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Chapter 18 – Zither Calls Ming Xue (I)



Ye Yin Zhu said, “Just one treatment isn’t enough. I need to use the Violet Bamboo Needles to gradually reconnect her facial meridians, allowing the dead cells and withered meridians to once again shine with vitality. Afterwards, the remaining, hidden toxins in her meridians within her body will slowly be eliminated. From now on, I will need to give her an acupuncture session every week for approximately ten sessions. Then there should be an obvious change by then. As for the extent to which she recovers, I’m not certain. At the very least, her appearance will be 70% restored.”


Looking at Ye Yin Zhu and hearing him gasp for air in addition to his tired voice, Xiang Luan suddenly discovered that because of him, the Divine Music division had obtained immense glory. As the first male student in the Divine Music division since the beginning of history, it appeared that he was actually quite cute. His pure gaze resembled a child’s and that caused Xiang Luan’s heart to grow more favorable towards him. Ye Yin Zhu was truly genuine in nature.

“On behalf of Hai Yang, I thank you. Regardless of success, we are grateful for your assistance.”

Ye Yin Zhu smiled faintly. At this moment, a wave of dizziness followed by intense exhaustion assaulted his brain. “There’s no need to thank me. I merely didn’t want to see Senior Hai Yang in continual depression. A girl who has received this kind of injury is definitely in a lot of pain. Senior Xiang Luan, rest reassured. I will, to the greatest extent of my capabilities, cure her. Well, I’ll leave now. You can help her clean herself. The liquid discharged is the poison that was originally in her body. Some of it has been eliminated, so she should feel slightly better. I’ll take my leave.”

“Rest for a moment before you leave,” Xiang Luan hastily said.

Ye Yin Zhu shook his head and bit the tip of his tongue, using the stab of pain to keep himself slightly awake. He opened the door and left.

Watching Ye Yin Zhu’s departing figure,  Xiang Luan smiled. Naturally, the appreciation in her heart evolved. She quietly said, “Ye Yin Zhu, you have a heart of gold.”

“Yin Zhu, what’s wrong with you?” Sura supported Ye Yin Zhu, whose steps were unstable and shaky, staring at him in shock.

Ye Yin Zhu smiled and said, “It’s nothing. I’m just a little tired, that’s all. Let’s go back.”

Sura lightly sighed and said, “Oh, you! I really don’t know how I should greet you. Come, I’ll help you.” As he spoke, he placed Yin Zhu’s arm around his own thin and weak shoulders, helping him walk towards the Mixed District’s dormitories. His eyes clearly exuded an adoring look, but because of the dim, hazy night and Ye Yin Zhu’s drained spiritual force, it wasn’t discovered.

The cool evening breeze blew on his body was indescribably comfortable. At this moment, Ye Yin Zhu’s mood was lighter and more brisk than this evening breeze. After treating Hai Yang, he didn’t want to receive anything, like always. But now, he found that he’d been rewarded excessively. In his heart, he felt carefree from being able to help others, a feeling that couldn’t be replaced by material things. As it turned out, it felt good to help others.

A mellow smile appeared at the corner of his mouth as he felt the caress of the autumn breeze. He discovered that he was growing increasingly fond of this Milan Institution for Magic and Martial Arts.

Divine Music Division Dormitory.

“What’s wrong with me.” Hai Yang hazily woke up. The sky outside was still pitch-black. Xiang Luan sat beside her, using a warm towel to help wipe down Hai Yang’s body.

“Are you feeling well?” Xiang Luan asked with deep concern.

Hai Yang stared blankly and tried to recall everything that happened. She asked with some pain, “He left?”

Xiang Luan nodded.

Hai Yang sighed softly, her gaze distant and cold. “I have known my whole life that I had no hope of recovery. I shouldn’t have inconvenienced him. He is such a warmhearted, good man.”

Xiang Luan giggled, saying, “ I still believe you shouldn’t have allowed him to look at your body.”

Hai Yang’s complexion was red as she said, “Elder Sister, how can you say that? Could it be that you didn’t see the difference between him and an ordinary person? Of the male students of the other specializations, who would look at the scar on my face and not stay far away? Only him, only he never gave me any feelings of discomfort from beginning to end.”

