TWG1 Chapter 2.2 (Uneditied)



The sport news TV program that night broadcasted about the Prosperous Sea martial hall from South Korea arriving at the airport. The disciples at Pure Elegance martial hall all excitedly crowded together to watch. Some of the master hall of a few big martial halls went to welcome them at the airport, including Master hall Yu. However, Bai Cao did not see the appearance of the shibo of Absolute Victory martial.

There were approximately 15 to 16 people from the Prosperous Sea martial hall.

They orderly walked out of the door wearing the uniform of Prosperous Sea martial hall.

Three to four of them were team instructors while the rest were disciples. Six to seven of them who were fifteen years old or above all wore black belts on their waists. Another four to five younger disciples had childishness across their faces. The youngest among them didn’t even reach ten years old.


The news introduction said that because the annual worldwide taekwondo competition would soon be held in South Korea, the best disciples of Prosperous Sea martial hall all stayed in their country for closed-door training, but the strength of the group dispatched in the exchange this time couldn’t be underestimated.

The cameras were fixed on several older disciples of Prosperous Sea martial hall. The background narration explained that among these disciples, some had participated in the worldwide youth taekwondo championship, some even entered the top eight during last year’s South Korea taekwondo competition. They were all taekwondo outstanding new stars. Tomorrow they were going to swap pointers with the most powerful martial hall in the city,

Virtuous Martial Hall. Virtuous martial hall extremely valued this exchange combat opportunity, sending their most powerful lineup…..

“Why haven’t they mentioned our Pure Elegance martial hall…..”

After listening for so long, the matter about Prosperous Sea martial hall coming to Pure Elegance martial hall to have an exchange wasn’t mentioned in the slightest. Some disciples couldn’t help but feel a little worried, fearing that the opportunity they had been yearning for would be gone.


Xiao Ying waved her hands to quiet them and leaned closer to the TV. She stared at the faces of the disciples of Prosperous Sea martial hall on the screen with envy. A lot of these faces belong to the disciples who had participated in big competitions.

Aside from the sound of the TV and the flickering change of screen color, the practice hall that was packed with discipled of Pure Elegance martial hall was silent. The only sound that could be heard was the sound of throbbing heartbeats.

The English homework was still not done.

Bai Cao reluctantly looked at the TV screen, planning to finish her homework first, otherwise if she waited for them to finish watching the TV and practicing so she could wipe the mattresses then only finish her homework, it would be very late. She quietly left the group, seeing Ruo Bai concentrating on the screen, Yi Feng giving yawn after yawn beside her, and Chu Wei turning her head to glare at Yi Feng.

During the spar with Prosperous Sea martial hall on Sunday, senior Ruo Bai, senior Yi Feng, and senior Chu Wei should all fight. While walking, Bai Cao thought that it would definitely be worth watching.

On Saturday, today, the disciples of Pure Elegance martial hall were engrossed with an unprecedented surge of . Bai Cao was also engrossed with an unprecedented surge of enthusiasm to take care of, not missing even one piece of weed. She squat down, carefully clearing the broken leaves and dust on the lawn of the practice room, simply wishing that she could use her hands to wash every grass and make every leave so clean they could refract light.

Xiao Ying was mad at her so many times, saying that Xiu Qin was purposely tormenting her, that with shifu’s character, there was no way that he would request for every piece of cobblestone on the little road to be wiped clean and scolding her not to be so stupid.

Actually, she also knew.

It wasn’t like she became very busy. If she did not do anything, then she would be eating and staying for free in Pure Elegance martial hall. She might as well do these things to make her heart more comfortable. But also this was also very good. By cleaning around the practice room, it allowed her to justifiably watch the disciples of Pure Elegance martial hall practicing.

But she found out that actually master hall Yu was mainly responsible for the affairs in Pure Elegance martial hall. It was very rare to see him leading the disciples to practice. The one who led the practice everyday was always Ruo Bai. Even though Ruo Bai normally had a cold appearance, he was very patient when he led the disciples to practice.

In the evening, disciples of Pure Elegance martial hall received news. During today’s combat practice between Prosperous Sea martial hall and Virtuous martial hall, Prosperous Sea martial hall dispatched three elder disciples while Virtuous martial hall also dispatched three most powerful elder disciples. Prosperous Sea won two rounds while Virtuous won one round!

