MT Chapter 147


Chapter 147: Killing with a borrowed knife

While the class was going on.

Chu Tian and Nangong Yun were discussing their plans for future development.

“Qilin Hall’s revenue is quite good, but our development space is very limited.  Our most important task is to pave the way for Miracle Commerce because Miracle Commerce is our foundation.  We must not be enticed by the sweets in front of us and put the cart before the horse.

“I have contacted Jing Hao and they have successfully done what was needed.  The first Magnetic Sound Tower has already been secretly built and they are preparing to build the second and third tower.  Tong Xiaoyu has also finished designing the radio and they are being made in the Tianchen Commerce factories.”


Some people could not compare to others!

I’ve accomplished nothing after coming to the Main City, but the boss has done all of this as soon as he arrived.

All kinds of layouts and all kinds of preparation all seemed random, but it was all planned out and precise.  Without being aware of it, the path for Miracle Commerce had already been paved!

Chu Tian continued to say, “We already have a stock of phonographs prepared and as soon as Miracle Commerce comes over, we can immediately put it on the market.”

“Have a lot of the phonographs already been made?”  Nangong Yun was very interested, “No matter what, I will have to buy a few of them.  They really are too easy to use!”

The phonograph was the perfect storage medium.  In the future, it would be used in all kinds of places, especially music and art.  It was also hard to imagine its effect on advertising.

Chu Tian nodded.

The lesson in the hall should be over now.

A Qilin Hall member came in, “Elder sister, there’s someone here looking for you.”

“I’m busy!”  Nangong Yun impatiently said, “I won’t see them!  Make them scram!”

“But……”  The Qilin Hall member was hesitant, “She is very determined as if she has to see you.”

Nangong Yun was about to fly into a rage.

“Don’t be anxious.”  Chu Tian waved his hand and said, “Go find Yun Xiao and let him see what is happening!”


He quickly ran off to find Yun Xiao.

This was a woman wearing a black gauze over her face.  Although one couldn’t see her face, with just her aura and stature, it was easy to tell that this girl was high quality.

Yun Xiao was not interested in anything else, but he could not resist beautiful women like this!

When Yun Xiao saw the opposing side, his eyes immediately lit up and he quickly went forward to ask, “Hei, beautiful miss, is there anything you need help with?  Let me introduce myself, I am Yun Xiao……That’s right, I am the wild challenging demon and the cultivation master, defeating twenty experts of the Vermillion Bird Ranking in a single day!  How about that?  Don’t you want to worship me?”

This black gauze women was naturally Chen Bingyu and she had completely forgotten about her original goal.

The charm of this Qilin Hall was too big.

No wonder the students were skipping classes!

Even Chen Bingyu was unable to resist this enticement!

She had no way of forgetting the knowledge she had learned from the lesson.  She had already asked around and knew that this was a high level lesson.  Outsiders had no right to listen to it and the only way to learn was to enter Qilin Hall!

“I want to join Qilin Hall!”

“Ah?!”  Yun Xiao immediately knit his brows, “This…..This isn’t easily done!”

Chen Bingyu was a little discontent, “Is there a problem?”

“Beautiful miss, I can help you with anything else, but this one matter will be a little difficult.”  Yun Xiao shook his head and said, “Our Qilin Hall has already recruited its first batch of members and are not recruiting anyone else anymore.  So, beautiful miss, if you want to join us, you will have to wait for the next recruitment phase.”

How could this be possible?

Chen Bingyu was already prepared to let go of her status to join Qilin Hall.

But this Qilin Hall actually would not give her face.  This made Chen Bingyu quite unsatisfied.

“Since the rules are set by a person, then there is definitely a way to work around it.  It doesn’t matter if there is one more person or one less person, right?  I’ll give you ten times the entrance fee, how about that?”

“Beautiful miss, that isn’t right.  A person has to have their principles!”  Yun Xiao revealed a righteous look and said, “These rules are set by a person, but it is not a normal person, so I do not dare to break these rules.  So, I’m very sorry, but you’ll still have to go back beautiful miss!”


Who was this person?

Chen Bingyu suddenly thought of something and her body shook as she said, “Is the person you’re talking about the person who recorded the disc?”

Yun Xiao did not hide anything, “It is him.”

Chen Bingyu felt like she had been struck by lightning.

