My World Falls into the River of Love


〖时尚圈〗  我的世界坠入爱河  

[Fashion] My World Falls Into the River of Love

Author: Ban Li Zi/Chestnut (板栗子)




Chapter Count: 48

Character Count: 168715 (as of 1/18/2017)


Breaking News! Exceedingly Popular Manhua Artist Tang Zhi’s Amazing Boyfriend is the Young Master He Xiu of Starlight General Merchandise!

Internet User #1: Every time a new female star becomes popular, she wants my amazing Young Master He as her boyfriend/bankroller/Mr. Wang from next door.* You can’t change a person!!!!

Internet User #2: No ^^, the main point is that now, they won’t even leave a manhua artist alone!


Young Master He’s bad friend** also sent him a congratulatory message: Congrats for attaining the 10/10 Boyfriend Achievement! casts flowers ★,°:.☆( ̄▽ ̄)/$:.°★


Young Master He replied: Excuse me, this time its real 🙂


Obsessed with money + Misandry. Once, I had no delusions towards romance, but your voice made my entire world fall into the river of love.


Reading Guideline:

  1. This novel is purely for pleasure; please do not take seriously.
  1. Light, sweet love, 1V1/Monogamy, HE/Happy Ending


*term used jocularly to refer to a neighbor who is supposedly sleeping with one’s wife

**friend who is a bad influence

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Chapter 1: Workaholic Devil — To get rid of anxiety, be super rich

Chapter 2: Starlight General Merchandise — This female colleague doesn’t like touching those of the opposite sex.

Chapter 3: Master He — The paparazzi’s insight hasn’t become that bad.

💞 MWFRL 💞 Teaser 💞 MWFRL 💞


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