[C87] ZE Chapter 22.3


Chapter 22 – Battle Painting (III)



Although << Green Water >> wasn’t one of the famed nine great songs of the Zither Sect, it held a peaceful and tranquil air that dispelled all negative energy. Once it was a third of the way completed, << Green Water >> allowed Ye Yin Zhu to not only pacify the attacking Golden Crystal Tyrant Dragon, but also sever its summoning connection with Ma Liang. Without a connection to its master, the element-constructed summoned beast naturally couldn’t exist.

Watching this scene from a distance, Ma Liang couldn’t help but gasp in admiration. “Ye Yin Zhu, you really are quite powerful. It seems that I can hold nothing back in this battle.” His eyes gazed deeply at Ye Yin Zhu, the both of them understanding the other’s heart. This confrontation was not as simple as just being a Freshman Competition. Since they also represent their magic branches, this was also an internal competition of the Eight Eastern Dragon Sects.


The pacifying aura of << Green Water >> originally had little effect on Ma Liang. Ye Yin Zhu had primarily used it to control the Golden Crystal Tyrant Dragon, defeating the peak rank 5 magical beast in record time. Therefore, apart from his emptied magic reserves due to summoning such a magical beast, Ma Liang hadn’t accrued any sort of damage.

<< Green Water >>’s pleasant lingering effect withdrew as Ye Yin Zhu’s hands calmed the strings. Ye Yin Zhu smiled. “Your guidance please.”

The current generation Zither Sect and Painting Sect’s stars were currently examining one another on the central training field of Milan Institution for Magic and Martial Arts. At this very moment, their battle had truly begun.

Ma Liang extended his left hand. The simple silver ring on this middle finger immediately shone with a silver radiance as he traced a circle in the air. A five component item tumbled into the air, each component releasing a silver light. The large components floated in front of Ma Liang. The atmosphere grew heavier as a strange feeling settled in the hearts of the audience. Without warning, a tremendous elemental aura crazily rushed towards those five component items.

The five component item set was soon recognizable as a silver horn, a series of large teeth from an unknown lifeform, a silver sphere of light, a huge silver eyeball, and a large rhombus-shaped scale.

In the rostrum, almost all the deans of the Magic Department stood up at the same time— even the Summon division Dean was no exception. Their eyes all held shock. Ferguson, his back ramrod straight from surprise, exclaimed, “This time, I fear Yin Zhu will lose. That Five Components of the Silver Dragon is unexpectedly a divine Five Components of the Silver Dragon equipment. A Summon mage can only dream of this kind of auxiliary Summon Magic equipment.”

“No, that’s not a Five Components of the Silver Dragon set—it’s Six Components of the Silver Dragon! Apart from the Silver Dragon horn, teeth, heart, eye, and scale, a bottle of red liquid is held in his hands. I’m afraid it’s Silver Dragon blood. I don’t know how this loathsome boy unexpectedly obtained this kind of magical item.” The Summon division Dean’s eyes were aflame with desire. To a Summon mage, no other item could match the appeal of this kind of top-notch auxiliary Summon set.

The air was thick, and Ye Yin Zhu’s complexion grew grave as he examined the Five Components of the Silver Dragon floating in front of Ma Liang. A tremendous and oppressive force assaulted him head on. He knew that he absolutely couldn’t withstand this with just his magical equipment. This powerful elemental magic aura was comparable to Violet Ranked magic. Just moving his body had become difficult under this massive pressure, nevermind trying to play a zither song.

Ma Liang’s eyes flickered as his confidence grew. “Ye Yin Zhu, concede. Although I’m relying on magic items to defeat you, causing me to feel somewhat ashamed, I do not like to lose.

