AQ Chapter 55


Chapter 55: Laughing-stock — Qin really is the motherfucking worst surname on Earth.

The reason why Zuo Yi had gone to sleep so late was because of this.

After he left Li Su’s place, he hadn’t gone straight to the hotel and instead tried to find the police officer in charge of Ye Zhen Zhen and her family’s car accident. He learned more about the circumstances and grasped some important information as well.

For example, according to the marks on the pavement, the car Ye Zhen Zhen had been riding had suddenly turned right, leaving clear brake marks on the ground. But to the right side of the road was Dancing Sun Hill. The brake distance was too short, causing their car to go straight up.


The police believed believed that an emergency had occurred, causing the driver to suddenly make this judgment. The police was not certain what the emergency was and only speculated that it might be someone suddenly appearing on the road—because according to what they had noted, there was an unexplainable, ambiguous trace left behind.

But if the car really had run someone over, why did that person quietly disappear?

This suspicious point had, until now, not been solved.

Additionally, there was another point that Zuo Yi paid attention to. Reportedly, a couple months previously, Ye Hong Sheng had sent people to make inquiries about the accident six years ago.

He lay in the hotel bed, mind whirring with all the information collected these past four months. Two Ye Zhen Zhen, a suddenly amended will, homicide motivations, a tangled and complicated relationship between the murderer and the victim…

The entire case took clear shape within his mind, in the form of arteries and veins.

Zuo Yi closed his eyes, having a premonition that they were not far off from solving the case.

The next morning, he went to Li Su’s place to pick up Ye Zhen Zhen. Ye Zhen Zhen was already waiting downstairs. He silently laughed. It seemed that this girl really was anxious about returning.

The returned at the same time they left. With a four hour travel time, Ye Zhen Zhen felt like the day was very long. When the train came to a stop, she immediately glanced outside and caught sight of Ji Zhe Yan outside. Even though there was a crowd, that silhouette still stood out from the masses.

Ji Zhe Yan also saw her, because she and Zuo Yi were a very dazzling sight.

“Dr. Ji!” Ye Zhen Zhen saw Ji Zhe Yan, and, like an ant seeing honey, she stuck to him with lightning speed. Ji Zhe Yan caught the person flying at him and picked up her bag. He looked down at her. “What did you bring back? How come it’s so much heavier?”

“Oh, I’ll tell you when we get back home.” Ye Zhen Zhen curved her lips into a smile and buried her head into Ji Zhe Yan’s chest again.

Zuo Yi couldn’t stand looking at them and left. Just as he left the train station, he received a call from Li Xin Ran. “Leader, are you back? We have a servant from the Qin family who confessed!”

Zuo Yi’s footsteps paused for a brief moment. He said with a low voice, “Confessed what?”

“The day of the crime, she saw Qin Kong leave the Qin residence at around seven o’clock!” Li Xin Ran’s voice sounded more excited than if he had won the lottery jackpot.

“I’ll be at the police department soon.” Zuo Yi hung up after saying this and entered his car.

Once he arrived at the police department, he saw that Li Xin Ran really was dancing and gesticulating for joy. Patting his broom-like hairstyle, Zuo Yi asked for the specific details. According to Li Xin Ran’s words, that servant had been unwilling to speak until now because she was afraid the Qin family would fire her. But since the police had recently been coming to their door for the past several days, she became even more afraid and finally couldn’t endure the pressure.

“Leader, this method of pestering is really useful!” Li Xin Ran punched Zuo Yi and asked, “What do we do now?”

“What do we do?” Zuo Yi smirked. “Naturally we ask the Third Young Master Qin to come drink some tea.”1

“Yessir!” Li Xin Ran dragged Hou Zi, and they scampered off like dogs. He recognized Leader’s expression and immediately wanted to free himself from this sea of bitterness. He simply wanted to set off firecrackers!

Qin Residence; the First Young Master Qin was currently pacing back and forth, irritated. “I’m asking you, when all is said and done, did you kill Ye Hong Sheng?!’

Qin Kong sat on the sofa and glanced up at him, still not saying a word.

Qin Lang kicked the glass coffee table. Kuang–dang—the glass immediately shattered. “So that slut’s son is a lowlife too. You knew the consequences yet involved our Qin family anyway!”

