SHHD Chapter 23


Chapter 23: No, write Yu Xin’s name.


Only a couple minutes were left before opening hour. Everyone was mentally prepared to welcome guests, but the atmosphere in the bakery was incomparably suffocating.

Tang Mi sent a reproachful glance at the little brother from Yearning Love Flower Shop. The little brother laughed innocently. “I am simply in charge of delivering flowers.”

Supervisor Yu stood to the side, taking joy in calamity and delight in disaster, as she waited for CEO Yu to lecture Tang Mi solemnly; however, Yu Yi glanced at that bouquet of flowers and dully said, “The restaurant is opening soon; sign for the flowers first.”


“Yes, yes.” Tang Mi took the pen offered by the little brother and quickly signed her name. She then took the flowers from the little brother and waved him farewell.

While she apprehensively pondered how she should explain this matter, Yu Yi suddenly said, “In the language of flowers, Chinese bellflowers mean ‘everlasting, unchanging love.’”

Tang Mi: “…”

She nearly threw the flowers straight onto the ground.

Yu Yi saw her stiffly standing there with the flowers in her arms and asked once more, “Do you intend to hold those as you work?”

“N-no…” Tang Mi eagerly looked for a place to set down this headache, but clearly, the bakery was not a suitable area.

“Give those to me.” Yu Yi extended a hand to her. “I’ll put them in the CEO office for you.”

Tang Mi: “…”

Why the CEO office?

She did not dare to ask, however.

She handed over the flowers obediently. Yu Yi took the offered bouquet and left. Supervisor Yu felt that this ending was significantly lacking compared what she anticipated. Originally, she wanted to say a few words, but Manager Zhang swiftly called for her to stand at her workstation.

After everyone left, Tang Mi finally breathed a sigh of relief. She once again picked up the pastry bag and began squeezing out balls of cream, one after another.

The card! The card was still in the flowers!

Yu Yi plucked the card out of the bouquet with two slender fingers and glanced at it.

「These Chinese bellflowers represent my everlasting, unchanging love for you. – Lin Che」  

He casually tossed the card into the trash can on the side.

Behind him, Luo Hao glanced at the trash can and remained silent.

The restaurant manager heard that Yu Yi had arrived and went to greet him, only to be met with the unexpected sight of Yu Yi walking with a bouquet of flowers. Her greeting came out more like a question, to which Yu Yi simply nodded in response before walking into the CEO office. The restaurant manager turned to Luo Hao. Luo Hao smiled at her and said, “The flowers were confiscated from Tang Mi. Let’s go immediately; you’re busy, aren’t you?”

Restaurant Manager: “…”

She had heard about phones being confiscated from the staff, but not about how flowers could be confiscated.

After he spoke, Luo Hao followed Yu Yi into the CEO office. Since they first opened 『Sweet Dream』, this would be the first time they set foot in here. Although no one had used it since, it was still kept very clean, with all the necessary equipment in place.

Yu Yi nonchalantly set the bouquet of Chinese bellflowers on the office table and sat down in the leatherback chair. Luo Hao stood across from him and inquired, “Do the flowers need to be placed in a vase?”


Luo Hao snickered mentally. Yes, not throwing it immediately away like the card was already a pretty good outcome.

He coughed and said to Yu Yi, “It’s in their nature for women to like flowers. Even though Tang Mi kept the flowers, it does not indicate how good her relationship with the gifter is.”

Yu Yi stared at the flowers on the table contemplatively and then said, “Tomorrow, begin gifting Tang Mi a bouquet every day.”

Luo Hao stared at him in shock. “Under your name?”

“No, write Yu Xin’s name.”

“…Mn, got it.”

After Yu Yi and Luo Hao left, Tang Mi sneaked into the CEO office, not with the intention to retrieve Lin Che’s bouquet gift but to confirm whether Yu Yi had found the card in the flowers.