The disciples of Pure Elegance martial hall were endlessly shocked.

The strength of Virtuous martial hall was indeed extraordinary. They deserved to be a martial hall that was well-known in the whole country. It was no wonder that the Prosperous Sea martial hall dispatched its disciples there to have an exchange and directly stayed at the Virtuous martial hall.

“Wow! Prosperous Sea martial hall is defeated! Virtuous martial hall can actually defeat Prosperous Sea martial hall!” Xiao Ying was so excited that she still tossed around in bed until late at night. “Bai Cao, you see, it turns out even one of the most amazing martial hall in South Korea, Prosperous Sea martial hall, isn’t so mystical! If Virtuous martial hall send the most powerful lineup, sending both Ting Hao gege and Ting Yi jiejie and Shen Bo, who won today’s combat against Prosperous Sea martial hall, Virtuous martial hall will definitely win! Wow~!”

“But, didn’t they say that the more powerful disciples from Prosperous Sea martial hall are all staying in South Korea and don’t come here?” Lying under the blankets, Bai Cao thought for a while and said, “If Virtuous martial hall sends the most powerful lineup, and the Prosperous Sea martial hall also sends the most powerful lineup, then it will be hard to say. After all both sides sends the most powerful lineup today and Virtuous lost.”

“Eh…..” Xiao Ying scratched her head, feeling that what Bai Cao said made sense. But her heart was still not convinced. “ …… You can’t say it like that, Ting Hao gege is super amazing. I think that there is no disciples in Prosperous Sea martial hall that can match Ting Hao gege !”

Xiao Ying excitedly lay on her stomach under the blanket, stretching her neck and continuing to talk to Bai Cao: “Don’t tell me that you don’t know? Ting Hao gege became a champion in the youth world rank championship last year! He was the champion! That’s why South Korea specially invited Ting Hao gege and Ting Yi jiejie to go to Prosperous Sea martial hall to become exchange students. They were gone for more than one year!”

Senior Ting Hao from Virtuous martial hall…….

Bai Cao pulled the blanket and stared blankly at the ceiling in the dark. How could she never heard of him? A brilliant and lofty young taekwondo genius who seemed to come straight out of a legend.

“Ah! I get it!” Xiao Ying shouted loudly. “ No wonder Prosperous Sea martial hall came to Virtuous martial hall. Perhaps because Ting Hao gege was very outstanding so Prosperous Sea martial hall came to see Virtuous martial hall’s strength! Then this means that Ting Hao gege was undoubtedly going to win! As for Ting Yi jiejie …….”


Bai Cao got curious, not understanding why Xiao Ying was hesitant. According to what she knew, since senior Ting Yi started her career, all the female athletes in Anyang, no matter which grade they are in, had all been defeated by senior Ting Yi.

“Alas” Xiao Ying sighed. “I heard Prosperous Sea martial hall produced an exceptionally talented girl called something En Xiu. Very, very, very talented.”

“How talented?”

“So talented that….” Xiao Ying hesitated for a few seconds then shook her head in disdain and said, “I think it’s definitely a lie. How can there be a girl that talented. I think she may not necessarily surpass Ting Yi jiejie ! So you see, Virtuous martial hall will be able to defeat Prosperous Sea martial hall, right! Our country’s level is still amazing. Hahahaha!”

Xiao Ying laughed for a while then found that because Bai Cao was not laughing along with her, her laugher did . She unhappily pouted and said,

“Why are you not laughing?”

“You’re right, if Virtuous can beat Prosperous Sea, I’m also quite happy.” Bai Cao nodded then thought, “but Prosperous Sea are coming here tomorrow so they won’t have another spar with Virtuous.”


Right, Xiao Ying was unable to move, tomorrow Pure Elegance and Prosperous Sea martial hall were going to spar. If Pure Elegance lost…. moreover if we lost miserably…..

“Ruo Bai shixiong is also not bad!” Xiao Ying snorted. She turned over while staring at the ceiling. “Even though Ruo Bai shixiong always lose to Ting Hao gege , during the last year, Ruo Bai shixiong’s kungfu has improved a lot. No matter which martial hall’s ace he compete with, he almost never lose! Perhaps ….. perhaps there is a possibility to defeat Ting Hao gege …. Aiya, doesn’t matter if he can defeat Ting Hao gege or not, defeating the disciples of Prosperous Sea martial hall should be very promising!”

