EAA Chapter 1183


Chapter 1183 – Facing Danger Part 7

Rows of demon beasts were killed under the intense flames. Nonetheless, a constant flow of demon beasts was still charging over. It was as if there wasn’t an end.

Blood stench filled the mountain valley. Blood rapidly stained the entire mountain forest. Corpse littered the ground.

Currently, Mu Ru Yue was in a tattered state. Her robes were ragged and her entire body was filled with wounds. It was such an alarming sight under the night sky…

But she didn’t give up. She could break through to the next realm at the quickest speed after passing Madam Hua’s training…


Time flew during her battles. It had already reached half a year from the moment Mu Ru Yue stepped into the tomb…

Everything turned on its head for the Nanyang Region within that half year…

Yin Hua stumbled across an opportunity within the tomb. He was able to break through to the God-king High realm shortly after leaving the tomb. Therefore, the power balance of the initial three large influential power was tipped over.

There were still two God-king realm experts within the Region Head Region. But they were negligible before Yin Hua. Yet, with Qiu Mei and Wen family’s assistance, the Region Head Manor wasn’t annihilated…

However, when the three large influential power returned and told the Region Head Manor about Mu Ru Yue’s death half a year ago, the entire Region Head Manor had almost collapsed!

They didn’t believe Yin Hua’s words. Since Qiu Mei and Wen Hao confirmed her death, the Region Head Manor almost collapsed.

But Hai Wei didn’t believe Mu Ru Yue’s death. He ignored everyone’s obstruction to head to the tomb to look for her. When he reached the black mist, it proved that what they said was right.

‘That talented woman has already died…’

Rage and sorrow plagued Hai Wei’s emotions. He thought he should let his Master know about this matter. Therefore, he left the North Wind Plains…

He didn’t expect the Region Head Manor to face a crisis after he left.


Currently, Yin Hua was laughing brazenly as he looked at the crowd blocking his way. With a slight cold smile, he said, “Kong Fan, your Region Head is already dead. If you know what is best for you, you should join our Yin family. You may obtain a chance to leave your name!”

Kong Fan’s elderly face turned ashen. Just when he wanted to rebuke, people of the Wang Ba Brothers Group were instantly enraged.

“We will definitely not leave the Region Head Manor!”

“That’s right! If it wasn’t for the Region Head to recruit us, we might still be bandits that hadn’t even fully possess a mountain! We couldn’t have an upright status!”

“The Region Head had used a lot of precious medicinal plants to nurture us. If it wasn’t for her, how could we have such powerful might? We will never betray our Region Head!”

It was precisely due to them being bandits previously that they cherished bonds.

Perhaps they were forced to follow her initially, carrying hatred to her who had forced them to leave the mountain they had lived on for a long time.

Nonetheless, it was obvious that woman didn’t in the slightest treated them as slaves! She treated them as subordinates she could trust and help in settling her matters. Furthermore, she had given them satisfactory positions, allowing them to enjoy so much reverence.

Even if she died, they wouldn’t betray her and follow the foe that ended her life.

“Yin Hua, I advise you not to waste your time. We, the Wang Ba Brothers Group, places importance on affections. The favour of the Region Head to us is as heavy as a mountain. We will always seek vengeance for her as long as we live!”

Lin Shu wasn’t as weak as before as he declared with gritted teeth.

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