LXY Book 14: Chapter 26


Book 14: Chapter 26 – Furiously Whipping

The Soaring Cloud Lake’s Young Master was truly frightened when he heard this. If he was killed, it wouldn’t matter even if the starry-blue robed teenager in front of him paid with his life; it would still be too late for him!

“Don’t kill me; don’t kill me! I’ll give you whatever treasures you want!” The green-haired male begged, “Please, I assure you, my father definitely won’t take revenge either. Really…”

The Bloodshed God Palace’s soldiers laughed as they watched from far away.

Many of them actually quite disliked the Soaring Cloud Lake’s Young Master and thus were quite delighted to see him be thrashed like this!


Yun Hai was anxiously watching the scene from the street when he suddenly felt himself being pulled into the Mirage.

Within the Mirage.

“Let’s hurry up and leave.” Xue Ying dragged Yun Hai behind him through Mirage. Despite his Mirage Deity Heart only being at the peak of the Deity Realm, the surrounding Deities still weren’t able to reach him nor discover him with their current realms.

“His father’s a World Deity. Based on my expectations, he should be hurrying over here right now. Let’s hurry up and leave,” Xue Ying transmitted.

“Dong Bo, you’re simply too daring! This, this is truly…” Yun Hai was still a peak-level Deity, so he was thus able to transmit messages to Xue Ying from within the Mirage World.

“Rest assured, everything’s fine,” Xue Ying said with a grin.

However, Yun Hai was terribly frightened when he saw Xue Ying’s smile.

As he’d been in the Deity World for so many years, he’d long gotten accustomed to avoiding these sorts of arrogant disciples with huge backgrounds; he didn’t dare to offend them in the slightest. Who in their right mind would be like Xue Ying, teaching the Soaring Cloud Lake’s Young Master a lesson the moment he’d entered Mountain Wu City? He was truly too daring! And yet, Yun Hai still felt delight behind the fright he was feeling.

At the same time, in another location within the Mountain Wu Star Field.

Hua, hua, hua~

An enormous lake spanned across the starry sky, occupying over a hundred million square kilometers. There were caverns around it, most of which were occupied by Deities sitting cross-legged within them. This was none other than one of the few peak-level superpowers of the Mountain Wu Star Field, the Soaring Cloud Lake.

The master of the Soaring Cloud Lake was a stage one World Deity!

A stage one World Deity might only be considered a middle class character within the entire Deity World, but he was quite a huge character within a single starfield.

“Who dares harm my son?!” A tall, sturdy figure—clad in armor—appeared from within the surging lake. A pair of golden eyes blazed in contrast to a thick green beard.

His eyes were filled with fury as he stood atop the lake. Even though he’d reprimanded his son many times and asked him to not act ostentatiously outside, he still became both angry and anxious when he learned that his soon needed his help.

“It’s incredibly unfortunate that my Soaring Cloud Lake hasn’t constructed a Space Teleportation Array.” Due to his considerable anxiety, the Soaring Cloud Lake Master immediately took a step forward, penetrating through the starry sky to rush toward his son.

Most World Deities wouldn’t have constructed Space Teleportation Arrays within their personal enclaves. This was because if they ever offended a powerful enemy, their enemy would be able to kill their way into their enclave via their Space Teleportation Array, in turn allowing them less time to escape! As such, if they didn’t have a Space Teleportation Array, they would have more time to escape the moment they were notified that such an enemy was headed toward them!

However, right now was different!

A World Deity would need to spend an hour travelling at top speed to reach Mountain Wu City without using a Space Teleportation Array.

Within Mountain Wu City.

Xue Ying’s true body was escaping with Yun Hai, but his mirage body hadn’t done so. Instead, it had stayed behind in order to buy more time.

“Remember, don’t harm my clan’s young master! Everything can be discussed. We, the Soaring Cloud Lake, will definitely deliver whatever it is that you want!” one of the black-robed attendants exclaimed, while the other black-robed attendant nodded in agreement. Their young master’s life was simply too important.

“Master, please be merciful, and don’t kill the young master.” To th side, the two charming women were also begging.

Xue Ying held his fiery-red spear in one hand and the green-haired male’s neck in the other. He suddenly lifted the green-haired male up and turned into a stream of light, flying into the distance.

The two black-robed attendants, the nine black-scaled mutated beasts, and the two charming women anxiously followed him.

“Hahaha… This is interesting, really quite interesting.”

“That fool of a young master finally got what he deserved.”

Several soldiers from the Bloodshed God Palace were laughing and enjoying the scene from afar. However, even though they weren’t afraid of the Soaring Cloud Lake’s Young Master, they generally tried not to obstruct his actions, as the young master was even less afraid of them.


Xue Ying rapidly flew away while holding onto the green-haired male.

“Where are you taking me? What are you going to do to me?” The green-haired male felt uneasy and panicked, yet Xue Ying didn’t listen to him at all. “Ai, why did I have to meet such a formidable expert… Both my servants and mutated beasts were chosen by father, and all of them are stronger than ordinary peak-stage Deities. Yet, they were easily swept away against this mysterious person.”

