SHHD Chapter 20


Chapter 20 — It was Yu Yi who killed her.


Tang Mi stared blankly at the name ‘Yu Yan.’

Yu was not a common surname. Those two words seemed to validate her conjecture of sorts. The report only gave Yu Yan’s age, however, and not much else.

She kept staring at the webpage for quite a while before she turned off her computer and headed straight to bed.


Could it be that this was the shadow in CEO Yu’s childhood?

Tang Mi turned over, her brows puckered. The crime occurred exactly fifteen years ago on this very day, which meant—today was Yu Yan’s death anniversary.

She grabbed her phone from beside the pillow and subconsciously scrolled down to Yu Yi’s number. The message history only showed two messages, each one sent by Yu Xin. Her fingers twitched above the call button. In the end, she stowed her phone away.

Even if Yu Yan and Yu Yi actually had some kind of relationship, she was not in any position to get involved.

She indulged in her flights of fancy for a spell before actually falling asleep, until a brief series of knocks woke her up. She sat up with the blanket pooling around her and ruffled her long hair, thinking to herself that it must be Fu Xin coming back drunk from wine to the point where she couldn’t find the keyhole to open the door.

The knocking continued as Tang Mi climbed out of bed, put on slippers, and walked over. “Coming! Drink less since your alcohol tolerance is no good!”

The moment she opened the door, Tang Mi was struck dumb.

For several seconds, she opened and closed her mouth. Eventually, she whispered, “Mister…Yu?”

Although the man at the door wore a well-ironed suit, his jacket was casually opened wide, his black tie loosened so that the knot rested against his collarbone. Several buttons on his white shirt was also undone.

Yu Yi probably wouldn’t allow himself to appear like this in front of others.

Yu Xin perked up and flashed a beautiful smile at her, though his smile unexpectedly held a trace of fatigue. “Sweetheart, luckily, you’re home.”

His sigh seemed a bit worried, deeply worried, but it was more like a sigh of relief from gaining a new lease on life after a calamity. Tang Mi gazed at him for a while, forgetting to reply. Yu Xin propped himself against the doorframe with one hand, an unfathomable look in his eyes.  “You turned off your phone. The restaurant said you were on vacation today, and I didn’t know where to find you.”

Tang Mi froze. A moment later, she regained her ability to speak normally. “Ah, my phone might be dead. I saw just a moment ago that the battery level was already red.” She paused before asking, “What did you want to find me for? Yi, how did you know where I live?”

Yu Xin chuckled lightly at her. “Did you forget? I saw you through the window last time.” He took a step forward then, and his body encroached slightly into Tang Mi’s personal space. “Are you really not going to invite me in to take a seat?”

This question caused Tang Mi to mentally panic. Normally, she would never hastily allow a man to come in, but Yu Xin seemed to be a bit unusual. She could not lock the door and refuse to see him.

She turned her body to allow him inside. Yu Xin furrowed his brows slightly at this. “Sweetheart, your safety awareness is too weak. In the future, do not allow people to enter so casually. Even more, you should not allow strangers inside.”

Tang Mi: “…”

Her lips tugged downward. She wanted to say something, but then Yu Xin added, “Of course, I’m an exception.”

At this moment, Tang Mi did not want to reply to that. Yu Xin began looking all around after entering and gained a lot of discontent toward this house. “Heavens, which century is this interior decor from? The furniture is very old; the floor even became discolored!” He turned around and looked at Tang Mi, deep-seated worry present on his face. “Sweetheart, you must come and move in with me.”

Tang Mi: “…”

She walked over and sat down on the sofa. She looked at Yu Xin with a carefully blank expression. “Mr. Yu, what did you seek me out for? Fu Xin will return soon, and if she were to see you, you will certainly regret it.”

Yu Xin walked over and sat down next to her, as obedient as a little sheep. “I still have not eaten lunch. I’m starving.”

Tang Mi: “…”

For the sake of him having paid her for so much overtime, Tang Mi bore the burden of this mission willingly and walked over to the kitchen to prepare something to eat. Yu Xin comfortably leaned back into the sofa and smiled at Tang Mi. “Sweetheart, you look so beautiful all dressed up today. Did you go out somewhere?”

Tang Mi replied, “Today was my university’s alumni reunion.”

“Alumni reunion?” Yu Xin’s smile shrunk by half. “Did Lin Che also attend?”

Tang Mi was in the middle of cutting a cake when he asked, and her hand trembled. For some reason, she suddenly felt guilty. Last time at the restaurant, she had seen that Yu Xin held very deep hostility toward Lin Che. Even if she did not know when Lin Che had offended him, she still felt that it was better to not mention his name.

She glanced up at Yu Xin and remarked with feigned calm, “I don’t know. I left early, so that means nothing to me.”

Yu Xin stared at her and did not say anything. Tang Mi quietly sighed in relief. Why did she feel like she was caught committing adultery? Regardless of whether it was Lin Che or Yu Xin, she undoubtedly did not have that kind of relationship with them!

Even though Yu Xin showed a lot of interest in her, even kissing her for some unfathomable reason, she did not dare think it was genuine. Moreover, Yu Yi was the master of this body, not Yu Xin.

