HMH: MWFRL Chapter 56


Chapter 56


Jian Yan put away He Xiu’s luxurious gift. She naturally reciprocated and retrieved her gift box, revealing a smile to He Xiu. “Hold on, I have a gift for you too.”

“Valentine’s Day gift?”


“You can think of it that way… Last time when I asked you what you wanted, you didn’t answer, so I bought something of my choice!” She offered the delicate gift box, which she had taken out from her bag, to He Xiu.

He Xiu knew that it was a precious gift just by gazing at the packaging. He opened it and looked inside—a necktie.

“Do you like it?” Jian Yan asked.

He Xiu said, “The workmanship and cut are both very meticulous. The material is imported from Italy, and the style seems to come from Cosimo’s hand.”

“Amazing, amazing, Eldest Master He is worthy of running the general merchandise department store. I had to pull some strings and use my connections to buy this necktie.”

He Xiu smirked and raised his head to gaze at her. “Gifting me a tie, do you want to tie me down?”

Jian Yan countered, “Then you not giving me high heels, is it not because you’re afraid I’ll walk away?”

He Xiu laughed and said, “It seems like we are both tied to each other.”

Jian Yan raised her brow, not arguing. She removed the necktie from the gift box and said to He Xiu, “I’ll help you put it on, to see if it looks good or not.”

“How can something you chose not be good-looking.” He Xiu grasped her hand and placed the necktie back into the box. “Let’s not try it right now. We’ll just end up taking it off later anyway.”

Jian Yan: “…”

This rogue increasingly acted on his heartfelt desires.

He Xiu lightly wrapped his arms around her waist and lowered his head to kiss her lips, and Jian Yan tilted her head up to accept it. He Xiu kept pushing her back as he devoured her lips until her legs hit the edge of the bed. He took the opportunity to press her body down onto the mattress.

“Are you feeling better?” His breathing was a bit hurried, and he unconsciously pressed himself closer to Jian Yan’s body.

Jian Yan’s dress had already become disheveled in his hands. She gasped for air and haltingly replied, “Sh-shouldn’t be a problem.”

He Xiu kissed the corner of her lips, his hand trailing down her back. He pulled down the zipper of her dress. Hearing the metal rapidly unzip, Jian Yan’s heart began throbbing. Upon realizing he planned to casually toss aside her dress, though, Jian Yan worriedly said, “Don’t tug on it randomly. Although this dress isn’t high-end, it still cost more than ¥100,000.”

He Xiu clearly didn’t have the patience to slowly take off her dress right now. After he peeled it off of her, he covered her body with his. “If it’s ruined, I’ll replace it with a new one.”

“You…” Jian Yan wanted to retort, but her lips were sealed shut by He Xiu’s. His kiss was filled with aggression, and not a moment later, Jian Yan fell into enemy hands, the thoughts about her dress fleeing from her mind. If the two of them seemed to fit right the first time, they melded together perfectly this second time. When He Xiu penetrated Jian Yan, she couldn’t help but moan softly.

“It’s fine, be as loud as you want. This room has excellent soundproofing.” He Xiu lowered his head to gaze at the body beneath him, his breath scalding hot on her skin.

“…” Jian Yan truly wasn’t able to be as open as he was and continued to stifle herself. He Xiu, however, went on the offensive with increasing ferocity. Her consciousness scattered under his assault, and she could only give in to He Xiu’s domination.


The hotel had provided condoms, so He Xiu didn’t pull out at the final moment again. After a burst of intense trembling, the two of them violently gasped for air. Once their breathing returned to normal, He Xiu embraced Jian Yan and ran his fingers through her sweaty hair. “Are you okay?”

“Mn…” Jian Yan seemed exhausted as she languidly hummed her reply.

He Xiu lowered his head to press a kiss against her rosy cheek, quietly saying, “Actually, I have one more thing I want to give you.”

“Mn? What?” Jian Yan raised her gaze to look at him. The hazy film of moisture clouding her eyes caused He Xiu to be a bit restless.

He restrained himself, however.

He turned over and got up without dressing, heading straight for the dressing wardrobe. Jian Yan watched him smoothly slip away. She then thought herself to be too indecent and closed her eyes as if she was placing on makeup; her eyes, however, opened just a crack for her to peep on him.

Jian Yan opened her eyes upon feeling the bed sink down beside her. He Xiu really had laid down beside her. In his hand, he was holding a small red case.

Jian Yan already had a general idea of what was inside just from the exterior. If it wasn’t a ring, then it was a necklace. It was more likely to be a ring.

When He Xiu opened the case, what lay inside really was a diamond ring. A light flashed through Jian Yan’s eyes rapidly.

“Let’s get married,” he said.

Jian Yan was not surprised at all. At their age, men and women who were dating were rushing to get married. As long as the circumstances were good enough, even if the couple wasn’t in a rush, their families would hurry them to marry. She gazed at the ring in He Xiu’s hand, still not answering. Worry began to pervade He Xiu’s heart. “What’s wrong? Do you not want to get married?”