In that moment.

She could not describe the feelings she felt!

Excitement, joy, and anxiety.  She had never thought that the person who recorded the disc would actually be in Qilin Hall!

She had to join Qilin Hall!

It didn’t matter what kind of price she had to pay!

Chen Bingyu anxiously said, “Call out Nangong Yun, I want to see her!”

“Elder sister is currently having a discussion and everyone knows of elder sister’s temperament!  If I go and disturb him now, he will definitely beat me up.  Aren’t you just making it so I’ll be beaten up!”  Yun Xiao was a little unhappy, “I say, even though you are a beautiful girl, you still can’t be this willful!”

That person was in Qilin Hall right now!

That high and tall peak began to fluctuate and Chen Bingyu couldn’t help trembling.  She felt as if the air around her had suddenly gotten much heavier.

Yun Xiao’s heart skipped a beat.  Was this girl crazy?

“Then just wait a bit, I’ll go have a try.”

“No, no need to disturb him. I can wait for them to finish.”

Chen Bingyu was afraid that by disturbing this expert she would be leaving a bad impression and that would be a terrible thing to happen.

What was she doing?

She really was a strange person!

This woman was a little crazy, but Yun Xiao did not think about it anymore.

“Since it’s like this, then you can just wait here for now.”

Chen Bingyu did not complain at all.

To have this kind of profound knowledge and skill, the opposing side would definitely be a grandmaster of the Southern Summer Country.

Chen Bingyu had already even visited that famous great scholar Gu Qianqiu before.  Gu Qianqiu was a very knowledgeable person, but it was not enough to inspire worship from her.

The person that recorded the disc was the only person in Chen Bingyu’s life that could inspire this kind of respect.

What kind of person would he be?

From the curriculum published by the training hall, it covered all the basic areas of production, cultivation techniques, martial arts, and etc.  It could be said that this person was knowledgeable in every subject.

To have this kind of knowledge, it was impossible unless one had a super talent and several years of study.  So the opposing side should be like Yun Tianhe, an old man of around one hundred years old.

Inside of Chen Bingyu’s worship, there was also a strong admiration.

To acquire all this advanced knowledge, it was impossible for it to be done in a single day.

This was probably this person’s life work and he was giving it all to the Qilin Hall students.  He was letting them write papers with his knowledge and submitting them to the major academic institutes.  He was giving them this knowledge and improving cultivation techniques and formulas, giving them all kinds of benefits.

Too noble!  Too selfless!

Even though Chen Bingyu did not care for fame or fortune, she still would not be able to do this!

Dusk was approaching and the people of Qilin Hall and the students gradually began to leave.  Chen Bingyu was still standing at the Qilin Hall entrance, just like a statue that would not move.

Chu Tian was sitting in the training hall and was feeling a bit anxious.

The people of Qilin Hall had all left.

Why was she still not coming?

While Chu Tian was feeling depressed, Yun Yao came in the door and looked over at Chu Tian.  Her eyes were filled with a bit of anxiety.

Are they here?!

Chu Tian immediately asked Yun Xiao, “What about that person I asked you to meet?”

“Oh, do you mean that strange woman?”  Yun Xiao revealed a helpless look, “She has waited for a whole afternoon and wouldn’t leave no matter what I said!  I have no ways of dealing with her!”

“Since she can wait a whole afternoon, that means she has good manners.  Nangong, go and take a look!  If her requests do not cross the line, then just agree to her, do you understand?”


“We’ll end things here.  I’ll go to the Jing Family and take a look at the Magnetic Sound Tower!”

Chu Tian walked beside Yun Yao and asked, “What happened?”

Yun Yao replied, “They’re here!  Leave now or you’ll be in danger!”

Chu Tian gave a faint smile, “Not bad, not bad, the timing is quite good.  Let’s leave quickly!”

While Yun Yao escorted Chu Tian away.

Yun Xiao brought Nangong Yun into Qilin Hall and when she saw Chen Bingyu.


Nangong Yun’s eyes opened wide.

“Aunt Chen, why is it you?”

Yun Xiao looked at Nangong Yun and then he looked at the black gauzed woman.  Does this woman really know elder sister?  But that’s really strange.  This woman does not seem that old, so why is elder sister calling her this?

