MT Chapter 141


Chapter 141: The advent of the phonograph

In the evening, there were around forty people that came to the training hall.  There were young men and women who had countless wounds on their bodies.  They had been beaten black and blue.

They all had depressed expressions and listless eyes.

When Nangong Yun saw this, she immediately raised her willow brows and said, “What happened here?”

“Elder sister, I’m sorry!  I can’t take it anymore, I want to leave!”


A capable young man had a face of regret.  When he looked at Nangong Yun, he revealed a look of admiration because he admired this elder sister’s sense of justice.  Every time that someone was bullied, she would go and settle their grudges for them.

Only……there was no other way!

Following Nangong Yun meant that one would never have a peaceful day.  There would be people challenging them everyday and not to mention secret plots, they would even be ganged up on.  This kind of life meant trouble without end.  Even though elder sister had given him quite a bit, he still had no choice but to withdraw.

Nangong Yun did not display any expression.  This was one of the top ten rankers of the Vermillion Bird Courtyard and was one of the most important people in the Qilin Hall.  If even he wanted to leave, then would Nangong Yun be happy?

This person gave a sigh, “I will give back everything that the dojo has given me and will even secretly provide the dojo with a sum of money, but……I really can’t stay any longer.  I hope elder sister can understand my situation!”

“I don’t blame you and you don’t need to compensate us for anything.”  Nangong Yun waved her head, “You can go!”

“Thank you elder sister!”

Feeling relieved, he had finally been released.

He quickly left the dojo.

Nangong Yun looked over everybody.  Morale was very low so she immediately asked in a loud voice, “Who else wants to leave?  You can stand out now!”

A small group of people stood out, there were four famous characters of the academy within this group.

Nangong Yun did not try to keep them here, “I’ve already said this before, the Qilin Dojo does not restrict people’s freedoms.  If you guys truly can’t stay any longer, then feel free to leave right now.”

Everyone revealed a look of admiration.

But there was still one fourth that left.

There were around thirty people left, each one with a black and blue face and expressions full of sadness.  Their morale was very low and they did not know how long they could keep going.

Not bad!

There were more people that remained than she expected.

This was mainly because of Yun Xiao joining which helped to increase morale by a little, otherwise as least half of them would have left.

“Everyone sit down!”

Nangong Yun sat down cross legged on a cushion.  Chu Tian and Yun Xiao stood at her sides.

These thirty or so individuals sat down.  Although there were only around thirty people left, every single one of them were not simple.  The weakest was at the peak 9th Body Refinement Layer and there were even a few at the 1st and 2nd Awakened Soul Layer.

Not only was Nangong Yun very beautiful, she was also very strong and a very straightforward person.  She was also a talent from the Nangong Family, with a high charisma.  Her initial development was very quick and at her peak, she had around ninety people.

“Do you guys regret following me?”

“We don’t!”

Nangong Yi revealed a satisfied smile, “Everyone here has been wronged, but I’m very happy to see this many people staying here.  You are all good, very good!  You have passed the test!  From now on, you have officially become the Qilin Hall!”

Everyone revealed a confused look.

When had their Qilin Dojo turned into a training hall?

Even after all these days, we still hadn’t joined it yet?

Nangong Yun continued saying, “You have not realized it yet, but in this moment, your destinies have already begun to change!”

Saying this.

She once again stood up.

“There is something important I have to announce today!”

Nangong Yun was wearing a red robe with a straight figure.  Her twin peaks pointed out like jade bamboo shoots, her butt was perfectly round like a peach, her thighs were very slender, and her figure had the perfect curves.  With her fiery aura, her burning eyes, her smug passion, and her sex appeal, she displayed an elder sister’s aura.

“Let me ask you first, do you want to become stronger?”

Everyone looked at each other in blank dismay!


“Of course we do!”

Nangong Yun angrily shouted, “Louder!  This old lady can’t hear you!”

This elder sister’s fierce aura stunned everyone and they quickly shouted, “Yes!”

“Do you want to earn a large amount of gold coins?”


“Do you want a high and honoured position above tens of thousands of people?”


“Do you want to learn the strongest cultivation techniques and bring honour to your ancestors?”


“I’ll be very frank with you today.  As long as you follow me, you will be able to achieve all of this!”

