MT Chapter 142


Chapter 142: The most broken class in history

It took a while for everyone to calm down.

Why could this box speak?

However, this wasn’t important!

The way this box taught was too great.  Even the best teacher of Central State Academy could not even compare to 1% of this thing!  This remarkable and advanced view, as well as the sharp and wise focus……Perfect, too perfect.  It would be great if we could listen to it again!


Everyone began to talk with each other as their faces filled with pleasant surprise and excitement!

Because they saw this as an opportunity!  This once in a lifetime opportunity to change their destinies!

“Everyone calm down for a bit.”

“I know you have many doubts in your minds, but I will try to solve them for you now.”

Chu Tian pulled out the disk and lifted it high up in both hands to let everyone see it, “This small disk has a sound storing ability and this equipment has the ability to read the sound stored and play it back.  Therefore it is named……a phonograph!”


Good name!

A really good name!

Chu Tian spoke up to here and then gave a gentle snap.

Yun Xiao quickly brought out a large plate which had over twenty Magnetic Sound Stone plates scattered on it.

“Each disk was personally recorded by Chu Tian!  They contain cultivation technique analysis, martial arts instructions, and knowledge on alchemy, symbol techniques, array formations, and all other kinds of fields!  This is only the tip of the iceberg!  Do you want to hear Chu Tian’s teachings?  Do you want to share in Chu Tian’s wisdom?  Do you want to learn Chu Tian’s knowledge?  This opportunity bestowed to you be the heavens is right in front of you!  I believe that as long as you study for a week in the Qilin Hall, each and every one of you will be reborn and everyone here will undergo an unprecedented transformation!  There is no doubt that this is the place where your destinies will change!”

“Teaching others will be the main business of this Qilin Hall.  Our services however will not be limited to this.  In the future, we will also reveal special services as the training hall develops.  In order to properly create a training program, we will need to increase our strength and grow our cultivation bases!  We will build the strongest training organization in history!”

“If Yun Xiao can be reborn!”

“You can as well!”

Pa, pa, pa!

Everyone’s eyes were red as they all began to wildly clap.

Could they not be filled with this kind of excitement?  Yun Xiao had been reborn in just a few days!  He had been turned from a playboy into a talent with limitless potential!

If even he could do it.

Why can’t we?

Nangong Yun was filled with admiration for Chu Tian.  Although he wouldn’t be personally teaching everyone, with this phonograph, he could indirectly teach them all by recording his lessons.  It would help Miracle Commerce attract talented people, increase their influence, and would allow them to earn a large revenue, there were too many benefits to this!  It was simply killing three birds with one stone!

She had no idea how he had even thought of this!

As long as Chu Tian recorded the lesson once, they would be able to make tens of thousands of copies.

The value of these items could not be measured with money.  This enticement was something that students could not resist!

What does giving money count for?  The Qilin Hall would give a person a whole new future!

This would become the most broken class in the history of Central State City!

Nangong Yun looked at the crowd that was filled with excitement and joy, and she could already see the future the Qilin Hall would have!

Perhaps these people will look back in the future and think about how lucky they were to join the Qilin Hall!

Chu Tian’s voice changed, “There is no free meal in this world!  All of the Qilin Hall’s service will be charging a service fee!”

With this one sentence.

Everyone finally calmed down.

That’s right, Miracle Commerce had no reason for teaching them for free.  Qilin Hall also did not have the obligation to give them benefits for free.

“Qilin Hall will open up a large variety of courses in the future and each one will cost a different amount.  Currently, each class will cost around ten thousand to five hundred thousand gold coins!”


Ten thousand to five hundred thousand gold coins?

For a single class!

Even if a class was personally taught by Yun Tianhe, it still would not cost this much!

Chu Tian continued saying, “Everyone, don’t look down on it because it is expensive.  The class that you have just listened to for free tonight was only a lowest level ten thousand gold coins lesson.  With a higher charge, the content would become even more precious.  Sometimes there might even be talks about brand new technology that has not appeared on the continent yet.  If one could profit from it, the value itself could be ten times or even a hundred times the price!”

The class they had just heard was only the lowest level ten thousand gold coins lesson?

This was already a hundred times better than a class from any Central State teachers!  Then how valuable would the most expensive classes be?

This phonograph was already something that had never been seen in Central State City before.  It itself was already a priceless treasure so the price was completely reasonable.

“Naturally you are seniors of the Qilin Hall, so you should get special accommodations.  As long as you join Qilin Hall now, you will only need to pay an entrance fee of one hundred thousand gold coins!  With just a meager hundred thousand gold coins, you can directly become a full member of Qilin Hall and enjoy many preferential treatments.”

One hundred thousand entrance fee?

Then for people that want to join Qilin Hall in the future, they would have to pay at least one hundred thousand gold coins in entrance fees?

There was no organization in Central State Academy that dared to charge this kind of fee.  It was simply too crazy!

“Members of Qilin Hall will have the rights to listen to the intermediate and high level courses.  Since Qilin Hall has just begun to develop and urgently needs to grow bigger, we will also be offering referral rewards!  As long as one brings an outsider that has never heard the course before, your fee will be cut by half!”

