ISUD Chapter 15


Chapter 15: Hehehehe — When the house leaks, it always rains


Jiang Zhi Zhou ultimately convinced Xia Wei to go to the nearest hospital. The doctor not only wrapped her wounds, he even gave her an injection as well.

She had not gotten an injection for so many years, so when Xia Wei heard that she needed one, fear ran rampant through her heart. Her younger brother was by her side, however; upon remembering how she had mocked him as a kid for being afraid of shots, she definitely had to pretend that she was nonchalant about this. After glancing at the bill, she realized the greatest pain came not from the shot…

“Is this doctor scamming me?! Needing a shot just because a cat scratched me, plus it’s so expensive too!” Xia Wei couldn’t help but voice her complaints as she sat in the car on the trip back.


Xia Ming Ming snickered and said to her, “I heard the shot is charged based on body weight.”

Xia Wei: “…”

If there wasn’t an outsider here, she would definitely ruthlessly beat him up.

Driving the car in the front, Jiang Zhi Zhou said, “Not all the stray cats in the neighborhood got their vaccines, so it’s relatively safer to get a shot.” He began to consider getting all the stray cats in the neighborhood vaccinated upon mentioning this.

Xia Wei asked him, “After those cats are sent to the hospital, when will they be discharged?”

“Depends, each cat’s circumstances are different. It should take several days.”

“Oh.” Recalling that the only one to escape this calamity was the orange cat, Xia Wei felt that this probably was, as they said, profiting from a disaster.

Losing its whiskers but saving its balls.

Mn—although ultimately, everything would still be lost.

Jiang Zhi Zhou agreed to Xia Wei’s request and drove her directly to her nail salon. Xia Wei got out of the car first. Tilting his head, he glanced at her hand. “Your hands can still give manicures to customers like this?”

Xia Wei stated, “It’s fine; it’s only a small injury and won’t affect anything.”

Jiang Zhi Zhou countered, “I meant, if customers saw that your hand is injured, would they not want you to touch them?”

Xia Wei: “…”

“Do you think everyone is a clean freak like you!” Xia Wei slammed the car door shut—pa—after saying this.  

‘Clean freak.’ These two words seemed to stab Jiang Zhi Zhou. A frown tugged lightly at his lips as he started the car.


Xia Wei furiously stormed into the salon. The little apprentice who had recently started working looked at her curiously from outside the door, asking her, “Xia Wei jie, was the one who just delivered you here your new boyfriend? His car is quite nice!”

Xia Wei’s brows shot up and asked her instead, “How could you curse your boss like this!?”

Little apprentice: “…”

Xia Wei couldn’t let her hands touch water at the moment, so it was indeed a bit inconvenient. She reflected deeply on herself. Why did she give the gloves to Mr. Jiang back then? She was practically a pig using oil to stifle the heart. 1

Although doing a good deed might have helped Xia Ming Ming gather character when he entered Starlight General Merchandise to sit for the second round of interviews; he could obtain an internship.

Xia Ming Ming, delighted, filled out the paperwork and even found a new place with lightning speed.

Jie, my co-worker says his roommate just moved out, so he is looking for a roommate. If I want, I can move in with him!”

Xia Wei asked him, “Have you seen the apartment?”

Xia Ming Ming nodded. “I have! Although it’s not as big as your place, and the furnishing is average, the rent is acceptable!”

“Is it far from work?”

“Definitely farther than your place, but the district could still be considered good. The complex, however, is relatively old-fashioned, which is why the rent is a bit cheap.”

Xia Wei thought for a moment and said, “Then okay, tell me when you move.”

Xia Ming Ming arranged to move apartments after work the next day with his co-worker. Xia Wei also deliberately returned earlier to help him pack his things. It couldn’t not be said that this co-worker of his was very good; he had come over to help him move and was even a little flustered upon seeing Xia Wei.

After the things were moved, Xia Wei invited him for dinner as thanks. Naturally, this included Xia Ming Ming.


After finishing off their tasks Xia Wei returned home and collapsed onto her sofa, not wanting to move at all. Moving truly was physical labor.

Closing her eyes for a bit raised her spirit. Then, her cell phone beeped with a new message. Xia Wei lazily groped for her phone and glanced at it.

Xia Ming Ming: 「Jie, that co-worker who helped me move today,  what do you think of him?」

Xia Wei: 「Very good ah. Others were very busy helping, yet you have the cheek to stand to the side and watch.」

Xia Ming Ming: 「… I also moved a lot of things okay!」  

Xia Ming Ming: 「But he truly is very good.  It was him who took care of me when I just joined the workplace. Even more rarely, he’s also good-looking!」

Xia Wei: 「……You wouldn’t have happened to have…taken a fancy to him?」  

Xia Ming Ming: 「… No! It’s because he just especially bashfully asked me if you have a boyfriend!」  

Xia Wei: 「…」

Xia Ming Ming: 「You two are both coincidentally single, so why not get to know each other a little『 grin 』」  

Xia Wei: 「…Tell him I have a boyfriend.」   

Xia Ming Ming: 「Why?! I think he’s pretty good! Try and talk to him!」  

Xia Wei: 「…  You’ve become very skilled at peeling leather. The motherland is not yet united, so not in the mood for romantic love.」

Xia Ming Ming: 「…」  

Xia Ming Ming: 「Okay『smile』」  

He didn’t send any more messages after that. Xia Wei recalled that co-worker of his for a moment and thought that he really was very good. Although he couldn’t be considered to be very tall, he was taller than her. She reckoned that if she wore high heels, he would still be taller. His looks were relatively gentle. He might not seem breathtaking at first glance, but he was definitely well worth a second look. His character need not be spoken of, as he had actually helped lazy Xia Ming Ming move luggage. He was simply a person who tries to never offend anybody.

