EAA Chapter 360


Chapter 360- Ye Wu Chen’s Return Part 3

Zang Qing Xue smiled as only that man could make Lin Ruo Ying change her expression. It was a pity that such a perfect man was Mu Ru Yue’s husband.

Of course, how could she tell this fact to Lin Ruo Ying?

“Elder Apprentice Sister Lin Ruo Ying, how can I not recognise Elder Apprentice Brother Wu Chen who has such an outstanding appearance? It is just that he doesn’t know of me. Oh right, the woman that crippled Liu Li similarly knows Elder Apprentice Brother Wu Chen.”

Zang Qing Xue carefully checked Lin Ruo Ying’s expression before she continued, “But she isn’t a friend of Elder Apprentice Brother Wu Chen. That woman’s face is rather thick. She is boundlessly shameless. She always pestered Elder Apprentice Brother Wu Chen to the point that it annoys Elder Apprentice Brother Wu Chen. She even proclaims herself as Elder Apprentice Brother Wu Chen’s fiance! It is beyond my expectation that she came chasing over here when Elder Apprentice Brother Wu Chen arrived. If it wasn’t for Elder Apprentice Brother Wu Chen having some relationship with her parents, that woman would have tried hundreds of times already.”


‘Xiao Ru Yue, so what if I can’t deal with you? There will definitely be someone that can deal with you in this world!’

Lin Ruo Ying’s expression darkened gradually as she asked coldly, “Is what you said credible? If I find out that you lied to me, I definitely won’t let you off!”

Zang Qing Xue’s heart shuddered, but she bit her lips before replying “Elder Apprentice Sister Lin Ruo Ying, how can I deceive you? If that woman really is related to Elder Apprentice Brother Wu Chen, she would have spread it already. How could she endure the humiliation without fighting back? It is precisely due to Elder Apprentice Brother Wu Chen looking down on her and disliking her. Even so, she still stuck to him. You don’t know that she had once danced naked before Elder Apprentice Brother Wu Chen to seduce him. She even used underhanded methods like drugs. If it wasn’t for Elder Apprentice Brother Wu Chen’s good luck, he would have fallen for her trap. How can such shameless person be compatible with Elder Apprentice Brother Wu Chen?”

Lin Ruo Ying clenched her delicate fists as a trace of anger sparked to life in her captivating eyes.

It wasn’t that she easily believed Zang Qing Xue. It was just that she believed that nobody in the academy would dare to lie to her! Moreover, with Wu Chen being a peerless youth, he could indeed make a woman craze for him.

Yet, Lin Ruo Ying didn’t expect that that woman not only removed all of her clothes to seduce Wu Chen, she was even delusional enough to try and drug him. If it was just removing her clothes, then with Wu Chen’s strength, he wouldn’t fall for it and would just disdain her even more.  However, he wouldn’t be able to withstand drugs.

“He is indeed too perfect that it could make people do anything in their power to obtain him!”

Suddenly, Lin Ruo Ying remembered the first time they had met and her eyes became gentler.

That man wasn’t only outstanding, he was monogamous. No matter how many beauties appeared before him, he wouldn’t give them a glance.

If a man like him fell in love, then she would be the only one for him his entire life and for all eternity.

There wasn’t a need to worry that he would fall in love with another woman and, similarly, not fret if he wanted to have three wives and four concubines.

Perhaps the phrase ‘A couple for life and eternity’ perfectly suited him. It was precisely why the high-sighted her would fall for such a man…

It was just a joke that she previously wanted to take good care of his ‘friend’ for him.

“Elder Apprentice Sister Lin Ruo Ying, have you decided on how to punish that woman?” Worry filled Zang Qing Xue’s eyes as she continued, “I came to tell you this as I’m worried about Elder Apprentice Sister. That woman has a valiant innate talent and is a schemer. If she appears before Elder Apprentice Brother Wu Chen, you may even catch her red handed in bed with him one day.”

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