AQ Chapter 46


Chapter 46: Night Clothes — Why don’t you wear this for me to see?

When Ye Zhen Zhen arrived home, Ji Zhe Yan was not there. Assuming that Dr. Ji might have been called away  to the hospital at the last moment, she subconsciously sighed in relief.

Carrying a tightly sealed paper bag in her hand, Ye Zhen Zhen dashed into her bedroom like a thief. After closing the door, she took out the night clothes and carefully examined them. Sure enough… they were too shameful! Dr. Ji would think she was a pervert!

These night clothes were expensive, however, so for the sake of her and Dr. Ji’s happy life…Ye Zhen Zhen hesitated for two seconds before making a decision—all in!


To win or lose, it all ended here. Ye Zhen Zhen attached a lot of importance to this—she used the shower gel endorsed by Emperor Mo to wash her hair three times, and then put on the night clothes before walking out. She stood in front of the full mirror, her eyes bright as she looked at her reflection. Although the collar was very low and quite open, it was in an acceptable range for her. Not only that, she heard the shop owner say that this exuded a faintly discernible feeling of anticipation and encouragement. Most people could not resist this invitation.

Ye Zhen Zhen nodded and gave herself a score of 85—the remaining 15 points was because her sizes were not domineering enough so that it looked like she was nearly spilling out.

She turned around again to look at her back. Not a single stitch of fabric covered her from neck to waist. Only her long hair cascaded down, making it feel less revealing. Her smooth, exquisite skin peeked through from behind her hair.

She felt that she had reached the pinnacle of that feeling the shop owner talked about, an unquestionable score of 100.

Verdict——Dr. Ji will definitely not run away tonight!

Just as Ye Zhen Zhen was feeling satisfied with her appearance, the sound of the door opening could be heard faintly. Her chest tightened; it was time to witness a miracle!

Taking in a deep breath, Ye Zhen Zhen curved her lips and cheerfully ran out of her room. “Dr. Ji, you retur…ned…”

The last syllable gradually trailed off because of Ye Zhen Zhen’s surprise.

Standing in the doorway were a man and a woman, who were absolutely no less shocked than Ye Zhen Zhen. The three of them stood in the hallway, all stupefied. To the left, the man suddenly scratched the back of his head and with an apologetic smile on his face, said to Ye Zhen Zhen, “Sorry, seems like we entered the wrong room.”

He tugged the woman at his side back and closed the door on the way out. Three seconds passed before the door opened again. “Sorry, I just checked. We didn’t enter the wrong room, so…did you enter the wrong room?”


“Ah————!” Ye Zhen Zhen screamed and ran back into her room, locking the door. She leaned against the door, gasping for air. With great effort, she forced herself to calm down. Just now, that couple had used a key to enter, so they definitely knew Dr. Ji. Moreover, from their age and temperament…they appeared to be Dr. Ji’s parents, heavens!

She unexpectedly wore such an outfit when meeting Dr. Ji’s parents…she wanted to kill herself.

She suppressed her thoughts and listened with rapt attention for movement outside the door. The other party seemed to be talking in the living room, but they hadn’t knocked. This caused Ye Zhen Zhen to relax. She took out her phone to call Ji Zhe Yan, but she only heard a computerized notice that the line was busy.

Wrinkling her brows, she sat down at her desk. Ye Zhen Zhen felt that she should hide in this room as there was nothing she could do. But, but, she hadn’t prepared to meet his parents either! In addition, Dr. Ji was not home, and such an embarrassing incident happened earlier…Ye Zhen Zhen facepalmed, in misery.

In short…she should change out of these night clothes first.

She rummaged through her wardrobe for a set of formal clothes fit to wear to an interview, changed into them, and then carefully combed her hair. Still…she had no courage to walk out of her room.

Yingyingying Dr. Ji, return quick. I cannot do this alone.

Ji Zhe Yan stood by the window as he talked on the phone, brows twisted with displeasure. “Why didn’t you tell me you were returning early?”

The man on the phone barked out a laugh, his voice packed with ridicule. “Yes, that way, we wouldn’t have discovered the mistress of yours inside this golden house.”

Ji Zhe Yan’s brows furrowed even deeper. “Your return will scare her.”

The other person sighed. “You are not afraid of her scaring me?”

“You are already mentally retarded, so that won’t be too bad.”


He wanted to refute, but he heard the beeping noise indicating a busy line.

Ji Zhe Yan hung up and dialed Ye Zhen Zhen’s number. She accepted the call practically the split second it connected. “Wuwuwu, Dr. Ji, strange people came over. You must return quickly.”

Hearing Ye Zhen Zhen’s voice, Ji Zhe Yan unconsciously smiled. “Don’t worry, they are my parents. I’ll come home right away.”

I’m scared because they’re your parents, Ye Zhen Zhen miserably thought.

“It’s alright if you just stay in your room.” Ji Zhe Yan put on his coat and quickly left his office. “I’ll be there soon.”

Ye Zhen Zhen tightly gripped the phone and paced back and forth around the room. Although Dr. Ji said she did not need to go out, she could not really hide inside the entire time. They were her future in-laws, so how could she not greet them properly.

She took three deep breaths and bravely opened the door, exiting her room.

The man just happened to be leaving the kitchen with two mugs of coffee at the same moment. He had already taken off his suit jacket and was wearing only his white collar shirt. When he saw Ye Zhen Zhen walk down the hallway, he subconsciously swept his gaze over her.

