EAA Chapter 1166


Chapter 1166 – Undermining Talent Part 3

Currently, Zhu Zi Yu was facing a black-robed man within a hidden room. With a ray that flickered past her eyes, she said, “I may have found the location of Wu Wang’s daughter.”

The black-robed man glanced at Zhu Zi Yu before he said in a gloomy tone, “I don’t know whether I should sympathise with him for him to be loved by you, a malicious woman. You have not only harmed him to such a state, but you also don’t plan on letting his daughter off…”

Zhu Zi Yu sniggered as she replied, “I don’t have a choice in this. I’ve done all this for his sake. I believe he will understand me. By doing this, he will no longer need to suffer! Moreover, isn’t this what your Dan family wants? You can obtain the Alchemy Book by finding her! However, I am not interested in that. All I want is her death!”

Hehe!” The black-robed man chuckled. He then said in a low and husky voice, “Where is Wu Wang now? Is he still at the lowest level of this hidden room?”


“Yes.” Zhu Zi Yu smiled. Her smile brimmed with gentleness as she continued, “He can finally stay silently by my side. He has already accompanied me for a thousand years. It’s hilarious that people of God Sect worship me as their saviour. They are clueless that I was the one that betrayed Wu Wang that year, resulting in him being unconscious and remaining in slumber for a thousand years!”

‘But I don’t have an alternative method. It hurts me more than it hurts himself when I see him live his life suffering a pain worse than death…’


Suddenly, there was an unintended sound heard from outside the hidden room. Zhu Zi Yu’s expression became sharp.


A frightened face entered her eyes the instant she dashed out from the room… 

The youth looked young, approximately fifteen years of age. There was an unfaded dread on his immature face. He looked at Zhu Zi Yu like a deer that had gotten a fright.

“Do we need to kill him?”

The black-robed man followed her out, casting a gloomy gaze at the youth’s face. He then looked at Zhu Zi Yu.

“This little fella is a disciple Tong Xuan had recently recruited!” Zhu Zi Yu’s gaze turned grim as she continued, “Tong Xuan has his life’s vitality writ tablet in his possession. Once he dies, that writ tablet will similarly break. Tong Xuan will then know that his disciple had died at that time. Even though I am not fearful of Tong Xuan’s might, it will surely be troublesome if he found out the truth.”

“How do you think we should deal with him then?”

“Let’s lock him up first.”

Zhu Zi Yu sneered as she said, “We must never let him appear before Tong Xuan again. Otherwise, he will certainly inform Tong Xuan of our collaboration!”

The youth retreated two steps out of fear. A mighty power landed on his chest before he could say a word. His lean body instantly was sent flying.


There wasn’t any other sound from him once he landed…

A large commotion erupted within the Nanyang Region once Hai Wei’s identity was exposed.

Everyone knew that there was a youthful King Stage Alchemist within the Region Head Manor.

The crowd was constantly cracking their brains to come up of ways in trying to rope him into their respective influential power. Thus, Hai Wei would be surrounded by people every time he left the manor. It wasn’t limited to forcefully giving his gifts. Some women even purposely dressed themselves up pretty and flirtatious to toss an amorous gaze at him. They scared him so much that he no longer dared to step a foot out of the Region Head Manor…

However, the crowd didn’t notice that Qiu Mei and the Wen family that were part of the three major influential power of Nanyang Region didn’t make a move on Hai Wei when they were trying every means possible to undermine him.

It was as if nothing had happened… 

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