[C108] ZE Chapter 27.4


Chapter 27 – The Birth of the Silver Dragon Assassin (IV)


“Actually, …” Sura suddenly thought of something. Although he was excited and on the verge of speaking what was on his mind, in the end, he didn’t voice it.

“Actually what?” Ye Yin Zhu inquisitively looked at him.

“Nothing, I’ll go prepare a meal.”


The Freshman Competition of the Milan Institution for Magic and Martial Arts had concluded perfectly, entering the new school term on schedule. The majority of students attended class, and the teachers of each division also began the long process of selecting their candidates. Finally, after three days of screening and with President Ferguson’s final confirmation, the candidates participating in the Milan Autumnal Defensive War were tentatively determined.

Each and every student capable of entering this list of names could be said to be those that the Milan Institution for Magic and Martial Arts planned to focus on nurturing. The students were mainly native to the Milan Empire. After all, as the empire’s Imperial Institution, the Milan Royal Family didn’t want to cultivate outstanding talents for other countries.

The list of names were rapidly verified by each division. The students participating in this Autumnal Defensive War numbered a hundred, of which sixty were warriors and forty rare mages. In order to ensure the safety of their students, the majority of warriors selected were from the Heavy Sword division and Heavy Cavalry division because they had the strongest defense.

The mages were relatively diverse, with at least one student chosen from each division. Whether it was a warrior or mage, however, participation was done in order to gain experience. Most of the candidates were, therefore, senior students. Only a few exceptionally talented underclassmen were able to participate.

There were three candidates altogether from the Divine Music Division: Ye Yin Zhu, Hai Yang, and Xiang Luan. Originally Hai Yang wasn’t included in the selection, but Hai Yang used some unknown method in order to participate. She had explained to Ye Yin Zhu that she wanted to make sure she could continue to receive  his treatments. After all, this war might go on into the winter.

Apart from Ye Yin Zhu, the first-years of the Magic Department that were participating in this operation included Yue Ming of the Dark Magic division, Chang Hao of the Spatial Domain division, Ma Liang of the Summon division, Carol of the Light division, Freud of the Spiritual division, and Rolande of the Wind division. All of them had displayed an outstanding performance during the Freshman Competition as their division’s general, and as Sura had said and expected, he became one of the sixty warrior candidates.

“Teacher, you were looking for me?” Ye Yin Zhu pushed open the door to Ferguson’s office and entered.

“Yin Zhu, come sit down.” Ferguson smiled as he looked at him, his finger pointing to a chair to the side. “You will set off on your journey in a few days, but I have yet to teach you anything since I have taken you as a disciple. Recently, Dean Nina and I investigated some matters concerning Divine Music mages, specifically searching for ancient Divine Music magic cultivation records. For the time being, I don’t have a great deal of things to teach you. This journal is the compilation of my records on the characteristics of Spiritual magic manipulation over the past several years. Hold onto this and take a look; it might help you somewhat.” As he said this, he extracted a thick journal from his space ring and handed it over to Ye Yin Zhu.

Ye Yin Zhu took the journal and examined it. The cover of the journal only had Ferguson’s name on it.

“Thank you, sir.”

“Divine Music mages are classified as a specialized Spiritual mage. Although you mainly rely on the Divine Music vocation, if you can harmonize with Spiritual magic and control it, I think your zither music’s might become even stronger. This is also your path of development from now on.”

“I will study it carefully,” Ye Yin Zhu earnestly promised.

Ferguson smiled. “The institution’s teachers most likely won’t join this upcoming Autumnal Defensive War in order to not adversely influence the collaboration of the troops. You all must listen to the orders of the Army Commander. Following that, Heavy Cavalry division fifth-year student Oliveira will lead.

“In fact, the students participating in the war are merely joining to gain a good understanding of a battlefield and to attain some experience. It is unlikely that there would be any dangerous missions for all of you to execute, so just take care of yourself. You may go; I’m convinced you can learn many things from this war. I only want to remind you: if you run into any danger, put your safety first. I don’t want any accidents to happen to you. After all, you are only a student and not a genuine soldier.”

“Teacher, how long will this war last?” Ye Yin Zhu asked. In his mind, as far as the war was concerned, he didn’t have a large understanding of it. He just knew their enemy were the beastmen. Subconsciously, because of what Zi once told him, his view of beastmen was not bad.

Ferguson answered, “Generally speaking, beastmen continually raid for food for two months. When the winter approaches, they retreat. Every year, this war restarts. Our Milan Empire’s army is the strongest in the continent. One of the reasons for this prestige is because we continuously hone the soldiers with the war against the beastmen. Those other southern countries are unable to compare with this. Yin Zhu, I recall that you are an Arcadian, right?”

Ye Yin Zhu nodded.

Ferguson hesitated before saying, “Arcadia is the weakest kingdom on the continent. As my student, if you are willing, I can make you an official member of the Milan Empire, as well as your family.”

Ye Yin Zhu looked at him with surprise. “Become a member of Milan? This… I cannot take responsibility for deciding. Wait for me to ask my grandfather; only then can I give you a reply.”

Ferguson smiled slightly. He wasn’t worried. In his mind, Arcadia couldn’t compare with even a city in Milan. He believed that the powerful Milan Empire could surely recruit Ye Yin Zhu’s rare talent. “You can go. Be prepared and return safely.”

Milan Empire’s conscription order was officially declared the next day. A hundred students from the Milan Institution for Magic and Martial Arts, organized as a single group, formed a mixed small squadron that would become a part of the Imperial Dragon Cavalry regiment of a thousand men. This regiment would then hurry to Milan Empire’s frontier stronghold, some distance away from Mjolnir Stronghold—Sacred Heart City. They would be hurriedly led by a prominent figure of the Milan Empire.

This person was one of the two generalissimos of the Milan Empire, Milan’s Violet Star Dragon Cavalry Commander, Violet Clan Head Maldini.

To the Milan Empire, the purpose of the Autumnal Defensive War was primarily to guard their territory and not to counter against the beastmen’s looting. Thus, defense was the main priority. As one of two generalissimos of the empire, Maldini was an expert in defense, making it most fitting for him to take charge.

At first light, Ye Yin Zhu and the other students all chose to meet up together before heading to the central training field to wait. When the Dragon Cavalry regiment rode into view, they set off.

All of the mages looked similar; they all wore magic robes and had very gentle appearances. Most of them had to have a good family background in order to be able to study at Milan. Backing a powerful mage was a great amount of wealth and resources. Therefore, almost every participating mage in this Autumnal Defensive War had their own space ring. Although  it was not apparent on the surface, but mages could be carrying a lot of articles on their person. The warriors weren’t as lucky. Many of them were burdened with a variety of things. They also weren’t as calm as mages; their faces expressing excitement as they looked forward to stepping onto a battlefield. Madmen like Nesta were not few in number within the Martial Arts Department.

Warriors genuinely wanted to join the battlefield whilst mages were the biggest targets during a war. This was the main reason why their attitudes were so different.

“Yin Zhu, this time we will fight side by side.” Ma Liang stood beside Ye Yin Zhu, smiling as he spoke.

Ye Yin Zhu said, “Ma Liang, you are participating in the war?”

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