MT Chapter 145


Chapter 145: Large trouble

While the three great families were secretly making their decisions, the high ranking members of Central State Academy were also holding an urgent meeting.

Yun Tianhe had already arrived a long time ago as he sat down in the vice principal chair.

Central State Academy had a total of three deans, one head dean, two vice principals and a principal who held the chief executive power.  After all, Central State Academy was a school that the Southern Summer Country had officially established.

Because of this, Central State Academy’s regular executive and educational decisions were usually made by the two vice principals.  The principal had a higher position, but he didn’t care about the school’s daily affairs.  Only when there was a serious matter would he show himself.


This emergency meeting was being held by the head dean and he had requested everyone to come.

Yun Tianhe’s eyes swept across everyone else here, looking at all the old men sitting there.  They all had a serious expression on their face as if they were worrying about something, only Yun Tianhe had a casual expression on his face.  The things that had happened recently continuously filled Yun Tianhe with pleasant surprise!

“Sir principal is here!”

A forty-fifty year old middle aged man walked in.  He was wearing a crown on his head embedded with green jade, a purple embroidered light green gown, and a milky white silk jacket around him.  With a dark face and righteous facial features, as well as a little beard, he gave people a kind of dead mechanical feeling.

Out of the Central State Academy executive officers, Yun Tianhe was just a vice principal, managing most of the education administrative duty.  He had a very large reputation because after all, Yun Tianhe had a very lofty status in the Central State academic circle.  However, Central State Academy was a place established for the students, so a patriarch of a local family could never fully represent the school.

Feng Yunhu was the Central State Academy’s principal.

Feng Yunhu was the Central State City’s vice mayor, but he also concurrently held the role as the Central State Academy principal.  His elder brother Feng Yunlong was the mayor.  The reason why the two could enjoy such lofty statuses was all because they were members of the Divine Marquis, Feng Yuntian’s family.

Everyone immediately stood up to salute, “Greetings principal!”

Feng Yunhu walked in front of the principal’s seat and his eyes swept across everyone as he asked, “Is everyone here yet?”

“It seems like vice principal Chen is not here yet!”

“Humph, she’s always doing what she wants.  Why is she late for such an important meeting?!”

As soon as his voice fell.

The temperature of the room dropped and everyone felt a strong chill coming in from the corridor.  It was an incomparable bone chilling cold that even covered the tea pots on the table with a layer of frost.

A girl walked in.

Everyone felt a cold aura.  It seemed like as long as this girl was present, the surroundings would become frozen.

That simple black gauze skirt made her snow white skin seem even more white and tender.  Her manner was graceful and her stature was plentiful, her appearance made her seem younger than thirty.

A pair of eyes like the cold night sent out a cold glow.  That white beautiful face did not have a trace of a smile on it and her entire face seemed like it was completely frozen.


This woman gave everyone a cold feeling!

This kind of cold was like a block of polar ice, never melting even after ten thousand years.

Feng Yunhu had just made a complaint and the other side suddenly appeared.  He was feeling a little embarrassed, but he swept his sleeves, “Vice principal Chen is here, then please sit down.  We are about to begin.”

The black gauzed girl did not say a single thing.

She completely ignored Feng Yunhu and just sat down in her spot.

Feng Yunhu was already used to this so he did not get angry, “Everyone, the important matter being announced today is that the Central State Academy trials held every five years are about to begin.  Every trial only has ten participants and the tradition is that the Four Great Families all have a single spot already.  The other six spots will be decided with the Central State Academy Great Games!”

“The Central State Academy Great Games is held once every five years and is a very important event.  Not only does it help the Central State Academy show off our prestige, it also works with our major interests!  I believe that after countless efforts, our courtyards have already selected the best candidates possible!

“But I think having this contest be exclusive to Central State Academy is too small!  It will not allow our youths to develop their worldviews and temper their strengths!”

Everyone’s expression changed.

Does the principal want to change the rule?

This was an important matter!