Qin Kong’s expression finally shifted. He tightly clenched his fists by his waist and glared at the fuming man before him, a haze of red clouding his vision.

“What are you going to do, looking at me like that? Eh? Are you thinking of killing me too?!” Qin Lang grabbed Qin Kong’s collar and lifted him up from the sofa. “I found it strange that you suddenly went with me on my trip that night. So, it turns out, you planned to escape arrest! Eh?”

When the last word left his mouth, the veins on his head pulsed.

The butler came running into the room, body bent in half in a bow. Trembling with fear, he dared not raise his head. “First, First Young Master, those two police officers are here again, saying, saying they want to invite Third Young Master to return for questioning.”

Qin Lang clenched his teeth and released Qin Kong’s collar before throwing him back onto the sofa. He took two steps before looking back with a very fierce glare at Qin Kong. “I will have Lawyer Song come as soon as possible. Before he gets there, you better not say anything incriminating!”

A murderer coming from the Qin Family, this would surely turn them into the largest laughing-stock in A City!

As if reading his mind, Qin Kong laughed in contempt and straightened his collar as he stood up from the sofa.

In the interrogation room were Zuo Yi and Li Xin Ran like usual.

Zuo Yi didn’t start the interrogation hurriedly and instead silently stared at Qin Kong. The Qin Kong he was seeing now was like a new person compared to who he had seen before. His dark, ink-black eyes seemed to radiate complex emotions that were completely contrary to his previous image.

Unwillingness, anger, contempt, malice.

“Full name?” Zuo Yi finally spoke up.

Qin Kong tugged at his necktie and asked, “Can you just directly ask the next question?”

Zuo Yi smirked. “You seem to be displeased with your name.”

Qin Kong laughed. “Qin really is the motherfucking worst surname on Earth.”

Zuo Yi didn’t speak further. After going through the standard round of questions, he went straight to the point. “From seven o’clock to nine o’clock on the evening of March 13th, where were you and what were you doing?”

Qin Kong frowned and said, “Don’t remember.”

“Don’t remember?” Zuo Yi raised his brows. “But you previously said that you stayed in your room the entire time. Oh, but this verbal statement has already been overthrown.”

Qin Kong looked at him, brows furrowed, but remained silent.

“Why did you previously lie?”

“Because I didn’t want to be suspected as the murderer.”

Zuo Yi paused and suddenly switched topics. “According to our investigation, you are not the biological son of Mr. Qin and Mrs. Qin, instead being the son of Mr. Qin and a mistress.”

Zuo Yi lowered his voice at the last second, sensing Qin Kong’s anger sharply increase. The expression being directed at him was full of ruthless savagery.

Zuo Yi whistled and flashed him a smile. “That look is not bad, more pleasing to the eye than your previous one.”

Qin Kong took in a deep breath and kept his eyes closed.

This matter would bring extraordinary shame and humiliation to the Qin family, so he had hidden it very well this entire time. How could their investigation reach this point?

Zuo Yi glanced at him and said, “We found out that you hired a private investigator to investigate the fake Ye Zhen Zhen. What did you want to know?”

Qin Kong frowned but remained silent.

Zuo Yi opened his mouth to say more, only for a knock to resound from the door. Hou Zi entered and whispered in Zuo Yi’s ear, “Leader, Qin Kong’s lawyer is here. He requests a private meeting with Qin Kong.”

Zuo Yi quirked his lips but nodded, smiling. “Alright.” Once he said this, he turned to look at Qin Kong. “Your lawyer is here. For now, he will come in and talk to you alone.”

After leaving the interrogation room, Li Xin Ran looked at Zuo Yi with a somewhat baffled expression. “Leader, why are you so happy about that Lawyer Song arriving?”

Zuo Yi smiled and said, “I am naturally happy. After he finishes talking with Qin Kong, Qin Kong might be willing to confess.”

Li Xin Ran jerked his mouth to the side. What alien logic was this?

In the interrogation room, Qin Kong sat across from Lawyer Song. Lawyer Song was a childhood friend who Qin Lang had grown up with, close male friends who shared vile habits. Qin Kong glanced at the gold-bespectacled man dressed in a well-ironed suit without even a single crease sitting across from him and merely sneered.

