MT Chapter 146


Chapter 146: Chen Bingyu coming for a lecture

Chen Bingyu walked in front of Qilin Hall.  Wearing a long black gown, a large hood, and a gauze covering her face, she restrained her aura making it so that no one could see that she was a True Soul expert.

There were several hundred students gathered around Qilin Hall’s door.

“Selling notes!”

“Selling notes!”


“The newest notes here, being sold at only five hundred gold coins!”

Several smart youths were holding large piles of notebooks in their hands as they shouted outside the Qilin Hall doors.  Immediately a large group of students encircled them.

“Give me one!”

“I also want one!”

“I want foundational alchemy two!”

“Give me a foundational array techniques three!”

The students rushing forward for the books were mostly in the Body Refinement Realm.  So either because they couldn’t meet the requirements of Qilin Hall, or because they were too poor to pay the tuition fees, they could only buy these notes.


Chen Bingyu’s brows knit and she revealed a bit of anger.  What qualifications did Qilin Hall have to teach these students?  This was clearly just misleading these children!

That girl Nangong Yun is being too unreasonable!

Feng Yunhu did not know that Chen Bingyu had a secret identity and was closely knit with the Nangong Family.  Not many people knew about this relationship and it was not very convenient to reveal.  Since Nangong Yun was a talent from the Nangong Family, Chen Bingyu had been secretly taken care of her from the beginning.

Before his daughter left, Nangong Yi had told Chu Tian that there was a high level person from the Nangong Family in the Central State Academy and he had been referring to Chen Bingyu.

Who would have thought that after Nangong Yun arrived at Central State Academy, other than visiting Chen Bingyu on the first day, she had never gone back to see Chen Bingyu again.  She had been fighting everyday and causing trouble everywhere.

Now it was even worse.

She had actually created a training hall!

If it was anyone else, Chen Bingyu would have immediately destroyed the hall, but she had to give some face to Nangong Yun.  While Chen Bingyu was deciding what to do, she suddenly saw a young man wearing a gold and white robe walk out of the training hall.

Who else would this be other than Yun Xiao?

“Public class!”

“Public class!”

“The hall has temporarily decided to give one public class!  No matter whether one is a member or not, everyone will have a chance to listen in as long as they can pay the tuition fee!”

Public class?  Then she might as well take a look!

Chen Bingyu suppressed her aura and even disguised herself.  Anyone that saw this twenty-thirty year old woman would think that she was just a student.  Who would have thought that she was the vice principal?  

But Chen Bingyu was too beautiful!

If Central State Academy had such a beautiful girl, she would have been famous a long time ago!

But with a place like Qilin Hall where everyone has to learn, even if it was a beautiful girl, she would still have to line up!

When Chen Bingyu came in, she was sitting at the last row, but she didn’t care about it at all.  With her cultivation, even if it was a mosquito, she could still hear it clearly from this distance.


“Goddess Nangong is coming out!”

The male students cheered like wolves!

A red haired beautiful girl wearing a uniform came out.  With her great stature and fiery aura, she looked incredibly beautiful.  A girl shouldn’t have a heroic bearing like this, but when everyone looked closer at her, they couldn’t help feeling emotions swell up inside of them.

Nangong Yun paced back and forth as she looked over the hundred people here.  Then she patronizingly said.

“I want to say that you guys are truly lucky!”

“To celebrate the first group of members recruited by our Qilin Hall, we will be holding a free public lesson today!”

Chen Bingyu felt unsatisfied in her heart.

How many times have to come to see me once you came to Central State Academy?  Fighting all day to compete for territory with those hooligans for territory everyday and now you’re even pretending to be a lecturer for these students.  Why don’t you measure how much you’re worth and see that this is highly inappropriate?

Nangong Yun did not notice Chen Bingyu after all, there were too many people here.  She still had an elder sister aura on as she spoke, “Recently I have heard some rumours.  Everyone is saying that Qilin Hall is only broadcasting low level lectures and does not have the ability to take out high level lectures at all!  Is this true?”


“Who dares speak such nonsense!”

Wang Meng loudly shouted, “I will beat up anyone that dares to slander our Qilin Hall!”

