HMH: MWFRL Chapter 57


Chapter 57


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After Jian Yan received the email from Lin Zhen, she opened it to read. It looked like the movie was valued quite highly by the film company. The casting was filled with the current front-line stars.

Jian Yan read through the candidates for the female lead first; Pei Ying and Li Si Si were included in it. When she got to Wen Ke, however, her eyes brightened.

Jian Yan: 「I think Wen Ke looks nice~ My vote goes to her『shy』」  

Lin Zhen: 「『sweat』 Is very pretty, but the paycheck is also high」

Jian Yan: 「I’m not the one paying anyway. I think she’s good-looking『shy』」  

Lin Zhen: 「…」  

If Jian Yan wasn’t together with Eldest Master He already, she really would have doubted Jian Yan’s sexuality.

Lin Zhen: 「Okay, I’ll inform the film company, but in the end, they have the final say in the casting.」  

Jian Yan: 「『OK』」

《Satisfactory》’s screenplay was already written, and the film company was also very efficient in contacting actors and actresses. As for the female lead, after all the parties were consulted, they ultimately chose the person that Jian Yan had settled on—Wen Ke.


“Today, Universe contacted us. They want you to appear as the female lead in 《Satisfactory》. They also sent us the script.” Wen Ke’s manager pushed the script forward, speaking in a methodical fashion.

“Mn?” Wen Ke asked, “Wasn’t this the movie that fans have constantly demanded for Pei Ying? I thought Universe would have chosen her.” After all, Song Nan Chuan was a majority shareholder of Universe.

The manager said, “I heard from a friend at Universe that they think Pei Ying’s temperament isn’t quite suitable for the early stages of Shang Ke.”

Wen Ke thought for a moment. She had also read 《Satisfactory》. Early on, the female lead was an unremarkable and even somewhat unsophisticated person. She raised a brow, the corners of her lips rising as she remarked, “Then does that mean the film company thinks my temperament is relatively unsophisticated?”

“Mn…they said your adaptability is very high,” the manager calmly stated.

“…” Wen Ke was silent for a moment. “I am relatively fond of Teacher Tang Zhi’s work. I’ll take a look at the script first.”

“Alright. If you have any questions, Zhou jie over there is in charge of discussing the business contract.”



Wen Ke accepted the script the same day He Chen finally got discharged from the hospital. Apart from his parents, He Xiu also brought along Jian Yan to pick him up as well. Against expectations, Xu Ying did not come.

“Ying Ying and her mother have a small matter to take care of today, so they couldn’t come. She said she would come see you tomorrow,” Zhao Ying Fang explained as she supported He Chen.

He Chen scoffed and said, “It makes no difference if she comes.”

Zhao Ying Fang heard him say this and frowned. “Chen’er, your words are wrong. While you’ve been hospitalized, Ying Ying came to see you many times.”

He Chen replied, “Mn, indeed. She simply came to watch.”

“…” Zhao Ying Fan saw the dissatisfaction he held for Xu Ying in his heart and had no better option but to compromise with him. “You know that Ying Ying has been pampered and spoiled since she was a child. She definitely has a bit of a young lady disposition. The both of you have known each other for so long—it’s enough to have some mutual understanding.”

He Chen’s lips twitched. He seemed to have something he wanted to say, but he restrained himself in the end. Jian Yan and He Xiu trailed behind them. Jian Yan leaned into He Xiu’s side and whispered to him, “Is He Chen fighting with Xu Ying?”

He Xiu quirked his lips. “It would be stranger if they weren’t fighting. I think our wedding might be held before theirs at this rate.”

“Why do I feel as if you’re cursing them?”

“This is my rational analysis.”

After they exited the hospital doors, Zhao Ying Fang helped He Chen into the car. He Jing Long waited for He Xiu and Jian Yan to approach and asked them, “Do you want to return home with us and eat lunch? A feast has been prepared at home to celebrate He Chen’s discharge today.”

He Xiu glanced at the device fixed around He Chen’s neck as support and remarked, “You made so many dishes; He Chen wouldn’t be able to eat all of it.”

He Chen: “…”

“I still need to go back to the department store in a bit, so I won’t join you.”

He Xiu saying such didn’t surprise He Jing Long. He Jing Long did not press further and went to sit in the car. He Xiu entered his own car with Jian Yan and said to her as he started the car, “Oh, that’s right, we still need to go to the factory to inspect the silk scarf printing. It’s better if you personally talk to the printing experts.”

Jian Yan nodded and said, “Sure, when are we going?”

“I’ll arrange it as soon as possible.” He tilted his head to glance at Jian Yan as he said, “But this time, we might not be able to play and have fun like last time. We’ll need to hurry back as soon as we have visited the factory.”

“Mn, it’s fine. When did you arrange for the silk scarf promotion to launch?”

“The earliest planned date is April 1st. It depends on the factory’s progress.”

Jian Yan commented, “Ah, my new serial is also scheduled to release in April.”

He Xiu asked, “Is it that fashion buyer and ace buyer story?”

“Mn, the first chapter is almost done. Then it needs to be sent to the editor.” A little excitement and nervousness stirred in Jian Yan’s heart at the thought of publishing the new serial.

He Xiu smiled and said to her, “It seems that we will both be very busy during the first half of the year. How about planning the wedding for October?”

Jian Yan cupped her face in her hands. Despite having already agreed to marry He Xiu, she was a bit unused to the idea, especially when the wedding was suddenly mentioned. “Mn, I have no problem with that, but I still haven’t told my mom about this.”

Her words reminded He Xiu of something. “I also haven’t told Aunt Jiang.” He pondered for a moment before suggesting, “After we return from France, we can invite them both for a meal and conveniently discuss the wedding matter with them.”

“Okay.” She didn’t know how her mother would react upon learning she wanted to get married. Jian Yan was disillusioned about marriage thanks to her mother’s failed one, but if she was tying the knot with He Xiu, then she was willing to give it a try.


He Chen basically just spent his time laying in bed after returning home. He Xiu came by to see him once. He said that he and Jian Yan were heading to France and asked if He Chen wanted him to bring anything back. He Chen thought that he was being shameless and showing off.

He had also previously traveled for a long time all over the world with Xu Ying for fun, okay?!

Thinking of Xu Ying, his brows couldn’t help but wrinkle. He actually knew Xu Ying liked He Xiu better than him and only chose him because he cared about inheriting the He Family estate in the future. Although he knew she held these thoughts, he had still immensely enjoyed the thrill of finally beating He Xiu.

When he was in the hospital, however, he had thought it over several times. He and Xu Ying had known each other for a long time, but they definitely didn’t have romantic feelings for each other. This relationship was entirely based on self-benefit. Was it truly necessary to continue keeping this up?

“What are you thinking about? What’s got you so preoccupied?” Xu Ying had come to visit He Chen at the He Mansion today under the specific instructions of her mother. Even though he was absent-minded, he had glanced at her no small number of times.

He Chen heard her ask this and simply replied with an indifferent tone, “Nothing much.”

Xu Ying pursed her lips, irritation welling up inside her heart. She remembered her mother’s repeated warnings though and restrained herself. She got herself a cup of water and pretended to casually ask, “I heard He Xiu and Jian Yan went to France again? What are they doing there?”

He Chen glanced at her, a faint smile tipping the corner of his lips. “I find that you seem very concerned about He Xiu.”

“I am concerned. That matter with Samuel last time, didn’t you crush your own foot while trying to maneuver a rock? You should also be more concerned about his movements.”

He Chen chuckled and said to her, “At the moment, I have a different, more concerning matter. Xu Ying, let’s cancel out engagement.”

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