Xiang Luan smiled and said, “It seems that this Ye Yin Zhu has indeed touched your heart.”

Hai Yang’s expression changed slightly. Shaking her head, she said, “Elder Sister, stop speaking nonsense. Yin Zhu is a good person, but it is impossible for us to be together. You are aware that it has long ago become improbable for me to desire a male-female relationship in this lifetime.”

Xiang Luan said, “Why don’t you want to? Don’t tell me that you forgot your childhood promise? At that time, you said regardless of who he was or what his age, if he could cure your scarred face then you will marry him as repayment. Now a good, handsome shotacon is placed in front of you. I somewhat envy you.”

“Elder Sister, you…” Hai Yang suddenly realized something. As she watched Xiang Luan’s dull gaze become peculiar, she asked in a trembling voice, “Are you saying that he, he actually succeeded?”

Xiang Luan grabbed a copper mirror beside her and handed it over to Hai Yang, smiling as she said, “Look for yourself.”

Trembling, she took the copper mirror. Hai Yang, with great difficulty, allowed her heart to stabilize before she dared to look into the mirror.

Her pale complexion was flushed red, her black hair disheveled due to sweat. The scarring on her face hadn’t disappeared, and the fierce, vicious appearance still existed in its original spot. Her disappointment didn’t last long, however, as a split second later, Hai Yang discovered that she looked different. The originally dark red scar had become pink, especially the area surrounding the scar, which had initially been scarlet red. The surrounding skin had now become white and tender. It even seemed to be lightly wiggling, and a trace of itchiness unceasingly came from the scar.

“Feeling. It actually has feeling.” Hai Yang looked at herself in the mirror in surprise. She subconsciously lifted her other hand to caress her face. Since her injury as a child, half of her face had been completely numb. This was the first time she felt anything from there in 17 years. Although it was only to a small extent, she suddenly felt a seed of hope in her heart burn with a flash.

Xiang Luan said, “Don’t ask me how he achieved this. I also don’t know. His movements at that time were very quick. I only saw that his efforts left him very tired, his exhaustion making him a little unsteady. He said that your facial injury needs several treatments, approximately ten future sessions to cure it. Your appearance can then be restored by at least 70-80%. Are you saying that you won’t fulfill your promise to him?”

Hai Yang was sluggish. Tonight, it was destined to be a sleepless night for her.

Early the next morning, as the first rays of sunlight slightly shone through the window and into the dormitory, Ye Yin Zhu was already awake and quietly cultivating. The spiritual depletion and exhaustion from last night had disappeared without a trace. His whole body brimmed with a lively and powerful feeling. Clasping his fist, he couldn’t help but murmur to himself. “When did my recovery ability become so good? This isn’t the first time it has happened.”

“Yin Zhu, go wash your face, rinse your mouth, and come eat.” Sura, as always, had breakfast ready. Perhaps because they had found work, there were now a few eggs for today’s breakfast, a clearly richer meal.

“Sura, where did these eggs come from?” Ye Yin Zhu smelled the aroma of breakfast and already couldn’t bear it. Sura’s luminous eyes watched him attentively, however, so Yin Zhu still had to go and wash his face and rinse his mouth. He felt in his heart that Sura was unconditionally the best housekeeper. To say the least, Yin Zhu was helpless at taking care of himself.

“I bought the eggs, of course. Or, do you think eggs fall from the sky?” Sura unhappily snorted. His complexion appeared somewhat pale, seemingly unable to have rested well last night.

Ye Yin Zhu exclaimed in amazement, “You bought them? Are you telling me that you woke up early to go buy eggs? You woke up so early!”

Sura very naturally responded, “Do you think I’m as lazy as you, wanting to sleep until dawn? Come, eat quickly.”

Sitting at the narrow dining table, Ye Yin Zhu suddenly remembered that a few day ago during breakfast, he’d accidentally mentioned that he liked to eat eggs the most as a child. Could it be that Sura…

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