“Of course not. I’m 28 this year. My university classmates’ children can all buy soy sauce.” The corners of her lips curved into a smile as she plucked the ring from his grasp. “This ring is truly exquisite. I can smell the hint of money.”

He Xiu couldn’t help laughing. “Let me help you put it on?”


He Xiu gently slid the ring onto her ring finger before kissing it softly. “I have already bought us a bridal house. We’ll soon have our own home.”


Home; this word had been incomplete for the two of them, but now they were on the verge of creating their own new family.

He Xiu once again turned over to press Jian Yan down, who subconsciously braced herself against his chest. “What are you doing?”

He Xiu queried, “Let’s do it again?”

Jian Yan: “…”

They stayed in the hotel room that night and woke up when the sun had already risen three bamboo poles high the next day. Jian Yan just happened to be tying He Xiu’s necktie in front of the mirror. “It seems that my eye for fashion is indeed pretty good. You look very handsome with this necktie on.”

He Xiu smiled and seized her waist. He pressed a kiss to her forehead. “Your eye truly is magnificent, especially when choosing a husband.”

“…Don’t flatter yourself so.” Jian Yan suddenly stared him in the eyes and said, “Wasn’t your proposal last night too casual? You didn’t even go down on your knee.”

He Xiu thought for a moment before asking, “Then should I fix it now?” He casually knelt down on one knee as he said this and looked up to gaze at Jian Yan. “Are you willing to marry me?”

“Can I say I’m unwilling?”

“You cannot.”

“Oh, okay, then I can only be willing.”

He Xiu stood up and gathered Jian Yan into his embrace. Jian Yan was very helpless. “Don’t you have to hurry to a meeting?”


“Then don’t waste time.”

He Xiu tightened his hold before finally releasing her. “I’ll send you back first.”

Jian Yan didn’t disagree; after returning home, she went back to sleep, later getting up to draw. Once she turned on her computer, she opened Weibo. A long time had passed since she and He Xiu publicized their relationship. The excited fans on Weibo had changed from relentlessly asking her at the start ‘whether Great God Nan Si’s breathing is sexy’ to ‘when are you starting a new serial, Teacher Tang Zhi?’

Thinking about how her new serial had indeed been delayed for quite some time, she had no choice but to post a Weibo message to placate everyone.

Tang Zhi 【V】: 「Working hard and drawing every day—I hope everyone can meet the new serial soon ^_^」


He Xiu gave her Weibo post a like once he wrapped up the meeting.

「He Chen will be discharged from the hospital in two days. Do you want to go pick him up with me?」

He Xiu began reading the two pages in front of him after sending this message, only to receive a reply from Jian Yan.

「Sure, do I need to bring him anything to express sympathy?」  

「No need, giving him the soup last time is enough already.」

He Xiu sent this message and then tacked on an additional comment.

「Let’s eat dinner together tonight.」  

He really wanted to hurry and move in with her; this way he could get off work and see her at home everyday.


Jian Yan had not posted the Weibo update for very long before Lin Zhen contacted her, saying 《Satisfactory》’s movie had begun casting. The movie director was asking for her opinion.

Jian Yan didn’t understand the entertainment circle much, but when it was announced that 《Satisfactory》 was being turned into a movie, many fans had commented that they wanted Pei Ying to be the actress. She sent Lin Zhen her reply.

「Previously, readers said they wanted Pei Ying to be the actress. Do you think this is feasible?」  

Lin Zhen replied, 「The film company is also considering Pei Ying. She has a great figure and has experience being a model. Her acting as Shang Ke is not being questioned either, but they think Pei Ying is too beautiful and alluring. Shang Ke is very unsophisticated in the beginning. They’re concerned that Pei Ying might not look as unsophisticated as she should be.」

「Hahahaha, that is true too. Though, I think several female celebrities have experience pretending to be ugly?」

「Shang Ke isn’t pretending to be ugly. She really is unsophisticated. It’s a temperament problem.  Currently, they think that even if Pei Ying doesn’t wear makeup and wears sportswear, she won’t look unsophisticated. Furthermore, Pei Ying just got married to Song Nan Chuan. She’s probably not accepting work at the moment.」

Jian Yan considered this and said, 「I also don’t understand stars in the entertainment circles very much. Why don’t we ask the readers?」

「You ask the readers. They’ll definitely say the male lead should be Mo Zhen and the female lead should be Pei Ying or maybe Li Si Si and so on. Do you believe me?」

“I believe…”

「Ai, forget about it. Your opinion was just for reference anyway. Continue working; I’ll stop disturbing you. Oh, the film company sent over sample works of a few actors and actresses. You can take a look and then choose directly from the material given.」  

「Okay, my new serial’s first chapter will be done very soon. Once I finish drawing, I’ll send it to you to look at.」  

「Good, then I’ll talk to you later.」  

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