MT Chapter 148


Chapter 148: Snowflake source spirit

Chen Bingyu was filled with excitement over being able to join Qilin Hall and being able to learn that long awaited knowledge.  She was not even willing to wait another day!


At this moment.

Someone had blown up Qilin Hall, destroyed the Qilin Hall’s equipment, and robbed the Qilin Hall’s things……How could she not be angry?  How could she not be filled with rage?


Chen Bingyu was nicknamed the “Ice Queen”!

Even the principal was afraid of her, as Chen Bingyu had a very extreme personality, making her methods were cold and ruthless.  Adding in her high cultivation base, she did not fear anyone in Central State City.  Although she was not subordinate to any powers, there was no one that dared to offend her!

This time.

The three great families had shot themselves in the foot!

A cold spirit energy and a terrifying killing intent filled the air.  It was enough to freeze the earth, freeze all living beings, and freeze everyone’s souls.  This kind of cold wind suddenly appeared and it was completely unexpected.  No one could prepare for it and it instantly ravaged an area of several miles.

The water in the air froze and countless snowflakes began to dance in the air.

The cold current was centered around Chen Bingyu and with an untraceable speed, it spread out in all directions.  The ground was covered in ice and the flames burning training hall was instantly extinguished.  At the same time, a layer of frost condensed as if winter had instantly set in!

The masked people were covered in a layer of white frost and felt that it was hard to move.


“This kind of strength, she is……”

This cold current came from a long distance, but facing this kind of incomparable strength, they had no way of putting up any resistance.

Their strengths were not even on the same level!

They only thought of one thing……Run!

Only they had angered Chen Bingyu.

Could they still possible escape?

Chen Bingyu was covered in a snow white spirit energy and the invisible spirit energy around her body condensed into a octagonal shaped snowflake.

This was a source spirit?

A Snowflake Source Spirit?

This snowflake was not created by her cultivation technique.  It was the shape of Chen Bingyu’s source spirit!

The Southern Summer had all kinds of source spirits, but a Snowflake Source Spirit truly had not been heard of before!

This was because the appearance of the source spirit decided its strength.

A wild tiger source spirit would be much stronger than a wild cat source spirit.  A wicked wolf source spirit would be stronger than a wolf dog source spirit.  The more dangerous the appearance of the source spirit, the stronger it would be.

A snowflake gave a gentle feeling as if it was something harmless, so how strong could a cultivator with a Snowflake Source Spirit even be?

The strength that Chen Bingyu was displaying now completely subverted everyone’s common sense!

That piece of octagonal crystal like snowflake was as clear as a crystal, transparent, and flawless.  It was as beautiful as a piece of art!

From a few to many, from scattered to dense, in the end, several millions of snowflakes gathered together and formed a ice dragon that surrounded Chen Bingyu.

“Ice Blocking Out the Sun!

Chen Bingyu raised her hands.

The millions of snowflakes erupted out in a violent storm!

Every one of the snowflakes shot forward at a speed the naked eye could not keep up to!

These snowflakes turned into fatal darts as they instantly covered the mask people.  There were too many of them, they were too quick, and it was too dense, they had no way of escaping.

The snowflakes directly ripped through their protective spirit energy and a terrifying power pierced into their bodies.  It entered their five visceras and seeped into their veins.  Each snowflake was composed of even smaller snowflakes, so once they entered into someone’s body, the snowflakes dispersed and flowed through a person’s meridians causing them to feel the pain of ten thousand blades slicing through their bodies!

“Ah, stop!”

The cultivators did not even have time to let out pitiful screams before they were all killed.

The final living cultivator was at the 4th Awakened Soul Layer, so he could hold on longer, but his body was still frozen and he was heavily injured.  He begged for mercy, “Vice principal Chen, I am a consecrate of the Chu Family, you can’t kill me!”

“Chu Family?  You would have to die even if you were from the royal family!”

Chen Bingyu turned a deaf ear to the screams of terror.  The terrifying ice power entered his body and instantly froze his five visceras.

The masked man was frozen from the inside out and had been turned into an ice statue!


Chen Bingyu waved her hand.

The ice sculpture shattered to pieces, turning into countless fragments.

Even a deity could not save someone from this kind of death!

Such a terrifying power!

The Awakened Soul Realm was divided into three stages, Void Soul, Illustrious Soul, and True Soul!

Although they were all apart of the Awakened Soul Realm, there was still a large difference between them.  At the initial Awakened Soul Realm, the Void Soul realm, the cultivator could just use their source spirit’s power, but the source spirit itself would not be very powerful.  At the intermediate Awakened Soul Realm, the Illustrious Soul Realm, the potential of the source spirit was released.  So before an Illustrious Soul Realm expert made a move, they could defeat their enemy with just their aura.

The late Awakened Soul Realm, the True Soul Realm was different.