Regardless of whether it was Yu Xin or Yu Yi, both held hostility toward Lin Che. Since Lin Che and Yu Yi could also be considered as people of the same profession, he might have mistakenly believed that she was sent by Lin Che to spy on his business—oh no!

With great difficulty, she reached the door of the CEO office. Tang Mi was just about to enter when she saw the sign hanging from the door handle——  

『CEO’s sacred workplace; idle people are prohibited from entering.』

Tang Mi: “…”

Sacred? Bullshit! Before today, CEO Yu definitely didn’t even enter this place!

She paced in front of the doorway before returning weakly to the bakery.

She felt that the sign had been deliberately hung there to make her leave.

The work day had yet to end. During her lunch break, Tang Mi called Lin Che’s cake store. As she was caught red-handed by Yu Yi today, she no longer worried about He Si Qi now and could only pray that Lin Che did not send her more flowers.

Two rings later, someone accepted the call. It was truly unfortunate that this someone was He Si Qi.

When Tang Mi heard He Si Qi’s voice, she immediately sharpened her voice and exclaimed, “What is wrong with your shop’s cakes? After I ate one, my belly ached for two days! Call your store manager over!”

He Si Qi seemed to be stunned for a moment before finally saying, “I’m very sorry for the inconvenience. May I ask when you bought this cake? Our shop’s cakes are all made using the freshest of ingredients; this type of problem should not have happened.”

Tang Mi immediately sharpened her voice even more and retorted, “Are you implying that I’m deliberately making things up? Are you the store manager? If not, get out of the way. I want to talk to your store manager!”

On the other end of the line, He Si Qi seemed to get angry, but just as she raised her voice, someone else took over the call. “Hello, I am the store manager, Lin Che. How may I help you?”

Tang Mi sighed and returned to her ordinary voice to reply. “I know He Si Qi is next to you, so don’t say anything. I’m calling simply to tell you to stop gifting me flowers. My colleagues are becoming discontent with me because of this, and it even disturbed the restaurant manager. It has already caused a huge disturbance at work, so I hope that you understand.”

Tang Mi was about to hang up when she finished speaking, but Lin Che hastily said, “Wait!” He returned to a business-speaking tone after he called out that word. “In order to express my regret, may I please treat you to a meal as an apology?”

Tang Mi: “…”

She frowned and refused, “No need, it’s already a huge help if you no longer send me flowers.”

Lin Che quirked his lips and said, “If I cannot do this, then I’m afraid that this issue cannot be satisfactorily resolved.”

Tang Mi: “…”

Was he threatening her?

She wrinkled her brows and considered this over and over again. In the end, she compromised. “Fine, I have the day after tomorrow off, but I’m making this clear beforehand: only a simple meal. I will not agree to any other requirements.”

Lin Che chuckled and said, “I am extremely grateful for your understanding. When the moment comes, I will contact you.”

Lin Che hung up and copied the caller ID number.

He Si Qi furrowed her brows as she stood to the side. “What’s the situation? Did she really get sick because of food poisoning?”

Lin Che said, “I will settle this matter, so you don’t need to worry about it.”

He Si Qi eyed him but did not say anything.

Tang Mi felt her heart relax after the call with Lin Che was over. Tomorrow, she no longer needed to face the dubious gaze of that little brother from Yearning Love Flower Shop!

However, life always brimmed with nice surprises.


Before the restaurant opened the next day, the little brother from Yearning Love Flower Shop appeared again, as if he was a ghost haunting her. “Miss Tang Mi, these flowers are for you, like usual.”

Tang Mi: “…”

How could that be?! Didn’t she come to an agreement with Lin Che?! Did he lose his mind?!

After she signed for the flowers, spitting with anger, she discovered someone else had lost their mind instead——  

「Blazing red roses to convey my burning love for you. — Yu Xin.」   

Tang Mi: “…”


Why was Yu Xin suddenly sending her roses?!

Tang Mi’s heart nearly crumbled apart.

When Lin Che sent her flowers, she could call and scold him into stopping. If Yu Xin sent her flowers…did that mean she had to call CEO Yu and scold him into stopping?!