She brought over a slice of cake and a tray of madeleines, placing it on the coffee table in the living room. “I made this as my breakfast earlier this morning. If you do not mind, please eat a bite.”

Yu Xin smiled and picked up a madeleine. “How can I mind eating anything made by Sweetheart? Only, may I have a bit of wine?”

Tang Mi’s brows rose. She pondered for a moment before answering, “Madeleines should be paired with black tea.”

Yu Xin disagreed, raising a brow in provocation. “According to Marcel Proust’s book 《In Search of Lost Time》, everyone dipped madeleines in black tea to eat, regardless of whether madeleines should be.”

Tang Mi couldn’t help but giggle. “You just want to drink wine; why else would you have such a preposterous argument? But I only have cooking wine here for when I bake; I don’t have any good wine.”

“That’s fine.”

Tang Mi got up and went to the kitchen, coming back with a pitcher of juice and a bottle of brandy.

“Oh! I actually have brandy as well.”

Yu Xin blinked at Tang Mi.

Tang Mi explained, “When making cream cake and chocolate cake, adding brandy gives it a rich flavor. I bought a cheap brand, though, so you might not be used to drinking it.”

Yu Xin poured a glass of brandy, a little under half full, and then filled it with juice. He toasted Tang Mi. “Sweetheart, I am not as picky as you think.”

Tang Mi: “…”

Nonsense! CEO Yu’s tongue was well-known for being extremely picky!

She watched as Yu Xin downed one glass and started to make a second one. Hurriedly, she stopped him. “Are you not hungry? Eat a bit first before drinking more.”

Yu Xin flashed her a grin and obediently set down his wine glass. He began eating the slice of cake. Tang Mi glimpsed the sweet dimples on his face before silently shifting her gaze away.

Yu Xin finished the cake and set down the empty plate on the table. The brandy was also half gone. He leaned into the sofa again, tilting his head slightly to look at Tang Mi. His black eyes seemed intoxicating yet not, like pools of deep water with a hint of languid warmth, sunshine reflecting on its surface, that she was gradually falling deeper into.

It was honestly too seductive. Tang Mi simply did not dare to look him straight in the eye. Carefully, she poked him with her index finger and curiously asked, “Mr. Yu, are you in a bad mood today?”

Yu Xin gradually revealed a smirk and pulled Tang Mi into his embrace, burying his head into her shoulder. “Mn, today is my older sister’s death anniversary.”

Pu-tong. Tang Mi’s heart skipped a beat and began palpitating slightly in fear. Yu Yan was his older sister? Yu Yan really was a member of his family?

She did not know what to say to comfort him, because anything she said would seem very shallow. She raised both hands and wrapped it around his waist, patting his back as if placating a child.

Yu Xin quietly hugged Tang Mi for a while before finally releasing her. He brushed aside her bangs and breathed out, his voice quiet and soft, “It was Yu Yi who killed her.”

Tang Mi’s body stiffened. She stared at the man in front of her, brows furrowed. “Why do you say such a thing?”

If his older sister truly was Yu Yan, then it should have been an unfortunate accident. Why was the blame placed on Yu Yi?

Yu Xin gazed at Tang Mi, his eyes unfocused and hazy. “Why should I not say such a thing? This is, of course, a fact. Since he was a child, Yu Yi had no heart, being simply an empty shell. He had no interest in anything and was basically apathetic to everyone but himself. Whatever his parents felt he should like, he liked. Whatever his parents felt he should study, he studied. Ah, this was naturally not because he was obedient and allowed his parents to order him about; he was simply indifferent. Because he did not care about anything, he was essentially emotionless.”

Yu Xin paused here, a sneer crossing his face. “You entered his study. Did you see how many books there are? The majority of those were given to him by his parents as birthday gifts. Every year, all of his birthday gifts would be books, from Greek mythology to Scandinavian epics, from classical literature to financial management. Mn, his parents had a very difficult time with him, as he never requested anything. Apart from books, they could not think of anything else he would like. Thankfully, Yu Yi really liked reading, or rather, reading became a habit. After all, he never thought about what he liked.”

Tang Mi listened blankly to his words. She knew that Yu Yi rarely showed emotions, but she never would have thought that he would be so lonely.

Perhaps Yu Yi himself did not feel lonely, but from what she was hearing, she sensed a sort of ‘on the verge of despair’ loneliness.

Yu Xin smiled at her, a more bantering look compared to before. “You met Bai Xiao? She is who Yu Yi’s parents think his wife should be. According to his behavior these past several years, he probably would actually marry Bai Xiao one day. Naturally, I do not approve.”

Bai Xiao’s name caused Tang Mi’s soul to return slightly, her eyelashes fluttering a bit. She asked Yu Xin, “How does this relate to your claim that he killed his older sister?”

“Of course it’s related, because in that family, there was only one person who could perceive his true thoughts, even if he himself did not realize they could.” Yu Xin picked up the brandy from the table and poured himself another glass. This time, however, he did not add any juice. “That person was his beloved older sister, Yu Yan.”


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