Asking For Suicide At Eighteen This Year: 「Xia Ming Ming rented an apartment and moved out. His co-worker came to help him move. That co-worker is very good-looking, and his character seems pretty good too. He even asked Xia Ming Ming if I have a boyfriend, but what can I do? I have no plans to date. I feel like I’ve missed out on a hundred million yuan『smile』」

Eight Treasures Congee Female Hero: 「……」  

Eight Treasures Congee Female Hero: 「I seriously suspect you absorbed all of our romantic luck『goodbye』」  

Not Losing 5kg Not Changing Name: 「Didn’t you say you ran into a very handsome auditor yesterday? What gives you the right to speak 『smile』」  

Eight Treasures Congee Female Hero: 「I met one auditor after so many years! Look at Xia Wei! How long ago was that pure-hearted boy?!」  

Invincible Little Sweetie: 「I feel Xia Wei’s romantic luck truly is very prosperous, envious」

Asking For Suicide At Eighteen This Year: 「What is there to be envious about. I already rejected him :)」

Eight Treasures Congee Female Hero: 「You seemed to have discovered your conscience, not trapping another boy」 

Asking For Suicide At Eighteen This Year: 「『smile』」

Not Losing 5kg Not Changing Name: 「But what I really don’t understand is why does Xia Wei always comes across such lovely boys『smile』」  

Eight Treasures Congee Female Hero: 「Moral character quantity remains constant; she has used up all her moral character in this aspect, so there will always be other areas where it will come」

Asking For Suicide At Eighteen This Year: 「For example, Mr. Jiang from downstairs?『smile』」  

Eight Treasures Congee Female Hero: 「Mr. Jiang from downstairs is handsome and wealthy. What is there for you to dissatisfied about?!」

Asking For Suicide At Eighteen This Year: 「You can scroll through the chat history『smile』」  

Three minutes later.

Eight Treasures Congee Female Hero: 「Carefully scrolled through; I feel you and Mr. Jiang are suited for one another, mutually harmful :)」  

Asking For Suicide At Eighteen This Year: 「… :)」  

In regards to their perspective of Mr. Jiang, Xia Wei begged to differ. Moral character probably really was a constant quantity, however, as she received a notification about an increase in rent from her lessor the next day.

Because her nail salon was close to Starlight Plaza, rent was more expensive than other areas. Back then, she had wanted to sign a lease of 5 years with the lessor since she was particularly afraid that the rent price would increase, but the lessor refused. Now that her two year lease ended, the lessor—sure enough—notified her of an increase in price.  

Xia Wei became depressed. Although her nail salon’s business was pretty good, she had to pay for wages each month in addition to utilities and salon equipment. In total, it amounted to a great deal of expenses. Now that the rent had increased, her net income decreased even further.

She dialed her lessor, wanting to discuss the rent with him, but the lessor absolutely wasn’t patient and straightforwardly told her that if she didn’t pay for the rent, then she can move out. Xia Wei knew the buildings in this district weren’t the type that lessors would worry about being able to rent. The lessor was determined to increase the price, so anything she said was useless.

When the house leaks, it always rains. This event didn’t even settle before Xiao Qiu told her out of the blue that she was quitting.

A nail salon had a very high staff turnover; nail experts normally didn’t work for very long in one place. Xiao Qiu had worked at her salon for close to a year now, which could be considered a relatively long time. With her nail salon’s current flow of customers, however, one less nail expert basically meant she had more work than she could deal with.

She sought out Xiao Qiu for a heart-to-heart chat and tried to emotionally move her to stay, but Xiao Qiu had already made her decision. She simply couldn’t be persuaded. Furthermore, she had left quite anxiously, not even paying attention to her contract’s stipulation that she needed to give a month’s notice before quitting.

Xia Wei thought, Can I close down my nail salon? 🙂


Author’s Note:

Today, I learned through experience that when it rains, it pours 🙂

I left two hours earlier to go to Chongqing North Station to take the train, but the train service changed, causing my ticket to become invalid. I could only return with a taxi. Halfway there, the taxi broke down 🙂 Reached Chengdu with great difficulty, then it began to rain heavily in Chengdu 🙂

I’ll be able to return home tomorrow; temporarily staying with a friend there 🙂

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  1. Idiom: flattering herself/acting magnanimously to make herself feel better

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