AQ Chapter 48


Chapter 48: Investigation — I’m pulling a snake from its hole.

Several days later, Ji Zhe Yan was still sleeping in his own bedroom like before. This caused Ye Zhen Zhen a lot of grief. She couldn’t help but inwardly sigh as she left the college campus. Dr. Ji hadn’t come to pick her up, so petty.

She only saw his bare bottom as he crawled across the ground!

What was worth seeing of a six month old baby? Although they were cute, she really wanted to see ‘little’ Dr. Ji.


“Ye Zhen Zhen, you must have the final design finished by next month.” Gan Run Yang’s voice, neither cold nor warm, pulled Ye Zhen Zhen away from her train of thought. She nodded and made a sound of agreement.

This time, the competition began in the middle of September and continued till the middle of October. Once it began, there wouldn’t be much time to make clothes, so teams needed to work more during the summer. As for the final wedding dress, it was also the most complicated of the three submissions. Making it would also take up the most time.

Naturally, this was based on the assumption that they would enter the finals.

The group separated ways at the school entrance. Ye Zhen Zhen had not walked far though before she was called to a stop. “Zhen Zhen.”

Ye Zhen Zhen lifted her gaze and frowned slightly. Say, it seemed like she had not seen Qin Kong for a very long time.

Qin Kong was still driving that eye-catching orange-yellow Ferrari. He scratched his curly hair and smiled at Ye Zhen Zhen. “Zhen Zhen, if you’re free, let’s go eat together?”

Ye Zhen Zhen stood there and stared at him for a moment before stepping forward. “Mr. Qin, you should know that I am not Ye Zhen Zhen.”

Qin Kong blinked, his eyes flashing quickly. “What does who you are have anything to do with this? I simply want to treat you, that’s all.”

Ye Zhen Zhen’s eyes shifted. She was not Ye Zhen Zhen, so Qin Kong would not get any benefits from her. So why was he still approaching her?

She really had a poor impression of this guy, especially since he might be the one who attacked her. Ye Zhen Zhen glanced at him and politely rejected the offer. “I’m sorry, Mr. Qin, I have things to take care of. I cannot accompany you for a meal.”

Qin Kong still tried to persuade her, but Ye Zhen Zhen quickly flagged down a taxi and sped away. Qin Kong watched the taxi drive into the distance, his lips thinning.

“Young Master Qin, it truly is not attractive to pester.” Zuo Yi suddenly walked up from the side. He was not wearing a police uniform, and a lit cigarette was casually held in his mouth. He eyed Qin Kong with half-lidded eyes.

Zuo Yi’s sudden appearance here really surprised Qin Kong, but he simply smiled and turned with the intent of entering his car.

“Wait a minute.” Zuo Yi stopped and held down the car door, his smile not changing even the slightest. “There is a little matter I want to ask Mr. Qin to come help the police investigate at the station.”

Qin Kong frowned before loosening his grip on the car door and turning to face Zuo Yi behind him. “Good sir, you need evidence before arresting someone.”

The corners of Zuo Yi’s mouth rose into a harmless smile. “I did not say I was arresting you. I’m merely asking you to help with an investigation.”

“Since it’s a request for assistance, I think I have the right to refuse, no?”

Zuo Yi’s smile curved a bit more. Because he had the advantage in height, he seemed to tower over the other. “I believe it is better for you to not refuse.”

Qin Kong’s eyes darkened, brows furrowing as he remained silent.

Within the interrogation room, Zuo Yi placed the photo taken from the surveillance tapes on the table in front of Qin Kong. “Mr. Kong, are you this person?”

Qin Kong glanced down at the photo and denied. “No.”

“Oh.” Zuo Yi nodded, a smile on his face as he asked, “Then may I ask you where you were and what you were doing on the night of April 21st at ten in the evening?”

Qin Kong eyed him and countered, “Do you remember what you were doing that day?”

Zuo Yi did not get angry in response to this abrasive attitude, and instead smiled as he retrieved the photo. “Then do you still remember what happened on the evening of March 13th?”

Qin Kong furrowed his brows and did not reply. Zuo Yi continued, “It doesn’t matter if you do not remember. I can help jog your memory. According to your previous statement, you stayed in your room that evening on March 13th. At around half past eight, you left for overseas with your older brother Qin Lang.” He paused here for a moment. “But according to Ye Kang Ping’s latest statement, they had been at the scene of the crime at eight, so your testimony cannot prove that you were absent at the scene.”

Qin Kong pursed his lips. Although the Ye Mansion was out of the way, the nearby road conditions were very good. He drove a sports car, so it was not a problem for him to return to the Qin residence within half an hour.

“Not only is it not tenable, we even have grounds to suspect that you intended to abscond.”

“Good sir, speak responsibly. What evidence do you have?” Qin Kong looked at Zuo Yi, a frown on his face and anger faintly brewing in his eyes.

Zuo Yi leaned back into his chair, arms crossed as he eyed the other. Feeling as if a sharp needle was pricking his skin, Qin Kong felt very uneasy. He pursed his lips and asked, “Are you done with your questions? When can I leave?”

Zuo Yi glanced at Li Xin Ran behind him. “Have Mr. Qin sign his way out.”

Li Xin Ran set down his pen and stood up from his chair. “Follow me, Mr. Qin.”

When Li Xin Ran returned after seeing Qin Kong off, Zuo Yi was sitting at his office desk, thinking over matters. He stepped forward and asked, somewhat confused, “Leader, we don’t have concrete evidence, so isn’t questioning Qin Kong like this simply beating the grass to scare the snake?”