The source spirits would have a terrifying strength and could even kill enemies in the same realm.

This woman did not use the power of any cultivation techniques, she just directly used the power of her source spirit!

Her strength was definitely in the late Awakened Soul Realm’s “True Soul” realm and it was not weak.  True Soul Realm experts in Central State could be counted with a single hand!

Before the Chu Family’s consecrate had died, he had called her “vice principal Chen”!

This clearly revealed her status!

The Central State Academy’s vice principal and renowned expert, “Ice Queen” Chen Bingyu!

What kind of person was Chen Bingyu?  Even the City Lord had to give her face and the Divine Wind Marquis treated her as a friend.  Those unlucky fellows that had died in her hand were doomed to have died in vain.

The three great families would not fight with Chen Bingyu over a few elders and consecrates.  Even if it was the three great families going up against Chen Bingyu, they would still have to pay a heavy price.

This was not a sane thing to do!

This matter seemed fishy no matter how it was looked at!

Nangong Yun remembered the strange things Chu Tian did today.

She was not a fool and could clearly guess that this was Chu Tian’s plan.  He had used a borrowed knife to kill someone, completely using Chen Bingyu!

Otherwise, even if he did exterminate these people.

The three great families would not let him off and react even more strongly.

With Chen Bingyu being the one killing them, the result was very different.  Even if the three great families wanted to counterattack, they still had to think it through carefully.  They had truly suffered a large loss this time!

This fellow was truly as sly as a fox!

“Aunt Chen, why did you kill them all?”  Nangong Yun said in an intentional exaggerated tone, “These people seem like they’re from the three great families, killing them will bring a lot of trouble!”

Chen Bingyu gave a cold snort and said, “I’m not afraid of the three great families!  The people were killed by me, so as long as I’m here, they won’t dare to do anything!  Take a look, see if there’s anything that was lost!”

The Qilin Hall was completely ruined.

“This is bad!”

“The phonograph and discs have all been destroyed!”

The discs were retrieved from the corpses.  These discs were covered in a layer of frost and had been mostly destroyed by the spirit energy snowflakes.

“It’s destroyed!”

“It’s all destroyed!”

Nangong Yun wanted to cry, but she had no tears.

“It seems like we can only shut down the Qilin Hall.”

Everyone revealed a look of disbelief.  What was happening?

Qilin Hall hadn’t even been open for ten days and it was already going out of business?  How could this be allowed?  Although the Qilin Hall had only been open for a short period of time, everyone had no way of leaving here already!

“No, don’t!”

“Qilin Hall cannot close!”

“Isn’t it just a broken building that’s gone?  Worst case is everyone will just have to give a little money!”

“That’s right, I’m willing to take out one hundred thousand!”

“I’ll take out two hundred thousand!”

People quickly proposed the fundraising plan.  As long as Qilin Hall did not close, they didn’t care about taking out a little money, after all, Qilin Hall had a very important meaning for them.  In just a few short days, they had felt like they had been reborn.  What would happen if they could stay in Qilin Hall for a month, half a year, a year, or even longer?”

“You can’t close!”

The one most anxious here wasn’t the normal students, rather, it was Chen Bingyu.

Chen Bingyu was a late Awakened Soul Realm expert and she could be considered one of the peak experts of the Southern Summer Country.  She had a never ending view, the worship of ten thousand people, and power at her fingertips, but Chen Bingyu did not care about these things at all.

Chen Bingyu could finally see her bottleneck.

Studying at Qilin Hall was the only opportunity she had.  If she missed this, she would not have another chance.

Nangong Yun rolled her eyes, “We can rebuild the phonograph, record the magnetic sound discs again, and rebuild the building, but now the three great families are making a move against us.  We can only……”

Chen Bingyu directly said, “I am willing to protect the Qilin Hall.  As long as I am here, they will not dare to make a rash move!”

“Alright!”  Nangong Yun chuckled to herself in her heart and a trace of cunning flashed in her eyes, “Since Aunt Chen is supporting us like this, how could Qilin Hall not stay open?  I’ll go and discuss with the boss and then we’ll buy a new location and equipment.  We will reopen the training hall within ten days!”

Everyone was filled with joy.

It was great that Qilin Hall wasn’t closing!

Nangong Yun waved her hand, “Everyone go back first.  As compensation for Qilin Hall being temporarily closed, we will be selling phonographs soon for everyone’s learning convenience!”

The phonographs were about to be sold?

This was truly great!

Everyone revealed a look of pleasant surprised and walked away satisfied.

That night.

Nangong Yun excitedly raised her cup as she congratulated Chu Tian, “Your predicting abilities are divine!  Not only have we solved Qilin Hall’s problems, we have also created a strong enemy for the three great families and have obtained a strong backer for Miracle Commerce.  This is truly an answer to multiple problems.”

