Unrepentant Glossary



Name CN Description First Appearance
Gu Hong Jian 顾虹见 Female MC, Assistant Minister (high-ranking military officer) 1
Lin Si Ze 林思泽 Male MC, Tianmin Country’s Emperor 1
Baili Cen 百里岑 GHJ’s killer, famous general of Gang and Ji vassal states 1
Jiang Hai Fu 蒋海福 Lin Si Ze’s inner servant/house steward 1
He Fang Ning 贺芳凝 Ning Fei 2
Xiang Jun 湘君 Zhao Hong Palace’s head palace maid 2
Zuo Ning Yan 左宁嫣 ??? – someone whose mere mention brings forth LSZ’s wrath 2
Sun General 3
Wang Vice General 3
Zhao Yun Yuan 翰林院 government official, honest; younger brother of ZNY 3
Zuo Ning Hao 左宁昊 Head of Dali Temple 3
Zheng Commander 3


Name CN Description First Appearance
Wen Dao Tang 闻道堂 Lin Si Ze’s Imperial Study 1
Tianmen Country 天闵国 Main country 1
Chi Imperial Palace 离皇宫 Imperial Palace 1
Hu Prefecture 扈州 Prefecture where GHJ died 1
Gang Vassal State 1
Ji Vassal State 1
Zi Yun Palace 紫云殿 Ning Fei’s Palace residence 2
Zhang Qian Palace 掌乾殿 Palace 2
Zhao Hong Palace 昭虹殿 GHJ’s residence 2
Cheng Ze Palace 承泽殿 Empress’ residence (empty) 2
Kong Ming Palace 空明殿 Palace for previous emperor’s concubines/harem 2
De Ze Palace 德泽殿 Lin Si Ze’s place of residence #2 3
Bai Fu Palace 白孚殿 Lin Si Ze’s place of residence #1, in the most remote area 3
Vermillion Bird Street 雀街上 GHJ’s mansion is on this street (unused mansion) 3


Name CN Description First Appearance
Píngchāng 平昌 Calendar name (year) 1
Hanlin Imperial Academy 翰林院 academic and administrative institution
Membership in the academy was confined to an elite group of scholars, who performed secretarial and literary tasks for the court
Golden Imperial Examinations 金科 The imperial examinations were a civil service examination system in Imperial China to select candidates for the state bureaucracy
Golden comes from the fact that scholars who pass the exam are listed on golden lists
Principal Scholar 状元 the title given to the scholar who achieved the highest score on highest level of the Chinese imperial examinations. 3
Palace Exams 殿试 Diànshì |殿試, “court exam”| were held every three years in the Imperial palace and often supervised by the emperor himself, the highest level of examination where only a select number of qualifying scholars could take 3
Qiónglín Feast 琼林宴 feast hosted by the emperor for successful candidates of the imperial examination 3
Censorate 御史台 high-level supervisory agency, a branch of the centralized bureaucracy, paralleling the Six Ministries and the five Chief Military Commissions, and was directly responsible to the emperor 3
Senior Imperial Censor 御史大夫/御使大夫 Second only to the Prime Minister, in charge of impeachment, maintaining order, and managing of official records 3
Provincial Governor 巡按 an official either elected or appointed to be the chief administrator of law throughout one or more of the many provinces constituting the nation 3
Investigating Censor 监察御史 Censorate official in imperial China’s civil bureaucracy in charge of investigations and impeachment 3
Golden List 金榜 pass list for top imperial examinations 3
Dali Temple 大理寺 ancient CN Supreme Court 3

Pinyin Terms

Name CN Description First Appearance
Chén qiè 臣妾 (literary) I, your servant (self-appellation of a lower-rank female) 2
Fēi Imperial Concubine 2
Níng Fēi 宁妃 Ning = peace; Peaceful Imperial Concubine 2
Dà ren 大人 adult, general term used to refer to those of status 2
Nú bì 奴婢 slave-servant 2
Wēi chén 微臣 this small official/humble servant (self-appellation) 3
chén state official or subject in dynastic China / I, your servant (used in addressing the sovereign) / Kangxi radical 131 3
wáng fùjiāng 王副将 Deputy General Prince 3
Qionglin Feast 琼林宴 feast hosted by the emperor for successful candidates of the imperial examination 3
ài qīng 爱卿 how the emperor addresses his concubines 3


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