MWFRL Chapter 49


Chapter 49

He Chen was unconscious for two days, just happening to wake up when He Xiu was in the ward visiting.

Seeing him open his eyes, He Xiu asked in a tone neither a cold nor warm, “You’re awake?”

He Chen: “…”


Why was he so serenely indifferent when a patient just wakes up??

“I’ll call the doctor.” He Xiu pressed the pager as he said this. Doctors and nurses soon burst into the room with haste.

“He seems to have awoken.” He Xiu’s tone was still as tranquil as before. The doctor did a simple inspection and then asked He Xiu to leave.

A moment later, the doctor came out and said to He Xiu, “The patient is already sober, and his condition is also relatively stable. We intend to switch him to a common ward.”


He Chen was transferred from the room to a VIP suite. He Xiu also took advantage of this time to contact He Jing Long. After settling down in the appropriate ward, the doctor told He Xiu, “Family members can now stay in the ward.”

He Xiu nodded and went inside to glance at He Chen. His spirit was slightly better than it was when he had just woken up. He already had the strength to open his mouth and say, “I just woke up, but you don’t seem happy at all?”

His voice was faint and feeble, but He Xiu still heard his words clearly. He quirked his lips and asked instead, “Is that so?”

At first He Chen wanted to say that he was too cold and detached, but thinking it over, He Xiu had always been this cold and detached to him. He corrected himself, “This doesn’t resemble dramas at all.”

He Xiu drily stated, “According to dramas, you should have become a vegetable right now.”

He Chen: “…”

A light giggle burst from the nurse’s mouth before she buried her head to cover it up.

An anxious Zhao Ying Fang shoved the door to the ward open and dashed inside. “Chen’er, you’re finally awake! You scared Mama to death!”

Tears began streaming down Zhao Ying Fang’s face as she spoke. The nurse to the side hurriedly informed her, “The patient only just woke up, and his body is still relatively weak. He cannot receive too much disturbance.”

He Chen glanced at Zhao Ying Fang weeping endlessly and He Jing Long standing right behind her and felt a spark of comfort warm his heart. This was the circumstance he was familiar with in dramas.

He fell asleep again soon after waking up. Zhao Ying Fang and He Jing Long stayed at the hospital. He Xiu felt it no longer concerned him, so he left first. He took out his phone to call Jian Yan once he exited the front doors of the hospital.

Jian Yan was currently drawing as she chatted with Lin Zhen.

Lin Zhen: 「When will my things be delivered to me?」  

Jian Yan: 「Busy, no free time. If you want it so urgently, come and pick it up yourself.」  

Lin Zhen: 「Shouldn’t you rethink your attitude towards your boss? 🙂 Be careful that I won’t send you your author’s remuneration :)」

Jian Yan: 「Then I’ll go hang myself on your doorway :)」  

Lin Zhen: 「A virgin who hangs herself cannot reincarnate.」

Jian Yan: 「……」  

Lin Zhen: 「Yi! You actually didn’t refute. Don’t tell me you are really still a virgin?」  

Lin Zhen: 「You and Eldest Master He have been together for so long and have even gone to France together! Could it be that Eldest Master He is no good…」1  

Jian Yan: 「……」  

She was lost in thought when He Xiu’s call came through, startling her into nearly throwing away the phone in her hand.

Calming down a moment later, she accepted the call as always. “He Xiu, what’s the matter?”

He Xiu answered, “He Chen woke up. When will you bring me over to see your mother?”

Jian Yan: “…”

She digested this and then said a moment later, “He Chen woke up? How is his condition now?”

“The doctor said it’s relatively stable. He has already been moved to the common ward; He Jing Long and his mother are both staying at the hospital. I assume there’s nothing wrong.”

“Oh, that’s good. You can be at ease with this.”

“My worry has always been on when you’re taking me home?”

Jian Yan: “…”

She spent a while contemplating before consenting, “We don’t have any relatives that will drop by our home, so my mom should have the time during Chinese New Year celebration. Look into when you have the time.”

He Xiu’s lips curved into a smile. “Okay, then tomorrow.”

“…Mn, I’ll go tell my mom.”

“Alright, I’ll go pick you up downstairs early tomorrow morning.”

When they had talked about meeting their parents, Tang Zheng had also been interrogated over the same thing. The Tang Family had just come back from spending dinner together on lunar New Year’s Eve and were currently embroiled on the topic of ‘who-who-who’s child is how old now.’

Tang Zheng sat there as quiet as a chicken the entire time, but this fire still ended up reaching his body. 2 Tang Zheng’s older sister glanced at him with a face of disdain. “Look at your younger male cousin, younger than you yet already a father.”

Tang Zheng retorted with a low voice, “Then don’t you also not even have a boyfriend.”

Tang Zheng’s older sister raised a slender brow. “Ah, who do you think held me up? If you worked harder, would I need to work at the company daily without the time to even find a boyfriend?”

Tang Zheng: “…”

So this was blamed on him as well? It was clearly her who was too strong, so no man dared to desire her!

“What is the meaning behind that look? Still not convinced?”

Tang Zheng’s older sister’s eyes narrowed, and a chill swept down Tang Zheng’s spine. “No I haven’t! Recently haven’t I been following you to the company every day.”