The crowd filled with righteous indignation and the wildness of Jianghu erupted out.

“Silence!  Silence!”  Nangong Yun stopped in her step and raised both hands.  The entire crowd turned silent, “None of it matters!  Since people are talking about this, I can’t turn a blind eye to it!  So, we will be broadcasting a high level lecture today!  The goal is to let you realize that high level lectures is not just for anyone to study!  If you want to learn it, you need the ability to do so!”


High level lecture!

Everyone’s eyes began to shine!

This was a lecture worth one hundred thousand to a million gold coins!

“Don’t blame elder sister for not warning you.  This kind of lecture is not something you can understand, so be sure to prepare your notebooks and take down every single word.  Once this knowledge is taken away, it is enough to make a small fortune!  Do you understand?”

Everyone firmly believed her.

They all pulled out notebooks and pens as they prepared to write.

Chen Bingyu was filled with disdain.  A public class in a place like this can also claim to be a high level lecture?  Isn’t this a huge joke!  But this miss will listen for a bit first and then I’ll teach that Nangong girl a lesson.

“Yun Xiao!  What are you hesitating for!  Quickly bring out the equipment for this old lady!”

“Coming, I’m coming!”

Yun Xiao brought the phonograph into the training hall.

“Nothing left for you here!”  Nangong Yun kicked out at him, “Scram!”

Yun Xiao cried as he left.  Even if he was a playboy, in front of this elder sister, he could only act subserviently.

Nangong Yun carefully pulled out a little disc, “This class lasts for two hours and is named «Exploring and Understanding Water Essence Energy One».  As the name suggests, it will be talking about the quality of elemental energy!  We’ll begin now.”

What a joke!

It’s actually talking about water essence energy?

Chen Bingyu practiced «Snow and Ice Transformation Art» which was a cultivation technique excavated from ancient ruins.  It was very deep, profound, and related to water.  Chen Bingyu could be considered a martial arts maniac, specializing in studying cultivation techniques and martial arts.

She was even more complex and profound!

A little Qilin Hall dared to talk about water essence energy, how could knowledge of this aspect be randomly spoken?  If they mislead a student, it would cause them to be injured for a lifetime!

This point alone was enough to constitute a ban on this training hall.

“I won’t waste your time with talk anymore!”

The disc was placed into the opening and Nangong Yun activated the array with her spirit energy.  She raised the volume to the max and the disc began to slowly rotate.  The sound sealed within was slowly released from the loudspeaker.

“Hello everyone.”

“Today is the first class of «Exploring and Understanding Water Essence Energy»!”

Everyone opened their books and began to write.  This was a lecture worth hundreds of gold coins and if they could bring it back to their families, it would be worth even more.

Chen Bingyu looked at the phonograph and revealed a shocked expression like someone seeing the phonograph for the first time.  There was no one that wasn’t amazed by this strange invention!

How could this cold device have the ability to speak?

This was truly unthinkable!

Chen Bingyu was a person that had seen the world.  Although preserving sound was a very difficult task, there were still talismans and arrays that could accomplish this, but this kind of low grade convenient method was a first for the continent.

The invention of this phonograph did not have a small meaning.

“Water boils into gas and freezes into ice and is considered one of the most basic energies in this world!”

“The virtuous water nurtures a myriad of things and does not fight, but it does not mean that water is weak.  A sea rising or a river declining is more than enough to destroy a kingdom.  Then what is water essence energy……”

Chen Bingyu revealed a cold smile.

She really wanted to see what kind of profound theory could come from the Qilin Hall.

“Actually water and water energy are different concepts.  Water is a substance and substances can have different energy, so it cannot be generalized.  Water energy is characterized by how mobile, flexible, and pervasive it is……”

“So does that mean only water can contain water essence energy?  Wrong, this is a giant error!  Actually all things have some form of water energy.  Water is just one of its carriers, but that does not mean it is the only carrier……”

Chen Bingyu knit her brows.

This lecture was actually getting more profound.

But it seems like it is only a little interesting.