Lawyer Song saw the ridiculing look on Qin Kong’s face but recalled that Qin Lang trusted him to handle this matter, so he didn’t get angry. “Young Master Qin, I do not care if you killed someone. The police only has a few witness testimonies, and the murder weapon has still not been found. As long as you deny everything, they cannot do anything to you.”

He saw that Qin Kong didn’t feel like replying to him after he finished explaining, and the loathing in his heart simply deepened. So this bastard was actually a bastard; he didn’t even know this.

“Young Master Qin, I hope you realize how greatly this impacts the Qin family. You are usually left alone and able to just laze about. Don’t drag the Qin family down by the leg this time.”

Qin Kong eyed him, his gaze callous enough to shoot icicles. Lawyer Song subconsciously pushed up his gold-rimmed spectacles on the bridge of his nose and stood up from his seat. “I have said all that I can. I hope Young Master Qin does his best.”

Zuo Yi and Li Xin Ran leaned against the door, waiting. When they saw Lawyer Song exit, Zuo Yi straightened and turned to face him. “Lawyer Song, you’re done talking?”

“Mn, I want to bail him out now.”

Zuo Yi smiled and said, “Possible, but I still need to ask him a few questions.”

Lawyer Song raised his head to look straight at him. He had heard of the famed Zuo Yi, the so-called Demon of the Police Zuo Yi. There had never been a case he left unresolved.

He pursed his lips and nodded, saying, “I request to accompany him for the rest of the questioning.”

“No problem.” Zuo Yi—in a rare, pleased mood—pushed open the door to the interrogation room once again.

Qin Kong was leaning his head back over the chair. When he saw the door open again, he glanced over before turning back to watching the ceiling. Zuo Yi sat across from him with Li Xin Ran, while Lawyer Song walked over to Qin Kong’s side and pulled out the other chair to take a seat.

This time, Zuo Yi didn’t make any opening remarks and directly asked, “Did you kill Ye Hong Sheng?”

Lawyer Song turned to look at Qin Kong, whose posture had not changed at all, and continued to not say a word.

Zuo Yi eyed him and then said, “Since you don’t want to respond to this question, then I will change it for another.” He looked meaningfully at Li Xin Ran after he said this, causing the other to withdraw several photographs from a document pouch. He arranged them one by one on the table.

“This is taken from the surveillance camera situated outside a small store that sells tasers, taken around four-ten in the afternoon on April 21st. This man in the mask and hat…” Zuo Yi pointed at the man in the photo. “We once asked if this was you, and you denied it.”

He pointed at the other photo next to it after he said this. “We obtained recordings from all surveillance in the area. After examining each one, we noted this same man in different places, so we have theorized the path he had taken.”

Qin Kong’s brows wrinkled.

“Although this man deliberately took a large, circular path, he ultimately arrived at this parking lot.” Zuo Yi pointed at a photo. “Although his back is to the surveillance camera the entire time, you can see that he has taken off his hat and mask. From his attire and build, it’s easy to infer that this is the same person. His face is not clearly visible, however, this orange-yellow Ferrari, isn’t this your car?”

Lawyer Song sent Qin Kong a look of disbelief. He thought that Qin Kong was merely suspected for the murder of Ye Hong Sheng. How come there was another case?!

Qin Kong stared at the photos silently. Zuo Yi paused before asking, “We now suspect that you attempted to kidnap Ye Zhen Zhen in order to murder her; your motive is…”

“To silence her.” This time, Qin Kong didn’t wait for Zuo Yi to finish speaking. Qin Kong raised his head and stared fixedly at him.

Author’s Note:

First of all, I apologize to everyone in the world with that surname QAQ, I don’t agree with what he says; if you want to beat someone up, please beat him up! QAQ

I originally predicted to finish this novel in 180,000 characters, but it’s already past that. It seems that I surpassed the character count, hehehe!

PS: Winter IV really has cold as fuck rhythm QAQ, plus, the medicine is especially painful when entering my bloodstreams QAQ

Because the weather is getting colder, I will update as early as possible. Everyone, don’t sleep too late or you’ll get sick~ Muah~!

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  1. Slang meaning ‘interrogated by the police’

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