Good Morning, Miss Ghost


〖娱乐圈〗  早安,幽灵小姐

[Entertainment] Good Morning, Miss Ghost

Author: Ban Li Zi/Chestnut (板栗子)




Chapter Count: 78

Character Count: 295817

♔ GMMG ♔

Since Mo Zhen made his first public performance at the age of 16, he had surmounted all difficulties and swept away everything before him on his journey, conquering the Film Emperor’s Throne at last.

But he didn’t anticipate that one day, he would fall into the hands of a female ghost.

Not only was this female ghost still brazenly living in his home, She! Won’t! Leave!

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  1. This novel is also known as 《Zhēnzi (榛子/Hazelnut) and Zhēnzi (贞子/Chastity)》, 《Everyone’s Friends Are Very Few》
  1. Light, sweet love, 1V1/Monogamy, HE/Happy Ending

♔ GMMG♔ Teaser ♔ GMMG♔

Chapter 1: Hazelnut — Handsome to Friendless

Chapter 2: Chastity — Still Friendless

Chapter 3: Name — The Easiest Spell

♔ GMMG♔ Teaser ♔ GMMG♔

Novitranslation — Good Morning Miss Ghost (Continuing Translation)


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  1. its not on novitranslation and the link on novelupdates link to a different series. is there anyway you’d pick up the series again?

    1. Post

      Ah, the translator for GMMG, Xixi, has taken it off NoviTranslation. I believe she is still translating it though and is simply looking for another site to host it. I also have too many projects on my plate at the moment to pick anything else up.

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