[C105] ZE Chapter 27.1


Chapter 27 – The Birth of the Silver Dragon Assassin (I)


Anya bitterly said, “The Elven Forest is very beautiful, and that hasn’t changed, but the elves are already lost—all but me. They have all become the elder sister’s tools. Angered, the younger sister launched a challenge towards her elder sister. Even if she hadn’t figured out the cause of her mother’s death, she would have still tried to seize back the Elven Forest from her elder sister’s grasp. This was so that she could attempt to return the elves back to their calm, harmonious life.

“The two of them were Violet Rank Level 7. They fought for three days and three nights. The younger sister’s strength was still inferior to that of her elder sister’s, so using the Seed of Life’s Protection, she fled for her life. Unwilling to die and bitter over her loss, she returned to the human world. Although she’d lost this time, it also made many things clear.

“Originally, she and her sister were alike; except that she’d mastered the water element while her elder sister actually possessed dark elemental power. The elder sister’s wickedness and violence was something the elves absolutely didn’t originally possess. This time, the younger sister already understood everything.  


“In the end, however, she was still helpless, even though she knew what her elder sister had changed into. There was someone else behind all of this, manipulating these events from the shadows. The younger sister had no way to take revenge. She could only endure and wait, fervently practicing and wishing to one day become stronger.”

“Who is it? Who destroyed the Elven race?” Ye Yin Zhu’s clear eyes brimmed with anger; his gaze displaying murderous rage for the first time.

Anya smiled, but her smile was mournful. “There is only one person on this continent capable of enslaving the elder sister so long ago, in addition to directing her into improving her dark elemental magic while she was a Violet Rank. This is because only he has the ability to cultivate the dark element to that kind of realm. That person is the Dark Pagoda Master of the Falan Seven Pagoda.”

“Falan Seven Pagoda!” Ye Yin Zhu cried out in surprise.

“Yes, it is him. Apart from him, who else possesses this kind of strength?” Anya’s gentle and soft nature disappeared; all that remained was profound bitterness and resentment.

Up until now, Ye Yin Zhu only had a vague impression of the Falan Seven Pagoda. After listening to Anya’s tale, however, his image of the Falan Seven Pagoda within his heart deviated off the rails, tipping over to the dark side.

“In all likelihood, you have already guessed it. The elder sister who is still trying to find me to this day is Angel, and I am that younger sister. Alas! Even if I possess Violet Rank Level 8 strength, I cannot contend against her power. Not to mention, behind her is the Dark Pagoda. I am almost positive that the Dark Pagoda Master has something to do with mother’s death. At that time, mother should have only been 800 years old!” Anya choked off, sobbing, as she said this.

“Elder Sister Anya, don’t cry. In the future, I will definitely help you get revenge,” Ye Yin Zhu firmly stated.

Anya merely smiled softly, but she didn’t say anything. Her using her Violet Rank Level 8 to take revenge was far off in some indefinite future. Although Ye Yin Zhu’s zither music was peculiar, the difference in strength was far too great. But, she didn’t anticipate that she would one day walk into the Dark Pagoda, following at the back of this pure-hearted youth.

Suddenly, Anya’s complexion shifted slightly. She whispered, “Yin Zhu, hurry. We should first head west, deviating off the road. I don’t want the people in Milan to see me like this.”

“Oh.” Ye Yin Zhu agreed and changed directions, rushing off westward.

Several breaths of time after they left, a squadron of a hundred Dragon Cavalrymen travelling on foot sped past, rumbling loudly. Dashing at the front was the Silver Star Dragon Cavalry Commander—Austin of the Violet Clan.

Because they’d taken a detour, by the time Ye Yin Zhu, carrying Anya on his back, returned to Milan City, the sun had set to the west. It was evening, and the autumn air was very cool and refreshing.

“Yin Zhu, put me down.” Anya patted Ye Yin Zhu’s shoulder. After resting the entire journey, her physical strength and energy had recovered a bit. Even she was amazed at how quickly she’d recovered. After thinking about it a second time, she reasoned that it had something to do with Ye Yin Zhu’s zither song performance.

“Elder Sister Anya, there might be some period when I can’t go to work,” Ye Yin Zhu said.

“Why? Because of Angel? I will never let her get away with the same thing again.”

“No, of course not. The Milan Institution for Magic and Martial Arts wants a coalition of students to join in the autumn defense war. I have been chosen.”

Hearing his explanation, Anya’s face colored with embarrassment. “So it’s like this. Yin Zhu, your zither music really is quite wonderful. Oh, by the way, last time this Elder Sister said she wanted to gift you a magical beast. It is time to honor this promise. Let’s go.” She didn’t wait for Ye Yin Zhu’s reply after she spoke. With a wave of her hand, they soared into the air.

Violet Rank Level 8 strength was truly frightening. Although she had only recovered after a short while, she had already regained the ability to fly. She pulled Ye Yin Zhu and focused on trying to find a path with less people to speed along. Her speed right now was several times faster than when Yin Zhu was carrying Anya on his back.

“Yin Zhu.” Sura was surprised when he saw Ye Yin Zhu and Anya arrive together. He immediately rose, carrying Ye Yin Zhu’s Moon and Tides’ Clear Brilliance Zither in his hands.

The first thing was to return the zither to Ye Yin Zhu.. Then, both of Sura’s hands grabbed at Yin Zhu’s arm, and he looked him over incessantly. Her complexion appeared somewhat pale, seemingly very exhausted.

Anya smiled and said, “Be at ease, nothing is wrong with him. You two, follow me.” As she spoke, she loosened her grip on Ye Yin Zhu’s hand.

Since the time Angel had carried Ye Yin Zhu away, Sura had tried to pursue them with all of his strength, but how could her speed compare to those siblings? In merely a couple of seconds, she’d lost track of them. Sura crazily searched everywhere, even looking outside the city as well, but couldn’t find a single trail. Without any choice, she could only return to Floating Orchid Pavilion and wait, praying that Ye Yin Zhu would be all right.

It somewhat amazed Ye Yin Zhu when all the waiters didn’t ask any questions, simply greeting Anya when they re-entered Floating Orchid Pavilion

Anya led the two of them to the third floor. This was the first time Ye Yin Zhu and Sura had been there.

Floating Orchid Pavilion’s third floor was very spacious. It did not have rooms, but muslin curtains sectioning off areas all over the place. Anya led them past the muslin curtains and followed a pathway to a fantastical area.

Floating Orchid Pavilion was built with an ancient tree as its core. The pathway could be described as a small bridge so to say, except that it led towards the top of the huge, ancient tree. Because the treetop was dense, it was absolutely impossible to see up past it from beneath the canopy.

Entering the treetop, the surroundings were filled with thick branches and leaves. Not only was the air here fresh and clean, but it also possessed a surging life force. At the end of the small bridge was the humongous tree trunk, with no additional path after it.

“Open, Gate of Life,” Anya chanted lowly. She faced the rough tree trunk as it suddenly shined with a faint green brilliance. An unusual door quietly swung open. Amazed, Ye Yin Zhu and Sura followed behind Anya, walking into the tree trunk and into this wondrous world.

The interior wasn’t very large, nor was it excessively bizarre. It was simply a room of approximately 30 square meters. This was Anya’s true residence. A simple wooden bed, wooden table, and some personal effects were arranged around the room. What made Ye Yin Zhu the most surprised was that the breath of nature here was very rich. It seemed like every breath he took would cause his body to become more relaxed and invigorated—especially the Wood Attribute Bamboo Dou Qi inside his body. This complementary breath of nature provoked an automatic response as his body began to insatiably absorb that energy.

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