folks had no complaints.  The more people entering meant it would be more exciting!

Chu Tian only had an average interest in the Central State Tower’s Trial.

But he was taking this opportunity to slap the three great families’ faces and announce to Central State City, “I, Chu Tian have come!”  This was enough of a motivation for Chu Tian to participate!

But Chu Tian had the status of a rogue cultivator, so he encountered a problem when he registered.

Each team had to have six people and no one could register alone!

At the registration ground, there were hundreds of rogue cultivators and juniors from medium and small sized families.  They were all gathered here hoping to try their luck.  They formed a giant crowd and everyone was a young Awakened Soul Cultivator, all of them trying to find a team.

When did Awakened Soul Cultivators become so common?

These people were not past thirty years old so they could be considered youths.  There was some people from sects, some from underground powers, some that trained in secret, and also some rogue cultivators with excellent talent.

After Chu Tian looked around.

There was one team that caught his attention.

They were all at the 2nd Awakened Soul Layer and they all had a fierce aura around them, they were obviously a battle experienced team.  The leader was a one eyed man less than thirty years old with a green dragon crescent blade and a thick wild beard making him very eye catching.

“Isn’t that Green Dragon Blade Qi Ba?”

“He is a renowned person in the mercenary world!”

“I never thought that even he would come to participate.  This is gonna be a good show!”

Everyone began to discuss with one another.  They seemed to be filled with fear towards this green dragon blade carrying person, which meant that this person was probably quite strong!

They were the strongest team here and it was a coincidence that they were missing one person.

Chu Tian thought of joining and then went forward.

“1st Awakened Soul Layer?”

“You want to join our team with this amount of strength?”

“We are rushing for the top ten, so wouldn’t your lack of strength hold us back?  Before father has lost his temper, scram for us!  Otherwise we’ll break your legs!”

This was the so called fame attracts people.

A less than twenty year old 1st Awakened Soul Layer Cultivator who didn’t even have a reputation, these people would not spare a glance for him!

He was being looked down on again!

Why are there so many blind people in the world?

Chu Tian said, “Anyone that feels like I’m not qualified can come and fight with me!”

“Brat, do you not understand what I’m saying?  We said we don’t want you!”  Qi Ba said in a tough tone, “Scram!”

The little fox gave two unhappy cries to Chu Tian, telling him to teach them a lesson.  Chu Tian was also feeling this way, but without time to make a move, a sound came from behind him.

“Qi Ba, you have such a great prestige!”

Qi Ba’s expression changed, “It’s you two…..What, are you here to cause trouble as well?”

Two fit young men walked over.

“Isn’t that the two Underworld heroes?”

“The Underworld Mercenary group is a new mercenary group, but they have already obtained quite a big reputation in Central State City!”

“These two are founders of the Underworld Mercenaries.  Not only are they still young, they even have unique skills.  The Ye Family had even reached out to them, but it was a pity they rejected them.”

The two mercenaries had no opinions as they looked at Chu Tian.


“It’s you!”

The three of them were stunned at the same time.

The two young mercenaries were not strangers, they were actually Lin Mu and Fang Han.  Back in Yellowstone City, it was Chu Tian that had saved their lives!

The corners of Chu Tian’s lips raised into a smile, “Long time now see, it seems like your strength has increased by quite a bit!”

The two of them gave an awkward smile, “No, no, it was all thanks to you!”

Qi Ba was speechless and everyone else stared on with wide eyes!

The two of them were rising stars in the Central State mercenary world, but when facing this unknown youth, they were actually this respectful?  What was going on?

Chu Tian suddenly thought of a new idea, “You seem like you don’t have enough people.  What do you think about me joining your team?”

Lin Mu and Fang Han were overjoyed.

This was truly great!

Qi Ba, you really are an idiot!  If this little brat had joined your team, we would have no chance of winning at all.

Didn’t this situation happen in reverse!

Qi Ba revealed a disdainful sneer, “Lin Mu, Fang Han, you two have showed off too much recently and father here has already felt very unsatisfied.  I will be using this Great Game to teach you two a proper lesson!”


“Then you need to have the skill to do so!”

“We’ll have to wait and see!”

Out of the six team members, they now had three people.  As for the other three, where would they look?

