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Chapter 31 – Gold Behemoth (I)

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Yin Bi lifted its head. With a haughty appearance, it climbed shakily up the mass of trees, faint magical elements beginning to undulate around its body. The round silver scales on its body started to emit dim rays of light. Even if it was just a baby, as a dragon of all magical elements, Fire Magic was one amongst its skill set.

When Ye Yin Zhu noticed that the leopard men were almost halfway up the mountain, he nodded towards Sura and said, “Let’s get Yin Bi ready. We’ll start when they climb up a little higher.”


The Yin Zhu from before knew absolutely nothing about military affairs. He had only cultivated his Pure Zither Heart and, as a result, missed the opportunity to study many other subjects. But after entering the mainland and beginning his studies at the Milan Institution for Magic and Martial Arts, he was like a giant sponge—constantly absorbing everything he could learn from his surroundings. Even though Ye Yin Zhu faced an army consisting of tens of thousands of beastmen with only a team of four, he could still remain calm. This was something the three people next to him couldn’t help but secretly admire, and it was exactly Ye Yin Zhu’s calm composure that allowed the others to maintain a relatively steady state of mind.

The air grew heavy. At this very moment, each passing minute felt like an eternity for the four of them. Hai Yang and Xiang Luan’s palms had long since been covered with sweat. Sura glanced down the mountain for a moment before shooting a glance towards the calm and composed Ye Yin Zhu. His heartbeat quickened, pulsing erratically.

In fact, Ye Yin Zhu was also extremely nervous. It was just that he could control his emotions better. During his cultivation of the zither since infancy, Qin Shang would use all kinds of methods to disturb his playing, acclimatizing him to playing constantly regardless of disturbances. This also had a hand in giving Ye Yin Zhu his current sincerity and perseverance.

A minute passed. Ten minutes passed.

The Leopardmen forces had already traveled to just under 300 meters from the top, and now the majority of the Beastmen Army began climbing up the mountain. Even those Behemoths at the very back began to move.

“Fire!” Ye Yin Zhu bellowed.

Sura immediately passed on the order to Yin Bi. An orange halo of light quietly discharged from Yin Bi’s body. It was unexpectedly the Orange Rank magic—Flames of Renouncement. The chilly air suddenly became scorching hot as the trees Ye Yin Zhu had piled together combusted.

Little Yin Bi flapped its wings and jumped down, immediately rushing toward the other tree piles. At this time, Ye Yin Zhu also began to move at lightning speed.

Pushing himself to his limits, the recently combusted tree logs were immediately sent flying downwards, waves of whistling wind following in their wake. The wind borrowed the power of the flames, immediately setting alight the giant trees present on the slope. The dry weather ensured the greatest advantages for this fiery attack. The steep mountain side full of trees had indeed resembled Ye Yin Zhu’s thoughts, already becoming an immense hindrance to the plan. When the rolling trees fell and smashed into these trees, they immediately caused the fire to scatter in all directions. Although the speed of descent slowed down a bit, it exponentially increased the death zone imperceptibly.

The sudden misfortune caught the climbing Leopardmen unprepared. Blood-curdling screeches sounded through the air in an instant. The 10 foremost Leopardmen had already crashed into a rolling trees, but behind them was the enormous army! Like dominoes falling one after another, the flaming trees rolled down the mountain side, producing a frightening result.

The Tigermen roared in anger. The Leopardmen emitted blood-curdling screeches. The Apemen howled piercing, undulating cries. For a moment, the entire slope became a harsh cacophony of misery. The individually strong beastmen basically had no particular military formation. Facing this sudden attack, they naturally had no way to react. Confronting an unknown enemy and the ruthless blaze, the plundering legion was immediately thrown into chaos.

Ye Yin Zhu naturally didn’t watch this scene. At this moment, he coordinated with Yin Bi’s razor-sharp movements. Yin Bi would ignite the piles of tree logs, and he would immediately push them down the mountain side. Relying on the Divine Celestial Protection Robe, he didn’t need to fear the flames of the rolling trees.

After 10 more piles of trees were sent flying down in flames, Little Yin Bi’s magic was already exhausted. Tired, it returned to Sura’s chest, withdrawing into the special spatial domain within the reverse scales to rest. Currently, the effect of the rolling trees was already maximized in its entirety.

Ye Yin Zhu, when picking the trees to roll down the mountain, had chosen the thickest trees he could carry. Who knew how far Brenner Pass dated back to, but with its close proximity to the Northern Wasteland, the pass had been deserted, allowing the trees to grow exceedingly tall. If not for Ye Yin Zhu’s astonishing power, it would have been impossible for him to assemble so many gigantic trees in such a short period of time.

The giant trees rolled down the mountain, aflame and turning the beastmen encroachment into chaos. At this moment, the entire mountain side had already become an inferno of hell. Not only were the trees that Ye Yin Zhu pushed down in flames, but the other trees and the withered vegetation had also begun to burn. A surge of thick smoke unceasingly ascended. Everything was set aflame. The hair on the beastmen’s bodies were extremely flammable—no longer did it reflect their offensive potential, but instead it became the greatest burden to them.

These mentally retarded beastmen already couldn’t continue their climb to the mountain peak. Amidst the flames and rolling logs, panic spread widely and scattered in all directions in an instant. After all, the beastmen weren’t actual humans. Their hearts were ruled by the most primitive and brutal emotions, so even their superior commander was unable to completely control them.

Dis and Perkins were now very depressed. As the commanders of this beastmen hidden operation, they originally thought it would be smooth sailing with a nigh impossible chance of running into any obstacles, but the situation before their eyes was already out of their control.

“Bastard, there is no such thing as retreat. Give me a rush. No enemy can stop our beastmen from advancing.” Dis grabbed an Apeman scrabbling down the side of the mountain. Exerting his thick arms, which were larger than both Apemen and humans, the Gold Behemoth Dis looked like he was holding a toy figurine. Crushing the toy to pieces, a rain of blood showered down onto the earth.

The blood provoked the Behemoths behind Dis’ back, causing them all to release a vicious aura. In a moment, those beastmen who had dared to run away perished instantly.

“Eldest Brother, this isn’t the way. It would be more efficient to let them tear it down first.” Perkins grabbed Dis’ shoulder, preventing him from joining the slaughter. Also a Gold Behemoth, his intelligence was a bit higher than Dis’.

Dis snarled, “Bastards, they’re all giving me a retreat. Behemoths! Listen to my orders. Follow me up the mountain. I will take a look to see who dares to stop us Behemoths from advancing forward.” After these words, he dashed forward. His gigantic body neared twenty meters, but it wasn’t the slightest bit clumsy. His two legs heavily stomped against the ground, leaving behind pairs of deep footprints. His body already leapt forward ten meters, throwing himself at the steep incline. Giant rolling trees poured down in torrents from the mountain peak, yet Dis didn’t even bother to evade at all. Roaring, he forcibly dashed forward.


Dis’ body continued dashing forward, and those rolling trees shattered into splinters. The fire might have been a catastrophe to the other beastmen, but to a Behemoth, it had no effect whatsoever. The hairs on their bodies were basically inflammable.

The current Thor Beastmen King, Guti, had dispatched a plundering legion composed of the elites among the elites with Gold Behemoths Dis and Perkins serving as Commander and Vice-Commander respectively. The legion included four Silver Behemoths, eighty Berserker Behemoths, two thousand Apemen, ten thousand Leopardmen, and ten thousand Tigermen. This was the might of the Beastmen Army.

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