Under Nangong Yun’s lead, the originally low morale disappeared and everyone was filled with energy.  At this moment, Yun Xiao and Chu Tian brought out a black device and placed it on the ground.

This was a roughly shaped thing made out of iron and steel.

It was made of two parts.  The bottom part was a rectangular iron box and the top part looked like a morning glory.

It was roughly manufactured and did not look good at all, but the structure itself seemed very proper.  The parts were manufactured in a factory and then it was assembled by hand.

They could not see anything strange from its outside appearance!

What kind of strange thing was this?

Nangong Yun moved to Yun Xiao’s side and heavily patted him on the shoulder, “Does everyone recognize this person?”


Pain!  Pain!

Yun Xiao felt as if his shoulder had been destroyed.

“He had fought over ten people and beat all of them, surprising everyone, but just a few days ago, he was a piece of trash that only knew how to eat and drink.  Why is it that in this short amount of time, he was suddenly reborn?”

Yun Xiao revealed an awkward expression.

The way she put it was very impolite.

What did she mean by only knowing how to eat and drink?

I could be considered a prodigal son.  People call me the love saint, alright?

Although he promised the boss he would be the spokesperson, the spokesperson should receive a bit of respect, right?

Yun Xiao swallowed all his grievances, the witch beside him was not a good person to talk to.

There were several people here that had fought with Yun Xiao.  Not only had Yun Xiao seem like he was reborn, he had also given them advice which helped them quite a bit.  Was there a special reason for why Yun Xiao had become stronger?

Nangong Yun saw what everyone was thinking, “Don’t you also think that his progress is incredibly quick?  Do you want to be the center of attention just like him?  There is a chance for that now!”

Everyone was instantly filled with excitement.

Was there really a mysterious secret method?

Nangong Yun pointed at the black device, “This thing is your future.  Now, let’s ask Lu Ren to introduce himself to everyone.”

In front of everyone’s eyes, a young man walked forward, wearing a blue robe and carrying a long sword on his back.  If Nangong Yun had not asked him to stepped forward, then no one would have noticed him.

Chu Tian intentionally stalled things out, “I want to ask everyone, have you heard of a person named Chu Tian?  Have you heard of Miracle Commerce?”

“Chu Tian?”

“Miracle Commerce?”

“I know him.  He is a legendary young man!”

The young man and woman revealed excited expressions.  How could they have not heard of him before?

For the electric lamps smuggled over from South Sky City, each one had an increased price of four-five times the normal price.  As for the Qi Refining Pills from South Sky City, each one was worth several tens of thousands of gold coins.  These were the masterpieces of Miracle Commerce!

And Chu Tian was even more incredible!

He had beaten up the Heavenly Wolf Young Master and forced Ye Wudao to admit defeat!

He was simply an all powerful legendary young man!

Although he was not a person from Central State City, he was the idol of countless Central State City’s youths.  Some people were even comparing him with the Four Young Masters!

Chu Tian revealed a faint smile, “It’s good that everyone has heard of him, but you only know that Chu Tian is the Miracle Commerce Chairman.  As for your elder sister Nangong Yun, she is actually one of the high ranking personnel of Miracle Commerce.”

Everyone was stunned.

This explained why all those people could not beat her.

Chu Tian returned to the main topic, “Everyone has endless potential and with the right guidance, it is not out of the question to advance a thousand li in a single day.  It is a pity that there are many talents, but there is a lack of teachers.  Destiny is not fair and everybody is born into different situations.  Some are born with golden spoons, while others are born with nothing.  Countless people are born with the potential to do great things, but because they do not have the right guidance, they will all vanish without accomplishing a thing.”

That’s right!

He’s completely right!

There were over a hundred million people in Central State, was there really nobody that could compare with the Four Young Masters?

But so what if you had a talent that could compare with the Four Young Masters?

If one had a lowly birth, they might not even have the chance to practice a good cultivation technique.  Not to mention having the best resources and the best teachers to guide them.

“The thing that Miracle Commerce is best at is, changing people’s views!”  Chu Tian interrupted everyone’s thoughts, “This time, Yun Xiao was just the first one to benefit from this.  There will be a second and third……and countless number of people!”