“Lu Ren!”

While Chu Tian was in a tough spot, a very magnetic girl’s voice rang out.

This was a beautiful girl dressed in a long robe.  She had a high stature, a noble manner, and a beautiful face, making her visibly stunning.  This girl had a very classic gentle beauty making everyone feel a kind of shocked feeling.

This was strange.

Chu Tian had never met this beautiful girl before.

“What, you don’t recognize me?”

This beautiful girl’s voice was very magnetic, giving Chu Tian a familiar feeling.  He suddenly thought of something and revealed a shocked expression, “You’re Caidie!”

Although she looked different from before, her aura and voice was still the same.  This was not a stranger, this was Caidie who he had met before in the black market.

“Because I was outside, it wasn’t convenient to show my true appearance.  I hope brother Lu was not offended.”  Caidie revealed a faint smile, “I am called Feng Caidie!”

Chu Tian nodded and said, “I can understand that.”

“Brother Lu, I never expected to see you here!”

A young man walked forward and it was someone Chu Tian could recognize.  Wasn’t this Xiang Hu?  At this moment, Xiang Hu’s aura was already much stronger and he must have gained a lot during this period of time.  Now he was even a 1st Layer Awakened Soul Layer Cultivator.

Beside Feng Caidie and Xiang Hu, there was also another youth on the side.

This person was very young and wasn’t that far from Chu Tian’s age.  He was also around sixteen-seventeen years old.

He had a head of dark green hair and was wearing a beautiful long robe.  His face was full of pride.

When Lin Mu and Fang Han heard Feng Caidie’s name, they were thoroughly scared.  Isn’t she the Divine Wind Marquis’ daughter?  Feng Caidie was very famous in Central State because she had an innate blocked meridian.  As the dignified only daughter of the Divine Wind Marquis, she was actually a cripple.  Not to mention Central State City, this was a fantastic story even for the Southern Summer Country.  

What was even more amazing was the Feng Yuntian still treated his daughter like the apple of his eye.  He had invested all of the Feng Family’s resources in her and it could even compare to what the Four Young Masters received.  

Because of this, the Feng Family was not the least bit inferior to the Four Great Families and was even a little higher, but the younger generation only had the Central State Four Young Masters and nobody from the Feng Family.

This put the Feng Family in a very awkward position.

“Xiang Hu has been received by my father as an honorary disciple and this is my younger cousin, Feng Qingyun.  The three of us are entering the Great Games together and it seems like you are thinking of participating as well.  You have three people and we have three people, since it’s like this, how about we work together?”

The Great Games required six people in a group.

Right now Chu Tian had three people and Feng Caidie also perfectly had three people.  If the six of them formed a group, wouldn’t that be just enough?

Before Chu Tian even had a chance to speak.

“Those two mercenaries are decent and have the qualifications to fill our team’s numbers.”  Feng Qingyun gave a cold snort.  Then he looked at Chu Tian with a gaze of disdain, “As for you?  Too weak!  Just leave now!”

Feng Caidie couldn’t help being a little angry, “You’re not allowed to insult my friend!”

“Insult?  Did I insult him?  I just stated the facts, those that are weak are weak.  Even that group of mercenaries disdained having him in their group, so what qualifications does he have to join us?  Since he doesn’t have the strength, he should just stay on the side, why is he trying to cause trouble?  This kind of competition is not a place for him!”  Feng Qingyun said with a proud face.  Then he used a provoking tone as he said to Chu Tian, “Are you unsatisfied?  Then how about you have a fight with me?”

“Shut up!”  Feng Caidie knew her little cousin’s nature and knew that her little cousin wasn’t a simple person.  She quickly walked out in front of Feng Qingyun, “Did you forget what my father said?  Today I’m in charge of the group, so everything is decided by me!  If I say he can join, then you’ll let him join!”

“Humph, I knew you would bring up the Divine Wind Marquis again.  You will only be able to depend on your father for your entire life!”  Feng Qingyun crossed his arms and walked away with an unsatisfied mood, “But since you’re taking out the Divine Wind Marquis out to suppress me, I can only let you do what you want!  He’s nothing more than another ride along!”

Feng Caidie stood there with an awkward expression.

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