LXY Book 11: Chapter 22


Book 11: Chapter 22 – Plant Creature

Xue Ying did not decline either. A treasure protected by over two hundred Mirage Creatures…even if he could not use it without the Transcendent Qi, sending it back to the Xia Clan would be good as well. Who knew, it might possibly turn around the war during a crucial moment.


Xue Ying walked to the corner of the mountain, took in a deep breath, and extended his hand toward that piece of crystal jade. Cautious, he did not touch the jade and instead used World Energy to wrap around this crystal jade. All of a sudden, a ray of light flew out from it before entering through the eye brows of Xue Ying. This startled Xue Ying; it was too late for him to dodge it.

Even with a Deity grade scroll-strengthened physique, the green-armored protector, and other kinds of protection, they were futile in defending against this ray of light.


“Blood Creeping Flower: a companion plant of the Sky-Reaching Vine. It is an inborn Deity realm plant creature. Within the crystal jade hides a single Blood Creeping Flower seed, and as long as one refines the crystal jade—releasing the seed—the seed will be able to grow via absorbing World Energy! It has the ability to match a Demigod the moment it is born, and a hundred years later, it’ll be able to grow toward the Deity realm. A thousand years later, it will reach the middle stage of Deity realm, and ten thousand years later, it will reach the late stage Deity realm. After a hundred thousand years, the Blood Creeping Flower will reach the peak of the Deity realm, becoming a perfect, mature creature.”

“Feeding it Origin Stones, Deity Crystals, blood, fleshy corpses, and other objects that contained energy will hasten its pace of growth.”

“The detailed method to groom it…”

“The techniques of controlling it…”

“The combat techniques more suited to…”

A huge amount of information began appearing in his mind.

Xue Ying’s eyes sparkled; he felt immeasurably elated as countless ideas began popping in his mind. As long as he could groom this ‘Blood Creeping Flower’ well, it would definitely provide the Xia Clan with another Deity realm combat power when the war began! And this Deity realm plant creature…was even harder to deal with than ordinary Deities since its life force was much stronger!

“Refine.” Xue Ying immediately sent a strand of his spirit energy within this crystal jade. A seal started appearing on its surface as the jade gradually became transparent, revealing a black seed placed right at its center. The black seed awakened slowly, green sprouts beginning to grow on its surface. There were even some tender green leaves rapidly absorbing the surrounding energy. Chi chi chi, the crystal jade diminished in size, and soon, it had been completely swallowed by the little green vines of this black seed.

Hu hu hu~

In a surge of surrounding World Energy, more and more leaves began growing from the vine. The green leaves swayed gently, and the vines continued growing bigger and bigger. The original black seed dried up before finally being completely powderized

In the blink of an eye, many green leaves sprouted from this green vine, and the green leaf at the peak even had a beautiful red flower bud blooming.

“Child, come over.” Xue Ying revealed a grin as he extended his right hand. This Blood Creeping Flower floating in mid-air began flying toward Xue Ying’s palm before obediently wrapping around his wrist, becoming smaller in size just like a wrist protector. Even though it seemed like a wrist protector, it still continued to swallow World Energy.

“This is a Blood Creeping Flower?” Chen Jiu walked over with a look of astonishment. “No wonder he is a big existence of the Deity world. This is truly being a spendthrift! The treasure for this fortuitous encounter is actually a Deity realm plant creature. I’ve heard that plant creatures are usually refined and controlled when they are still seeds; otherwise, it’ll be hard for others to control them once they grow up.”

“Mn.” Xue Ying nodded while revealing a brilliant smile. “Right, I’ve refined that piece of crystal jade. Only then did I fully grasp this Blood Creeping Flower.”

“A Blood Creeping Flower, just a single one of it could be exchanged for three to five peak stage Deity slaves.” Chen Jiu sighed.

“So expensive?” Xue Ying was startled. “It is merely a peak stage Deity creature when it matures.”

“That’s different. This sort of plant creature, once refined, is absolutely loyal to you. You could transform it into a plant armor to protect yourself as well, so its value is naturally worth much more than peak stage Deity slaves. Those slaves…even though they are forced to become slaves and seem obedient, who knows if they harbor any hatred in their hearts. There might even be a day when they harm their master.” Chen Jiu said, “Comparatively, this plant creature will not make you worry at all.”