While Tang Mi silently raged, Supervisor Yu had already floated over to her side, extremely quiet, and plucked the card from her hand with lightning speed.

“So corny.” Supervisor Yu’s body shivered with goose bumps. “Who is Yu Xin? His penmanship is very beautiful.”

Tang Mi: “…”

Indeed, Supervisor Yu was a seeded player in the paparazzi circles!

She took the card back and stuffed it into her pocket. “How can you casually read other people’s things?!”

Supervisor Yu curled her lips. “You’ve been showing off your loving relationship for so long yet still forbid single dogs from resisting?”

Tang Mi: “…”

Supervisor Yu moved closer, winking at her. “Who is Yu Xin? Yi, his surname is the same as CEO Yu…” She covered her mouth like she was in a horror film, as if she had seen the gates of a whole new world. “Don’t tell me it is CEO Yu’s younger brother?!”

“You’re thinking too much. Although the family name ‘Yu’ is uncommon, it is still unlikely to be connected to CEO Yu’s family.” Tang Mi tried to speak as calmly as possible.

Supervisor Yu pondered for a while and felt that this made sense, though she still questioned closely, “Then who is Yu Xin?”

“Mn…a classmate of mine from university,” Tang Mi lied, not thinking the matter through. “I will talk to him and get him to stop sending flowers. Just bear with this for the next couple days.”

Supervisor Yu: “…”

Do you really think you’re the only one who gets flowers?! Tomorrow I’ll let little brother present me with a dozen!

After Supervisor Yu left, Tang Mi sneaked out of the restaurant and secretly called Luo Hao. At this time, she felt that Luo Hao really was correct. The two of them really had been talking frequently.

Luo Hao saw Tang Mi’s number light up his screen and guessed what she was calling about. He smoothed his lips into a smile and accepted the call. “Miss Tang Mi, what is the matter?”

“Mn…this…” Tang Mi mumbled, “How is CEO Yu today?”

Luo Hao chuckled. “Good, why are you asking?”

Tang Mi sighed in relief. “I just received a bouquet of flowers; the signee is Yu Xin…”

Luo Hao gasped in sudden realization. “He might have scheduled it in advance. I guarantee that at this moment, the one holding a meeting in the conference room is CEO Yu.”

“That’s good then.” Tang Mi smiled into her phone. “Since it’s like this, I won’t disturb your work. Goodbye.”

Just as she hung up, her phone screen lit up again. This time, it was a call from Bai Xiao.

Tang Mi blinked and accepted the call. “Miss Bai, what is the matter?”

Bai Xiao said, “I’m sorry, you had said you were busy today, so I should not be inconveniencing you. I tried to make a cake today though, but I’m not satisfied with how it turned out…”

Tang Mi thought for a moment before asking her, “What did you make?”

“A birthday cake.” Bai Xiao paused and then added, “Tomorrow is Yu Yi’s birthday, so I wanted to make a cake for him.”

Tang Mi froze. Tomorrow is CEO Yu’s birthday?

She contemplated this and then said to Bai Xiao, “I have an appointment at noon tomorrow with someone. How about I come over early in the morning; is that doable?”

“Yes, I’m extremely grateful and truly sorry for inconveniencing you.”

“It’s alright. It’s settled like this then.” Tang Mi hung up and opened her phone’s calendar app. Tomorrow…

June 1st, Children’s Day.


Author’s Note:

I apologize for posting even later today. In order to express this author’s regret for this procrastination disease, I will post double tomorrow. Welcoming screenshots! qwq

Finally, analyze CEO Yu’s current state of mind. At the moment, he has not sorted out his feelings for Tang Mi, so he will not explicitly pursue her; however, he really loathes Lin Che, so he has no choice but to use Yu Xin’s existence to make a move 23333

After he has thoroughly sorted through his feelings, he will then freely pursue his little sweetheart~~

Also, the card was personally written by CEO Yu! Although, the contents were supplied by Luo Hao 🙂

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