Feng Yunhu continued saying, “Because of this, I wish to propose some minor changes.  Each courtyard will send out a dozen participants and we will pick out two batches from the young cultivators of Central State City, allowing them to enter our Great Games.  This will allow our students to gain practical Jianghu experience and also give those youths that have not joined our academy a chance to show off!”

The principal would not change the rules for no reason.

There had to be a reason, but what was it?

The academy itself did not lack members of the Chu, Luo, and Ye Families.

This kind of change did not provide any benefits to them because the addition of foreign contestants would increase the competition and may affect the students of the courtyard.  Although this was a small chance, it was not a guarantee.

“Two vice principals!”  Feng Yunhu did not wait for the others to say anything before asking, “What do you two think?”

The black gauzed girl gently said, “No objections!”

Yun Tianhe did not care either.  These changes would not affect his Yun Family since he couldn’t count on Yun Xiao.  Although he was reborn, it was highly unlikely he would be able to fight his way into the top six, “The effects of adding two groups of outsiders to the twenty groups of courtyard members will not be great.  We might as well give it a try.”

“Good!  Since the two vice principals have no objections, then we’ll immediately implement this change!”

Feng Yunhu did not give anyone else a chance to object.

Seeing all three chiefs agreeing, even if the others disagreed, there was no one that dared to say it out loud.  They could only silently approve of this plan.

Temporarily adding in two groups of people.

This would not have any large effects.

[TL Note: You never met Chu Tian before……]

“This matter has been decided!”  After Feng Yunhu solved the biggest problem, his face turned serious again as he said, “There is also another matter.  I’ve received some reports the past few days and have learned that many students have been skipping classes and the ones skipping are the high ranked students.  With the Great Games approaching, isn’t this a little inappropriate?  Do you all not want to give me a solution?”

Everyone was dumbfounded.

“I have already investigated the reason why all the students have been skipping classes.”  A Luo Family senior member quickly spoke, “They have been going to a training hall to listen to lectures!”

“What a joke!”  Feng Yunhu was not normally at the academy, so he did not have a good understanding of the academy’s situation, “A random training hall is actually better than Central State Academy?  A place like this will affect the student’s studies, so let’s just ban it!”

“Ke, ke!”  Yun Tianhe gave two embarrassed coughs, “Principal, we do need to talk about this matter, but we also need to clearly investigate it.  Perhaps this Qilin Hall has its good points!”

Feng Yunhu looked at Yun Tianhe with discontent, “Senior Yun!  You are the most knowledgeable, so are you still not clear on the background of Central State Academy?  Don’t think that I don’t know about it.  It’s just a training hall set up by the small Nangong Family, what kind of great things could they even have!  I already disapprove of those student organizations and now they’re even skipping classes, this matter must be thoroughly investigated!”

The reason why Qilin Hall could rise up so quickly.

Was 100% related to the mysterious young man!

Yun Tianhe had clearly investigated everything.  That fellow named Lu Ren…….was 80-90% that famous genius Chu Tian!

After Yun Tianhe had investigated his real status, his heart filled with anxiety.  Chu Tian had quite a large reputation in Central State, but he had a reputation of being evil and wild.

The wild reputation was because of his fighting.

The evil reputation was because of the rumours from the three great families.

This young man was an unparalleled talent, but he held a deep grudge with the three great families making him a dangerous powder keg!  If Feng Yunhu were to thoroughly investigate the Qilin Hall, it would be hard to keep Chu Tian’s identity hidden!

Yun Tianhe stood up and said, “Alright, then this old man will personally go and take a look.”

“As far as I know, your grandson Yun Xiao is an important member of Qilin Hall.”  Feng Yunhu gently said, “In order to avoid suspicion, I think it will be better if Senior Yun doesn’t personally take care of this task!  I think……How about we let vice principal Chen act instead?”

Yun Tianhe’s expression changed.


Let her act instead?

Everyone’s eyes fell onto the other vice principal.

If Yun Tianhe represented academics then Chen Bingyu represented martial arts!

