EAA Chapter 1136


Chapter 1136 – Sealed Grounds Part 1

“Sorry! I didn’t do this on purpose.”

Li Sha had gotten a fright when her gaze met with the man’s sinister gloomy gaze, turning gravely pale. She hastily left the room.


She shut the room’s door on the way out.


“Li Sha, what happened?”

When Yi Lian walked out of her room, she cast a curious gaze at Li Sha that had an unusual expression on her face. Curiosity filled her gaze.

Mu Ru Yue’s door was opened as Yi Lian asked that. A charming figure walked out of the room, gradually heading out of the dormitory…

“This… This…” Yi Lian was stunned as she widened her eyes in shock and asked, “Why has he appeared here?”

‘Can it be he slept with Mu Ru Yue last night?’

Yi Lian shifted her gaze to Mu Ru Yue who was following closely behind the man as she thought about that.

“What are you two doing here?”

“It’s like that.”

Yi Lian was startled as she said, “Someone had conveyed a message to us that Elder Zhou Min (cycle nimble) of the academy is seeking for your audience.”

“Elder Zhou Min?”

“That’s right?”

Qian Ye, who was at Mu Ru Yue’s side, nodded upon hearing Mu Ru Yue’s question. She revealed hesitantly, “Elder Zhou Min is Xiao Yu’s master…”

“She again?” Mu Ru Yue smiled faintly as she said, “I am curious as to why she’s seeking me out.”

Ye Wu Chen frowned his nice-looking brows slightly. With gloominess expressed on his handsome face, he asked, “Do you want me to go with you?”

“No need!” Mu Ru Yue shook her head as she continued, “No matter what, I am now a disciple of the academy. She won’t be able to openly make a move on me so you don’t need to worry too much for me.”

Ye Wu Chen nodded slightly as he said, “I will be waiting outside for you. If something happens, you can call out for me…”

Within the academy, there was a place carved out of white jades.

There was a graceful and noble upper-class woman sitting on a chair within the elders’ office. She looked coldly at the white-robed woman that had walked in from outside.

“So you are Mu Ru Yue, the greatly rumoured newcomer?” Zhou Min tapped her finger gently on the table. The air she exhaled was ice-cold bone piercing. It was as if her entire body was shrouded with cold air.

Perhaps you had taken care of her face well. Hence, there weren’t any signs of aging on her face, making her look extremely beautiful…

“Yes.” Mu Ru Yue smiled faintly as she replied, neither servile nor overbearing.

Zhou Min narrowed her eyes slightly, silently sizing up the woman that was standing before her. She said coldly after a long time had passed, “Not bad. You’re indeed a rare good seedling. I’ve sought for you this time due to wanting to give you a mission.”

Mu Ru Yue raised her brow as she looked indifferently at Zhou Min.

“There are sealed grounds within our academy.” Zhou Min paused for a moment before explaining, “The sealed grounds is known as the North Wind Plains. The place you are going to take office is the Nanyang Region. I hope you can show some results within a year. If you can’t completely control the North Wind Plains within a year, you will be expelled from the academy!”

‘The North Wind Plains is a rather chaotic place within God Academy. There are several experts within that place; dragons and fish mingled in that region. More importantly, they never listened to the academy’s order. Thus, the academy had previously dispatched some disciples to govern the North Wind Plains. But they had always failed…

‘Therefore, since my disciple asked for my help in dealing with Mu Ru Yue, I thought of the North Wind Plains.

‘Her survival within that North Wind Plains will be uncertain. The disciples that were sent to take office in the plains before had already been killed by those powerful influential factions within the plains.

‘How can she, a newcomer, survive not to even mention controlling the North Wind Plains…’

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      well~ you know xD Sometimes dormitory girls barge into each other’s rooms without knocking as knocking seems too polite, depending on how close they are or if they had been told off before or not. Mu Ru Yue should be the latter in not telling Li Sha off so thus, the habit of barging into her room without knocking ^^

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