MT Chapter 144


Chapter 144: Popular

“That’s right!  It was him that beat me last time!”

Several Qilin Hall senior members encircled them with angry looks.  How could they let him off?  This fellow had beaten quite a few Qilin Hall members, so not asking elder sister Nangong to take care of him was already good enough.  This fellow actually dared to come take lessons at Qilin Hall!

Wang Meng’s face fell, “Wait, wait!  It’s a mistake!  I was also misled and that’s why I did those foolish things!”

“Stop talking, just drive him out!”


“Bastard!  We don’t welcome you here!”

Wang Meng was as anxious as an ant on fire.  It didn’t matter if he was rejected by a normal hall, however, with the knowledge the Qilin Hall contained, it could easily change his destiny.  How could he be willing to give this up?

“I’ll compensate you for your spiritual losses and medical expenses!  If that still isn’t fine, then I’ll let you hit me once.  As long as I don’t die or become crippled, I’m fine with anything!”

Wang Meng was willing to go all out.

“Alright, alright, everyone don’t be angry.”  Zhao Kun saw that everyone was filled with indignation, so he immediately chose to play peacemaker, “Since he’s willing to compensate everyone, then just let him compensate you.  Right now Qilin Hall is still growing so turning an enemy into a friend is a good thing.”

Wang Meng’s head was covered in sweat as he nodded, “That’s right!  That’s right!  Everyone will be a family from this day forward.  If anyone wants to go against Qilin Hall, then they will be going against me, Wang Meng!”


Zhao Kun had quite a bit of influence in Qilin Hall, so everyone had to give him some face.

“Do you guys want to join?”  Zhao Kun swept his eyes across them, “Then first pay the one hundred thousand entrance fee!”

“One hundred thousand entrance fee?”

It was a little high.

They had never heard of a training hall charging such a high entrance fee.

“You think you’re suffering from paying one hundred thousand?  Let me tell you!  Qilin Hall’s newest benefits!  Out of the hundred thousand gold coins, fifty thousand will be considered tuition fees, becoming the fees you saved up in advance and the money for lectures will be directly deducted from this amount.  The membership fee you pay every month from now on will be directly stored as tuition fees.  You have to spend the money anyway and after becoming a member, you have the right to listen to intermediate and high level courses, is that still expensive?”

Wang Meng quickly said, “Not expensive!  Not expensive!  Too cheap!  I’ll pay, I’ll pay!”

One hundred thousand entrance fee.

Fifty thousand would go to the referrer as credit and the other would be used as tuition fee.  As well, the referrer would earn 5% on whatever the referral spent.

Zhao Kun calculated how much he gained from introducing seven people.

Didn’t he just earn three hundred and fifty thousand in tuition fee credits?

These fellows all came from large families and their families were all rich, they would definitely spend more money in Qilin Hall and give him even more passive revenue!

Other than that, with the knowledge obtained from Qilin Hall, he could study it at home, sell it to others, or use it for other purposes!

With this kind of calculations.

Not only was the Qilin Hall a good place to practice, it was also a good business opportunity!  If Zhao Kun could recommend a hundred people to join, not only would he have a higher revenue, he would also have the rights to open up a branch hall!

Zhao Kun felt his blood begin to boil.

Wasn’t he completely worried about money yesterday?

Now it seemed like not only did the Qilin Hall change his destiny, it had even become a great cause that was worth him fighting for!

“New benefits, new benefits!”  Yun Xiao came out with a lazy look, “According to elder sister’s research, she just made a decision that there will be a free member class every month which only formal members can enjoy!  Ordinary members will enjoy a 20% discount on the normal price.  Our Qilin Hall is still in the first phase of development and resources are limited, so we will only be recruiting a limited amount of members.  You might not have a chance to join if you’re late, so sign up as soon as you can!”


There was a quota for members?

Why didn’t you say so earlier!

What did one hundred thousand gold coins count for!

Wang Meng anxiously rushed through the crowd and slapped several gold coin cards onto the table.  His face was completely red as he said, “I want to join the Qilin Hall!  I’ll deposit five hundred thousand gold coins first!”

Everyone anxiously rushed forward.

The popularity of this offer far exceeded their expectations!

Yun Xiao couldn’t help happily chuckling to himself.  The boss truly has an accurate foresight.  He and Nangong Yun had been worrying that no one would come, but in the end, the people joining far exceeded their expectations.


If this trend continued, the ten percent he and his sister would get would be a terrifying amount!

He revealed an uncaring expression, “What are you anxious about?  One at a time!  Line up!”

More than ten people joined Qilin Hall, each one paying at least one hundred thousand gold coins in entrance fees.  There was also many that deposited a lot of money as a show of their determination to stay in Qilin Hall!

This was truly ironic.

Wang Meng had been paid by others to beat up the members of Qilin Hall and had once tried to undermine the development of Qilin Hall.  In the end, he had been brought to a lesson by Zhao Kun and switched sides without any hesitation.

This was the charm of knowledge.

This was the power of knowledge!

It was hard to resist and it made people crazy!

After Nangong Yun counted their profits that night, she was so excited that she almost spat out a mouthful of blood!

“We broadcasted five lessons today and had thirty people sign up, collecting three million in entrance fees and one million in tuition fees.  There were also some people that also deposited several million in tuition fees which brings our day’s total to seven million gold coins!”

Earning seven million gold coins in a single day!

Yun Xiao almost fainted with fear!

This was only the first day!  Qilin Hall’s potential still had not been fully displayed.  There would be more people joining and would result in it becoming an even larger earning figure!

How great would it be if it continued developing like this?

After Chu Tian saw the data, he nodded in satisfaction, “It’s a little better than I imagined, but it’ll be even higher tomorrow!  We’ll put a limit of three hundred people on the first batch, but raise the requirement a bit, I don’t want any kind of people entering into Qilin Hall!  Pay special attention to exclude all members of the three great families!”