“Every time you refer a person to enter Qilin Hall, you will immediately receive a fifty thousand gold coin credit for your tuition fees.  As well, every time that person spends gold coins in the training hall, you will be able to receive as high as 5% the value as credit!”

“If you can refer fifty people to the Qilin Hall, not only will you receive a large amount of credits for your tuition fee, you will receive 8% credits on their purchases and will be promoted to a high level member.  All low level courses will be half price and you will also receive the qualifications to directly purchase disks for low level classes.”

“If you can refer one hundred people to the Qilin Hall, not only can you enjoy the previously mentioned privileges, you will also receive a 10% credit on their purchase and will receive a limited edition phonograph.  You will also receive five free disks for low level classes and will have the qualifications to create a branch of the Qilin Hall!”


This series of benefits stunned everyone here.

“Whether it is a member of the academy or not, Qilin Hall will treat everyone impartially and everyone can refer their friends and families to join the Qilin Hall.  As long as it is not a member of the Chu, Luo, and Ye three great families, everyone is welcome to join!”

Chu Tian continued to announce.

“Do you want more knowledge?  Do you want to earn a large profit?  Then just do it!  Now, I want to show everyone the topics that will be played tomorrow!”

Yun Xiao brought out a list on a board and placed it in front of everyone.

On the large board, there were golden words written listing the names of the courses.

«Thirty Six Basic Alchemy Skills One», twenty thousand tuition fee!

«Thirty Six Basic Symbol Technique Skills One», twenty thousand tuition fee!

«Thirty Six Foundational Martial Arts One», twenty thousand tuition fee!

«Eighty One Kinds of Basic Array Skills One», thirty thousand tuition fee!

«Thirty Foundational Cultivation Techniques Explained Part One», eighty thousand tuition fee!


The cheapest class here costed twenty thousand and the most expensive class costed eighty thousand.  Everyone also noted that there was a number at the end of the names which meant that these were all part of a series.

For a single series, would they have to listen to over ten different classes?

Each class costed so much money, so how much would it cost for them to listen to the whole set?

With just a simple calculation, everyone broke out in a cold sweat.  But they did not feel frightened at all, rather they were filled with excitement.


This was a giant opportunity!

The larger the curriculum, the more knowledge there was.  If they could listen to the entire thing, how much of a transformation would they undergo?

The more money they spent, the more opportunities would be available to them.  As seniors of Qilin Hall, they could refer others and receive a large credit in return!

If they could invite a few local tyrants to join and study the entire curriculum, just the credit they received would be enough to cover their studies!

Those paying attention also realized that these were all low level courses!

There were still intermediate and high level courses above this low level course.  Just how many higher level classes were there?


It was all knowledge!

It was simply a sea of knowledge!

But in the end, this knowledge still required them to use money to buy!

Once Chu Tian had finished speaking, Nangong Yun began to suppress the excited beating of her heart.  Her face was red as she stood up and loudly shouted, “Did you guys hear that?  Don’t say that elder sister doesn’t give you good things!  Go quickly!  The opportunity has already been given to you!  Search the market and go advertise, bring new people to our Qilin Hall.  Whether you’re able to earn money and become the carp jumping over the dragon gate will all depend on you!”  


Everyone immediately left.

They were like a flock of hungry wolves searching for prey to feed on.

Nangong Yun drew Chu Tian beside her, “Boss, aren’t you being a little too ruthless?  Charging several tens of thousands just for a single class, will there be people coming to listen to it?  You have to know that ten thousand is a giant sum of money for a normal cultivator!  It is enough for a person to live off of for an entire lifetime!”

Yun Xiao also thought that Chu Tian was being too ruthless.

Even a famous master like his grandfather would not dare to charge this much for a single class.  Wasn’t this ripping people off?

The price Chu Tian asked for was too much!  It was even for a basic course!

With a single class, he would earn at least one million and could earn several million at most.  Who would come to this class?  Wouldn’t the training hall be emptied before it even opened!

Who would have thought that Chu Tian would not care about it at all, “What do you know!  It wouldn’t be weird to spend tons of money to listen to Father’s lessons!  Of course I want to teach higher level content, but can one fly before one even learns to crawl?  Stop speaking nonsense!  You guys make the best use of your time and set everything up.  The next few days will be very crowded.”

Who told us to take you as the boss!

The two of them could only helplessly comply.

This place was already half dead, so it could not become any worse!

Actually, what Chu Tian recorded were just the basics of the basics.  Chu Tian did not come up with anything new and just recited some basic textbooks from the future that he memorized that were recorded into the Magnetic Sound discs.  

With just this.

He still dared to charge this sky high price!

Chu Tian’s confidence was naturally justified!

The contents of the textbooks was the crystallization of the works of countless scholars over tens of thousand of years.  Even if it was a basic textbook, it was still written with over thirty thousand years of insight.  The arrays, runes, and formulas contained within could be considered priceless in this era!

Was Chu Tian selling it for too much?

It was not expensive at all!

Chu Tian had established the Qilin Hall to earn money for himself while also recruiting talented people.  He was preparing Miracle Commerce for war in order to pave his path forward.

Of course!

Although he hadn’t made an appearance yet, his movements were still too big.  He would definitely attract the attention of many Central State families, but this was trouble that could not be avoided!

Chu Tian prepared himself.  It would all come eventually, so what was he afraid of?!

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