[C88] ZE Chapter 22.4


Chapter 22 – Battle Painting (IV)



The previous summon of the Golden Crystal Tyrant Dragon had already used up a portion of Ma Liang’s magic reserves. Right now, although he also had the Six Components of the Silver Dragon in hand to assist him, this summon magic would use up an incredibly large amount of magic reserves. If not for the inherent linkages within the Silver Dragon’s blood, his magic reserves would have been sucked out of his body, turning it into a dried-up corpse.

In the rostrum, Nina suddenly smiled and called out to the Dean of the Summon division at the side, “Vieri, how about we make a wager?”


Vieri’s gaze at this moment was completely and firmly entranced by that Six Components of the Silver Dragon. He didn’t bother turning his head around as he asked, “What’s the wager?”

Nina’s smile widened, “Let’s wager on the victor of this match.”

Vieri turned his head towards her in shock. “What? You think this match is still up in the air? Do you not see your Divine Music division student suppressed, unable to continue performing? Don’t tell me—you think he can still win?”

Nina nodded very seriously. “Yes! I believe he can win. Moreover, I am certain he will win.”

Vieri snorted disdainfully. “Dean Nina, you shouldn’t daydream.”

Nina smiled. “If you are so confident, why don’t we make a bet? If Yin Zhu wins, I want your Summon division’s Eternal Substitute Puppet.”

Vieri turned pale with fright, “You, how do you know about our Summon division’s Eternal Substitute Puppet?” Falling silent too late, he realized his slip. He didn’t want to reveal anything, but it was too late.

Nina smirked. “So do you dare to gamble?”

Vieri took a look at the gradually forming Silver Dragon on the training field. His face exuded confidence once more as he faced Nina. The other deans watched the play with amusement. Clenching his teeth, Vieri said, “And if you lose? What will my reward be?”

Nina calmly answered, “If I lose, you can choose any three items from the Divine Music division’s Treasure Trove.”

When these words were breathed, everyone nearby immediately cried out in alarm. The Divine Music division was the richest division; this was naturally related to Nina. Even if the Divine Music division’s Treasure Trove didn’t contain any divine equipment, the collective value of any three items was unlikely to be inferior to a single divine equipment.

Vieri didn’t believe that there was still a possibility for Ye Yin Zhu to bring about a change in his fortunes at this stage of the match. He rolled his eyes. “Good, I accept your wager. President, I ask you to bear witness to our agreement.”

Ferguson looked at the tranquil Nina with amazement. Although he didn’t know why Nina still held such certainty at this moment, he nodded nonetheless. His right hand slashed through the air slightly, as he exclaimed in a low voice, “Praise Falan.” The magic necessary to officiate this simple agreement was already completed.

At last, Ma Liang finished his difficult drawing. In a split second, the Five Components of the Silver Dragon soared into the air, the blood red design magnifying innumerable times. At the same time, the Five Components of the Silver Dragon released an incomparable, dazzling brilliance. The Silver Dragon scales expanded in a flash, the Silver Dragon teeth arranged neatly into place, the Silver Dragon heart entered the center of the drawing, and the Silver Dragon horn stood proud at the top of the drawing. The Silver Dragon eyes slotted into place and brimmed with intelligence as it released a sudden ice-cold luster. It soared into the sky above the central training field.

This was the first time Ye Yin Zhu had seen a rank 9 magical beast. The Silver Dragon’s body was unimaginably huge, its height beyond 10 meters. It was significantly taller than the Golden Crystal Tyrant Dragon. The scales didn’t resemble the thickness of a Golden Crystal Tyrant Dragon, however, as it appeared to sparkle, dazzling in its beauty. The Silver Dragon’s eyes were completely silver in color and flickered with a glittering, beautiful design. The four claws pressed against its abdomen were slightly retracted as a silver sphere of light seemingly formed into a small elemental magic vortex. The Gigantic Dragon’s wings expanded outward, as if it wished to cover up the sky.