Zuo Yi raised his head to glance at him, a laugh escaping him. “I’m pulling a snake from its hole.

Li Xin Ran’s brows twisted. There really was too many times where he could not understand Leader’s methods, similar to how he could not understand Qin Kong. “Why do you think he still deliberately approached her even though he obviously knows Ye Zhen Zhen is a fake?”

Zuo Yi was silent for a moment, the light within his eyes becoming somewhat serene and abyssal. “Have you ever considered that the one who died might be the fake Ye Zhen Zhen?”

Li Xin Ran had no choice but to admit that this hypothesis unsettled him. “Leader, stop it.” This case was already confusing enough. He didn’t want to add another mystery to it.

Zuo Yi chuckled and asked instead, “How’s the search for Ye Zhen Zhen’s identity?”

Li Xin Ran revealed an expression of suffering when this was brought up. “Leader, you will find it hard to imagine how many people are called Jia Jia in this country.” This didn’t even count those who were just called Jia.

Zuo Yi stood up from his chair and smiled as he patted Li Xin Ran’s shoulder. “Good luck.”

Li Xin Ran: “…”

He didn’t even feel the slightest bit encouraged.

Ye Zhen Zhen returned home with a slightly disturbed mind. Qin Kong’s sudden appearance made her feel uneasy. She glanced at the half-drawn park sketch and somewhat eagerly picked up her pencil to continue drawing.

Drawing scenery and drawing people were different. Ye Zhen Zhen’s impression of that park was not good, so drawing it was difficult. Officer Zuo had said however to draw it as accurate and lifelike as possible, so it could be easier to find. A stack of discarded sketches was piled to the side of the table, some carelessly falling to the ground as well. Ye Zhen Zhen continued to sketch though, a look of dissatisfaction on her face.

“Zhen Zhen, what’s wrong?”

Suddenly, someone seized her right hand, the one she was holding her paintbrush with. Ye Zhen Zhen looked up and met Ji Zhe Yan’s worried gaze.

She had absolutely no idea when he had returned home, and she was even more unclear about when he had joined by her side.

“Dr. Ji…” Ye Zhen Zhen’s nose suddenly ached a bit. She turned to hug Ji Zhe Yan, burying her head into his stomach. “What can I do. How come what I’m drawing is no good…”

Ji Zhe Yan wrinkled his brows and bent over slightly to pull her toward his chest. “If you’re drawing is no good, then don’t draw.”

Ye Zhen Zhen continued to bury her head into Ji Zhe Yan’s body and didn’t reply. Ji Zhe Yan held her for a while, and once he felt her gradually calm down, he slightly pulled away from her and looked down. “Tell me what happened?”

Ye Zhen Zhen snuggled into his body and raised her head. “Dr. Ji, I ran into Qin Kong today.”

Ji Zhe Yan’s brows furrowed again. He pulled Ye Zhen Zhen to sit down on the bed and sat behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist. “What did he seek you out for?”

Ye Zhen Zhen pursed her lips and replied, “He said he wanted to treat me out.” She leaned back into Ji Zhe Yan’s chest and felt her heartbeat gradually steady. “Dr. Ji, I’m not Ye Zhen Zhen, so why did he come find me?”

Ji Zhe Yan held her hand and kissed her cheek. “Regardless of what he wants, after seeing him, do you understand why you need to stay far away from him?”

“I understand.” Ye Zhen Zhen turned around and looped her arms around Ji Zhe Yan’s neck, pressing a kiss to his lips. Ji Zhe Yan allowed her to, and Ye Zhen Zhen kissed him to her heart’s content, blushing red once she separated and looked at him. “Dr. Ji, can I sleep together with you tonight?”

Ji Zhe Yan really felt helpless and wanted to laugh. This girl always seized every opportunity to act coquettishly.

As it happened, she left him with no way out this time.

“Alright.” He softly kissed the corner of her mouth. Ye Zhen Zhen happily beamed and then, not being satisfied with small gains, asked, “Then can you keep me company every night?”

Ji Zhe Yan pinched her cheeks. “Gou Dan’er, people need to learn to be content with what they have.”

Ye Gou Dan’er: “…”

Ji Zhe Yan kissed her cheek and then went to cook. Ye Zhen Zhen glanced at the table littered with sketches and decided to fight this battle tomorrow.

After Ji Zhe Yan left the bedroom, he didn’t immediately go to the kitchen and instead went to the balcony to call Zuo Yi. Seeing Dr. Ji’s name appear on caller ID, Zuo Yi raised a brow and whistled. “Dr. Ji, today truly is a day worth celebrating. I’ll need to remember to buy a lottery ticket later.”

Ji Zhe Yan ignored Zuo Yi’s teasing and went straight to the point. “Today, Qin Kong sought out Zhen Zhen at school.”

Zuo Yi lowered his head to laugh silently before saying, “I know; I was there today, too.”

Ji Zhe Yan frowned and didn’t say anything. Zuo Yi continued, “Dr. Ji, don’t worry. We’re keeping track of Qin Kong. If things proceed smoothly, we’ll soon close the net.”

“That’s best.”

Ji Zhe Yan intended to hang up after speaking, but Zuo Yi spoke up, stopping him. “Have you also suspected that the current Ye Zhen Zhen is the real one?”

Ji Zhe Yan didn’t reply, but Zuo Yi knew he tacitly agreed. Otherwise, he wouldn’t keep calling her Ye Zhen Zhen.

“Take good care of her.” Zuo Yi hung up.

Ji Zhe Yan furrowed his brows and returned to the living room. He really disliked that guy.

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