“When did you come?”  Nangong Yun had an apologetic face as she came over, “You should have just told me!”

Chen Bingyu looked around a little nervously, “Wasn’t that senior that recorded the disc with you?”

“Senior?  What senior!”  Nangong Yun realized who she was talking about and rolled her eyes.  She grinned and said, “He already left!”

What?  He’s gone!

Chen Bingyu was filled with disappointment, but she quickly recovered, “Yun’er, there’s something I want to discuss with you!”

“Say it!”  Nangong Yun valiantly patted her chest, “Aunt Chen’s matters are Nangong Yun’s matters!”

“I want to join Qilin Hall?”

Nangong Yun almost jumped up!

Others did not know Chen Bingyu’s status, but how could she not know?

Chen Bingyu was a friend of the Divine Wind Marquis and with his recommendation, she became the Central State Academy vice principal.  Her status was around the same as Yun Tianhe, but Chen Bingyu was very low key and rarely shown herself, so not many students recognized her.

Chen Bingyu had been a Nangong Family consecrate for a long time and had deep ties with the Nangong Family.  She was also very strong and an acknowledged expert of Central State City, perhaps only the Divine Wind Marquis could surpass her.

Such a powerful expert actually wanted to join Qilin Hall?

Nangong Yun was astonished and her heart suddenly skipped a beat.

She seemed very crude on the outside, but there was refinement in the crudeness.  Everything she did was always calculated.  She knew how profound Chen Bingyu’s skills were and if she joined Qilin Hall, it would be hard for her to not be associated with Miracle Commerce.

If Chen Bingyu worked with Miracle Commerce, then the company would have a stronger standing in Central State!

Wasn’t Chu Tian trying to transfer Miracle Commerce’s base to Central State City?

He had already won over the Yun Family and now if Chen Bingyu was added it, the situation would be completely changed!

“Although Qilin Hall has already met our quota, Aunt Chen is not an outsider and I can bend the rules for you.  You just relax, I’ll go and talk to the boss, he will definitely let you join.  Moreover, I will make you a high leveled member and give you the rights to listen to the high level lectures!”


This was great!

Chen Bingyu’s worries finally disappeared!

Chen Bingyu said with an excited face, “Good!  Then I’ll just have to trouble you with this.  I will definitely thank you in the future!”

“Hai, what is there to mention between us!  Nangong Yun pulled on Chen Bingyu and said, “I’ll take you in and have a look!”


Chen Bingyu was feeling great.

The way Nangong Yun made her promise showed that she did not have a low position in Qilin Hall, so it was a 90% chance that she would be able to join.

This is great!

She had to listen to the entire curriculum!

After listening to a single Qilin Hall class, her heart was filled with impatience.  She did not even want to wait a single day!

First she would tour the place with Nangong Yun.  Chen Bingyu was very interested in the phonograph and the magnetic sound discs.

When the two of them entered Qilin Hall.

Chen Bing Yun’s expression suddenly changed.

“This is bad!”

“There are spirit energy fluctuations!”

Before Nangong Yun could react, an explosion rang out and Qilin Hall was bathed in flames!

Several explosions rang out with shockwaves coming from the center of the hall.

This was not a big training hall, so how could it withstand this kind of explosions?  The hall was split apart and collapsed upon itself.

“Damn!”  Nangong Yun angrily said, “What bastard is responsible for this!”

Zhao Kun, Wang Meng, and the other Qilin Hall senior members ran out covered in dust.  Everyone had injuries on their bodies, “This is bad!  Someone launched a sneak attack!  Not only have they stolen the phonograph and discs, they’ve also destroyed the training hall!”

Nangong Yun exploded with rage, “Bastard!”

Three-four human figures rushed out of the training hall and shot out in different directions!

“Stop them!”

Nangong Yun anxiously shouted.

Not only had these fellows destroyed the training hall, they had also stolen the phonograph and discs.  Those were the core secrets of Qilin Hall and even Miracle Commerce!

These sneak attackers all had strong cultivation bases, each one being at the 3rd Awakened Soul Layer.  If they were set on escaping, Nangong Yun had no way to stop them.

It was at this moment.

A terrifying cold flow with an overwhelming rage was released.  It filled the entire world as if winter had come, filling everyone with a cold feeling!

That monstrous anger was like a volcano erupting!

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