The Silver Dragon spiraled further into the sky, its intangible prestige and genuine pressure developed from its elemental energy seemingly suffocating even the great land. Every portion of its body was surrounded by elemental magic essence. No incantation was needed for it to gather. This elemental magic had already taken shape to form a powerful Primary Level Violet Ranked Elemental Shield.

As the Silver Dragon appeared, Ye Yin Zhu honestly felt as though his body couldn’t move. He could barely condense the spiritual force within him in order to withdraw the Moon and Tides’ Clear Brilliance. Using all of his strength, he gradually stood up, resembling an unyielding bamboo. In the end, he straightened his spine, a divine light shining clearly within his eyes.

Using his painting brush to support his body, Ma Liang looked up at the humongous Silver Dragon in the sky. His eyes couldn’t refrain from exuding a look of pride. Although he had ended up using all of the magic in reserve, which would take him at least 10 days to recover, this was still the first time he had cast such powerful magic. It made him brim with pride at his accomplishment. A Silver Dragon’s attack—even if it was only a single blow, it could in fact match with a Violet Ranked offensive power!

“Go, Silver Dragon. Use your strength to defend your pride and honor.”

The immense Silver Dragon angled its wings downward, following his command. With the circular Violet Ranked Elemental Magic Shield around its body, it resembled a violet tipped, silver meteor as it dove towards Ye Yin Zhu. Even if Ma Liang’s magic was unable to genuinely control the Silver Dragon and bring out its full offensive and magical potential, this firm and simple attack was comparable to the strength of Violet Ranked magic!

As the silver meteor shot down, a dazzling beautiful flaming tail followed its descent. The air within the central training field completely froze. The tremendous aura of energy created a vacuum in an instant. All of the elements nearby had actually been absorbed by the Silver Dragon. The Silver Dragon’s might even tore at the central training field’s defensive shield, suffocating the spectating students.

“Yin——Zhu——.” A sharp, mournful sound echoed from outside the training field. A slender body, using all his strength, struck at the defensive shield of the training field. No matter how much he tried, however, he couldn’t break through this Violet Ranked defense!

The silver meteor approached closer, not with the intention to strike him but to swallow him up. Although the Silver Dragon was released by merely a youth, its destructive power was already sufficient to cause great devastation.

With arms opened wide and facing this onslaught, Ye Yin Zhu appeared to be welcoming it with closed eyes. Was he greeting his approaching death?

Ferguson was tense, but Nina still didn’t make him stop the match.

Ma Liang was nervous. He was aghast to discover that the Silver Dragon he summoned was more terrifying than he’d imagined. Despite his second thoughts, the magic could not be withdrawn. The Silver Dragon’s attack couldn’t be reversed. His complexion paled further, and he could only look on helplessly at Ye Yin Zhu’s proud, unyielding body as the Silver Dragon swallowed him whole.

Everyone was stunned upon seeing this scene. Could it be that the rising comet of the Divine Music division, its first male student, would die within this match? At this very moment, Nina, still sitting in the rostrum, continued to smile calmly.

A golden ring of light appeared. Giving him the image of a messiah, it emerged from Ye Yin Zhu’s body the very moment the Silver Dragon reached him. The ring of light originated from Ye Yin Zhu’s left wrist. In a split second, Ye Yin Zhu’s body was shrouded with a layer of glittering golden light.

His originally handsome appearance had held an extremely graceful aura. At this moment, when that golden radiance surrounded him, it made Ye Yin Zhu look dazzling, like a divine being blessed by the Gods. He looked like a star had descended onto the earth from the heavens.

The Silver Dragon engulfed him, but as it enveloped him entirely, the Silver Dragon seemed to have become transparent. Everyone could clearly see Ye Yin Zhu’s golden light enshrouded body. Unexpectedly, he travelled straight through the Silver Dragon’s body.

Boom—— Within the training field, all of the magical elements within the Six Components of the Silver Dragon exploded out at the same time. What kind of power could give rise to such an occurrence?

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