“Hmph, you’ve been more obedient recently. It seems like this older speaking innumerable times doesn’t compare to one line from He Xiu.” They naturally knew about He Xiu buying He Zhi stocks from small shareholders. At that time, Tang Zheng had just returned to the company, and they were well aware of the reason as to why. It was just that Tang Zheng had been good friends with He Xiu for so many years that not only did the think quite highly of He Xiu, they would also do favors for him at little cost. They were all happy that Tang Zheng came to work at the company regardless of the reason why anyway.

Thinking of this, Tang Zheng’s older sister couldn’t help but want to take liberties with this younger brother. “Say, are you secretly in love with He Xiu?”

“……Pah!” Tang Zheng felt insulted. “Even if all the women in the world died, I will never be secretly in love with him!”

“That’s true; you acting so obvious can be considered an indicator of love.”

“……I have a girlfriend!” Since he was no longer under the impression that Lin Zhen and Jian Yan had that kind of relationship, he had no longer ‘collaborated’ with her. This time, however, he could still use her as a shield.

“Girlfriend? Are you talking about Lin Zhen?” Tang Zheng’s older sister’s eyes minutely flashed. “Speaking of which, she hasn’t come to our house in quite a while. Take advantage of Chinese New Year and call her to come over and eat with us.”

“…Eh, she’s busy.”

“No matter how busy she is, she still needs to eat.” His older sister waved her hand and made the final decision. “I’ll go ask dad and mom when it’s convenient. I’ll notify you when the date is set.”

Tang Zheng: “…”

What was called digging one’s own grave? This was called digging one’s own grave.

While he still hesitated on what expression to use when confronting Lin Zhen, Jian Yan had already set a date with her mother. In order to meet her mother, He Xiu was making ample preparations.

This was the first time he was paying a visit to his girlfriend’s home. No need to mention a present—he had already chosen with the utmost care an array of health care and skin care products which probably couldn’t be held by only two hands—it was most important that he dressed grandly.

A completely new, high end, custom-made suit, a long coat of the same shade, and hair specially styled by a professional stylist.

When Jian Yan caught sight of him, she was dumbstruck. “You, this…are you planning on going to a wedding ceremony? Hahahahaha.”

He Xiu: “…”

He pursed his lips, smiled, and said, “It’s the first meeting. Of course I want to leave my future mother-in-law a good impression.”

“Oh…” Jian Yan thought for a moment and still decided on telling him the cruel truth. “This actually isn’t the first meeting. When you drove me home last time, my mom saw you.”

He Xiu: “……”

He actually—unknowingly—already met his mother-in-law??

He remained silent for a long time before finally uttering a question. “At that time, was I…very handsome?”

Jian Yan bent over laughing in the passenger seat. “Mn, should be very handsome. My mom kept using ‘that very handsome director of yours’ to address you.”

He Xiu: “…”

Whatever the case, it was enough that he was still handsome.

Driving through that old-fashioned neighborhood for a second time, He Xiu’s mood was completely different from before. Seeing him act as if he was a warrior advancing onto a battlefield, his face grave, Jian Yan once again laughed unconsciously. “Don’t be so nervous. My mom is very easy to get along with.”

“Mn.” He Xiu made a sound of agreement before turning to her and asking, “What fruit does your mother like? How about we buy some downstairs before going back up?”

“No need~ those things you bought are already more than enough.”

“How about we still go buy oranges? If not, apples?”

“…” Jian Yan stooped over to laugh for the second time in the front passenger seat.

She didn’t know why, but a bewildered Eldest Master He was adorable to the point it was somewhat moe.

When they reached the doorway, Jian Yan raised her hand to knock while He Xiu once again tidied his clothes and hair. Once Jian Yan’s mother opened the door and caught sight of that tall, handsome man beside Jian Yan, she was stunned. She then said to Jian Yan, “I was wondering who you wanted to bring back to meet me. So as it turns out, it’s that very handsome director of yours.”

He Xiu heard what was said and very quickly took a step forward. He respectfully said to Mother Jian, “Hello, auntie. My name is He Xiu.”

“Hello, Mr. He.” Jian Yan’s mother turned to the side as she said to them, “Come in first.”

He Xiu entered behind Jian Yan, still somewhat tense. He handed over the health care and skin care products to Mother Jian and said to her, “Auntie, these are gifts for you. I wish you a happy new year.”

“Thank you, thank you. Why did you bring so many gifts?”

Jian Yan giggled and answered, “If I didn’t stop him, he would have brought along more.”

Jian Yan’s mother swept her gaze over the two of them before putting the gifts on the coffee table for the time being. She beamed at them and asked, “I wonder what status Director He is using to come today?” 3

Jian Yan felt awkward for a bit by her question, but she still braced herself and replied, “My boyfriend.”

Although she had already seen him at an earlier time, Jian Yan’s mother’s heart was still very complex. She thoroughly understood Jian Yan’s misandry. As a child, if a boy was even a little bit close to her, she would have an extremely bad reaction. Yet now, she was introducing to her a man that was her boyfriend.


She opened her mouth but didn’t know what to say. Furthermore, this Mr. He—did he know her situation?

Seemingly able to understand that she wanted to ask something, He Xiu took the initiative to say, “Jian Yan told me she had misandry, but for some unknown reason, she doesn’t feel disgusted with me.”

“So it’s like this…” Jian Yan’s mother was surprised, but she merely smiled in the end. “This is truly fate bringing people together—something that cannot be stopped.”

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