Chen Bingyu was the youngest of the three heads at less than forty years old, but she also had a deep immeasurable cultivation base.  She acted coldly all day just like a block of ice, giving off a cold feel to everyone around her.

She had been sitting there with her eyes closed as if this whole meeting did not matter to her at all.

Chen Bingyu slowly opened her eyes.  When she opened her eyes, the temperature of the hall dropped several degrees.

Feng Yunhu was a little afraid of this woman and did not dare to make her do anything.  He just asked in questioning voice, “What do you think vice principal Chen?”

Chen Bingyu was silent for two seconds and then she coldly said, “Alright!”

Yun Tianhe’s head filled with a cold sweat!

It’s over!

Chen Bingyu was nicknamed the Ice Queen.  Just like the name states, she was just like ice and ruled with power like a king.  Whenever Chen Bingyu did things, it was always straightforward, she did not like to waste time.

She was also the friend of the Divine Wind Marquis Feng Yuntian.

With the Divine Wind Marquis’ recommendation, Chen Bingyu had become the vice principal!

In the entirety of Central State City, aside from the Divine Wind Marquis Feng Yuntian, no expert had a higher cultivation base.  Even compared to Yun Tianhe, she would not be considered inferior at all.

If this woman wanted to take care of Qilin Hall, even Yun Tianhe could not stop her!

Chen Bingyu slowly stood up and turned to walk out the door.

Feng Yunhu’s lips curled into a faint smile, “Senior Yun, with vice principal Chen’s strength, do you still not believe in her?  Just let her go!”

Feng Yunhu did not want to let Qilin Hall off!

Yun Tianhe left the conference room.

Yun Yao quickly rushed forward to catch up, “Grandfather, I received the latest news.  The three great families want to make a move against Lu Ren……”

Yun Tianhe interrupted her, “First don’t worry about that, the Qilin Hall is in a bad situation.  Quickly tell the little mister that Chen Bingyu will be coming to cause trouble today!”


Yun Yao felt like her head had been slammed by a hammer.

“Then aren’t they finished!”

“I can’t personally make a move, so quickly go and warn Chu Tian!”  Yun Tianhe urgently said, “You have to be fast!  If not, you won’t make it!  That woman is cold and fierce, she won’t act unreasonably!”

Letting Chu Tian prepare himself!

He was in for big trouble!

Yun Yao rushed to the Qilin Hall.

When she saw Chu Tian sitting there cultivating, she directly went in and covered his head to say, “Close the training hall down for a few days to weather the storm!”

Chu Tian asked in a curious tone, “What happened!”

“Didn’t you make me watch the three great families?  The news now is that the three great families have sent out people and very likely will use force to destroy the training hall!”

Chu Tian had an uncaring face, “Don’t we still have you?”

Yun Yao was still a 4th Awakened Soul Layer expert.  Chu Tian did not believe that the people the three great families send would be stronger than Yun Yao.

Yun Yao had an anxious expression as she said, “I can block the three great family members for you, but there is someone shocking is also making a move.  That person…..I can’t stop!  Even if grandfather came, he still could not stop them!”

“Old Yun can’t stop them?  Who is this powerful!”

“Nonsense!  Have you ever heard of the Ice Queen?  In Central City, she is an expert that is considered second to only the Divine Wind Marquis!”


He didn’t have any grudges with her, why would she cause trouble for me?

The training hall had only been opened for a week, but it already encountered all this trouble.  It truly was frustrating!

The members of the three great families did not matter, but this woman was hard to cope with.  If she really did make a move, they would be unable to block it and the Qilin Hall might be destroyed!

“Closing the training hall is not a good plan.  We can only hide for a while.”  Chu Tian eyes shined a few times, “I do have a plan that is a little risky, but we can still give it a try!  If it works, the training hall will gain another layer of protection and we won’t have to worry about these kinds of things again.”

Yun Yao was speechless.

What did this fellow think about in his mind!

Does he even know how terrifying a person Chen Bingyu is!

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