Everyone began to feel their blood boil.

Could the changes with Yun Xiao be reproduced?

Chu Tian pointed at the strange device and said, “This thing is the latest masterpiece from Miracle Commerce and is the gift that elder sister Nangong Yun has brought to Central State for everyone.  It is a mysterious phonograph!”

This really was a strange thing.  Why had they never heard about it before?

This phonograph was something Chu Tian had based off an old record and had roughly drawn, which he then allowed Tong Xiaoyu to redesign.  He had given the design to Jing Hao last night and had made him quickly create one with his family’s factory.

Because it was quickly made, it did not look great, but it did not affect its functionality.

“There’s no need to say anything else!”

“Everyone just give it a try!”

Chu Tian magically took out a disc.

This disc was made from Magnetic Sound Stone and was about 20 cms in diameter.  The surface was carved with runes that had not been seen before.

Chu Tian revealed the Magnetic Sound Stone disc in front of everyone and then he walked over to the phonograph.  He carefully placed it in the machine, perfectly fitting into the empty groove.

That groove was also covered in runes.

When the runes in the groove and the runes on the disc met, the source energy array on the Magnetic Sound Stone disc began to light up.  With the source energy released, it began to slowly turn.

“Zi, zi……”

From the flower shaped part of the thing, a sound was released.  The loudspeaker inside began to release a low, deep, and slightly hoarse voice, “Hello everyone!”

Everyone here was shocked.


“This machine can talk!”

“Has it formed a spirit?”

“No, there is definitely a person inside.  I heard that some of the continent’s clans are really small and can fit in this kind of box!”


Everyone began to discuss with one another.

This scene for them was too inconceivable!

Who would have thought that the disc would continue to turn and the low and deep voice continued to sound out, “Today the topic we will be talking about is the «Spirit Energy Refinement Skill»……”

The phonograph slowly began to turn.

The sound filled the entire main hall.

There was not a single sound as everyone stared with large eyes.  Their mouths were open wide enough to stuff an apple inside.

It can’t be?

It knew how to teach!

Chu Tian turned up a gear on the side and increased the sound to the highest setting letting everyone hear the voice clearly.

“Spirit energy is the root of a cultivator’s strength, however cultivators only know how to increase the quantity of spirit energy they have and do not know how to increase the quality of their spirit energy.  Just focusing on increasing spirit energy without increasing the quality, in the long run the spirit energy will be motley and impurities will fill the meridians causing internal damage and creating chronic injuries…..”

Spirit energy refinement?  Could this actually exist?

Everyone was immediately hooked.

Everyone only knew about wildly increasing their spirit energy thus letting them have more spirit energy.  They had never heard of the fact that spirit energy could be refined which could bring them unimaginable benefits.

Everyone stop discussing as they all held their breaths and listened with their full attention.

In less than two minutes.

Everyone was deeply caught up in the lesson.

Because what this person taught them was simply too great.  It referred to many classics as it explained countless profound spirit energy skills in a very simple language which allowed everyone to comprehend everything with ease.

Not to mention the people present.

Even Nangong Yun and Yun Xiao were stunned.

It was said well, it was very good!  Even the famous teachers of Central State Academy could not compare with this lecture.  This was a lecture from a true master!

The entire lesson lasted a total of forty five minutes.  The voice from the box spoke at a very casual speed without saying a single unnecessary word from the beginning to the end.  Every word was just right and got right to the point!

“…..The Source Energy Refining Skill is not only helpful in promoting one’s cultivation base, it can also directly increase battle potential, make one’s spirit energy more flexible, and quicken one’s progress with a cultivation technique.  I hope that everyone will take spirit energy refining seriously and will not focus purely on increasing your cultivation bases.  It must be known, haste makes waste.”

“This class will end here!”

When the sound disappeared, everyone was still filled with shock and no one responded.

“Pa, pa!”

It was unknown who clapped first.

Everyone seemed like they had awakened from a dream and quickly began to forcefully clap along.  The warm applause rang out and it slowly became louder and warmer.  It was like they expected the person in the box to hear them.



The grievances and frustration they had completely disappeared and it was replaced with this incredible pleasant surprise!

This was a great invention!  This was an era defining invention!

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