She couldn’t help but admit that he and Dr. Ji were similar in build, and their countenance as well as temperament were precisely the same.

Ye Zhen Zhen felt that they were completely different, however.

Although Dr. Ji was cold, others couldn’t help but want to get closer, while the man before her resembled a monarch too far out of reach, too oppressive for anyone to dare approach.

Ye Zhen Zhen didn’t know whether she was considered suitable; she just felt…that the person just now had been looking at her with disdain.

“Hello, Uncle. I am, I am Ye Zhen Zhen.” This time, she borrowed Ye Zhen Zhen’s identity because she didn’t want to introduce herself as Li Gou Dan.

“Hello.” The man nodded and walked toward the living room, lightly setting the coffees on the table. “I’m Anderson. This is my wife, Wen Wan.”

“Hello, Auntie.” Ye Zhen Zhen bowed to the woman sitting on the sofa, and then…her back stiffened.

Wait, wait, what did he introduce himself as? Anderson? Why did a Chinese person have such a foreign name, and as just Anderson? Isn’t that the name of the lead actor in 《Asura’s Secret Code》??

Ye Zhen Zhen, with difficulty, lifted her head and looked at him with a horrified expression.

The man gazed back at her and flashed the same perfect smile he did to the cameras. “My real name is Ji Yuan, Ji Zhe Yan’s father.”

Ye Zhen Zhen: “…”

She first needed to calm down.

Her mind was rapidly digesting this information. Ji Yuan’s face was gradually overlapped with Anderson’s face from the movie. Therefore…should she go up and ask for an autograph now?

But then a line came to mind, so she ended up saying…

“Don’t tell me you’re the patient suffering from mental retardation who thought he could fly so he then jumped off the balcony?”


When Ji Zhe Yan reached his apartment, Ji Yuan and Ye Zhen Zhen were sitting on the couch, chatting cheerfully.

He wrinkled his brows and went over to separate the two. “Don’t let him come so close; he’s contagious.”

Ye Zhen Zhen: “…”

Ji Yuan raised a brow and looked at him. “As a doctor, you shouldn’t speak so irresponsibly. I really am ashamed on your behalf.”

Ji Zhe Yan laughed indifferently. “Your illness has long surpassed what medical science can hope to reach for. It’s best to nip it in the bud.”

Ji Yuan shrugged and looked as if he was about to stand up only for Wen Wan to tug him back down. “Yan Yan, we mainly returned this time to allow him to recuperate…”

“I’m saying I don’t have an illness!” Was getting too into a role an illness? Of course not!

Although Ji Yuan interrupted her, Wen Wan actually did not get angry and continued to look at Ji Zhe Yan with a calm expression. “I originally wanted to go directly home, but he insisted on coming to your place first. But then…” She didn’t say any more and instead turned her head to look at Ye Zhen Zhen.

Everything was made clear in that look he gave her.

Ye Zhen Zhen uneasily gripped Ji Zhe Yan’s sleeve, while he gripped her hand. He then said to Wen Wan, “You have worked hard over the last years. You are the best nurse I’ve seen.”

“She is not my nurse; she is my wife!” Ji Yuan finally exploded and jumped up as if he wanted to bite Ji Zhe Yan. Behind him, Wen Wan held him back.

Ye Zhen Zhen: “…”

She wanted to revoke her words from before. Ji Yuan was only like a monarch too far to reach most of the time.

“After filming 《Asura’s Secret Code》, his illness seems to have worsened. I have already brought him to his principle doctor, who also thinks A’yuan should cease work for the time being.” Wen Wan smiled and stood from the sofa as well. “Today seems to be inconvenient. We’ll leave early.”

“Alright.” Ji Zhe Yan saw them off, hugging Wen Wan. “Let’s find a time for me to treat you to a meal.”

He was clearly excluding Ji Yuan from this, who did not get angry and instead lowered his head to whisper into Ye Zhen Zhen’s ear, “Ji Zhe Yan, this boy, probably has emotional obstacles, but don’t be discouraged. That outfit just now was very good. It will definitely enlighten him.”

Ye Zhen Zhen: “…”

Save meeeeeee!

Seeing Ye Zhen Zhen’s face flush red, Ji Zhe Yan subconsciously pulled her behind him and pointed at the wide-open door. Ji Yuan snorted coldly and followed Wen Wan out.

“What’s wrong?” After closing the door, Ji Zhe Yan turned to look at Ye Zhen Zhen. “What did he say to you?”

“No–nothing!” Ye Zhen Zhen shook off Ji Zhe Yan’s hand and flew off toward her room. Her face burned, as if scalded. Ye Zhen Zhen rushed into the bathroom to splash her face with water. She could hear light footsteps echo from behind.

“What’s this?” Ji Zhe Yan’s voice rang out. Ye Zhen Zhen turned her head and saw him holding the battle armor she had just bought.


“Ahhh don’t look!” Ye Zhen Zhen dashed over to recapture the night clothes and hide them behind her back. Ji Zhe Yan looked down at her for a moment. She had not wiped her face dry yet, having no time to, so droplets of water were sliding down her lustrous white skin from her chin to her neck, down past her delicate collarbone, and then lower…to regions hidden by her clothes.

Ji Zhe Yan’s eyes darkened. He seized Ye Zhen Zhen into his embrace, his lips suddenly curved into a faint smile. “I didn’t expect you to like this type of style. Why don’t you wear this for me to see?”

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