“These five items in front of me are the organs of a Silver Dragon. In my hand is a vial of Silver Dragon blood. Together, these are called the Six Components of the Silver Dragon. A Silver Dragon was once called a magic dragon. Amongst all Gigantic Dragons, its body’s physical capability is the weakest. At the same time, its magical might is the strongest, surpassed only by a Divine Gigantic Dragon. It has the strength of a peak rank 9 magical beast. Using the Six Components of the Silver Dragon, I can use up all of my magic reserves to summon a Silver Dragon to unleash a single attack. Naturally, it’s impossible for you to withstand it. I don’t want to harm you. Therefore…”

“I’m continuing.” Ye Yin Zhu suddenly interrupted Ma Liang. “Grandfather taught me that on the battlefield, no matter what enemy I face, I cannot cower. Even if it’s a powerful enemy, he can still make a mistake.” His heart was very tranquil, his eyes and movements still clear and graceful.  Even under the tremendous pressure produced by the Six Components of the Silver Dragon, he could still steadily sit upright. In the rostrum, the teachers also couldn’t help sitting up and taking notice. Ferguson, even more satisfied, repeatedly nodded. Nevertheless, he already had the intention to intervene in the match.

Ma Liang helplessly said, “Do you really want to continue? If you are unable to withstand the Silver Dragon’s attacks and open your mouth to concede, even if it is difficult, I think I can still withdraw the magic.” Withdrawing released magic would inflict the mage with an extremely powerful backlash, especially when one was using magic that exceeded their rank.

While Ma Liang didn’t want to injure Ye Yin Zhu, he still thirsted for victory. To him, this was an unconditionally and exceptionally good opportunity for the Painting Sect to surpass the Zither Sect. As a result, he preferred to risk his life with the magical backlash in order to win the final battle.

Slowly lifting his painting brush, he opened the vial of Silver Dragon blood. The magical elements in the atmosphere started to crazily rush towards him, seeming to froth as it did so. At this moment, the Five Components of the Silver Dragon in front of him shone with a silver radiance, forming a ring of light that absorbed the approaching elemental power.

Ma Liang lightly dipped the painting brush into the Silver Dragon blood. Seemingly afraid of wasting even a single drop, he rapidly sealed the bottle once more. He flicked his wrist and began sketching out a blood red drawing.

Faint silver rays of light gradually grew richer. The silver ring of light began to expand, the intangibly majestic and tremendous pressure causing the air to seemingly solidify. A distinctive magical pressure of a Silver Dragon drew all of the magical elements within the central training field away from Ye Yin Zhu, converging at the center of the Six Components of the Silver Dragon. Using the Six Components of the Silver Dragon and taking advantage of its colossal magic, Ma Liang intended to use the Silver Dragon’s aura within it, a type of magic other mages were incapable of using. This was also largely why it could match a divine item.

Ye Yin Zhu didn’t move, icily staring at Ma Liang who slowly painting that Silver Dragon design. No longer able to feel the magical elements in the air with his spiritual force, he was unable to even bring out the qualities of zither magic. He didn’t use dou qi to attack as he knew that his Bamboo Dou Qi would be unable to surmount the silver ring of light around Ma Liang. He realized, however, that the internal warmth he had felt during the battle with Nesta was bubbling up once more. The tremendous pressure from the outside seemed to stoke this warmth until it burned even more fiercely.

His soul connection suddenly fluctuated slightly as Zi became suspicious. Clearly, Zi could feel Ye Yin Zhu’s crisis from far away. He was currently attempting to communicate with him, wanting to be summoned into the world so that the both of them could resist this powerful enemy together.

This time, however, Ye Yin Zhu didn’t summon Zi because he clearly felt that this Six Components of the Silver Dragon’s auxiliary Summon Magic was something even Zi couldn’t ward off. He absolutely didn’t want Zi to be even slightly harmed. Therefore, he steadied his mind and subtly told Zi through their soul connection that he wasn’t in trouble.

Silver rays of light became increasingly rich and powerful. A dense energy began to spiral above Ma Liang’s head. At this moment, every single stroke he drew caused his complexion to grow paler.  It seemed like it was an extremely strenuous effort; large drops of perspiration trailed down his forehead and from his chin, falling onto his magic robe.

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