The plan actually carried risks.

Although Chu Tian had made preparations, if Chen Bingyu made a move without any warning, the plan could not have started.

As for Chen Bingyu’s relation with Nangong Yun, Chu Tian did not know about it at all.  It was also why Chen Bingyu did not make a move as soon as she came and gave Chu Tian a chance to win her over.

Chu Tian gave a faint smile, “But I have to say, this Chen Bingyu is your elder and has ties with your family, do you not feel guilty at all using her as your spear?”

“What feeling guilty!  This was all done by you.  If anything happens, don’t think you can pin it on me.”

Nangong Yun swallowed her cup in one gulp.

“Then again, when did we treat Aunt Chen as a spear?  We are only giving her a few pointers and then using that chance to get her to join Miracle Commerce.  I think in  a few years, she will definitely be thankful to us.  Otherwise, if we can’t use her, then why would there be such a good opportunity!  Don’t you think so?”

“Ha, ha, it’s good that you can think like this!”

“As for Qilin Hall closing, what are you prepared to do?  That place makes a lot of money and we’ll lose a few million just being closed for a single day!”

“For now there are no worries.  I’ve talked with the Yun Family  and they are willing to give us a new headquarters for the Yun Sect.  In this new headquarters, there are research labs, practice grounds, and all kinds of equipment.  Not only does the Qilin Hall need to teach, it also needs to build a comprehensive training base, so working with the Yun Sect is a winning proposal for us.”

Nangong Yun’s eyes lit up.

This was a good thing!

The new Qilin Hall would be built in the Yun Sect and they would have access to the Yun Sect’s advanced research materials, as well as having more security.  Even if the three great families were filled with hate, they wouldn’t tread lightly on the Yun Family’s influence, right?

After all, the Yun Family shared a name with the other three families!

The Yun Sect and Qilin Hall cooperating naturally had its benefits.  The Yun Sect would gain influence meaning both sides would receive benefits.

“Calculating the time, the young miss will be coming to the Main City soon.  The layouts are pretty much set and it will soon be time to open up in Central State.  After not seeing each other for so long, I can’t help thinking about them.  I wonder how they’ve been lately.”

Nangong Yun gave a gentle snort and was a little unhappy, “You haven’t seen them in a few days only.  When I came to Central State alone, I didn’t see you miss me.”

Nangong Yun could actually say this kind of thing!

Chu Tian was a little surprised.

Do you need to be missed?

With your disposition and strength, who would move against you!

Contrary to his thoughts, Chu Tian said, “Who says that?  Of course I thought of you.  I had to think about you a few times before I went to sleep everyday.”

“Ou!  How disgusting!”  Nangong Yun’s face turned a rare red colour and she quickly changed the topic, “Even if elder sister Qingwu and little sister Yingying have left, it will take them a few days to get here.  The Central State Trials will be starting soon and this time they will be letting outsiders participate.  Since you have nothing else to do, how about you give it a try?”

Chu Tian had heard about this from Yun Xiao and Yun Yao before.

“There really is this event.”  Chu Tian slowly stood up, “No matter what, the Chu, Luo, and Ye Families have destroyed my training hall, I have to personally repay this debt.  Since the young miss is coming soon, I have to prepare a decent welcoming ceremony for her!”

Nangong Yun said with a proud face, “There’s an 80-90% chance you can’t beat me, so you should just let me do this!”

“I can’t beat you?”

“You don’t believe me?  Then we’ll wait and see!  We’ll meet each other on the stage!”

Nangong Yun just stated the facts.  Chu Tian was in the 1st Awakened Soul Layer and Nangong Yun was in the 2nd Awakened Soul Layer, even if they both practiced the same defensive «Starlight Immortal Body» cultivation technique, their progress was around the same.  A second layer’s spirit energy releasing the Starlight Immortal Body was stronger than a first layer, so there would be a large difference in defense.  In terms of defense, Chu Tian was at a large disadvantage.

Nangong Yun also had a God Level Source Spirit.  Her battle strength was very abnormal and she could fight people with higher cultivation levels.

Just based on this, Chu Tian did not have a large chance of winning.

But this was also a direct provocation!

How could Chu Tian accept that?  If he didn’t teach her a lesson, she wouldn’t know who was the boss!

That night, he gave some money to Yun Yao so she could buy the Elemental Source Stone for him.

Chu Tian was not trying to make Yun Yao run errands for him, but this thing was too expensive.  If a nameless rogue cultivator spent that much money, it would draw the attention of a lot of people.  It was better to let Yun Yao handle this.

He had earned a lot of money these past few days, but after spending several tens of millions buying the Elemental Source Stones and paying the first part to Tianchen Commerce, he did not have many gold coins left.

Money was just an item.

It was one way to reach a goal and it was an essential tool.  As long as he could get something back for what he spent, it would all be fine!

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