Senior Ruo Bai?

It looked like he was very good. Bai Cao had seen him spar with second shixiong . His foot technique were as fast as lightning, his whole body was filled with fierce aura. It was very different from his usual cool appearance.

“Tomorrow….” Xiao Ying shut her eyes. Bringing both hands together and holding them tightly in front of her chest, she prayed, “…… I hope that Pure Elegance martial hall will also be able to fully display our skills and defeat Prosperous Sea martial hall! ……. Sigh, even if we can’t win the whole thing, at least we can win win one round! Ruo Bai shixiong , Yi Feng shixiong , Chu Wei shijie , you must work hard ! Bai Cao, quickly come and pray together with me!”

Hence, Bai Cao also imitated Xiao Ying and silently prayed, The difference was just that she had more content to her prayer.

She hoped in the future that there would come a day ——

When she could also spar with the aces of taekwondo!


The moon gradually sunk.

The sky gradually blossomed with rays of dawn.

Birds sang on the treetop

On the lawn of the practice room, dewdrops on the grass reflected the multi-colors of the sunlight.

An indeterminate number of disciples of Pure Elegance martial hall couldn’t sleep the whole night but still completed the morning practice then gathered inside the courtyard to wait for the arrival of Prosperous Sea martial hall. Everyone was full of energy. Each of them stood ramrod straight and their eyes were brimming with passion and longing to welcome the arrival of expert combatants.

Master hall Yu had also changed into a brand new white taekwondo uniform. Under the sunlight, he had a graceful bearing like that of an immortal.

Ruo Bai stood at the very front of all the disciples.

His expression was the same as usual, seemingly without any particular mood fluctuation. Only, his eyes were brighter than usual.

Yi Feng and Chu Wei stood behind Ruo Bai.

Yi Feng looked like he didn’t slept well last night and couldn’t stop himself from continuously yawning in secret. Chu Wei glanced at him with displeasure.

Prosperous Sea martial hall was about to arrive.

As she was sweeping the pathway next to the practice room using her broom, Bai Cao couldn’t help but glance at Pure Elegance martial hall’s main door once in a while. She had never been this grateful to senior Xiu Qin. If not because senior Xiu Qin making her be in charge of cleaning, now she would not be able to openly watch today’s spar between Pure Elegance martial hall and Prosperous Sea martial hall.

In addition, last night senior Xiu Qin specially told her that it wasn’t necessary for her to wipe each and every cobblestone with the rag today. So, she could stand there watching with the broom in her hand!

But, she actually had carefully wiped all the cobblestones on the roadside. Hehehe. Under the sunlight, all the cobblestones produced a thin ray of light.

Suddenly, the sound of a car approaching could be heard from outside Pure Elegance martial hall!

Was Prosperous Sea martial hall coming?

Bai Cao held the broom tightly, seeing a car speedily coming towards the main door of the martial hall. Her heart was thumping really fast as her hand tightly gripped the broom. There was actually a few beads of sweat. This was her first time seeing such a high-leveled spar!

The sound of neat and orderly footsteps could be heard behind her. She turned her head to see, immediately put away the broom and respectfully retreated to the roadside. Her eyes followed master hall Yu as he led the disciples towards the main entrance to welcome the visitor.

The disciples of Pure Elegance martial hall walked past in front of her one by one. Their faces showed unconcealable excitement. No one saw her, only when Xiao Ying passed by her, she excitedly winked. Soon after she saw two small limousine stopping by the main door.


Why was there only two small limousine?

Bai Cao thought in confusion, Wasn’t there about fifteen to sixteen people that came from Prosperous Sea martial hall? How could they fit into two cars?

When she was thinking, the two cars had already stopped. One of the cars’ door opened. A plump middle-aged man wearing a white taekwondo uniform and a black belt, and a childish-looking girl wearing a taekwondo uniform whose age wasn’t older than ten years old walked out of the car.

From the other car, three disciples of Prosperous Sea walked who unexpectedly were also children. It looked like the oldest one wasn’t older than twelve years old and the youngest one actually looked like six to seven years old.

Then ——

There was no one else.

There were only five people in total.

Bai Cao looked at the four children wearing the taekwondo uniform by the main door of Pure Elegance martial hall in astonishment. Could it be that Prosperous Sea martial hall would just use these four young disciples to spar with Pure Elegance martial hall?


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