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Chapter 1 – Born with Eight Fingers (IV)


[Author’s Note] Summary: Plot progress is slightly slow at the beginning because the book is a new setting. Your recommendation and collection is my biggest motivation.




Qin Shang smiled humbly, making a silencing gesture. “Apparently, after over twenty years of absence, this time I really should have a proper discussion with Old Ye Li.”

Mei Ying glanced towards Pirlo and Diarra, quietly inquiring, “ Master, what about them?”

Qin Shang gently coughed, his eyes flashing violet. The two men woke up from their stupor Diarra exclaiming loudly, “Extremely beautiful, this is extremely beautiful indeed. Praise Falan. This is the first time I have known such a powerful Divine Music mage. I wish to be able to ask you for guidance in the future.”

Qin Shang shook his head and responded, “Although you sense the spirit of a powerful mage, you are unable to appreciate it. The difference between the spirit and element is still too large.” He said these words to Diarra and Pirlo before turning towards Mei Ying and sending her a meaningful glance.

Mei Ying understood. “Many thanks, Master Qin Shang, for blessing my child with your magic. I insist that the Great Master visit and tour the Desolate Jade Sea, where my husband and I would have the honor of hosting you. How about it?”

Qin Shang nodded, saying, “Then I won’t be polite and will accept your offer.”

Somewhat startled, Diarra said, “Praise Falan. Mei Ying, even I seemed to have not received such treatment!”

Mei Ying smiled and quipped, “There will be an opportunity later on in the future. Master Qin Shang, please.”


The Desolate Jade Sea was an isolated jade green sea empty of anything except bamboo. Therefore, the Desolate Jade Sea referred to a prosperous, densely thick, lush bamboo forest.

The Desolate Jade Sea was located 30 kilometers west of Luna City. Bamboo stalks of various lengths grew and created a unique scenery with faintly flickering lights. The azure bamboo stalks stood loftily, flexibly swaying like green rays of light.

To the Arcadians, the Desolate Jade Sea was an exotic location that produced an abundance of fresh bamboo shoots. Neither could anyone venture deep into the Desolate Jade Sea nor completely understand the Desolate Jade Sea and its vastness, however. It bordered the Kingdom of Arcadia and the western fringes of the Blue Dias Empire. Every individual that had tried to penetrate the Desolate Jade Sea and solve the unfathomable mystery surrounding it inevitably appeared again by themselves and empty-handed. No one knew why. This bamboo forest, other than cultivating bamboo shoots, did not produce any other rich specialities. Thus, no one paid attention to it nor disturbed it.

The difference in temperature between the Desolate Jade Sea and Luna City was immense. Possibly due to the jade bamboo stalks growing there, the Desolate Jade Sea naturally dissipated the scorching heat.

Mei Ying embraced her beloved son as she and Qin Shang visited the Desolate Jade Sea. “Senior, you are so physically fit to be able to walk for so long without even a sign of fatigue. For you to be a mage of this caliber, this is the first time I have seen such a mage!” she exclaimed.

30 kilometers for a warrior was of no consequence, but for a mage, the distance was quite lengthy. Careful examination revealed that a faint circle of air swirled around the infant in the swaddled fabric; this was Mei Ying utilizing her dou qi to protect her beloved son from the scorching weather.

Qin Shang bitterly laughed. “Have you not heard the saying? There is barely a Divine Music mage out of hundreds of mages. As a Divine Music mage, I do not have the proper magic specialization for an acceleration technique, and I did not want any attendants. When traveling all over the continent, it is best to rely on one’s own two legs. Over time, it allows you to travel farther than ordinary people and to possess more physical power than other mages.”

As he was talking, Qin Shang discovered that the bamboo forest in front of them turned somewhat illusionary. Smiling knowingly, he casually broke the root of a bamboo stalk with one hand. He walked forward. His hand beat the bamboo stalk like he was beating a drum, and his motions rapidly slowed down to create an unusual sound vibration. Furthermore, he did not allow Mei Ying to guide the way, immediately walking into the depths of the bamboo forest. Although ordinary civilians would have never been able to surpass the Desolate Jade Sea, but to him, an old visitor, what could possibly detain him?

The slow pace was actually very fast, but Mei Ying was unsurprised as she had made a few assumptions. She followed closely at Qin Shang’s heels, entering the depths of the bamboo forest.

Close to the center of the Desolate Jade Sea, a neat row of bamboo houses were arranged to surround a grove of bamboo stalks that was the size of ten rooms, the shadows of the bamboo dancing elegantly. Unperturbed, Mei Ying and Qin Shang arrived in front of a bamboo house, and a hoarse voice emerged from the bamboo house, “Ying’er, why have brought along a stranger? Have you forgotten what I have told you?”

Mei Ying opened her mouth to speak, but Qin Shang had already begun scolding, “Very good Ye Li, you’re unwilling to even see your old friend?”

The door of the bamboo house opened, and as quick as lightning, the silhouette of a figure arrived instantly to welcome Mei Ying and Qin Shang. Although the movement was swift, it was very natural and fluid without any feeling of abruptness.

Ye Li was somewhat taller than Qin Shang, his long ash-grey hair loosely draping over his shoulders and behind his back. His face was significantly less wrinkled than Qin Shang’s. He looked to be in his fifties, with a perfectly straight back and intimidating radiant eyes. He was undoubtedly a mature man who had experienced the vicissitudes of life. Seeing Qin Shang, his generously large pair of hands rose to seize his shoulders, and Qin Shang did not evade him.

“Old partner, why did you come to visit? It has been over 20 years since we have last seen each other,” Ye Li exclaimed excitedly.

Qin Shang’s calm demeanor vanished in front of Ye Li, making a somewhat comical expression as he said, “Look at you! You are so young, while I am old, and you still practice dou qi! Ah, magic really does accelerate the aging process. I still remember when I only looked a year older than you.”

Ye Li snapped, “Young? Do you not see my hair rapidly turning white? Let’s continue our conversation inside.” He stepped to the side, pulling Qin Shang into the room. In the process, he caught a glimpse of Mei Ying and his grandson.

The interior of the bamboo house was simple, containing nothing more than a bamboo couch, a bamboo table, and a bamboo chair.

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