Nangong Yun nodded, “You can relax!”

“Yun Xiao, tell your sister that we might be in for some trouble and possibly some danger.  Let her watch the people from the three great families and report back if anything changes!”


When they saw Chu Tian’s strange money making method first hand, how could they not be filled with admiration?

They had never seen a scene where people were fighting to throw money at them, as if they would miss a quota if they were a single step behind.

The next day.

Qilin Hall was even more popular than yesterday.

Over a hundred people came to listen to the Qilin Hall lectures, but Qilin Hall raised their recruiting standards.  They didn’t accept those that were too old, too weak, or anyone from the three great families, so half the people that came were rejected.

On that day, they still earned eight million gold coins in revenue.

Those that were rejected were all filled with anxiety.  It was a good thing that Qilin Hall still had not opened the intermediate and high level courses since the low level courses were open to the public, only they didn’t receive the benefits of being a member.

This still would not last long!

Those that were too weak could only go home and find those that met the requirements since it was better to get a spot first!  There were even some people that changed families, leaving the three great families and hiring themselves to the Yun Family……They did this to join Qilin Hall as soon as possible!

In just two short days!

Qilin Hall had already earned eighteen million gold coins.  The Yun siblings would take 10%, Tong Xiaoyu and Jing Hao would take 10%, Nangong Yun would take 10%, and 10% was left as development funds.  The rest of the income all went to Chu Tian!

Not bad!  His wallet was filled once again.

But this still wasn’t enough!

Chu Tian was not worried about money anymore.

Once the first batch was recruited for Qilin Hall, Chu Tian would definitely have enough to buy the Elemental Source Stone!

During this time, the Qilin Hall members were like a pack of hungry wolves looking for food all day.  In the academy, outside the academy, as long as they didn’t belong to the three great families and met the requirements, they were all delivered to Qilin Hall.

They could give others a pleasant surprise and get benefits for themselves, so why wouldn’t they do it?

With this kind of marketing, it only took a week’s worth of time!

The Qilin Hall had around three hundred members who met the standards required, almost completely filling the little training hall.  Their total income was over forty million gold coins and even after giving shares to his partners, Chu Tian still had enough for his needs!

The profit earned in a single week surpassed the total amount of profits Miracle Commerce had earned!

That wasn’t to say that Miracle Commerce’s profitability was bad.  Qilin Hall just had a quick development and it had a very high income.  One had to have talent, skills, youth, and potential to join.

In this week’s time, the rankers from all the four courtyards had joined Qilin Hall.

After today, Qilin Hall’s development would slow down and knowledge was slowly being spread to everyone, so Chu Tian had to keep up the Qilin Hall’s charm and update the knowledge it taught.

Since they had gained enough money.

In order to maintain the quality of Qilin Hall, Chu Tian stopped accepting new members.  Those people that were too slow could only stamp their feets in regret.

In addition, Qilin Hall’s strong rise had already attracted the attention of countless Central State powers!

The four courtyards were filled with talents from the four great families.  As for Qilin Hall’s splendor, there was no way that the four great families would not receive rumours about them.

Moreover, Qilin Hall had placed a target on people from the Chu, Ye, and Luo families, not letting anyone from those families join!  This was clearly stating that they would not work with the three great families!

The boss shown for Qilin Hall was Miracle Commerce’s Nangong Yun, so it was not hard to imagine the relations they had.  Although they did not know what kind of strange place Qilin Hall was, it could still rise up this fast.  But since they decided to create hostile relations with them, how could the three great families just turn a blind eye?

Because of this.

The three great families sent out messengers and organized a secret meeting with each other.

Seeing how Qilin Hall was developing, they could see that any interference or threats they used would be no use.  If all the middle sized and small families joined together, they could still pressure the three great families.

“What is there to be afraid of?”

“Central State City is our territory!”

“The one secretly supporting Qilin Hall is probably the Yun Family.  If out three families work together and crush Qilin Hall, what could the Yun Family do to us?”

“We’ll just do it together!

“We’ll each send out one expert and solve it with violence!  We cannot let them expand any further!  Not only that, we also need to steal their things!”


Miracle Commerce was getting stronger in South Sky City which made the three great families nervous, but since the Divine Wind Marquis had already acted, they could not go to South Sky City and cause trouble for Chu Tian.

Therefore the three families could only create rumours in Central State and try to defame Chu Tian.  Before Chu Tian could send his troops into Central State, they would first destroy his image.


In just a few days?

Miracle Commerce had already rooted themselves down in Central State City and Chu Tian had not even personally appeared yet!

The strategical value of Qilin Hall was much greater than its economical value.  Qilin Hall had gathered the juniors from hundreds of medium and small Central State families who had talents in all domains.

Compared to money, Miracle Commerce was lacking talented people more.

They also lacked supporters in addition to talented people!

Once Qilin Hall matured, with the backing of Miracle Commerce, it would basically mean that Miracle Commerce would have a storage of talented people.  As well, it would also allow them to gain the support from the medium and small sized families!

It had to be said that this move from Miracle Commerce was very correct.  It had many purposes which would solve many problems that they had to deal with when fighting their way into Central State!

From this one move, the three families understood that Miracle Commerce was prepared to enter the Main City, but their speed was too quick!  The company had only been set up for around two months and they already wanted to enter the Main City?

At any costs!

Before Qilin Hall could establish itself, they had to be strangled off!

Not only did they have to destroy them, they had to steal all their technology.  This was the Four Great Families’ territory, who would stop them if they went overboard?  Just like flowing water, they were using a single brutal step to directly achieve their goals!  As if they were demonstrating their decisive and relentless attitude!

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