Xue Ying nodded.

“It’s a pity though, Dong Bo, that if you had not refined it, this crystal jade seed could possibly be sold outside.” Chen Jiu said, “Have those superpowers send a set of Six Ghost Resentment antidotes into the mortal world as the price. It’s not entirely impossible. But it’s a pity that you have refined it already, and since this Blood Creeping Flower is already growing under your power, it will be quite hard for it to recognize another master.”

“Ah.” Xue Ying was startled. “Exchanging it for an antidote?”

It could already be exchanged for three to five peak stage Deity slaves.

Amongst the ancestor Deities of the Xia Clan, there were merely three who became a peak Deity! Even after pooling every single resource they had together, they could not afford this seed. Crimson Rock Mountain…was a treasure left behind by a powerful existence. If a single, random strand of hair was taken, it would be even thicker than those thighs of the Deities.

“Whatever.” Xue Ying shook his head. “Since I’ve refined it, there is no point dwelling on this anymore. Furthermore, it could possibly be of a huge aid in the upcoming battle with the Sorcerer God and the Great Demonic God.”

Even if he eventually died because of the hex poison, he could still order this Blood Creeping Flower to protect the Xia Clan!

“It’s good that you can see through things. Furthermore, with your improvement in combat power, who knows; you might possibly be able to successfully get through the five leaf vine worlds of the Sky-Reaching Vine.” Chen Jiu sighed.

“As long as we try our best,” Xue Ying added.

Still, things were different from the past.

Previously, Xue Ying had harbored the thought of gambling with his life. If he could not get his poison cured, he would rather die on the way.

But now that he had the Blood Creeping Flower, Xue Ying felt that if things were amiss, when he reached the final stage of despondence, he would rather tear apart the talisman and leave the place. Because, he had to bring the Blood Creeping Flower back!

Hu hu.

On top of the central long vine.

Xue Ying and Chen Jiu both flew along the central long vine at top speed.

“Right, Dong Bo, you have always been talking about the war with the Sorcerer God and the Great Demonic God, but do you know when it’ll begin?” Chen Jiu asked.

“I don’t.” Xue Ying shook his head. “But back when our Xia Clan destroyed the Great Demonic God Avatar, it had been quite close to perfection. Thus, from my calculations, their preparation should already been quite ample; they could begin the war at any time.”

Chen Jiu smiled. “I can actually tell you a piece of information.”

“Mn?” Xue Ying looked toward him.

“The war should begin around twenty years later.” Chen Jiu said, “The accurate time isn’t confirmed, but it should be after twenty years!”

“Twenty years later?” Xue Ying was shocked as he hurriedly questioned, “Why would you say so?”

Chen Jiu explained, “You should know that I’ve been sent over by a magnificent World Deity into the Xia Clan world. That time when I swore an oath with him, there was an order which stated that I must enter Crimson Rock Mountain within 20 years after reaching the Xia Clan world. That World Deity also ordered me not to delay since the moment the war erupts, Crimson Rock Mountain will eventually be completely sealed by the Sorcerer God and the Great Demonic God. There’ll no longer be an opportunity for us to enter anymore.”

“Since he demanded for me to enter within twenty years, I reckon the war will take at least twenty years before commencing.”

“And it isn’t just me; the other teams that had arrived should most likely have obtained some information from the World Deity or Great Demonic God existences backing them,” Chen Jiu explained.

Xue Ying nodded gravely.

His own Xia Clan ancestor Deities were ultimately just Deities. Their sources of news could never compare with those of the World Deities. After all, according to what Chen Jiu said…the gap between a Deity and a World Deity was similar to that between a mortal and a Transcendent.

“Twenty years.” Xue Ying held plenty of thoughts in his heart.

Xue Ying and Chen Jiu continued flying together.

Very soon, they reached the main branch of the Sky-Reaching Vine by following the long vine and continued their flight upward.

After about eight days of flying, they finally reached the second vine leaf world.

On this road, Xue Ying and Chen Jiu had always been rushing since they wanted to chase after Lord You Lan, yet to their dismay, they did not find him at all.

“This Lord You Lan is really fast at escaping,” Chen Jiu sneered.

“The second vine leaf world. I don’t believe he’ll be able to escape from us there,” Xue Ying said.


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