SHHD Chapter 14


Chapter 14: Exposure – I’ll leave if you kiss me.


Yu Xin firmly held He Si Qi’s arm up in the air.

Presumably because of his bold entrance, the whole restaurant went quiet, everyone was either shocked or looking at him in admiration.

Tang Mi was the only one who was on the verge of tears.


Oh my god it’s Yu Xin! Why is he at the restaurant?! If people find out, that’s it!

He Si Qi recognised the man in front of her- the King of Gourmet, the man much sought after by the media, Yu Zhi’s executive CEO.

However, he somehow seemed a little different from the rumours?

She wanted to take back her hand. Slightly frowning from the pain in her wrist, she said, “Mr. Yu, you’re hurting me.”

Yu Xin smiled as he let go of her. “If your palm had reached its target, it would’ve hurt more than this.”

He Si Qi pursed her lips, she couldn’t find any rebuttal to flip the script to her advantage. Furthermore, she couldn’t quite understand why the dignified CEO of Yu Zhi would suddenly make an appearance here. In fact, what did he call Tang Mi just then? Sweetheart?

Yu Xin examined her, suddenly coming to a revelation. “I recognise you, you’re the person who opened a bakery with Lin Che. Well, why don’t you tell him my restaurant doesn’t welcome him, and not to visit again.”

He Si Qi was slightly confused for a second, and so were the rest of the customers in the restaurant. Yu Xin stared at He Si Qi, he said with a slight warning in his tone, “You too, if you cause trouble again next time, I won’t be so polite”

The whole restaurant was focused on the nickname “sweetheart”, Yu Xin turned to look at Tang Mi. Just as he was about to say something, Tang Mi shouted out, “CEO Yu!”.

Yu Xin paused, allowing Tang Mi to take advantage of the moment of silence. “Are you here for the newly released cake? Ah, I’m still contemplating some of the details, let’s discuss them outside!”

After she said that, she dragged Yu Xin out of the restaurant and completely ignored He Si Qi.

Yu Xin’s car was just parked on the street, Tang Mi pushed him into the car and demanded, “Drive!”

Yu Xin raised his brows at her, but nonetheless followed her command and started up the engine.

After driving for a while, they stopped at a nearby, small garden. Tang Mi leaned back into her seat and took a few deep breaths to calm herself down.

Yu Xin had one hand gripping the steering wheel and turned his body to face her. “What’s up with that woman?”

Tang Mi: “Oh, she’s probably gone mad, don’t worry about her. But what about to you, why did you suddenly come to the restaurant?”

Yu Xin gave a dry smile. “Why can’t I go to the restaurant? Am I that terrible to look at?”

“Um, I didn’t mean it that way….” Tang Mi tried her hardest to form coherent sentences. “I was just a bit worried, if other people found out about you, especially the media, they might write you off as a maniac! If that happens and the restaurant is forced to close down, I’ll end up sleeping under a bridge!”

Yu Xin’s eyebrow twitched. “…. The company won’t fall that easily.”

“Don’t think lightly of them, those reporters would do anything for attention.”

Yu Xin went silent.


He leaned closer to Tang Mi and chuckled, “Don’t worry sweetheart, I won’t let you sleep under a bridge.”

Tang Mi felt his warm breath on her face and subconsciously backed away a little.

Yu Xin laughed and sat up straight. “What did Lin Che want with you yesterday? Did he want you to work for him?”

Stunned by the question, Tang Xin asked, “Did you come here just to ask that?”

“And also to kindly remind you of one thing: don’t go transferring to other companies,” he added.

Tang Mi paused for a moment. “Don’t worry, even if I leave I won’t go to Lin Che. No, no, no, I meant I would never try to leave.”

Tang Mi fixed her words after seeing Xu Yin’s intense glare.

Yu Xin seemed satisfied by her reply, Tang Mi noticed his reaction and smiled at him. “Since the situation has been sorted out, how about you go back first?”  。

This sentence seemed to upset Yu Xin again. He glanced at her and suddenly smiled. “I’ll go back if you kiss me.”

Tang Mi: “….”

“If you don’t kiss me, I’ll go back to the restaurant”

Tang Mi kept silent.

She looked at Yu Xin with a conflicted expression, Yu Xin looking back at her calmly.

As Tang Mi entered an internal conflict, Yu Xin’s phone began to ring. He looked at the screen; it was from Luo Hao. Yu Xin pondered a little before picking up the phone. “What’s the matter?”

“Yu Xin, are you going out? Our appointment with Doctor Zhang is today. We’re already here.”

Seemingly remembering something, Yu Xin’s eyes brightened a bit, he spoke as his lips curled up, “I know, I’m coming right now.”

Hearing this, Tang Mi couldn’t help but chuckle a bit, her mood brightened up.

Yu Xin put away his phone and looked at her regretfully. “I’ll let you go today, but next time I’ll be collecting interest.”

Tang Mi’s mouth twitched, with a cheeky smile she said, “Have a safe trip home Mr. Yu.”

Yu Xin lowered the window and looked at her. “So what about that woman from before…”

“Don’t worry, I’ll vaccinate her.”

Yu Xin: “…”

He smiled again and blew a kiss at her. “Honey, the new type of cake you mentioned, just send it to our main building, I’ll notify the secretary.”

Tang Mi: “…”

……. Wait a minute, wasn’t that just for an excuse?



This feels like a scam!

By the time she trekked back to the restaurant, He Si Qi was already gone. However, there was an even bigger problem waiting for her.

Supervisor Yu pulled her away. “Speak, why did our CEO call you sweetheart?”

Tang Mi blinked innocently. “What do you mean? He calls everyone sweetheart, including you.”

Supervisor Yu thought about it, relaxed her eyebrows and said, “Huh is that it? But CEO doesn’t feel like such a cheesy person.”

“Didn’t you see how she was in over her head? He said it for her to hear.”

Supervisor Yu nodded, thinking that it made sense. “Don’t you think our CEO looks dapper today? I thought I saw him smile.”

“Did he? I didn’t see, you must have been hallucinating because you were too excited.”

Supervisor Yu’s smile disappeared, Tang Mi quickly changed the topic. “Where did that woman go?”

“Oh, she got kicked out by the restaurant manager.”

Tang Mi gasped. “The restaurant manager found out already?”

Supervisor Yu rolled her eyes. “Even the CEO knows, who cares about the restaurant manager?.”

Tang Mi had nothing to say.

Supervisor Yu muttered some more before she left. The Head Chef crept over closer before saying, “I heard the lobby today was full of juicy stories?”

“Hehe, I’m sorry for inconveniencing everyone.”

Head chef waved his hand, feeling like he was missing out. “They said he was here to talk about the new cake?”

Tang Mi: “……….”

The Head chef patted her shoulder, acting like a serious adult. “I know all the new cakes will go to the CEO for tasting, but you shouldn’t have forgotten about the Restaurant Manager.”


“But lucky for you, the Restaurant Manager has a big heart. The company called just now, they have an appointment booked for you to see CEO Yu tomorrow, you can take the cake directly to him instead.


Yu Xin you … bastard!



The author has something to say:

Today I was on the toilet from a stomach ache all day, i feel like my hemorrhoids are going to come out QQ

I didn’t poop much but it’ll come QQ

Good night everyone, I’m going to collapse soon qwq

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