[C3] ZE Chapter 1.3


Chapter 1 – Born with Eight Fingers (III)



Diarra looked distracted. Getting a baby’s one month blessing from an Elementary mage was already very difficult, not to mention from a violet ranked Great Magister. Ah, only powerful princes and princesses received such treatment!



“This……” Diarra looked towards Mei Ying. Because he was sixty-seven years old this year, he could tell that Qin Shang’s expression changed when he saw Mei Ying’s child, and he couldn’t help but be hesitant. Since Mei Ying was married, how could he explain if their child was hurt?   


Mei Ying’s eyes showed a faint coldness, making the pride deep in her bones more obvious. “Honored president, I would like to know why.”


The calmness in Qin Shang’s eyes changed when he saw the pair of little hands, and his eyes showed profound emotion. His voice even sounded a bit more magnetic. “It’s because of his hands. I see the world’s most perfect hands. Miss Mei Ying, I meant no harm.”


Mei Ying’s coldness gradually disappeared. Indeed, in front of her was Qin Shang, a magister of some kind. Although his eyes were filled with an eager light and radiance, they did not have the slightest bit of malice. Rather, they were full of intimacy. Her face couldn’t help but twist once Qin Shang lifted her son’s hands. “Master Qin Shang, why do you say that my son’s hands are the most perfect in the world? Are you mocking me?”


Man had two hands, each with five fingers. For a warrior, even a single finger was extremely important. Although Mei Ying was concerned that her child lost his left and right little finger, it also greatly affected his ability to hold a weapon because he was unable to grip even a sword. Which parents did not want their children to be perfect? Mei Ying was no exception. The rest of her child was perfect, but the fact that he was born with eight fingers made her heartbroken. The eight fingers had dictated that their child could not become a fencing master, but, ah, that was the family’s hope!


“Oh, no, no. Praise Blue Dias. I swear in the name of Blue Dias, I did not mean to mock you.“ Qin Shang’s eyes brimmed with emotion as he looked after the struggling and crying baby, with an incredible amount of loving kindness displayed on the surprisingly soft lines on his face. “Perhaps for others, these are incomplete hands, but, for people like me, they are absolutely perfect. Wait a moment. You will understand.”


Diarra and Pirlo watched as Qin Shang slowly sat down crossed-legged in front of Mei Ying. A light flashed from his right hand, and Mei Ying vaguely caught a glimpse of a ring on Qin Shang’s right little finger. It was a space ring, the magister’s most important instrument.


A seven-stringed, reddish brown zither appeared on his knees, with a faint silvery glow. With both hands on the strings, Qin Shang’s face changed dramatically.


His old face became dull and meek, and his  body was filled with the breath of life. It was as if he had been sitting there maintaining his posture since the ancient times. For a split second, he touched the white, silver-haired strings of the zither with both hands. Everyone and everything merged together in the Magic Guild hall. Subconsciously, everyone’s eyes focused on his body.


His left hand lifted above the zither’s string. He lightly hooked the string with his right thumb and index finger and lightly touched the fifth string with his middle and ring finger. His thumb relaxed, and, while raising his index finger to the sky, he lightly plucked the seventh string. He drew out a rich, deep buzz that spiraled and lingered through the air, and in an instant, the air seemed to freeze. The baby’s crying quietly stopped.


The infant, with his bright, black eyes, looked towards the sound and softly babbled.


Whether an Advanced Mage like Pirlo, a Mage Scholar like Diarra, or a fighter like Mei Ying, hearing such a clear and pure sound cleansed all of the impurities in their bodies and their blood with an unprecedented permeability. An indescribable feeling of comfort filled them.


“You can perform Withered Wood and Dragon’s Roar…” All of the hidden hostility in Mei Ying’s eyes vanished. She looked at Qin Shang, astonished and pleased.


Qin Shang simply smiled in response. Both hands began to move. His left hand lightly pressed down, and his right hand swept to the side. A touching melody floated through the air. The zither’s sound was exquisite and delicate. His fingers moved smoothly and lightly at a brisk rhythm, yet with control. He swung back and forth and side to side emotionally, chanting in his heart. In a faint violet light, his hands moved rhythmically with the silver strings. The hall became encompassed in a halo of violet light, but the light did not spread.


Elementary Mage power was undoubtedly more powerful compared to the average person, but Pirlo and Diarra were already moving, lost in the music. Their eyes were filled with joy and confusion, forgetting about time and space.


Mei Ying was the only one who remained clear-headed. She did not know that her spirit power was far better than an Elementary Mage, but she still remained sober. She could clearly see that the dim violet light gathered towards the direction of the baby in her arms.


Mei Ying looked down at her baby to find that he was no longer crying. She was astonished to see that her son was smiling. Exactly when did this happen? Both hands, each with only four fingers, were gently waving in the air to the sound of the zither. His waving hands matched the music, and the faint violet light delicately worked its way into his body, which began to go through bizarre changes.


Was this actually happening? Mei Ying became aware of her feelings and only recovered after the zither’s sound quietly ended, after what seemed like one’s lifetime.


“Meandering brocade, dripping in the goblet. The chord loosens a treasured harmonic pillar. The roasted silver bamboo reed. The spring thunder of the zither, meld into the song <<Green Water>>. They were the most suitable sounds to baptize this child in.” Qin Shang’s voice pulled Mei Ying back from her dream-like state. Mei Ying lifted her head to see Qin Shang’s eyes shining with silver light and that the zither had already disappeared. She looked at the baby in her arms to find that he was asleep. Even his breathing was pleasant and peaceful. The baby’s skin seemed to become more shiny, and his face wore a little smile.


“Gifted! He is absolutely gifted! My judgment wasn’t wrong. Even though he had just turned a month old, he could really sense my beautiful zither. I truly envy your ancestors! Why can’t I be in his place? Now you should understand why I admire his perfect, little hands. For a zither player, the left and right hand’s little finger is forbidden from use, so this has no effect on learning the zither. The little finger is unnecessary and will definitely be an interference. As a Divine Music Mage, I know too much about this. There was a legend that a man with six fingers on both hands performed six-fingered zither magic, but that is completely made up. Playing with eight fingers is enough. Ah, being born with eight fingers is perfect!” Qin Shang sighed.


“Master, you……” Mei Ying attempted to ask something, but her proud words disappeared. The body did not release violet light, but before it was <<Green Water>>, and the sound was Withered Wood and Dragon’s Roar.


Qin Shang spoke: “I am from Blue Dias. If not for the blue sky and sea, why would I come here? I wanted to find a disciple to pass on my legacy, but I didn’t expect such a gift from your family and ancestors. Let’s go, take me to your father in-law. Ye Li, oh, Ye Li, you have disappeared for ten years. I don’t know if your body is still strong.”

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