“For example, a piece of gold.  It is strong and compact, these are its characteristics, but after it is melted, it loses its strong and compact characteristics.  Rather it is replaced with the wild and burning characteristics of fire essence energy, but it also becomes very fluid just like the characteristics of water essence energy.  Even if its essence is gold, does that mean water and fire energy are incompatible with it?  People often say that water and fire are incompatible, but that is actually wrong.  Water and fire can exist at the same time and one can even create an even stronger cultivation technique or martial arts with this logic.”

“But I digress from the main topic.  Next I will go into depth on the topic of the lesson and will list a few simple cultivation techniques.  From the nature of energy to the cultivation techniques, I hope this will be of help to everyone……”

When Chen Bingyu heard this, her brow began to tighten.

This view did seem like it could be developed.

It had actually made her lose herself in thought.

At this time, the voice coming from the phonograph began to list several cultivation techniques in detail, taking them apart and describing them in detail.

Going through the process from shallow to deep.

Chen Bingyu’s face continued to change.  From dignified, to surprised, to finally reaching……shock!

Profound!  Wonderful!

Is this truly a class a broken training hall can give?

Once Chen Bingyu heard half of it, her entire philosophy had been subverted!

The marvels of water, the changes water had, and the intelligence of water were all being explained in detail.  It was simple and to the point, powerful and restrained, but most importantly it was very concise.  The water attributed cultivation techniques it mentioned was truly enlightening!

Everyone else just blankly listened to the lecture.

The knowledge was too profound for them.  Although it was very well spoken, they could not understand it at all.

Chen Bingyu was not the same.  A kind of unprecedented mysterious feeling enveloped her.  The words the phonograph spoke were like needles piercing the shackles of her soul..  They cleared the clouds in the sky for her, giving her a feeling like she was looking at heaven.

This was the feeling like one was just scratching the surface.

Every point brought up only reached a certain point and it was deliberately stopped from going further.

It allowed Chen Bingyu grab onto something to realize that it was nothing at all.  It was like cats scratching on her heart, simply excruciating!

The usually calm person that she almost couldn’t help rushing onto the stage and shattering the phonograph, pulling out the person within, grabbing his neck as she asked all her questions!

Too inconceivable!

Numerous complex questions were all explained with ease, almost as if this was just basic knowledge to him.

While Chen Bingyu was filled with shock and excitement, she also felt a sense of loss.  She was like a little ant staring into the heavens.  In front of a real master, she did not even have the qualifications to become an apprentice!

I don’t even understand the foundations!

What qualifications do I have to be pleased with myself?

The voice in the phonograph slowly said, “This class will end here.  If you want to learn more, feel free to find out the broadcast time for the second class of «Exploring and Understanding Water Essence Energy».”


It ended like this!

The class had lasted a whole two hours, but it felt like a mere five minutes for Chen Bingyu.

Chen Bingyu realized that she didn’t understand many parts of the lecture!

The people in the training hall put away their notebooks and stood up to leave.

“Freeze!”  Chen Bingyu called out to stop someone, “Let me see your notebook.”

That person held his notebook close to his chest and looked at her like she was a thief, “What are you doing?  This is the fruit of my hard work, why should I let you see it!  Do you know the value this notebook has on the outside?”

Chen Bingyu said, “You want money, right?  Tell me how much and I’ll buy it!”

“Screw your money!  You have a lot of money?  What’s so great about money!  Can this kind of wisdom be measured in money?  You vulgar person!  Pei!”


“Move!  Move!”

That person spat out a few times and called her crazy.  Then he held his book and left as soon as possible.

If he knew that the person asking for his notebook was the vice principal of Central State Academy, he would be so scared that his soul would fly out of his body!

Chen Bingyu did not lose heart and looked for someone else.

“What are you doing?

“Who can you blame if you come to a lesson without a notebook?”

“Move out of my way!  Stop wasting my time, I need to go back and study!”

“Move!  Move!  I won’t give you my notebook!”

All the people here were juniors from large families.

They wanted to bring these precious notes home and allow their family’s masters to unearth the knowledge hidden within.  Then they could publish it in a major academic journal or newspaper, earning them fame and wealth.

It could be said.

Every Qilin Hall’s class was like a golden ore, as long as one could understand the knowledge, they would be able to make back ten times their tuition fees.  Of course they had to move quickly since they had to be faster than everyone else.

Only a fool would sell their notes!

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