[C101] ZE Chapter 26.1


Chapter 26 – Waterfall of Connecting Pearls Zither’s Power (I)


The intense violet light brought an incomparably tyrannical and domineering air, yet Yin Zhu wasn’t at all affected. This was most likely because of the Equal Life Contract between he and Zi. At this moment, he could clearly sense Zi’s power becoming increasingly formidable. The exceedingly and extraordinary elemental aura that accompanied the large Amethyst Sword produced violet rays of light that frenziedly rushed into his body.

Zi’s poor health due to the large amount of blood he’d poured into the large Amethyst Sword gradually disappeared. His eyes became increasingly bright and incisive. His skeleton began to unceasingly ring out with tooth-aching noises. Crack. Although his body hadn’t enlarged, that violet energy’s effects began to visibly appear in Zi’s body.

The scorching stream of air that had resided in his belly since childhood rose, causing Ye Yin Zhu to subconsciously release Zi’s hand. This scorching stream of air became increasingly rich and powerful. He was amazed to discover that his dou qi had unexpectedly reacted to this warmth and crazily began circulating, as crazy as the insatiable appetite of a man dying of hunger during his sudden encounter of a grand and lavish buffet.


Yellow Bamboo Level 2 Dou Qi; this warmth unceasingly worked to enhance his dou qi. The rapid speed of improvement left Ye Yin Zhu greatly astonished. In merely a few moments, he had already broken through to Yellow Bamboo Level 3 and was well on his way to Level 4.

Generally speaking, Bamboo Dou Qi cultivation was completely different from other dou qi cultivations. Without a great deal of effort, an advancement was unlikely to happen. Not long ago, he had advanced from Level 1 to Level 2 because of the Equal Life Contract between him and Zi. To unexpectedly advance this much in such a short period of time, Ye Yin Zhu had never imagined it to be possible. At the same time, he discovered further changes occurring in his body because of the heat’s emergence. Like Zi, his bones began to unceasingly ring out. Crack. A layer of violet energy appeared across the surface of his skin, resembling a lustrous, glossy crystal as it gradually condensed.

His surroundings gradually became fuzzy. The warmth circulating throughout his body brought forth an incomparably comfortable and beautiful feeling. Ye Yin Zhu didn’t move as he faintly realized that Zi’s advancement had continuously benefitted his own cultivation.

The mass of the immense Amethyst Sword started to gradually reduce as the violet light in their bodies increased in richness and power. This was especially evident for Zi. Along with the violet light, a clear crystallization appeared on the surface of his skin, resembling armor. His body seemed to have grown a bit as it seemed to frantically absorb that biological energy. Without a slightest complication, he continuously improved.

“Yin Zhu, I need to enter hibernation. Go home, I need to take care of myself.” Zi’s deep voice echoed throughout Ye Yin Zhu’s dazed mind.

Ye Yin Zhu also didn’t know how much time had passed until he’d woken up from his trance. His own violet stream of air had already vanished completely, and everything had returned to normal. At this moment, he realized Zi had disappeared for some unknown time with the conclusion of the summoning. He had returned to the forest where Angel and Anya were battling.

Staring down at his hands, he felt his improvement despite the lack of appropriate timing. It wasn’t just his dou qi that had improved, but his physical body’s strength had as well. Every part of his body seemed to burst with explosive power.

With a single thought, Yellow Bamboo Dou Qi began circulating throughout his body, the hue significantly richer than before. From the color to his internal judgement of the dou qi’s strength, Ye Yin Zhu realized that he had leapt past Level 3 and Level 4 and directly entered the realm of Yellow Bamboo Level 5. This kind of advancement speed was monstrous. According to the Rainbow Ranking System, wouldn’t this mean he’d reached the equivalent of Intermediate Level Cyan Rank? That was a Heaven Warrior! An Intermediate Heaven Warrior, the dou qi disparity between he and his father wasn’t very large now. If his cultivation speed from before had been followed, then it would have been impossible to reach this level in under five years.

Ye Yin Zhu’s wonder didn’t continue for very long. Before his eyes was a sight that startled him. The forest that had previously surrounded him was no longer there; all that remained were broken branches and ruined leaves in a disarrayed mess. The elemental energy in the air was extremely unstable.

“Anya, concede. Your magic is no match for me. After all, Milan is not the Elven Forest. The elements are naturally sparser here, so you will never be able to overtake me. Hand over the items, and I will not take your life for the sake of the sisterly feelings I have for you.”

Angel’s voice rang from close by. Ye Yin Zhu’s heart was moved as he hurriedly faced the direction in which the voice had come from and secretly observed.

Before his eyes was a scene that left him gobsmacked. With a size of over 100 meters, an immense, 10 meter deep hole had appeared unknowingly. The magical elements in the air were in complete chaos. Angel was now standing at the very edge of the hole, gazing at Anya on the other side. The violet rays of light engulfing both of their bodies had become significantly darker. Anya’s complexion in particular had become paler.

‘No way, this is the aftermath of their fight? This is too terrifying.’ Ye Yin Zhu felt a chill travel down his spine. Although he’d previously thought Anya’s strength was pretty good, he didn’t expect her to be this powerful.

“Angel, even if you kill me, I won’t hand over the items to you. Don’t forget—although your strength is greater than mine, your desire to kill me will inevitably come with a high cost. I think that after fighting for so long, we have already fathered the attention of the Milan Empire. In a short while, the Imperial Mages of the Milan Empire will arrive here shortly, and, like last time, you will want to leave this place.” Anya coldly glared at Angel, not cowering before her opponent’s threat in the slightest.

Angel snorted coldly. “So you’re saying you refuse.”

Anya didn’t even reply, only glaring coldly at her opponent.

Angel suddenly smiled, her lovely appearance brightening which left Ye Yin Zhu helplessly dumbstruck. “Anya, I had just severely wounded your alicorn. Without the Elven Forest’s Elixir of Life, it will undoubtedly die. It had followed you for 200 years. Don’t tell me you want to see it die? I can exchange the Elixir of Life with you for the items. How about that?”

Anya’s eyes clearly dilated. “Just now, you struck it using Dark Magic? You are truly despicable.”

Angel laughed, saying, “So what? My personal motto is to obtain my goal by hook or by crook. Otherwise, the Elf Queen should have been you and not me. Little Sister, you cannot defeat me. Neither in the past nor in the present.”


Hearing the title ‘Elf Queen,’ Ye Yin Zhu couldn’t help his widening eyes as his body subconsciously jolted, emitting a slight vibration.

“Who’s there?” Anya and Angel’s icy, severe gazes turned towards Ye Yin Zhu.

An immense pressure struck him, and it was similar in strength to what he’d felt from before when Zi summoned him. Fortunately, he and Zi had gained several benefits from the large Amethyst Sword. His physical strength and dou qi had improved significantly. This immediately prevented him from making a fool of himself.

“Elder Sister Anya, it’s me.” No longer seeing a need to hide, Ye Yin Zhu emerged from the remnants of the forest.

“Yin Zhu, are you alright?” Anya looked him over, her beautiful eyes immediately exuding a trace of pleasant surprise. She hastily redirected her pressure towards Angel, making Yin Zhu’s whole body relax. The suffocating restriction had disappeared immediately.

Oh, your little lover returned. That was transportation magic just now. I didn’t expect him to be a Spatial Domain mage. He is extremely weak though. Even with him by your side, you still have no chance.”

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