Experts at Xue Ying’s level weren’t easily found—even amongst the subordinates of World Deities.

After all, considering how powerful he was, so long as he cultivated for just a little while longer, he had a large change of becoming an inner disciple beneath a powerful existence. If that didn’t happen, he would still be able to join a sect under a stage four World Deity.

“Here we go.” Xue Ying flew a bit further until he arrived at his destination.

Mountain Wu City’s city lake spanned across millions of kilometers. Within this area was a region filled with many truly beautiful and magnificent caverns that were around five hundred thousand kilometers in size. In the sky above the lake was a huge ‘Bloodedge’[1], as well as an enormous array that shrouded the entire region.

This was none other than a Bloodshed Region.

Amongst the many territories beneath the Bloodshed God Palace, the starfields and prefecture capitals—as well as the God Palace itself—would all have a Bloodshed Region.

A Bloodshed Region is usually the place where the Bloodshed God Palace’s soldiers reside in or where the Bloodshed Tavern’s people stay. Xue Ying thought, This place forbids any sort of battling! Not even World Deities dare to casually run rampant here. Those who dare to actually live here are at least stage three World Deities.

Xue Ying possessed a clear understanding of the many rules pertaining to the Deity World.

Peng. Xue Ying descended to the ground before throwing the green-haired male to the ground beside him. He then coldly asked, “Where’s the Heart-Branding Whip?”

The green-haired male laughed. “It’s still on me. Why would I dare to bring it out in front of you?”

“Take it out and give it to me,” Xue Ying ordered.

“This, this…” The green-haired male was hesitant.

“Take it out.” Xue Ying coldly stared at him.

The green-haired male’s only choice was to obediently hand over the Heart-Branding Whip. As it floated over to Xue Ying, the two black-robed old men, the nine black-scaled mutated beasts, and the two charming women also descended to the ground, sighing inwardly as they did so. This mysterious individual flew too fast; despite flying with all of their might, they still lagged behind considerably.

The moment Xue Ying grabbed ahold of the blood-colored whip, he immediately swung it.

The whip swung toward the green-haired male, which caused him to hurriedly attempt to dodge it. However, his realm was too far behind Xue Ying’s; thus, the whip was just like a blood-colored illusion as it struck his body.

A crisp sound resounded.

The blood-colored seals imprinted on the whip continued to revolve as it struck the green-haired male’s body, who instantly rolled to ground. His body trembled as he lay there, howling, “Mercy, mercy!”

“Didn’t you say that you wanted to beat me to death once you caught me?” Xue Ying questioned as he continued to whip the green-haired male. Every single lash that struck the green-haired male caused him to howl in agony. Indeed, killing a person of the Bloodshed God Palace was an enormous crime, but merely inflicting heavy injuries on them wouldn’t count for nearly as much. After all, considering the endless number of battles within the Deity World, heavy injuries were a common sight. Thus, so long as one didn’t die, the matter could still be considered minor.

Xue Ying had been delaying for time previously, but now that everything had been setup properly, he was going to teach this young master a lesson.

“Mercy, master! Please, let our clan’s young master off! If you keep hitting him with the Heart-Branding Whip, you’ll kill him!” one of the black-robed attendants anxiously begged. However, they didn’t dare to interfere with his actions, as the gap in combat power was too vast.

“Hmph.” Coldly snorting in response, Xue Ying continued to whip the green-haired male. Xue Ying could clearly tell how injured the green-haired male was and naturally wouldn’t whip him to death.

However, Xue Ying definitely wouldn’t let this guy have it easy either! He could avoid the death penalty, but he’d still have to suffer a living hell!

Pa! Pa! Pa!

The whip continued to lash out, causing the male to cry out in pain as he rolled across the ground. “Pain, ah, ah, ah!”

“Usually, you’re the one rampantly whipping others. How does it feel to be on the receiving end of the Heart-Branding Whip for once?” Xue Ying coldly said, “This is what your Heart-Branding Whip feels like.”

“Mercy, mercy…” The Soaring Cloud Lake’s young master was about to collapse from the pain.


An angry roar could be heard from afar.

A team of Deity World soldiers could be seen flying toward Xue Ying in the distance, their commander wearing golden armor. These soldiers all had extraordinary auras and could vaguely be seen as a single entity. Xue Ying was immediately able to deduce from their armor that they were soldiers from the Bloodshed God Palace. As for the golden-armored commander, his eyes were full of fury and killing intent.

“Commander, Master Commander!” the two black-robed servants loudly shouted when they saw him.

So slow. Xue Ying gave him a glance. Based on his previous calculations, he’d expected this World Deity to reach here first. However, it seemed that the Soaring Cloud Lake Master’s enclave didn’t have a Space Teleportation Array and had to slowly make his way over unassisted.


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